Leaders of homeopathic community as well as authorities of homeopathic institutions in the country please understand, our government is spending a lot of public money every year for running our R&D and administrative systems.

One day or other, we will be made accountable before the people as well as the scientific community for this huge public expenditure, and subjected to a hard and ruthless scrutiny. We will be compelled to justify our right for existence rationally and scientifically. Tons of anecdotes and claims we produce will not be enough for that. They will ask for scientifically valid explanations and scientific proofs.

Dear homeopaths, playing with the obsolete phrases of your belief system and quotes from our holy book “ORGANON” that preach about “immaterial dynamic energy” and “vital force” will be of no use at that juncture. We will have to talk the language and methods of modern scientific knowledge system, of which most of us are pathetically ignorant about.

We will have to explain them plainly what are the ACTIVE PRINCIPLES of post-avogadro diluted drugs we use.

We will have to explain them in scientific language what actually happens during potentization, by which the medicinal properties of drug substances are transferred to and preserved in a potentizing medium without transferring even a single drug molecule into it. Lectures on “release of immaterial dynamic medicinal energy” will not suffice.

We will have to explain them what is the real difference between crude drugs and potentized drugs.

We will have to tell explain them what is the exact BIOLOGICAL MECHANISM by which post avogadro diluted drugs produce therapeutic effects, in a way fitting the advanced knowledge provided by modern biochemistry and pharmacodynamics. Our “vital force theory” will be usefull only as a piece for joke!

We will have to tell them what is the scientific meaning of SIMILIA SIMILIBUS CURENTUR, in a way fitting to modern scientific knowledge molecular level processes involved in diasease and cure.

Above all, we will have to talk using the language of science, and explain our CARDINAL PRINCIPLES in a way fitting to the modern scientific knowledge system.

Get ready for the final judgement day!


An allopathy doctor from kerala, an “eminent hepatologist” attatched to a “center of excellence” of a leading hospital, who is engaged in reasearching about “dangers of homeopathy”, has declared that he has found out the quantity of arsenic present in homeopathic drug Arsenic Alb 30. According to him, 1 kg of Ars Alb 30 globules he purchased from market contains 0.18 mg of crude arsenic, and hence it is a very dangerous drug to be used in human beings!

This poor guy seems to have misunderstood that homeopathic drugs are administered to patients as KILOGRAM DOSES of globules!

1 kg of No: 40 sugar globules commonly used by homeopaths approximately consists of around 32000 globules. That means, 1 medicated globule of Ars Alb 30 may contain 0.18/32000 or 0.00000562 mg of arsenic! We can calculate how much negligible quantity of arsenic will enter our body by taking 3 or 4 hlobules of Ars Alb 30, even if the “invention” of our allopathy scientist is right!

What “danger” such a small quantity of arsenic can cause? Our Resepected scientist is bound to answer. Even if a person takes 4 pills of ars alb 30 bds daily for 360 days, total arsenic entering the body through 2880 pills will be much lesser than 18 microgram, that is much below one days reccommended dietary requirement!

Please do some calculations and tell me sir, how much arsenic will reach into the body by consuming Ars Alb 30, 4 pills bds for 3 days? Is it enough to cause toxicity “leading to liver failure and death”?

Arsenic is a trace element that occurs naturally in very small amounts in the diet. Its exact functions are not known. The estimated adult daily intake of arsenic from a typical diet is 12-50 mcg. A dietary requirement of 12-25 mcg/day has been suggested.

Please look into some quick facts regarding arsenic in environment as well as our food articles:

The arsenic content ranged from 0.001 mg/kg in cabbages to 0.104 mg/kg also in bananas.

Inorganic arsenic that exists in soil is highly attracted to sulfur compounds in brussels sprouts, along with other cruciferous vegetables, including kale, broccoli, and cauliflower.

It has been evidenced that arsenic in garlic is present in the most toxic inorganic species As(III) and As(V).

The amounts of As(III) tended to be higher in non-processed nuts such as cashews, almonds, pine nuts, walnuts etc.

The arsenic content of raw rice varies from 0.1 to 0.4 mg of inorganic arsenic/kg of dry mass. Arsenic is concentrated in rice bran.

