Dr. Shrirang Dhole Comments on MIT:

(Principal, Pandit Jawaharlal NehruMemorial Institute of Homeopathic Medical Sciences, Amravati, Ex- DEAN,Maharashtra University of Health Science, Nasik, Maharashtra, India)

While Chandran KC points out plainly enoughthe astounding magnitude of Homeopathic Medical Science, especially in hiswritings on Organon Of Medicine In the light of value assuring qualityunderstanding of Dr. CFS Hahnemann’s sole desire to put forth the concept itdeserves, it is a sad fact that most of the fellows spend too much timethinking of great things, writing of great men, telling a big project.. We decorateourselves to celebrate what we think, what we have done, when we should put onsackcloth and ashes for things we have neglected.

Let us humble ourselves today byconsidering Dr. CFS Hahnemann, who has done great, lasting services to mankindby establishing the system of homeopathy and how we were neglecting it at ourown whims and will. The trouble was that, we never took the trouble to getacquainted ourselves with the real conditions. Fortunately, none other thanChandran KC is generous enough with the time and talent to properly study thosethings from which most of us indolently turn away. He is the only one who haswritten with fabulous symbolism, the most astounding articles on the neglectedunderstanding of the science of Homeopathy. The time has come, when order andunity must be evolved out of this chaos of theoretical teaching and practicalmethod of understanding of skill mandatory in the system. 

“Redefining Homeopathy” ByChandran K C has come into existence, the first attempt in the history offaculty and resource development, for healing on strictly scientific basis andin compliance with provisions of the scientific medical practice. I invite theearnest co-operation in this great work, of all those who have awakened to thenecessity for more rational living and for the radical reform in the healingmethods through the quality and determined work by Chandran KC.  The author is freeing the world of Homeopathyat large from the curse of militarism (a philosophy or a system that playsgreater importance), and making the science of Homeopathy safe.  The more dangerous and permanent is themenace of unhealthy trinity of Ignorance, selfishness, and self-indulgence, thearch of enemies of “Aude Sapere”.

As they say, “every cloud has a silverborders or otherwise these linings are dark”. Surely we can render agreater academic acumen by teaching, learning and training through”Dialectical Homeopathy”, a logical discussion of ideas and opinions.This book of Chandran KC provides a gentle exploration of a fundamentalscientific concept in the mechanism of understanding the progression ofmetaphysics into Biophysics and vice- versa. This book also provides a steptowards a deeper understanding of the therapeutic mechanisms associated withtreatment.

The author has also focused on theprevalent turmoil and extensively covered the transparent mechanisms ofHomeopathic system and its misappropriation. Discussion and reasoning by dialogue, a method of intellectual investigation,specifically the socratic techniques of exposing false beliefs and elicitingthe truth, and the platonic investigation of the eternal idea by Chandran K Cin Dialectical Homeopathy is mind blowing. Valuable resources are introducedwith an evidence base for the system of Homeopathy.

Dr. J.T. Kent, in Lectures on Homeopathy,Para 37 mentions: “Things will grow brighter as minds are brought togetherand man thinks harmoniously perfect. The more we keep together the better, andmore we think as one the better”.

Wishing the Author many more jubilees toshower upon him and may become more stronger with time in the lives to come “

Dr. Dharmendra Sharma:

Professorand Principal, Dr.D Y Patil Homoeopathic Medical College & Research Centre, Pune.

Homeopathy, although a well established andworld’s 2nd most popular system of medicine, is at the cross-roads from wherefrom the right path is imperative now. Unless homeopathic students andphysicians start learning homeopathy in a more scientific way, the skepticswill ensure that this system does not survive, and the tag of being apseudoscience will be imprinted permanently with homeopathy.

This book on MIT by Chandran KC will quellmany a myth related to homeopathy. It will not only help strengthen theunderstanding and explanation of working of Homeopathic Medicine for studentsand practitioners, but also prepare them with a more scientific mind to respondto the critics of Homoeopathy by explaining Homoeopathy in the light of ModernScience.”

Dr. Paramjeet Singh Ranu

(Ex.Chairman: Punjab Homoeopathy Council, Ministry of Medical Education &Research (Govt. of Punjab); Ex. Member, Central Council of Homoeopathy,Ministry of Health & F.W. Dept. of AYUSH(Govt. of India).

