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MIT FORMULATIONS are disease-specific combinations of homeopathic drugs in 30c potencies. Already we have developed 350 formulations. These formulations are developed and marketed by Fedarin Mialbs Private Limited, Kannur, Kerala, and manufatured by True Pharma H&H OPC Private Limited, pondicherry.

Feedback we get from doctors using these formulations as well as from our MIT NETWORK CLINICS are highly encouraging and promising. According to them, MIT FORMULATIONS offer fast and prompt relief for complaints, and if applied according to MIT PROTOCOL along with constitutional similimum, complete cure could be ensured in a very short period. No medicinal aggravations even if administered in frequent repetitions. No need of mother tinctures, low potencies or triturations for palliation.

MIT FORMULATIONS and MIT PROTOCOL are going to Revolutionize Homeopathic Practice as a whole!
Packing 12 ml ready to dispense sealed bottles
MRP Rs 120.
Discount upto 50% for bulk orders

Dose: 10 drops directly on tongue bds in chronic diseases. Frequent repetitions in acute cases

ABDOMIT- Colic, Cramping pains in abdomen

ABORMIT- Tendency to habitual abortions, Threatened Abortion

ABSOMIT- Furuncles, boils, abscesses

ACANMIT- AcanthosisNigricans

ACROMIT- Acromegaly, hyperpitutary conditions

ACTHMIT- Adrenocorticotropic Hormone deficiency

ADDISMIT- Addisons tDisease, Addrenalin insufficiency

ADENOMIT- Adenitis, Inflamed lymph glands

ALCOMIT- Alcoholism, Detoxifying agent in de-addiction therapy of Alcoholics

ALGIMIT- General analgesic. As a Painkiller for all types of pains, Anti-inflammatory agent

ALLERMIT- Universal remedy for ailments from various kinds of environmental allergies, food allergies etc

ALVEOMIT- Peridontitis , Alveolitis

ALZHIMIT- Alzheimer disease

AMAURMIT- Blindness, Night blindness, Color blindness, Day blindness

AMBLIMIT- Weakness of vision, Blurred vision, Misty vision

AMENMIT- Amenorrhoea

AMOEMIT- Amoebiasis


ANDROMIT- Impotency, Male Sexual Weakness and other sexual problems, Erectile Dysfunction

ANGIOMIT- For prevention and reduction of atherosclerosis of arteries

ANTHROMIT- Anthrax, Carbuncles

ANXOMIT- Anxiety, Ailments from anxiety or Anticipation

ARTHROMIT- Acute or chronic Arthritis, Painful affections of joints, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatic and Rheumatoid Arthritis, Polyarthritis

ARTIMIT- Peripheral arteritis, smokers disease, TAO

ASPHYMIT- Obstruction of breath due to foreign bodies, Aspiration, Asphyxia Neonatorum, Breathless from drowning

ASTHAMIT- Asthma, Difficult breathing, Weezing,

ASTIGMIT- Astigmatism, Distorted vision

ATAXMIT- Multiple Sclerosis , Spinal Degeneration, Locomotor Ataxia

AUDIMIT- Auditory problems, Auditory hallucinations, Noises in ears

AUTISMIT- Autism Spectrum Disorders

BELLMIT- Bell’s palsy, Facial paralysis, Trismus

BLEPHAMIT – Affections of Eyelids, Blepharitis, Tarsal tumors, Chalazia, Trachoma, Cysts, Eczema, Fissures, Scabs, Nodosities, Ulcers, Styes , Oedema, Agglutination