The cocoa powder revealed the maximum metal concentrations of 0.303 ± 0.035 mg/kg for cadmium, 1.228 ± 0.146 mg/kg for lead and 0.094 ± 0.013 mg/kg for arsenic.

It has also been reported that honey can be contaminated with heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, mercury and cadmium.

Arsenic contamination of groundwater is a form of groundwater pollution which is often due to naturally occurring high concentrations of arsenic in deeper levels of groundwater. It is a high-profile problem due to the use of deep tube wells for water supply in the Ganges Delta, causing serious arsenic poisoning to large numbers of people.

Tobacco contains arsenic so the cigarette/cigar/cigarillo/hookah smoke you inhale does too. Arsenic is introduced into tobacco through the farming process, and is present in small quantities in cigarette smoke. Inorganic arsenic is present in mainstream tobacco smoke and presumably in sidestream smoke as well. Smoking makes it harder for your body to get rid of arsenic before it damages your cells. Arsenic exposure and smoking can increase your risk of lung, kidney and bladder cancer, and heart disease.

Actually, going though the “research paper” of this “allopathy scientist” is a real fun, making us wonder how these people claiming themselves to be “experts”, “researchers” and “scientists” could stoop so low, proving themselves to be pathetically biased and ignorant of the subject they are dealing with as well as the “scientific method” they boast about!

In this “research paper” our researchers from “center of excellence” have claimed to present “three cases of acute liver injury, leading to death in one patient with underlying non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) cirrhosis, after consumption of the homeopathic remedy Arsenic Alb 30 for COVID-19 prevention.”

A comparative study of arsenic content in banana and arsenic Alb 30 will be usefull to realize the folly of our “researcher” attacking homeopathy.

Wikipedia says that 1 kg of banana contains 0.1mg of arsenic. 1 gm banana contains 0.0001 mg of arsenic It means, 0.015 mg arsenic enters our body when we consume 150 gram of average sized banana.

Arsenic detected in 1 kg of Arsenic Alb 30 is 0.18 mg. Arsenic in 1 gm of Ars Alb 30- 0.00018 mg
Arsenic in 150 gm of Ars Alb 30- 0.027 mg

Arsenic we get by consuming 150 gm of banana is approximately equivalent to that we get from 75 gm of Arsenic Alb globules 75 gm of Arsenic Alb 30 globules will contain 2400 globules.

It means, arsenic our children get by eating 150 gms of banana will be equivalent to arsenic they may get by taking 2400 Ars Alb 30 globules.

Since the dosage of Ars Alb 30 per day is 3 globules, they will have to take it for 800 days to get arsenic equivalent to that they get by eating 150 gms of banana ONE DAY

If a child takes one banana every day for 300 days in a year, he will get arsenic equivalent to that he may get by taking 300 x 75 or 22.5kg of arsenic Alb 30 globules or 720000 globules of arsenic Alb 30.

Respected learned paediatrician, kindly tell us which is more dangerous to our children, 3 globules of homeopathic arsenic Alb 30 per day, or one banana per day?

They know very well that “arsenic, known as the king of poisons is a highly toxic substance with the potential to cause acute as well as chronic injury to multiple organ systems, mainly skin, lung, liver, and kidneys”.

But these “researchers” failed pathetically to understand the difference between ARSENIC and ARSENIC ALB 30! They should know, homeopathic ARS ALB 30 will not contain even a single molecule of ARSENIC, since t is diluted to 30c or a ratio “1:1 followed by 60 zeros”, which is very much above avogadro limit.

If their argument is that ARS ALB 30 still contains ARSENIC particles, they should have tested the sample used by the patients they subjected to study, and the test report showing the presence and quantiy of arsenic in the sample attatched to the “research paper”! Instead, they say “analysis of drugs consumed could not be performed in view of inadequate sample availability”. Is it so difficult for anybody to procure a sample of arsenic alb 30 for such a “sample analysis”? Without conducting such a sample analysis, how could they come to the conclusion that ARSENIC ALB 30 contains such a high amount of ARSENIC to cause “acute liver toxicity and death” by using “4 pills” or “three drops”? They are bound to say how much ARSENIC will be present in 4 globules or 3 drops of homeopathic ARS ALB 30, and is that quantity enough to produce the toxic effects of ARSENIC.

