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  1. I don’t think Homeopathic laws are a problem. It is the understanding of its scientific workings that is not clear to all

  2. In Chronic Diseases – Anti-psoric Drugs, see how CALCAREA CARBONICA is prepared:

    “Break in pieces a clean, somewhat thick oyster shell, take one grain of the softer, snow-white calcareous substance found between the outer and the inner harder shell. This is prepared in all the degrees of potencies up to X in the manner directed as to the preparation of dry medicinal substances for homoeopathic use, given at the conclusion of Part I. This is preserved from sunlight and great warmth, to be used for its various purposes”.

    That means, CALC CARB is the middle layer of ‘oyster shell’, a part of ‘biological tissue’, which belongs to animal kingdom. It contains not only calcium carbonate, but various biological molecules. HOW CAN WE CONSIDER ‘CALC CARB’ AS A MINERAL DRUG?

    Since it is procured from animal tissue (middle layer of oyster shell) , I think it should be considered as ‘animal drug’, exactly similar to CASTOR EQUI (Rudimentary Thumb-nail of the Horse). We know Conchiolinum (Mother-of-Pearl) and Ova Tosta ( egg shell) also belong the category of ANIMAL ORIGIN, similar to CALC CARB. It would be more appropriate call CALC CARB as OYSTER SHELL.

    Calcium carbonate is a chemical compound with the formula CaCO3. It is a common substance found in rocks in all parts of the world, and is the main component of shells of marine organisms, snails, coal balls, pearls, and eggshells.

    To process calcium carbonate from oyster shells, first we have to make Calcium Oxide or quick lime by subjecting it to thermal decomposition.

    Then, calcium carbonate is made by mixing calcium oxide into water, and then bubbling carbon dioxide into the solution.Water is added to give calcium hydroxide, and carbon dioxide is passed through this solution to precipitate the desired calcium carbonate, referred to in the industry as precipitated calcium carbonate.

    How can you say ‘the middle layer of oyster shell’ potentized without any such processing is pure Calcium Carbonate, and is a ‘mineral kingdom’ drug. We can only say it is an ‘animal kingdom drug’ containing calcium carbonate. No doubt, it will contain various other biological molecules also, since it is an ‘animal tissue’.

  3. I think first of all prove your theory as per modern science. Only after that try to change fundamental laws of homoeopathy.

  4. Dialectic Homoeopathy is the need of the time. If we will not define or help to define Homoeopathy scientifically, the commercial/business Homoeopaths will ruin Homoeopathy.

  5. I am of the opinion that the dialectic theory is partially explained.
    The premise put forward by you in Dialectic Homeopathy is better to be reworded.
    Instead of ‘Disease is caused by the molecular errors by pathogenic molecule’, it is reworded that ‘Disease is caused by the molecular errors or defects by internal or external agents.Internal agents may be hereditary factors,acquired from environment etc through ingestion or consumption,thus already presenting their consequences and external agents may be biological pathogens, chemical agents through environment by ingestion .
    Thus the defects caused may be positive or negative. Positive defects are due to factors added on account of the molecular interaction and negative defects are due to factors removed on account of the molecular interactions.
    Concept of added or removed factors can explain the homeopathic principle better.

  6. questions should be asked,for the purpose to realize the difference in opinion.So that people wll come out of there shells and share some sensible stuff with practical facts and data rather than theoretical,which can be publicaly analised.

  7. Post is good but questions are closed type where one has to answer choices given though personally I feel there should be more option or more points to ponder on.like in case of question of molecular imprint .there are various other theories ,who claims to explain action of Homeopathic medicine and open option be given so that anybody can enter new options and probabilities.

  8. it time to move now homoeopathy system needs some investigation regarding potency effect and proving and its existance because what we are using and reading all the material are old and not updated .

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