BOWELMIT- Constipation, Difficult bowel movements

BRACHYMIT- Slow pulse, Brachycardia

BRHEOMIT- Bronchorrhoea, Chronic bronchitis

BROMOMIT- Offensive body odor, offensive breath, offensive sweat

BRONCHOMIT- Cough, Acute Bronchitis

BULIMIT – Bulimia, Over eating, Increased desire for food, Polypepsia

BURNOMIT- Burns, Scalds

CARDIOMIT- Cardiomyopathy, Heart failure, Ventricular enlargement

CARPOMIT- Carpel tunnel Syndrome, Ganglion wrist, Wrist drop

CATARMIT- Cataract

CELIAMIT- Celiac Disease

CEPHAMIT- Headache

CHIKUMIT – Chikungunia

CHILMIT – Chilblains, Cold sores

CHOLEMIT- Gall stones, Biliary colic, Cholelithiasis

CHORIMIT – Chorea, St Vitus Dance

CILIAMIT – Ciliary neuralgia

CLIMOMIT- Climacteric Complaints, Menopause

COCCYMIT- Pain coccyx, Coccygodynia, Injury to coccyx

COCHLIMIT- Congenital hearing lose

COLIMIT- Colitis. Affections of Colon, Ulcerative Colitis

CONCUSMIT- Concussion of brain or Spinal cord

CONSOMIT- Grief, Sorrow, indignation, insults etc. Consoling agent

CORNIMIT – Affections of cornea, Abscesses, Foreign bodies, Keratitis, Vesicles, Opacities, Ulcers, Wounds Etc


COROMIT – Cardiac Emergencies, Heart attack, Coronary Heart Disease

CORYMIT- Hayfever , Cold, Allergic rhinitis, Sneezing, Coryza

CUSHIMIT- Cushings Syndrome, Cortisolism

CYCLOMIT- Cyclic Vomiting

CYSTOMIT- Urinary Infections, Cystitis, Urethritis

DANDROMIT- Dandruff, Itching scalp

DECUMIT- Decubitus, Bedsores

DELIMIT- Ensures safe delivery, Expels, Retained Placenta, Abnormal presentation, Postpartum complications