And still our “expert hepatologist” builds up stories about “cases of acute liver injury, leading to death in one patient with underlying non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) cirrhosis, after consumption of the homeopathic remedy Arsenic Alb 30 at a dosage of 4 pills bds for 3 days for COVID-19 prevention.”


What Is The ‘Fundamental Principle’ Of Homeopathy, That Forms The Essential Basis Of This Therapeutic System?

Exactly, what is the ‘fundamental principle’of homeopathy? A principle that forms the essential basis of homeopathic therapeutic system? I think there is a lot of confusion over the subject of ‘fundamental principles of homeopathy’, not only among homeopaths, but even our ‘theoreticians’.

In my opinion, the therapeutic principle of ‘similia similibus curentur’ is the only ‘essential’ fundamental principle of homeopathy. ‘Potentization’ is not a fundamental principle, but a practical way of preparing homeopathic drugs. Other ‘theories’ are only philosophical explanations, conjectures, interpretations, opinions and empirical conclusion based on personal experiences of ‘stalwarts’ and ‘masters’. They are not ‘fundamental principles’ of homeopathy.

Some people consider each and every word uttered by our ‘master’ as ‘fundamental principles’ of homeopathy. They would profusely quote his words from ORGANON whenever some body raises any hard questions.  Some others would even include the words of other ‘stalwarts’ like Kent, Herring and the like also in the category of ‘fundamental’ principles. They would declare that whatever ‘master’ and other ‘stalwarts’ said 200 years ago were “most scientific” and should not be changed. They would not tolerate any attempt of re-reading those ‘theories’ in the light of scientific knowledge humanity has amassed during last two centuries after Hahnemann lived on this earth.

Even though Hanemann was indeed a great genius and visionary, it is impossible for anybody to proceed with his intellectual quest without drawing resources from the treasures of knowledge amassed by previous generations. Obviously, no genius can totally overcome the objective limitations imposed upon him by the space-time context of his life and activities.

We should never forget the objective historical context of 18th century Germany, where Samuel Hahnemann  lived and developed his novel therapeutic system. Hahnemann had developed his ideas depending upon the existing knowledge about the universe available to him. It is not to be seen as a sin to say that his thoughts and words were more or less confined by the limitations imposed by the infantile level of science and technology then existed there. Even though the essence of the therapeutic principle he developed is capable of transcending the boundaries of centuries to come, it would be unfair to try to evaluate his achievements and contributions detached from his objective time-space framework.

Had Hahnemann happened to live in this world 200 years later, the towering genius of Hahnemann would have presented to humanity a therapeutic system totally different, and much  more advanced and scientific than what we now call Homeopathy. He would have definitely rewritten completely what we preach and practice in the name of Homeopathy today.

Whenever we try to learn the teachings of Hahnemann,  we  should be on the look out to understand what he would have said about those subjects, if he were elaborating them in the modern context. We should not take his written words as if they were ultimate immutable truth, unquestionable and beyond any scope of further revisions and improvements. We should honor the great master by following his teachings as valuable guide to tread forward, and not as lifeless dogmas.

If Samuel Hahnemann happened to live among us now, he would have mastered all the latest scientific knowledge available. He would be the greatest scientist of our era. He would explain “similia similibus curentur” on the basis of quantum theory, modern biochemistry  and the latest understanding of molecular dynamics of disease and therapeutics. He would have explained “potentization” on the basis of modern ‘molecular imprinting’, and would have devised a more sophisticated and scientific method of molecular imprinting to replace the present process of potentization.

‘Drug Transmission Through Hair’- A Facebook Discussion

This is the full text of a facebook conversation happened on “Homeopathy For Total Cure” Group and my wall:

Chandran Nambiar K C:

A well known, internationally respected “classical” homeopath, while participating in a recent discussion on an internet group regarding “Drug Transmission at a Distance”, posted the following comments:

“Well, I use it all the time with great results. People live in areas where they have no access to remedies or in an emergency i can dose anyone as long as i have a photo. I dose the eyes and i get brilliant results. Lately i have done about 7 clients like that and they are happy”.

“I am a classical homoeopath. I work according to Hahnemann’s laws and principles. And i am moreover very critical of anything that goes against these laws. However, this is not about whether we have a new method of finding the remedy, but about the means of delivery of the dose.”