I am fully satisfied with the article “HOW HOMOEOPATHYWORKS”.This is a real scientific reply to the LANCET REPORT 2005 which waspublished by a Scientist of Scot Land against Homoeopathy on the basis ofAvogadro theory..I really appreciate the work done by Dr. Chandran ji and it isthe need of the hour that this scientific interpretation of Homoeopathy shouldbe and necessarily be conveyed without any delay to each and every student andtheir teachers of Homoeopathy in all the Homoeopathic Medical Colleges in theCountry and Abroad so as to give a suitable answer to the Modern School ofMedicine (ALLOPATHY) in this scientific age. This will end all the controversyraised by anti-homoeopathic forces in the world.

I congratulate Dr. Chandran ji for hisefforts and work on this particular subject who has tried to give a best answerto the quiz in Homoeopathy.


Dr Sujata Naik, world-renowned homeopath from Mumbai, India, had written about MIT and REDEFINING HOMEOPATHY :

“MIT is a theory which perhaps is far ahead of its time . What you have postulated in terms of the concept of biomolecular reactions could sound a bit far fetched at this point of time , yet , most scientific theories which have become empirical laws have been rubbished at the outset and their founders declared ‘mad ‘ men’ . Only somebody firm and passionate about his work can survive and succeed in a world of sceptics .  I have been reading ‘Redefining Homeopathy ‘ and found it a very in depth , extremely well researched and painstakingly assimilated work on the mechanism.of action of homeopathic dilutions ,by far the most logical one to date. There is quite a bit of it I have not comprehended, perhaps due to lack of inherent scientific bent of mind . However , there is something that must be mentioned too ..let MIT speak for itself . It is a futuristic approach which may take time for conventional validation . I am sure it is gradually gaining ground and is being accepted . Certain age old dogmas may take time to be wiped out . Until then ,it would be wiser to let critics and sceptics have their say . Refuting them will only drag MIT down to their level . It certainly deserves more respect !”



“Today near about 3.30 Am 33 yrs male patient came at my home with complaints right sided CHEST pain , Headache , PALPITATION. I have checked the patient neurological, chest was clear ,heart sound was Normal.. so I think it was a muscular pain plus some gastric involvement i think patient was anxious… So I just perscribed ur ANXOMIT, and it has worked magicigaly. Patient was normal within 10 mins. Thank u sir, ur medicine works magically”


“I so far used only 3 MIT Formulations.For recurrent urticaria in child of 3 yrs not responding to single remedy .. combination of ALLERMIT and URTIMIT ..within 3 days child was better.

For UTI not responding to 7 days of antibiotics treatment. .after using CYSTOMIT 10 drops BD, pt was better within 2 DAYS.

3 years old child getting recurrent stye since 1 year responded to BLEPHAMIT. SIR, about Mycomit ..after taking his tinea corporis is better but patient complaining of acne n hair fall. .I dint give anything for it ..just waiting n watching…”

3. Dr Sujata Naik, Pune on NEPHROMIT:

 “I have been using the MIT FORMULATION ” NEPHROMIT” in many of my patients of Chronic Kidney Disease. In about eleven cases where NEPHROMIT was added , the serum creatinine came down significantly. In two of our patients on dialysis , the thrice a week regimen has been brought down to once a week , in one patient it is now once in 10 days l . We have been able to hold dialysis in 2 of our patients as they are clinically and symptomatically better . Dr Sujata Naik, MD MUMBAI, INDIA

4. Dr. Param jeet Singh Ranu,  Ex Chairman Punjab Homoeopathic Council Ministry of Medical Education & Research GOVT OF PUNJAB EX MEMBER CCH Ministry of AYUSH GOVT OF INDIA:

I used the following MIT formulations and results were very good.