DEMENMIT- Dementia

DENGUMIT- Dengue fiver

DENTERMIT- Teething problems in children

DENTOMIT- Dental Caries, Toothache

DEPROMIT- Melancholia, Depression

DERMOMIT- Atopic Dermatitis

DIAMIT- Diabetes insipidus, Type 1 Diabetes

DIPHMIT- Diphtheria

DIPLOMIT- Diplopia, Hemiopia

DIPSOMIT- Polydipsia, Excessive thirst

DIVERTMIT- Diverticulosis, Diverticulitis

DIVOMIT- Diarrhoea and vomiting, Gastroenteritis, Cholera

DRIBMIT- Urinary incontinence

DUOMIT – Duodenitis, Stricture, Duodenal Ulcer

DYSMENMIT- Dysmenorrhoea, Painful Menstruation

DYSMIT – Dysentery, Bloody and mucus stools

DYSPARMIT- Dyspareunia, Painful sexual intercourse

DYSTOMIT- Dystonia

EBOMIT- Prevention and treatment of Ebola

ECCHIMIT- Ecchymosis

ECZIMIT- Eczema, Itching Skin eruptions of various types. Dermatitis

ENTEROMIT- Enteritis, Diarrhoea

ENURMIT- Bedwetting, Urinary incontinence, Enuresis

EPILMIT – Epilepsy, Convulsions

EUSTAMIT – Eustacian deafness, EustaceanCatarh

EXOPHMIT – Exophthalmus, Protruding eyes

EXOSMIT- Exostosis, Overgrowth of bones

EYRINGMIT- Dark ring around eyes

FACIOMIT – Acne, Pimples, facial blemishes, Blackheads, Seborrhoea, Crusts

FERROMIT- Transfusional iron overload

FERTIMIT- Infertility, Sterility, Anovulation etc

FIBROMIT- Uterine fibroids

FILOMIT- Filariasis, Elephentiasis

FISSURMIT – Anal fissures

FISTOMIT – Anal fistula

FLATOMIT – Abdominal flatulence

FLUMIT- Influenza

FRIGIMIT- Aversion to sex in women, Diminished sexual instinct, Frigidity

GALACTMIT- Galactorrhoea

GANGRIMIT- Gangrene, Wet or dry gangrene

GARDMIT- Gardner syndrome, Gardner’s syndrome , familial colorectal polyposis

GASTROMIT- Acidity, Indigestion, GERD, Gastric and peptic Ulcers

GERIMIT – Geriatric complaints, General complaints associated with Old age

GINGIMIT- Gingivities, gum bleeding, Gum boils


GLIOMIT- Glioma, Brain Tumor

GLOSMIT- Glossitis, Affections of tongue

GLUCOMIT – Diabetes mellitus

GONOMIT- Gonorrhoea

GYMAMIT- Gynacomastia

GYNOMIT – Gynecological complaints, Leucorrhoea, Menstrual disorders

HAEMOMIT – Haemorrhages

HELIOMIT- Sunstroke

HELMOMIT – Worm infestations

HEMAMIT- Haemangioma

HEMETMIT- Blood vomiting, Hematemesis



HICCOMIT- Hiccough

HORMOMIT- PCOS, Hormonal Imbalances, Endocrinal disturbances

HYDROMIT- Hydrocephalus, Hydrocele, Ascites, Dropsy

HYPERMIT- High Blood pressure

HYPOMIT – Hypotension

HYSTOMIT- Metritis

IBSMIT- Irritable Bowel Syndrome

ICHTHMIT- Ichthyosis. Dry and parched skin

ILLUMIT- Optic illusions, MuscaeVolitantes, Halo around light, Color illusions

IMMUMIT – HIV, Primary Immunodeficiency

INFLAMIT- Inflammations, Suppurations, Cellulitis

IQMIT- Mental Retardation, Idiotic, Dyslexia, Childish behavior, Intellectual deficiency

IRISMIT – Iritis

JAWMIT – Cracking jaws, Pain Jaws, Lockjaws, Displacements

KALAMIT- Kalaazar, Leishmaniasis

KELOMIT- Keloids

KERATOMIT- Actinic Keratosis

LACHRIMIT- Lachrymation, Lachrymal fistula, Affections of Lachrymal glands and sacs

LACTOMIT – Nursing mothers, Deficient lactation, To increase milk

LARYMIT – Laryngitis, Laryngeal Cancer, Voice disorders

LEPROMIT – Leprosy

LEPTOMIT – Leptosprosis, Rat fever

LEUCOMIT- Leucorrhoea , Endometritis

LEUKMIT- Leukemia

LEXMIT- Dyslexia, Reading Disorder, Learning Disorder, ADHD

LICHMIT- Lichen planus, Lichen Simplex

LIPIDMIT- Cholesterol, Hyperlipidemia.

LIPOMIT – Lipoma

LITHOMIT- Kidney stones

LIVOMIT – Liver complaints, Cirrhosis, Fatty Liver


LYMPHMIT- Enlarged Lymph glands, Lymphoma, Hodgkins Disease

MAMMOMIT- Flabby, Shriveled, Undeveloped breasts

MANDIMIT- Complaints of Temporomandibular Joint

MASBONMIT- Mastoiditis, Inflammation of mastoid bone

MASTOMIT- Mastitis, Nodosities in breasts, Cracked nipples

MEMOMIT – Examination funk, Anxiety, Memory booster to students

MENINGOMIT- Meningitis

METROMIT – Metrorrhagia, Menorrhagia

MIGROMIT – Chronic Headaches, Migraine

MOLLUSMIT- Molluscum contageosum

MYALMIT- Myalgia, Myositis

MYCOMIT- Candidiasis, Ringworm, TineaVersicolor, Chromophytosis, Any skin infections with circular patches

MYELOMIT- Transverse myelitis, Other types of Myelitis, Guillain–Barré syndrome (GBS)