“Since Hahnemann was also a promotor of mesmerism – which is equally non-material – the criticism you voice is somewhat redundant, unless we accuse the founder of unscientific gobbled egook and of going against his own laws.”

“If scientific investigation means we look for results – which is really the goal – then we shall judge things accordingly. We must not be so naieve as to believe that homoeopathy was finished by the time the Grand Master left this earthly plane and reject all development a priori.”

“Since it are the results that count – Hahnemann being incapable of explaining how the cure takes place – we shall have to adopt this as the criterion on which to judge the fallacy or the confirmation of any method to administer the remedy. Olfactory administration is also accepted as genuine.”

“My personal experience since 1982 is that this method works and therefore deserves to be used. The means to arrive at the remedy selection still needs to be the classical Hahnemannian way. It is solely a discussion about the means of delivery here, so how does it go against homeopathic fundamental philosophy?”

“this is about a delivery system not about proving new remedies. The remedies have been proven – i do not use anything like Falcon or Butterfly. And when the delivery system works there is nothing wrong with it. There is no experiment going on after 27 years. Rather it is experience.”

“let us do that proving – i’ll be your guinea pig. Take any remedy you like and apply to my photograph, which you can copy and paste or download from my page. Print it out and apply remedy in liquid form to the eyes. I shall see what symptoms come up”


Dipen Gorani :

Transmission of Homoeopathic Drug Energy from a distance – through Hair

”There are more things in Heaven and earth, than are dreamt of in your Philosophy¡¨ ¡KShakespeare


…During his life time Dr Heinemann had introduced 3 modes of Drug administration of Homoeopathic medicine i.e.

i) Medicine can be given orally.

ii) By touch.

iii) By olfaction.

A 4th way of Drug administration i e Transmission of Homoeo Drug Energy from a distance through the Native Hair of a Person – introduced by Late Dr. B. Sahni of Patna.

This method is wholly based on the Principle Similia Simibus curentur of the Father of Homoeopathy . Dr.S. Hahnemann.

It is never a deviation it differs only in method of application of Drug to the Patient Transmission may be called as Indirect method as there is no visual connection between the organ & the drug . It is just like Radiobroadcast system or wireless.

Mechanism : Let us Ponder at Basic idea of the Drug Transmission to a Patient through his hair from a far off distance . According to Plank’s law .

E= h„© or E/V =h

This means Smaller the Wavelength of Radiation higher will be the frequency and energy of Photon & so higher Will be the Velocity.

To understand how this high energy photon is emitted from the surface of the hair & is reabsorbed by the native hair, we have to understand the structure of the hair.

Hair are Filamentous, keratinized structures present on the surface of the Body These are derivative of epidermis which assist in thermoregulation, have sensory functions & subserve various roles in Social Communication they differ in color depending on the degrees & type of pigmentation. Such qualities differ with individuals of different ages, sex & genetic constitution. the hair of any other individual just as the fingerprint of other individual does not resemble the fingerprint of other invidiuals in this world.

since the Surface of the hair has a typical minute design & array of contours, coasts, ditches & dips, the light energy of very short wavelength is reflected & diffracted from the surface of the hair. The wavelength of such waves is extremely short, since it is being emitted from the similar minutely designed surface. As the wavelength is extremely short, it has tremendous velocity even more than that leaser rays, the hair acting as reflection grating.

When same portion of the uprooted hair of an invidious is immersed in a Homoeopathic, drug; the emitted wave is immediately affected by the Drug Energy, Now, this Wave or Photon Contaminated by the drug energy is received by the native of the Hair to whichever distance he is seated.

No other individual, accept the native can absorb this emitted drug energy, because the resonant absorption can occur only on the surface of the natives hair only disregard of the distance to which he is seated or moving.

All of you might be know what Resonance means. If a tuning fork is struck hard, it starts vibrating and if another fork of the similar design is kept at some distance apart to it, the stationary fork starts vibrating automatically. This phenomenon of emission and absorption by the similar bodes is known as Resonance.

Such a Phenomenon of the “Drug energy” emission from the surface of the detached hair of the patient and the resonant absorption of the same drug energy by the similar and detached hair of the native, seated at far off distance is known as “Sahni’s Effect” of drug energy transmission.

