(Available to Registered Medical Practitioners Only)
Manufactured by: SDH Pharma Private Limited, Vijayawada
Distributed by: Fedarin Mialbs Private Limited, Kerala

MIT FORMULATIONS are disease-specific combinations of homeopathic drugs in 30c potencies. Already we have developed 350 formulations. These formulations are developed and marketed by Fedarin Mialbs Private Limited, Kannur, Kerala, and manufatured by SDH pharma Private Limited, Vijayawada.

Feedback we get from doctors using these formulations as well as from our MIT NETWORK CLINICS are highly encouraging and promising. According to them, MIT FORMULATIONS offer fast and prompt relief for complaints, and if applied according to MIT PROTOCOL along with constitutional similimum, complete cure could be ensured in a very short period. No medicinal aggravations even if administered in frequent repetitions. No need of mother tinctures, low potencies or triturations for palliation.

Price for Doctors: Rs 90
Margin for doctors Rs 30 per bottle GRADE B MRP 150
Price for Doctors: Rs 100
Profit for doctors Rs 60 per bottleGRADE C MRP 250
Price for Doctors: Rs 125 
Margin for doctor Rs 125 per bottleGRADE D MRP 300
Price for Doctors: Rs 150 
Margin for Doctors Rs 150 per bottleADDITIONAL MARGIN OF RS 10 WILL BE GIVEN FOR DOCTORS IF ORDER IS ABOVE 500 BOTTLESPacking: 10 ml

Dosage: Adults: 5-10 drops bds directly on tongue or as directed by physician

Children: 3-5 drops bds directly on tongue or as directed by physician



ABDOMIT (A)- Colic, Cramping pains in abdomen.

ABSOMIT (A)- Furuncles, boils, abscesses.

ALLERMIT (A)- Allergic complaints of respiratory tract. General Medicine for all kinds of allergic diseases

ALGIMIT (A) General Analgesic. For relief from any kind of pains.

ASPHYMIT (A) – Obstruction of breath due to foreign bodies, Aspiration, Asphyxia Neonatorum, Breathless from drowning.

ARTHROMIT (B)- All kinds of Acute and chronic arthritis. Panful joints. Swollen joints.

ASTHAMIT (B)- Asthma. Difficult respiration.

ANGIOMIT (B) – For prevention and reduction of atherosclerosis of arteries.

ADENOMIT (B)- Adenitis, Inflamed lymph glands.

ANAEMIT (B) – Anaemia.
ACROMIT (C) – Acromegaly, Overgrowth of bones, Hyperpitutary.

ACTHMIT ( C)- Adrenocorticotropic Hormone deficiency.

ADDISMIT ( C)- Addisons Disease, Addrenalininsufficiency.

ALVEOMIT ( C)- Peridontitis , Alveolitis.

ALZHIMIT ( C)- Alzheimer’s Disease.

AMENMIT ( C) – Amenorrhoea.

ANXOMIT (C) – Anxiety, Ailments from anxiety or Anticipation.

AUTISMIT (C )- Autism Spectrum Disorders.

AUDIMIT ( C) – Auditory problems, Auditory hallucinations, Noises in ears.

ASTIGMIT (C )- Astigmatism, Distorted vision.

AMOEMIT ( C) – Amoebiasis, Amoebic Dysentery.

ARTIMIT(C ) – Peripheral arteritis, TAO, Somker’sDisease.

ATAXMIT ( D) – Multiple sclerosis, Spinal degeneration, Locomotor Ataxia.

AMAURMIT (D)-: Blindness, Nigh blindness, Colorblindness, Day blindness.

ALCOMIT (D) – Alcoholism, Detoxifying agent in de-addiction therapy of

AMBLIMIT (D) – Weakness of vision, Blurred vision, Misty vision.

ACANMIT (D)- Acanthosis Nigricans.

ANDROMIT (D) – Erectile dysfunction, Impotency, Sexual weakness, premature ejaculation.

ANTHROMIT (D)- Anthrax, Carbuncles.

ABORMIT (D)- Tendency to habitual abortions, Threatened Abortion.

BRONCHOMIT (A) – Cough,Bronchitis, Bronchorrhoea.

BURNOMIT (A)- Burns, Scalds.