MYXOMIT- Myxoedema, Hypothyroidism

NARCOMIT – Antidoting narcotic drugs, Deaddiction

NATROMIT- Hyponatremia

NECROMIT- Necrosis of bones

NEOMIT- Neonatal Hepatitis, Infantile jaundice

NEPHROMIT- Kidney Diseases, Nephropathies, Kidney failure

NEUFIMIT- Neurofibroma

NEURALMIT- Neuralgaia, Post herpetic neuralgia, Trigeminal neuralgia

NEUROMIT- Peripheral Neuropathy, Diabetic Neuropathy

NICOMIT- Tobacco craving, Bad effects of tobacco

NIPAHMIT – Nipah fever

NOSTAMIT – Homesickness, Nostalgia

NYMPHOMIT – Nymphomania

NYSTAMIT- Nystagmus, Involuntary Eye motions

OCDIMIT- Obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD

OCUMIT- Injuries to eye balls, Intraocular bleeding

OESOMIT- esophageal cancer, esophagitis, Constriction

ONYCMIT – Affections of Nails, Brittle nails, Paronychia

OOPHOMIT – Ovaritis, Ovarian Cysts, Ovarian pains

OPHTHOMIT- Eye infections, Conjunctivitis

OPIOMIT- Myopia, Short sight

OPTOMIT – Optic nerve Atrophy, Paralysis, Optic Neuritis, Optic Neuropathy

ORCHOMIT – Orchitis, Hydrocele

OREXMIT- Disordered appetite, Anorexia nervosa

OSMYLMIT- Osteomyelitis, Osteitis, Inflammation of Bones

OSTEOMIT- Fracture of bones, Bone injuries

OTOMIT – Ear infections, Otorrhoea, Earache

OXALMIT- Oxaluria

PAEDIOMIT- Growth promoter for Children with delayed milestones

PANCRIMIT – Pancreatitis, Affections of Pancreas

PANICMIT- Panic Disorder

PARKINMIT- Parkinsons Disease

PAROMIT – Parotitis, Mumps

PEDIMIT- Pediculosis, Head Lice

PELVIMIT- Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

PEMPHMIT- Pemphigus Vulgaris

PEPSMIT – Anorexia, Indigestion, Loss of appetite

PERITOMIT – Peritonitis

PERTUMIT- Whooping Cough

PHAGIMIT- Dysphagia , Difficult swallowing

PHARIMIT – Pharyngitis

PHILIMIT – Haemophilia

PHLEBIMIT – Phlebitis, Varicose veins, Engorged veins

PHONOMIT – Hoarseness, Aphonia, For Singers and Public speakers, Spasmodic Dysphonia

PHOSMIT – Phosphaturia

PICMIT- Pica. Abnormal food cravings

PITYRMIT- Pityriasis


PLASMIT- Malaria

PLEGIMIT- Parapegia, Hemiplegia, Paralysis

PLEUMIT- Pleurisy, Hydrothorax, Empyema

PLEXIMIT- Rupture of Arteries, Apoplexy, Stroke, Cerebral Haemorrhage

PNEUMOMIT – Pneumonia, Pulmonary Paralysis, COPD

POLIOMIT- Polio myelitis

POROSMIT- Osteoporosis, Brittle Bones

PREGNOMIT – Pregnancy complaints, Morning Sickness

PREMENSMIT- Premenstrual syndrome

PRESBIMIT- Presbiopia, Long sight

PRICKLIMIT – Prickly heat

PROCTOMIT- Haemorrhoids, Piles, anal fissures, fistula, Anorectal diseases

PROGERMIT- Premature aging, Progeroid Syndrome

PROLAMIT – Uterine prolapse

PROSMIT- Prosopalgia, Trigeminal neuralgia

PROSTAMIT- Prostatitis

PRURIMIT – Vaginal Itching, Intertrigo, Itching in groins

PSORAMIT- Psoriasis

PSYCHOMIT- Mood Disorders

PTERIMIT – Pterigium

PTOSIMIT- Ptosis, Drooping eyelids

PULMOMIT – COPD- Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

PYLOMIT – Affections of Pylorus

PYOMIT- Pyoderma, Folliculitis, Impetigo, Stapylococcus Skin eruptions

PYORMIT- Pyorrhoea

PYROMIT- Prevention and treatment of all types of fevers

RABIMIT – Rabies, Hydrophobia

RACHIMIT- Rickets, Osteomalacia

RESCUEMIT – Resuscitation from imminent death, Myocardial Infarction, Shock from accidents