4. Livomit…..80%


I used intercurrent doses of nosodes and miasmatic drugs also along with them and I had sucessful results. MIT zindabad. Regards\

5. Feedback from Dr Manisha Deshmukh, Pune,  regarding her experience with MIT formulations HORMOMIT and OOPHOMIT in the treatment of vaginal bleeding associated with haemorrhagic ovarian cyst and endometrial thickening:

“A 45 yrs old female patient came to my OPD on 31st Mar 21 with the complaints of pv bleeding for 1 month This was her second episode. Earlier she suffered from similar episode in Jan 2021 when USG had showed a right ovarian cyst for which she had taken hormonal treatment from a gynecologist. She had her withdrawal bleeding on 2nd Mar since when bleeding had not stopped and patient reported to me Investigations done . USG showed thickened endometrium and a haemorrhagic Lt ovarian cyst She was prescribed HORMOMIT tds 10 Drops Oophomit tds 10 Drops Arnica 30 tds. We can see haemorrhagic ovarian cyst resolved in 9 days and endometrial thickening also resumed to normal 4 mm Complaints of pv bleeding stopped completely. Patient would be reporting in my OPD on 25th Apr. Will keep you all updated further.  Thanks to Chandran sir.  I have seen good results in ovarian cyst, PCOD, PCOS”

6. Feedback on ASTHAMIT from Dr Parkavi BHMS, Madurai:

I gave Asthmit for a male patient aged about 32 with severe wheezing and cough continues for 2 hours I gave 5 drops of ASTHAMIT directly on tongue within 30 mins he settled.

7. Feedback regarding ALGIMIT from Dr Rajesh Rathore, Gujarat:

I tried ALGIMIT in 3 different patients and I see the wonderful results 1st in severe bodyache 2nd in severe backache 2nd pt is suffering for backache since 2-3 years, painkillers not giving good response even Tramadol, ALGIMIT gives the result. And finally I used it on me for my headache and I see pain goes in about 15 mins Wow…… Great!


Reported by Dr. Alokesh Bhattacharya, Hooghly, West Bengal:

A male 35 yrs came with his wife on 02/06 /20 regarding infertility. They were married for 2 yrs but no issue inspite of trying for baby. After case taking, female partner was advised for hormonal study and usg. And semen analysis for male partner. Reports female partner all within normal limit. But report of male semen analysis on 09/06/20. Revealed oligo spermia. Total sperm count 08 million/ml. Motility 20%. Abnormal spermatozoa 70%. Initially constitutional treat ment continued without any result. Then I changed my plan of treatment and go for MIT PROTOCOL. On 06/11/20 prescribed SPERMIT 10 drops T. I. D. Report on 21/01/21 Both came with positive pregcolor test. Amazing result. Once again thanks. Credit goes to chandran k. C, for his contribution in homoeopathy.

9. Feedback from Dr. Suresh S Patel. Om Shree clinic, opp: Gawara tower, Mochiwad Road, Khambhat. Gujarat.388620:

Regarding his experience with MIT formulation CEPHAMIT in the treatment of chronic MIGRAINE: “A female patient, Age: 38 yrs. Migraine type headache since last 3yrs. Every 15 to 20 days repeats the attack. Pain in one side of skull, with vomiting & feeling of nausea. Has been taking painkillers & anti-migraine tabs & Tranquilizers, but only temporarily relief. Gave Nat.Mur 1M one dose, and MIGROMIT 10drops tid . 2 bottles of migromit completed, till date no occurrence of headache. Patient feel very well. Thanks MIT formulation.

10. Feedback from Dr.Pulkit Gupta, Homoepathic clinic, Aghwanpur, moradabad, Uttarpradesh;

Rregarding his experience with MIT formulation BRONCHOMIT:

Patient a child of aged 6 years of age, suffering from broncho spasmodic cough with vomiting since 2-3 days. I started with BRONCHOMIT 10 drops 3 times a day with indicated remedy. All the cough symptoms was no more. Child started playing as usual which he used to. Thanks to MIT.


Feedback from Dr Arshad pathan, Life Care Clinic, Bus stand, Ambua, Alirajpur, Madhya pradesh, regarding his experience with MIT formulation BRONCHOMIT in a case of persistent COUGH. “Male patient, age 53 years, suffering from cough since 5-6 months. Taken treatment from various doctors ( including chest physician). All investigations where normal, includind x ray. Patient came to me. Chest was clear and no any abnormal sounds. I started with BRONCHOMIT 5 drops tds then in just 4 days there is no cough.