BLEPHAMIT (B)- Affections of Eyelids, Blepharitis, Tarsal tumors, Chalazia, Trachoma, Cysts, Eczema, Fissures, Scabs,Nodosities, Ulcers, Styes , Oedema, Agglutination.

BRACHYMIT (B)- Slow pulse, Brachycardia.

BULIMIT (B)- Bulimia, Over eating, Increased desire for food, Polypepsia.

BHREOMIT ( C)- Bronchorrhoea, Chronic bronchitis.

BOWELMIT (C)- Constipation.

BROMOMIT (C)- Offensive body odor, offensive breath, offensive sweat.

BELLMIT (D)- Bell’s palsy, Facial paralysis, Trismus.

CEPHAMIT (A) – Headache.

CORNIMIT (A) – Affections of cornea, Abscesses, Foreign bodies, Keratitis, Vesicles, Opacities, Ulcers,Wounds Etc.

CHIKUMIT (A) – Chikunguniya .

CORYMIT (A) – Hay fever , Cold, Allergic rhinitis, Sneezing, Coryza.

CYSTOMIT (A) – Urinary Infections, Cystitis.

CLIMOMIT (B)- Climacteric Complaints, Menopause.

CONCUSMIT (B)- Concussion of brain or Spinal crd.

CYCLOMIT (B)- Cyclical Vomiting .

CATARMIT (C)- Cataract.

CARPOMIT (C)- Carpel tunnel Syndrome, Ganglion wrist, Wrist drop.

CHOLEMIT (C)- Gall stones, Biliary colic, Cholelithiasis.

CILIAMIT- Indications: Ciliary neuralgia.

COLIMIT (C)- Colitis. Affections of Colon, Ulcerative Colitis.

COCCYMIT (C)- Pain coccyx, Coccygodynia, Injury to coccyx.

CUSHIMIT (C)- Cushings Syndrome, Cortisolism.

COCHLIMIT (D)- Congenital Hearing lose.

COROMIT (D)- Cardiac Emergencies, Heart attack, Coronary Heart Disease.

CHILMIT (D)- Chilblains, Cold sores.

CONSOMIT(D)- Grief, Sorrow, indignation, insults etc. Consoling agent.

CARDIOMIT (D)- Cardiomyopathy, Heart failure, Ventricular enlargement.

CHORIMIT (D)- Chorea, St Vitus Dance.

CELIAMIT (D)- Celiac Disease.

COVIMIT (D)- As accessory medications in COVID prevention and treatment

DENGUMIT (A)- Dengue Fever.

DENTOMIT (A) – Dental Caries, Toothache.

DENTERMIT (A) – Complaints associated with teething inchildren, Difficult teething , Teething Diarrhoea etc.

DRIBMIT (A) – Urinary incontinence, Dribbling of Urine .

DIVOMIT (A)- Diarrhoea and vomiting, Gastroenteritis, Cholera.

DYSMENMIT (A) – Dysmenorrhoea, Painful menses.

DYSMIT (A) – Dysentery, Bloody and mucus stools.

DIPSOMIT (B)- Polydipsia, Excessive thirst.

DEMENMIT (C)- Dementia, Loss of Memory.

DANDROMIT (C)- Dandruff, Itching scalp.

DERMOMIT (C)- Atomic Dermatitis.

DIAMIT (C)- Diabetes insipidus, Nonspecific Polyuria.

DIPLOMIT (C)- Diplopia, Hemiopia.

DIPHMIT (C)- Diphtheria.

DUOMIT (C)- Duodenitis, Stricture, Duodenal Ulcer.

DECUMIT (D)- Decubitus, Bed sores, Gangrene.

DEPROMIT (D)- Depression, Melacholia .

DIVERTMIT (D)- Diverticulosis, Diverticulitis.

DELIMIT (D)- Ensures safe delivery, Expels, Retained Placenta, Abnormalpresentation, Postpartum complications.

DYSPARMIT (D)- Dyspareunia, Painful sexual intercourse.

DYSTOMIT (D)- Dystonia. Neurological Movement Disorder.

ENTEROMIT (A) – Enteritis, Diarrhoea.

ENURMIT (A)- Bedwetting, Urinary incontinence,Enuresis.

ECCHYMIT (B)- Ecchymosis.

EUSTAMIT (B)- Eustacian deafness, Eustacian Catarh.