RETIMIT- Retinal Detachment, Retinitis, Degeneration

RHAGMIT – Rhagades, Cracked heals, soles and feet, Chapped palms

RHEUFEMIT- Rheumatic fever

RHEUMIT – Rheumatism, Fibromyalgia

RHINMIT- Nasal Polypus, DNS

RUBIMIT – Rubella, Measles

RUMARMIT – Rheumatic Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis

SALIMIT- Excessive Salivation

SCABIMIT – Scabies, Itching Eruptions

SCHIZOMIT- Schizophrenia, Mania, Mental Disorders

SCLEROMIT- Scleroderma

SCORBOMIT- Scurvy, Scorbutus

SEPSIMIT- Sepsis, Cellulitis, Septicemia

SEPTOMIT- Cardiac Septal Disorder

SINOMIT- Sinusitis

SLIMMIT- Obesity. Overweight

SNUFMIT- Snuffles, Obstruction of nostrils

SOMNOMIT- Insomnia, Sleep Disorders, Snoring, Somnambulism, Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA))

SPASMIT – Cramps, Spasm

SPERHEMIT- Spermatorrhoea

SPERMIT- Oligospermia, Azoospermia, Defective sperms

SPIBIMIT- Spina Bifida

SPINOMIT – Backache, Sciatica, Diseases of Spinal chord, Spinal injury, PVDP

SPLEEMIT- Affections of Spleen , Spleenitis, Spleen Enlargement

SPONDOMIT- Neck pain, Stiffneck, Brachial neuralgia, Cervical Spondylitis

SPRAINMIT- Sprains of joints and ligaments

SPURMIT- Heel pains, Exostosis of Oscalcis, Heel Spurs

STAMMIT- Stammering

STENOMIT- Valvular heart disease, Endocarditis, Mitral valve stenosis

STINGMIT – Stings of insects

STOMAMIT- Stomatitis, Aphthe, Mouth Ulcers

STRABIMIT – Strabismus, squinting

STYPMIT- Styptic Agent , To stop bleeding

SUICMIT – Suicidal Tendency

SURGIMIT- Pre-surgical and postsurgical treatment

SYNCOMIT- Syncope, Fainting

SYPHIMIT- Syphilis

TACHYMIT- Tachycardia, Rapid Pulse

TETAMIT – Prevention and treatment of Tetanus

THALASMIT – Thalassemia, For reducing iron load in the blood

THYROMIT- Thyroid problems, Goitre, Hyperthyroidism

TINNIMIT – TinniusAurium, Vertigo, Noises in ears

TONOMIT – As general tonic, especially for children, old people and convalescents

TONSOMIT- Tonsillitis, Adenoids

TORTIMIT – Torticollis, Stiff neck

TRAUMIT- Physical trauma, Injury, For athletes and sportsmen,Sprains, Strains, Injuries, Exhaution after violent exertion

TRAVELMIT – Car Sickness, Sea Sickness, Air Sickness, Travel Sickness. Jet lag

TREMOMIT- Tremors, Involuntary shaking of organs

TRICHOMIT – Hair falling, Baldness, Graying, Dandruff, All problems of hairs

TUBERMIT – Tuberculosis


TYPHLIMIT- Appendicitis, Typhlitis

TYPHOMIT- Typhoid fever

UFLOMIT- Retention of Urine

ULCIMIT – External Ulcers on various parts of body

URICMIT- High Uric Acid levels, Gout

URTIMIT- Urticaria

VARIOMIT- Chickenpox

VENOMIT¬- Snake bites

VERRUMIT- Warts, Callosities, Various types of Condylomata

VERTIMIT- Vertigo, Dizziness, Menieres Disease, Labrynthitis

VESICOMIT- Seminal Vesiculitis

VIROMIT- Antiviral Drug

VITILMIT- Vitiligo, Leucoderma

VOMIMIT – Anti-emetic, Vomiting, Nausea

WENSMIT – Peripheral Cysts, Wens, Sebacious cysts

NILCAMIT – Defends the body from development of Cancers and other degenerative diseases. Also as a supportive to cancer patients undergoing conventional treatments

ONCOMIT – General Cancer Medicine