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KC House, Malappattam-670631, Kannur, Kerala, INDIA


Mobile: 919446520252
Kannur, Kerala, India

Explaining Homeopathy As Molecular Imprints Therapeutics- MIT

“I am not a Scientist. Not even a professional Homeopath. An old humble lay man, a retired government servant. Not much educated. Not much well placed in life. Loving Homeopathy, Learning Homeopathy, Spreading Homeopathy, Researching Homeopathy, Experimenting Homeopathy, Dedicated to Homeopathy- that is all. I have no qualms about agreeing I am wrong, if somebody convinces me so.”

“I am the developer of SIMILIMUM ULTRA Homoeopathic Software, well accepted by the profession as the most complete and user-friendly clinical software. I work as the MD of Boomsoft Technologies, the developer and marketer of this software. “

“Now I am 64 years old, a zoology graduate, with a diploma in veterinary science. Actually, during my early life, after graduation, I studied 2 years for DHMS course, but had to discontinue due to being associated with revolutionary political movements of that period. But, for the last 44 years, my life was dedicated to learning and promoting Homoeopathy. Worked under Animal Husbandry Department, Govt.of Kerala, until I left the job voluntarily, for dedicating my whole time and energy for homoeopathy.”

“I was the founder  of the prestigious Kannur District Homoeopathic Hospital Society, establishing a chain of hospitals and clinics for the promotion of homoeopathy. Now, I am engaged in serious studies and research activities to provide a scientific explanation to the fundamental principles of Homoeopathy.

Email: Mobile: 919446520252



  1. Chandran Nambiar

    @vijay valame: Thank you, sir.

  2. Vijay Walame

    I have read some articles on your blog. They are really interesting and thought provoking. In spite of not being a homoeopath your efforts of explaining principles of homeopathy on scientific grounds is really commendable. Keep it up.

  3. Dr S.K.Vashisht

    God Bless You

    • Chandran Nambiar

      Thank you, sir

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