ECZIMIT (C)- Eczema, Itching Skin eruptions of various types. Dermatitis.

EBOMIT (D)- Ebola . Prevention and treatment of Ebola.

ENDOMIT (D)- Endometriosis

EXOSMIT (D)- Exostosis, Overgrowth of bones.

EXOPHMIT (D)- Exophthalmus, Protruding eyes.

EYRINGMIT (D)- Indications: Dark ring around eyes.

EPILMIT (D)- Epilepsy, Convulsions.

FLATOMIT (A)- Abdominal flatulence.

FLUMIT (A) – Influenza.

FILOMIT (D)- Filariasis, Elephentiasis.

FISSURMIT (D)- : Anal fissures. Fissured lips, Fissured palms, fingertips or feet. Fissures and cracks of skin anywhere on the body

FISTOMIT (D)- Anal Fistula . Dental Fistula. Lachrymal fistula Fistulos openings anywhere in the body

FIBROMIT (D)- Uterine fibroids.

FRIGIMIT (D)- Aversion to sex in women, Diminished sexual instinct,Frigidity.

FACIOMIT (D)- Acne of any type, Pimples, facial blemishes, Blackheads, Seborrhoea, Crusts. Improves complexion.

FERTIMIT (D)- Infertility, Sterility, Anovulation etc.

FERROMIT (D)- Transfusional iron overload.

GASTROMIT (A) – Acidity, Indigestion, GERD, Gastric and peptic Ulcers, Helicobacter Pylori.

GLUCOMIT (A) – Diabetes mellitus.

GLOSMIT (A) – Glossitis, Affections of tongue.

GONOMIT (A) – Gonorrhoea.

GINGIMIT (B)- Gingivities, gum bleeding, Gum boils, Peridontitis, Alveolitis.

GLAUCOMIT (B)- Glaucoma.

GLIOMIT (D)- Glioma, Brain Tumor.

GARDMIT (D)- Gardner syndrome, Gardner’s syndrome , familial colorectalpolyposis.

GALACTMIT (D)- Galactorrhoea.

GERIMIT (D)- Geriatric complaints, General complaints associated with Old age.

GYNOMIT (D)- Gynecological complaints, Leucorrhoea, Menstrual Disorders.

GYMAMIT (D)- Gynacomastia.

GANGRIMIT (D)- Gangrene, Wet or dry gangrene.

HAEMOMIT (A) – Haemorrhages, Tendency to bleeding, Haemorrhagic Diseases, Haemorrhagic Diathesis, Haemophilia.

HELMOMIT (A) – Worm infestation, Ascarides.

HEMETMIT (A) – Blood vomiting, Hematemesis.

HICCOMIT (A) – Hiccough.

HYPERMIT (A) – High Blood pressure.

HELIOMIT (B)- Sun stroke .

HERPIMIT (B)- Herpes Zoster.

HYPOMIT (B)- Hypotension.

HYSTOMIT (B)- Metritis.

HEMAMIT (D)- Haemangioma.

HERNIMIT (D)- Hernia. Scrotal hernia, Umbilical Hernia,Inguinal hernia.

HYDROMIT (D)- Hydrocephalus, Hydrocele, Ascites, Dropsy.

HORMOMIT (D)- PCOS, Hormonal Imbalances, Endocrinal disturbances, Gynaecomastia.

INFLAMMIT (A) – Inflammations, Suppurations, Cellulitis.

ICTHMIT (C)- Ichthyosis. Dry and parched skin.

IBSMIT (D)- Irritable Bowel Syndrome .

ILLUMIT (D)- Optic illusions, Muscae Volitantes, Halo around light, ColorIllusions.

IQMIT (D)- Mental Retardation, Idiotic, Dyslexia, Childish behavior, IntellectualDeficiency.

IMMUMIT (D)- Immunodeficency, Susceptibility to infections.

IRISMIT (D)- Iritis.

JAWMIT (D)- Cracking in Jaws. Dislocation of jaws. Caries of jaw bones.

KALAMIT (C)- Kalaazar, Leishmaniasis.

KERATOMIT (D)- Actinic Keratosis.

KELOMIT (D)- Keloids.

LEPTOMIT (B)- Leptosprosis, Rat fever.