 A feedback from Dr Manisha Deshmukh, Pune, Maharashtra, regarding her experience with MIT formulations in a case of LUMBOSACRAL SPONDYLOSIS:

A 62 yrs old female patient, suffering from Cervical and Lumbosacral spondylosis since 2 years Had visited my hospital on 20th Jan 2020. Was given Spinomit and spondomit 10 drops bd for 2 months Later she visited us on 10th Apr 20 informing all symptoms cleared. On 1st Sep 20, patient reported for mild pain in left leg and pain in Lt knee joint She was prescribed Spinomit, Arthromit and Gerimit 10 drops bd for 15 days, after she is fine till date with no complaints.\

13. Feedback from Dr Arshad pathan, Life Care Clinic, Bus stand, Ambua, Alirajpur, Madhya pradesh, regarding his experience with MIT formulations GYNOMIT and AMENMIT in a case of AMENORRHEA:

“Female patient, age 40, came to me with c/o amenorrhea since 6 months. All investigations were normal ( usg, blood reports and harmonal reports). Also taken treatment from many gynecologists. But there is no any result. I started with with GYNOMIT and AMENMIT. Within just 1 month normal mentrual cycle came.

14. Feedback from Dr.Pulkit Gupta, Homoepathic clinic, Aghwanpur, moradabad, Uttarpradesh, , regarding his experience with MIT formulation ARTHROMIT:

Female patient aged 48 years was complaining of joint pain since 2-3 years. I started with ARTHROMIT, 10 drops 3 times a day for 2 weeks. Joint pain was no more, thanks to MIT protocol. I have also tried PYROMIT, DYSMENMIT etc in other cases, and all worked well. Thankyou sir.

15. A feedback from Dr Manisha Deshmukh, Pune, Maharashtra, regarding her experience with MIT formulations ALLERMIT and RHINMIT:

“A lawyer aged 28 yrs, was suffering from allergic rhinitis since August 2019, reported in my clinic on 18th November 2020. Allermit and Rhinimit 10 drops bd was dispensed. Surprisingly she has called me on 21st November, informing me about all symptoms of allergic rhinitis gone.  Thank you Chandran Nambiar sir, for introducing me to this wonderful system of medicine in a scientific way. Looking forward for more such patients to be getting cured in our clinic.”

16. Feedback  from Dr.G.Madhu sudhan Bsc.BHMS, Balaji clinic, Hoskote, Bangalore, regarding his experience with MIT formulation CEPHAMIT in chronic headache:

CEPHAMIT has excellent result in headache. A Lady aged 39 years consulted me for her complaint of headache. Headache since 2 to 3 years. Took treatment for the same…she tried allopathy..ayurveda…even homeopathy…but no permanent relief. She was fedup with all these things..she relied on croc in..anacin..or paracetamol like analgesics.. She came to me without much confidence… first I ruled out is there any sinus problem & then I send her for eye testing..nothing wrong in that..and checked for BP to rule out hypertension & blood check up for hormonal changes…everything is alright..she is from well settled financial anxiety…no sleeping problems.(.sleep disturbance is there because of headache..once if she takes analgesics that is also ok). I simply prescribed CEPHAMIT 10drops BD. She got relief within 8days. Suggested to continue for one month. In between that frequency of episodes of her headache reduced, and having sound sleep also. From last 2 months she had not took single analgesic. Really CEPHAMIT is an excellent remedy for headache. Thank you sir.

17. Dr Manojkumar Chajjed, Nashik, Maharastra writes about his experience with MIT formulation CEPHAMIT :

A Female 20 year old , 43kg, had severe Head pain during lockdown time April. She can’t sleep. She cunsulted Physician but not get relief. I give CEPHAMIT 10 drops tds. Within 10 day she got relief. She has till now no any complaint about head pain in routine working. Really MIT FORMULATIONS work wonderful. Thank you Sir.