This Sahni’s Effect is a continuous process and the patient receives the drug energy continuously all the twenty-four hour till the patient uprooted hair is not detached from the drug and till the patient vital force needs it.

Thus the distance is no bar for the reception of the drug energy.

One important fact more to mention is that the patient is not overdosed by the transmitted drug, because the Homeopathic drug is not assimilated by the person whose vital force and the system does not require it, that is why wrongly selected drug for the transmission to a patient has no effect whatsoever to that patient. The patient never assimilated the wrong drug transmitted to affect his vital force.

Further experiments resembling Mossbaar Spectroscopy may further prove the efficacy of the Sahni’s Effect.

It will be matter of further research how far Dispeller’s Effect will retard the absorption of the drug energy by an individual moving with fast velocity in an Aero plane, that is to an individual who is receding away from the place of transmission of the drug energy. Theory of Transmission of Homoeopathic Drug Energy can be explained on the theory of DR.C.V Raman i.e.RAMAN EFFECT.

EFFECT OF TRANSMISSION: The effect of Transmission of Homeopathic drug energy on the patient kept at distance in indicated in various ways.

1 Change in feeling and Sensation.

2 Change in temperature of patient just of the transmission.

3 Change in pulse rate of heart beating.

4 Sweat on any part of the body may appear or vanish.

5 Change in Blood pressure.

6 Aggravation or Amelioration in pain if there be any.


Research Institute of sahni Drug Transmission and Homoeopathic, Behind A.N. College, Shivpuri, patna (Bihar) )(Registered under society Registration act 1860) has been established to Guide the Practioner’s and students about Drug Transmission and Classical Homeopathic. Institute is well-equipped eighth Latest Radar and Homeopath Software with Computer. The Institute is under the Supervision of D.R.M.K. Sahni- member central Council of Homeopathy New Delhi.

Reference and courtesy: 1- The Journal of HomoeoTransmission. Volume I no.8 Aug 1995.

2- Transmission of Homoeodrug Energy From a distance- by DR. B.Sahni,B.Jain Publisher P.V.T l.t.d. New Delhi

 Chandran Nambiar K C:


Chandran Nambiar K C :

What we call EXPERIENCE is exactly our OBJECTIVE EXPERIENCE + SUBJECTIVE INTERPRETATION. And, our “interpretations’ are always influenced by our world outlook, philosophy and level of understanding. As such, that is purely individual-specif…ic. Different people EXPERIENCE same phenomenon in different ways. When somebody says “it is my experience”, remember, it is “his interpretation of his experience”.

In most cases people confuse between OBJECTIVE REALITY they have EXPERIENCED, with their SUBJECTIVE INTERPREATIONS of the objective reality. When some body says ‘it is my experience’, do not forget that it is ‘his interpretation of objective reality he has experienced’. This is true even if it be the ‘experience of our masters and stalwarts’. We have to accept the ‘objective’ side of their ‘experience’, but should be cautious about the errors related with the ‘subjective factors’.

Ashish Kr Jha:

Dear Dr Chandran, We all are practicing homeopathy as per our knowledge, intellect and experience. We believe in Homeopathy as we are getting results (during personal practice or during clinical cases seen at our seniors clinic) and not because we are taught during BHMS course.

Ashish Kr Jh:

a In the same way, unless until we see a cured case by Drug Energy Transmission, we could not believe on this.

Ashish Kr Jha:

Dr Bandhu Sahani who was the discoverer of Drug Energy Transmission through a distance worked a lot and tried his best to give the world a new way of practicing Homeopathy. And many doctors in different parts of world are now practicing this mode.

Ashish Kr Jha:

They (practitioners of Drug Energy Transmission) have several cured cases (in thousands) in their clinics, research centres, hospitals etc etc. And they are working on this to give the explanation of their practice.

Ashish Kr Jha:

Don’t you think that we should give them a moral support (if we can not give anything else) at least, to boost their effort. We should. And still if you want to see the results in their clinic, hospitals and research centres, you are most welcome.

Ashish Kr Jha:

And don’t forget to mention POSITIVE MESMERISM, while explaining NEGATIVE MESMERISM. In the same way the medicine has both the aspects.