LACHRIMIT (C)- Lachrymation complaints, Xerophthalmia.

LIPOMIT (C)- Lipoma.

LEUCOMIT (C)- Leucorrhoea , Endometritis.

LEXMIT (D)- Dyslexia, Reading Disorder, Learning Disorder, ADHD.

LEUKMIT (D)- Leukemia.

LIPIDMIT (D)- Cholesterol, Hyperlipidemia.

LITHOMIT (D)- Kidney stones.

LIVOMIT (D)- Liver complaints, Cirrhosis, Fatty Liver.

LUPOMIT (D)- SLE, Lupus.

LYMPHMIT (D)- Enlarged Lymph glands, Lymphoma, Hodgkins Disease.

LEPROMIT (D)- Leprosy.

LARYMIT (D)- Laryngitis, Laryngeal Cancer, Voice disorders.

LACTOMIT (D)- Nursing mothers, Deficient lactation, To increase milk.

LICHMIT (D)- Lichen planus, Lichen Simplex.

MYCOMIT (A) – Candidiasis, Ringworm, Tinea Versicolor, Chromophytosis, Any skin infections with circular Patches.

MIGROMIT (A) – Chronic Headaches, Migraine.

MOLLUSMIT (B)- Molluscum Contageosum.

MASBONMIT (C)- Mastoiditis. Inflammation of mastoid bone.

MANDIMIT (C)- Complaints of TemporoMandibularJoint.

MEMOMIT (D)- Examination funk, Anxiety of exams and interviews, Memory booster to Students.

MAMMOMIT (D)- Flabby, Shrivelled, Undeveloped breasts.

MASTOMIT (D)- Mastitis, Nodosities in breasts, Cracked nipples.

METAMIT (D)- Metabolic Syndrome

MYELOMIT (D)- Transverse myelitis, Other types of Myelitis, Guillain–Barré syndrome (GBS).

MENINGOMIT (D)- Meningitis, Brain Fever .

MULTIMIT (D)- Multiple sclerosis

MYXOMIT (D)- Myxoedema, Hypothyroidism.

MYALMIT (C)- Myalgia, Myositis.

METROMIT (D)- Metrorrhagia, Menorrhagia.

NYSTAMIT (B)- Nystagmus, Involuntary Eye motions.

NATROMIT (C)- Hyponatremia.

NEURALMIT (C)- Neuralgaia, Post herpetic neuralgia, Trigeminal neuralgia.

NOSTAMIT (C)- Homesickness, Nostalgia.

NILCAMIT (C)- Useful in the treatment of acute and chronic metabolic acidosis. Defends the body from development of Cancers and other degenerative diseases. Also as a supportive to cancer patients undergoing conventional treatments.
NIPAHMIT (D)- Nipah fever.

NEOMIT (D)- Neonatal Hepatitis, Infantile jaundice.

NEUFIMIT (D)- Neurofibroma. Also as preventive in people having hereditary disposition for neurofibroma

NARCOMIT (D)- Antidoting narcotic drugs, Deaddiction.

NICOMIT (D)- Tobacco craving, Bad effects of tobacco.

NEPHROMIT (D)- Kidney Diseases, Nephropathies, Kidney failure.

NEUROMIT (D)- Peripheral Neuropathy, Diabetic Neuropathy.

NECROMIT (D)- Necrosis of Bones.

NYMPHOMIT (D)- Nymphomania.

OCUMIT (A)- Injuries to eye balls, Intraocular bleeding.

OPHTHOMIT(A)- Eye infections, Conjunctivitis.

OTOMIT(A)- Ear infections, Otorrhoea, Earache.

OCDIMIT (B)- Obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD).

OXALMIT (B)- Oxaluria , Oxalates in Urine.

OREXMIT (C)- Disordered appetite, Anorexia nervosa.
OSTEOMIT (D)- Fracture of bones, Bone injuries.

OSMYLMIT (D)- Osteomyelitis, Osteitis, Inflammation of Bones.

ONYCMIT (D)- Affections of Nails, Brittle nails, Paronychia.

OESOMIT (D)- Osophagitis, Oesophageal Constriction.

OPIOMIT (D)- Myopia, Short sight.

OPTOMIT (D)- Optic nerve Atrophy, Paralysis, Optic Neuritis, Optic Neuropathy.

ORCHOMIT (D)- Orchitis, Hydrocele.

OOPHOMIT (D)- Ovaritis, Ovarian Cysts, Ovarian pains.

ONCOMIT (D)- Supportive treatment for Cancer patients undergoing conventional treatments.
PAROMIT(A)- Parotitis, Mumps.

PERTUMIT(A)- Pertussis. Wooping Cough.

PEDIMIT(A)- Pediculosis. Head lice.

PYROMIT(A)- For prevention and treatment of all types of viral, bacterial,and inflammatory fevers, and as an antipyretic in all other types of fevers.

PEMPHMIT (B)- Pemphigus.

PHARIMIT (B)- Pharyngitis.

PYLOMIT (B)- Affections of Pylorus.

PANCRIMIT (C)- Pancreatitis , Affections of pancreas.

PEPSMIT (C)- Anorexia, Indigestion, Loss of appetite.

PHAGIMIT (C)- Dysphagia, Difficulty in swallowing food or drinks.

PERITOMIT (C)- Peritonitis.

PELVIMIT (C)- Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

PHOSMIT (C)- Phosphaturia .

PHLEBIMIT(C)- Phlebitis. Inflammed veins. Venous engorgement.

PHONOMIT(C)- Hoarseness, Aphonia, For Singers and Public speakers, Spasmodic Dysphonia.

PTERIMIT (C)- Pterigium.

PROSTAMIT (C)- Prostatis. Indurated Prostate.

PICMIT (C)- Pica. Abnormal food cravings.

PITYRMIT (C)- Pityrasis . Exfoliative Dermatitis.

POROSMIT (C)- Osteoporosis , Brittle Bones.

PTOSIMIT (C)- Ptosis. Drooping Eyelids.
PROLAMIT (D)- Uterine Prolapse.

PSYCHOMIT (D)- Mood Disorders. Bipolar Disease.

PREMENSMIT (D)- Premenstrual syndrome.

PLAGMIT (D)- Plague.

PHILIMIT (D)- Haemophilia .

PANICMIT (D)- Panic Disorders.

POLIOMIT (D)- Poliomyelitis.

PLEXIMIT (D)- Rupture of arteries, Apoplexy, Stroke, Cerebral Hamorrhage.

PLEUROMIT (D)- Pleurisy, Hydrothoax, Empyema.

PRURIMIT (D)- Pruritis, Vaginal Itching, Intertrigo. General itching all over body

PULMOMIT (D)- COPD. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

PAEDIOMIT (D)- Delayed milestones in children .Growth Promoter.

PROCTOMIT (D)- Piles, Haemorrhoids, Anal Fistula, Fissures and other affections of rectum.

PRICKLIMIT (D)- Prickly heat.

PLEGIMIT (D)- Hemiplegia, Paraplegia, Paralysis.

PREGNOMIT (D)- Pregnancy Complaints. Morning Sickness.

PNEUMOMIT (D)- Pneumonia. Pulmonary Paralysis. COPD.

PROGERMIT (D)- Premature aging. Progeroid Syndrome.

PRESBIMIT (D)- Presbyopia . Long sight.

PLASMIT (D)- Malaria ,

PARKINMIT (D)- Parkinson’s Disease.

PSORAMIT (D)- Psoriasis , Psoriatic Arthritis.

PROSMIT (D)- Prosopalgia, Trigeminal neuralgia.

RABIMIT(A)- Rabies, Hydrophobia.

RHAGMIT (A)- Cracked heals, soles and feet, Chapped palms.

RHINMIT (A)- Nasal Polypus, DNS.

RUBIMIT (A)- Rubella, Measles.

RHEUFEMIT(A)- Rheumatic fever.

RUMARMIT (B)- Rheumatic Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis.

RHEUMIT (D)- Indications: Rheumatism, Fibromyalgia.

RESCUEMIT (D)- Resuscitation from imminent death, Myocardial Infarction, Shock from accidents.

RETIMIT (D)- Retinal Detachment, Retinitis, Degeneration.

RACHIMIT (D)- Rickets, Osteomalacia.

SCABIMIT (A)- Scabies, Itching Eruptions.

SCORBOMIT (A)- Scurvy, Scorbutus.

SNUFMIT (A)- Snuffles, Obstruction of nostrils.