18. Feedback from Dr.Redage Sumit B. BHMS, Nashik, Maharashtra, regarding his experience with MIT formulation ARTHROMIT in a case of OSTEOARTHRITIS:

“A 30 years old lady having c/o joint pain treated with Arthromit. #Promising Result with Scientific Homoeopathy Patient Testimonial:- “I have been suffering from joint pain for the last 1 year. Even taking a lot of pain Killers didn’t alleviate the problem. It also made it difficult for me to do my daily chores. Finally I took Homoeopathic treatment from Dr.Redage Sir. Within 4 days of starting medication I started to feel better. Now I can manage my pain without a single painkiller. Now I can also do my daily work. Thank you Doctor.” Dx, Osteoarthritis Treatment Given:- Rx, Arthromit 5 drops (in tsp water) × TDS for 15 days Contact Details:- Dr.Redage Sumit B. BHMS(MUHS,Nashik) Reg.No.72347 Email Id:- Mob.No.:- +91 95273 74951 Address :- Vasmat road, Parbhani(Maharashtra) Pin code:-431401″ 11.

19. A feedback from Dr Partha Ghosh, Siliguri,West Bengal, regarding his experience with MIT formulations BRONCHOMIT in a chronic BRONCHITIS patient:

Male retired Govt employee, age 61, male. Service time was smoker. Bronchitis patient. Tremendous problem of breathing asthama After BRONCHOMIT, he is now totally ok, where allopathy plus hospitalized conditions occurred earlier. Now no complaints. Excellent MIT!

20. A feedback from Dr Dattaraj, Goa, regarding his experience with MIT formulations BRONCHOMIT and PULMOMIT in relieving a case of acute ASTHMA:

Hello Sir, I did a home visit of 55yrs old female. Presented with severe wheezing since yesterday night. Spo2 80% , RS- B/L Rhonchi. I had given BRONCHOMIT 10drops with PULMOMIT 10drops every 15mins. Plus steam inhalation by adding 10 drops of both. Pt improved drastically. Spo2 from 80% came to 94% within 1/2hour.

21. Dr Alokesh Bhattacharya, Hooghly, West Bengal, has shared a feedback regarding his experience with MIT FORMULATIONS:

Good morning sir. I would like to share an outstanding successful case of dysmenorrhoea treatment wit MIT FORMULATIONS. Patient was suffering from dysmenorrhoea since her menerche. Now she is 24 yrs. Unmarried . She has tremendous maddening pain from 1st day of period to 5th day. She was always taking diclofenac for this complaint, though she was taking constitutional homoepathic medicine as well as palliative homoeopathic medicine during pain without any effect. And she was bound to take analgesics. But this time she took ALGIMIT AND DYSMENMIT alternately for 5days during her period, and she required no analgesic. Its great success.

I have also got good results from ALLERMIT, ALGIMIT and PYROMIT in different cases.

22. Feedback from Dr Partha Ghosh, Siliguri, West Bengal, regarding his experience with the MIT formulation SPONDOMIT:

Spondomit Tremendous result. Patient a female house wife. Cervical spondilysis last 20 years, after birth of her first male child. Stiffness of neck associated with back pain, hand pain and vertigo. They were regular symptoms. Gave ALGIMIT and SPONDOMIT. Within 2 days no pain. Regular work. Now she is coming to me with old songs in singing, that I am completely fine.” Great mit formulations!

23. Dr Pravin Prajapati , Mehsana, Gujarat, phone, writes about his experience with MIT FORMULATIONS :

A Female 50 year old , diabetes, over weight, 90 kg, had severe lumbar pain during lockdown time April. She can’t sleep. She cunsulted two orthopaedic Doctors within 10 day but no relief. Then I have gave her SPINOMIT and ALGIMIT. She got a relief from pain within 2 days. 10 drop 6 time. After 2 day 4 time 10 drop. To 15 day. She has till now no any complaint about lumbar pain in routine working.


I have also got results in allergic respiratory complaints from ALERMIT in MANY PATIENTS. Really MIT FORMULATIONS work wonderfully.

24. Feedback from Dr Sandeep Selvinus MD, Andhrapradesh, regarding his experience with IBSMIT in the treatment of IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME:

I am Grateful to you for providing such a good combination. A patient of mine suffering from IBS problem since 2 yrs got her problem recovered 80% within 1month after I prescribed “IBSMIT” alone only . Thank you sir, Regards Dr.sandeep selvinus, M.D ANDHRA PRADESH.”