Ashish Kr Jha:

I am asking one question to you all, What do you want to become, ‘A Prejudiced Observer or an Unprejudiced Observer’. Don’t believe or fix your ideas on what other say. If you are curious to know what is the reality, keep on searching by your own. Believe in yourself first, you will get the answer.

Ashish Kr Jha:

Some fake doctors (who are not qualified) are practicing Drug Energy Transmission without proper knowledge and experience. This is not so much important. The important thing is that we (the qualified one) are looking their way of practice and blaming Drug Energy Transmission a wrong mean.

Ashish Kr Jha:

Somehow if you get an opportunity to ask about Homeopathy, whom would you like to listen – The Great Dr Hahnemann or a Homeopathic Physician practicing allopathy. The answer is obvious if you are a true homeopath. Similarly If you have a living legend who can give better explanation of Drug Energy transmission why are you looking for here and there.

Chandran Nambiar K C

‎@Amit Sahani & Ashish Kr Jha : The “experience” you are talking about regarding “drug transmission through hair and photographs” is nothing new to us. The are a lot of black magicians doing “occult” practices in Indian villages, especiall…y tribal areas, who uses hair, blood, nails, foot prints, and even “shadows’ of enemies to ‘send’ evil forces’ to harm them. Only difference is that you claim to send “medicinal forces” of potentized homeopathic drugs instead of “evil forces”. All those ancient occult practices existed here in the name of “experience” the same way as you also do. They also do good ‘business’ even now, and could produce many ‘genuine’ witnesses to authenticate their claims.

We know about “radionics”. The concept behind radionics originated in the early 1900s with Albert Abrams (1864–1924), who became a millionaire by leasing radionic machines which he designed himself. Radionics also is the use of blood, hair, a signature, or other substances unique to the person as a focus to supposedly heal a patient from afar. In one form of radionics popularised by Abrams, some blood on a bit of filter paper is attached to a device Abrams called a dynamizer, which is attached by wires to a string of other devices and then to the forehead of a healthy volunteer, facing west in a dim light. By tapping on on his abdomen and searching for areas of “dullness”, disease in the donor of the blood is diagnosed by proxy. Handwriting analysis is also used to diagnose disease under this scheme. Having done this, the practitioner may use a special device known as an oscilloclast or any of a range of other devices to broadcast vibrations at the patient in order to attempt to heal them.

Albert Abrams claimed to detect such frequencies and/or cure people by matching their frequencies, and claimed them sensitive enough that he could tell someone’s religion by looking at a drop of blood. He developed thirteen devices and became a millionaire leasing his devices, and the American Medical Association described him as the “dean of gadget quacks,” and his devices were definitively proven useless by an independent investigation commissioned by Scientific American in 1924. Indeed, Abrams’ black boxes had no purpose of their own, being merely obfuscated collections of wires and electronic parts.

Radionics devices contradict principles of biology and physics, and no scientifically plausible mechanism of function is posited. In this sense, they can be described as magical in operation. No plausible biophysical basis for the “putative energy fields” has been proposed, and neither the fields themselves nor their purported therapeutic effects have been convincingly demonstrated.

No radionic device has been found efficacious in the diagnosis or treatment of any disease, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration does not recognize any legitimate medical uses of any such device. According to David Helwig in The Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine, “most physicians dismiss radionics as quackery.”

Similar to you, proponents of Radionics also uses terms such as “frequency”, “energy”, and “vibrations’ not in its standard meaning but to describe an imputed energy type, which does not correspond to any property of energy in the scientific sense. Radionics is not based on any scientific evidence, and contradicts the principles of physics and biology and as a result it has been classed as pseudoscience and quackery by men of scientific mind set all over the world. The United States Food and Drug Administration do not recognize any legitimate medical uses for such devices.

Ashish Kr Jha:

Dear Dr Chandran I am again repeating these lines. Please read this carefully.

Ashish Kr Jha:

Why do you need a mirror to see the bangle.

Ashish Kr Jha:

I am asking one question to you all, What do you want to become, ‘A Prejudiced Observer or an Unprejudiced Observer’. Don’t believe or fix your ideas on what other say. If you are curious to know what is the reality, keep on searching by your own. Believe in yourself first, you will get the answer.

Chandran Nambiar K C:

‎@Ashish Kr Jha :Sir, If any body want to ