FEBRUARY 17, 2022


It was Samuel Hahnemann, who for the first time in history of medicine observed that diverse types of CHRONIC DISEASES could be produced by the ‘residual effects’ of INFECTIOUS diseases, and he called this chronic disease dispositions as MIASMS.

Due to the primitive state of scientific knowledge available during his time, it is understandable that hahnemann could not explain the biological mechanism by which acute infectious diseases produce chronic MIASMS.

Equipped with modern scientific knowledge, we know now that INFECTIOUS AGENTS can produce life-long chronic disease dispositions only through OFF-TARGET actions of ANTIBODIES generated in the body against them.

FEBRUARY 15, 2022


It is a great “scientific blunder” happening to energy medicine homeopaths to think that if some “electromagnetic radiations” or “photons” are observed to come out a medicinal substance when it is irradiated and excited, those discharged “photons” are the active principles of those medicinal substances. Then they start constructing all sorts of nonsense psuedoscientific theories about curative process using these “photons”, such as “resonance”, “dynamic energy”, “quantum entanglement”, “biofield vibrations”, “vital force”, etc etc!

They should know, it is natural for any substance to discharge photons when its molecules or atoms are excited by applying external energy and then allowed to return to base level. This happens when the absorbed extra energy is discharged when returning to rest level. By analyzing the patterns of photon emissions, scientists study the structure and arrangement of molecules and atoms in a substance. Various techniques of spectroscopic studies have been developed by scientists for this purpose.

When drugs potentized below 12c or avogadro limit are excited using electromagnetic irradiation and then allowed to return back to rest, the extra photons absorbed by the elemental particles will be naturally emitted. We can study the molecular structure and arrangement of these substances by analyzing the spectra of emitted photons. It is totally absurd to theorize that the medicinal properties of drug substances could be reproduced by these photons, whereas medicinal properties of drug molecues come from the structure and properties of chemical molecules contained in them.

For example, color of a substance is actually the pattern of photons emitting or reflected from the substance once its molecules are excited by electromagnetic irradiations such as sunlight. These colors or emitted photons cannot be utilized to reproduce the chemical or biological properties of the molecules contained in the substance.

Drugs potentized above avogadro limit or 12c will not contain any molecule of original drug substance, but only water and ethanol, along with some natural contaminant particles. When these high dilution drugs are studied using spectroscopic techniques, the patterns of resultant spectra will obviously represent the structure and arrangement of alcohol and water molecules contained in them. We can also utilize these spectra to study the changes happening in their supramolecular arrangements happening during process of potentization. It means, by conducting spectroscopic studies of potentized drugs, and then comparing their spectra with those of unpotentized water-alcohol solutions, we can understand the processes the supramolecular rearrangements happening during potentization. This supramolecular rearrangement actually indicates MOLECULAR IMPRINTING.

FEBRUARY 14, 2022

Dr. Luc Montaigner, Nobel Laurate for his work on HIV, a scientist who took “ultra dilutions” seriously, has left us prematurely on Feb 8, 2022.

We humbly bow our heads to this giant of a human & will forever be grateful for what he gave us.

Luc Montaigner found “some thing” remaining in ultra dilutions of DNA molecules, that could “mimic” some biological properties of original DNA.

Studying Montaigner’s works rationally will be of great help for us in scientifically explaining and proving homeopathic potentization in terms of MOLECULAR IMPRINTING.

FEBRUARY 13, 2022

Why our “immunity theory” that antibodies generated in bodies by viral infections will guard us from further infections went wrong in case of COVID 19? Scientists should explain!

FEBRUARY 12, 2022

“DYNAMIC ENERGY“ theories still propagated by homeopaths reflect a state of pathetic limitation of scientific knowledge, a hang over of pre-scientific ideas of eighteenth century, even though some of them recently try to cover up this ignorance using the paradigms such as “photons”, “resonance”, “entanglement” etc borrowed from quantum physics. Actually it demonstrates a total lack of understanding of modern physiology, molecular pathology, pharmacodynamics and therapeutics. Such an unscientific approach could be propagated in this era of scientific enlightenment only by our ‘classical homeopaths’ who are groping blind in the darkness of a 250 year old knowledge environment.

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