25. Dr Ev Rajeevan BSc BHMS, Kozhikode, Kerala writes about MIT and MIT FORMULATIONS as follows :

I participated in MIT CLASS in Jan 2020. Era of new THOUGHTS! I bought 10 bottles of MIT formulation, I myself used ALLERMIT & RHINMIT, result is MIRACULOUS! I never experience such a change with in one month. Now I have no nasal stoppage, I think polyp is removed. Sneezing stopped. Now I am breathing easy, which troubled me last 10 years. Thank you very much Sir, for your dedicated invention.

26. Here is a great feedback from Dr Aamir Tanweer, Holistic Homeopathy Clinix Australia, regarding his experience with SEPTOMIT and PREGNOMIT in a case of CONGENITAL HEART DISEASE, diagnosed during early stage of pregnancy:

“A women contacted my clinic for complications with her first & early stages of pregnancy. Said her baby is diagnosed (by ultrasound) with CHD ( congenital heart defect ) at early stage of her pregnancy.

With the patient’s consent this case was taken according to our protocols and MIT formulation SEPTOMIT & PREGNOMIT + a Nosode (weekly doses) was prescribed for the treatment.

Patient returned after 12 weeks bringing bucket of flowers in hands, and said “your medicines are magic & I can’t thank you enough for what your medicines did for me and you are a blessing, after all the tests and ultrasound my doctor said they can’t detect CHD signs anymore and that their first diagnosis may not be accurate”.

This beautiful baby was born super healthy on the new year and no signs of CHD or anything else detected/ diagnosed at this stage, the mother and the family said that through out the pregnancy period there have been no complications at all and the mother have been working full time untill 34 weeks of pregnancy and also have been doing all kitchen duties etc in the house of 4 till the last day of pregnancy and she further mentioned that other females in the family/friends said to her that during the pregnancy “you have been so different than others pregnant women.”

Dr Chandran KC, I would like to thank you for the amazing work you doing for homeopathy by introducing MIT.

27.  Feedback from Dr K Rajesh kumar, Sree Datta Homoeopathy clinic, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, regarding his experience with MIT FORMULATIONS:

“I have been using different MIT FORMULATIONS for their prescribed diseases. All formulations so far have shown excellent results .

In a case of delayed speech MIT formulations brought wonderful results.

In amenorrhea also got wonderful result.

And for regular cold, coryza, fever, pains and so on, when given MIT FORMULATIONS .. I’m getting wonderful results….

Thanks to chandran sir for his wonderful contribution ….

28.  Following is the feedback from the eminent senior homeopath Dr. Paramjeet Singh Ranu, Punjab, regarding his experience with MIT fever remedy PYROMIT, in an un-yielding case of PYREXIA OF UNKNOWN ORIGIN:



A female patient aged 59yrs came to me on 12.6.2020 with her long illness report charts where she was labelled with three major ailments 1.ILD (Intestitial Lung Disease), 2.Chronic Rheumatoid Arthritis (inflamattory), 3.PUO (pyrexia of unknown origin).

Her chief complaints were low grade Fever since six months, joints pains, swellings and difficulty in breathing.

She was on anti-inflammatory drugs and steroids from last one year but no relief. Cause of the Fever was not known to the allopaths and they declared it as PUO pyrexia of unknown origin. Even the CT Chest showed multiple areas of ground glass opacities and thickening of inter lobular septa in both lungs thus diagnosed as Intestitial Lung Disease. The finger joints were swelled and painful.

I started her with MEDORRHINUM 30
BRYONIA 30 as per indications and followed the protocol of MIT.

I recieved very good results as the swelling of joints and pains subsided in 4 days. Respiration was also improving but the fever was not subsiding at all.
The patient waited for one month under my treatment and now was a bit anxious about her lowgrade fever which was just like that the elephant has gone but the tail has stucked up.

It was disturbing for me also. I tried many other remedies as per the symptoms and modalities but failed.
Ultimately in September the patient left me. She again started steroids. But the condition started deteriorating now.

She was admitted in Hospital and nothing came out. At last in November last week she again came back to me.

Now I was a bit curious due to her fever.