SEPSIMIT(A)- Sepsis, Cellulitis, Septicemia.

SINOMIT (A)- Sinusitis.

STINGMIT (A)- Stings of insects.

SPRAINMIT (A)- Sprains of joints and ligaments.

STOMAMIT (A)- Stomatitis, Aphthe, Mouth Ulcers.

STYPTOMIT (A)- For acute bleeding, Styptic agent , To stop bleeding from wounds.

SYNCOMIT (A)- Syncope, Fainting.

SALIMIT (B)- Excessive Salivation.

SPASMIT (B)- Cramps, Spasm.

SLIMMIT (B)- Obesity. Overweight.

SPURMIT (B)- Heel pains, Exostosis of Os calcis, Heel Spurs.

SOMNOMIT (C)- Insomnia, Sleep Disorders, Snoring, Somnambulism, Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

SPERHEMIT (C)- Spermatorrhoea.

SPLEEMIT (C)- Affections of Spleen , Spleenitis, Spleen Enlargement.

SPINOMIT(C)- Backache, Sciatica, Diseases of Spinal chord, Spinal injury, PVDP.

SCLEROMIT (D)- Scleroderma, Hidebound Skin.

SUICMIT (D)- Suicidal Tendency.

SPIBIMIT (D)- Spina Bifida.

SPONDOMIT (D)- Neck pain, Stiffneck, Brachial neuralgia, Cervical Spondylitis.

SPERMIT (D)- Oligospermia, Azoospermia, Defective sperms.

SCHIZOMIT (D)- Schizophrenia, Mania, Mental Disorders.

SURGIMIT (D)- Pre-surgical and postsurgical treatment.

SYPHIMIT (D)- Syphilis.

STAMMIT (D)- Stammering.

STAPHYMIT (B)- Staphylococcus infections, recurrent abscesses, pyoderma, pyorrhoea

STENOMIT (D)- Valvular heart disease, Endocarditis, Mitral valve stenosis.

STRABIMIT (D)- Strabismus, squinting.

SEPTOMIT (D)- Cardiac Septal Disorder.

TRAVELMIT (A)- Car Sickness, Sea Sickness, Air Sickness, Travel Sickness. Jet lag.

TORTIMIT (B)- Torticollis, Stiff neck.

THYROMIT (B)- Thyroid Dysfunction, Hyperthyroidism, Goitre.

TONSOMIT (B)- Tonsillitis.

TRAUMIT (B)- Physical trauma, Injury, For athletes and sportsmen,Sprains, Strains, Injuries, Exhaution after violent exertion.

TYPHLIMIT (B)- Appendicitis, Typhlitis.

TYPHOMIT (B)- Typhoid fever.

TREMOMIT (B)- Tremors, Involuntary shaking of organs.

TACHYMIT (C)- Tachycardia, Rapid Pulse.

TETAMIT (C)- Tetanus, Prevention as well as treatment.

TINNIMIT (C)- Tinnius Aurium, Vertigo, Noises in ears.

TONOMIT (C)- As general tonic, especially for children, old people and convalescents.

THROMBOMIT (D)- Exostosis, Overgrowth of bones.

TRICHOMIT (D)- Hair Falling , Baldness, Thinning, premature greying, Plica plonica, tangling, Itching scalp, Brittle hair, Dandruff.

TUBERMIT (D)- Tuberculosis.

THALASMIT (D)- Thalassemia.

TUMOMIT- Indications: Benign Tumors.

ULCIMIT (A)- External Ulcers on various parts of body.

URTIMIT (A)- Urticaria.

URICMIT (B)- High Uric Acid levels, Gout.

UFLOMIT (C)- Retention of urine .

VARIOMIT (A)- Chickenpox.

VIROMIT (A)- Antiviral Drug.

VERTIMIT (A)- Vertigo, Dizziness, Menieres Disease, Labrynthitis.

VOMIMIT (A)- Anti-emetic, Vomiting, Nausea.

VERRUMIT (A)- Warts, Callosities, Various types of Condylomata.

VESICOMIT (B)- Seminal Vesiculitis.

VENOMIT (C)- Snake bites.

VITILMIT (D)- Vitiligo, Leucoderma

WENSMIT(A)- Peripheral Cysts, Wens, Sebaciouscysts.

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