I started the same treatment which gave her relief in july/august for her pains and swellings of joints and lungs. She again recovered and was normal except her typical fever which was annoying us both.

I just entered into my dispensary to dispense her the medicine as my assistant was on leave and I had a look on PYROMIT of MIT.
I gave her PYROMIT along with my other treatment and advised her to take 10drops 4 times a day till its over.

Today she visited my clinic on 7.12.2020 with a smile on her face stating that her one year old fever of unknown etiology and origin has been over since last 5 days with this PYROMIT.

Really it was an amazing result which cured the patient with MIT.


29. A wonderful feedback on MYCOMIT, the anti-fungal MIT formulation, from Dr Mrs Chandrika Shrimali, Galaxy Homeo Clinic, Mehsana, Gujarat:

“A 2.5 year old male child. Severe fungal Infections all over the body since 1 year. Given MYCOMIT twice daily for 20 days. No any other medicine given. Infection was almost completely gone by 20 days treatment. Thank you so much for this nice protocol.”

30 . Feedback from Dr Roshin BHMS, Matha Homoepathic clinic, Kallara, Kottayam, Kerala. PH:9847444065.

Case 1. A boy aged 5ys. Presenting complaints- Severe itching in foream folds of left hand. Ictching increased after sweating. Diagnosis: Ringworm infectionPrescribed MIT formulation MYCOMIT internally and externally, along with Thyroidinum 30 and Sepia 30. Next visit Complainta ameliorated . Repeat the above same medicine for two weeks. After two weeks complaints cured totally.

Case 2. Male Age :39. Presenting complaints. Patients have severe itchig on both armpits. Patient take allopathic steroid ointments for long years. Patient come to our clinic to get a different treatment, because the steroid ointmentes will affect his eyes. (Side effect) . Diagnosis: candidiasis. Prescribed MYCOMIT along with Bacilinum 30 and Sepia 30. Medicine given for one month. After one month the patients comes for another visit. Patients said that the itching will decreased markedly. And also he reduced the steroid ointments. We give medicine to the patient for one month again. After one month the patient come to the clinic again. Now the the patient stopped the steroid medicine completely. Now the patients is fully under the homeopathic treatment. Patient is still under our treatment but the use of our medicine in a week only.

Case 3. Male patient . Age :29. Patient come with our clinic with severe itching on the groin area. While we check the parts whitish colour. Severe sweating is there, patient is working in a workshop. Diagnosis: Fungal infection. Prescribe MYCOMIT internal and extternal along with Thyroidinum30 and Seipa 30. Medicine given for 15 days. After taking medicine patients comes after 15 days Patient said that his itching markedly decreased. So we give the same above medicine for another 15 days. Afte 15 days the patients complaints cured completly.

Case 4. 2 year old girls. Presenting complaints. Whitish circular iregular marks on face both cheeks. No itching is presentDiagnosis:Taenia versicolor. Prescribed medicine. MYCOMIT with bacillinum 30 and sepia. Medicine given for 20 days. After 20 days the child had no mark on her face.

Case 5. Girl aged 7years . Presenting complaints. Patients come to our clinic for severe skin itching. Oozing some sticky fluid is there. Diagnosis : Atopic dermatitisPrescribed MYCOMIT internally and externally along with DERMOMIT. Medicine given for one month. After one month the Itching ameliorated. Sticky fluid t oozing stopped. Now the child have no such skin problems

31. Dr Md Salem Azam from Malda, West Bengal, (Mob: 7384694348) has given the following feedback after using PYROMIT, the MIT FORMULATION for FEVER:

“Sir, this is Dr S Azam from malda, west Bengal, India.

Thank you Sir for confidence to me for treatment of any type of fever ,100 % success results after application of PYROMIT.

Again thank you MIT for discovering for new way that proves Homoeopathy is scientific.”

32. A feedback from Dr Anas Khan, Alirajpur, Madhypradesh, regarding his experience with ASTHAMIT:

“A 50 year old man who was taking asthma medicine for the last 10 years. Asthma was so severe that he had to take an inhaler.
1 month ago he came to me. I gave him MIT formulation ASTHAMIT. His inhaler use could be stopped in just 20 days.”

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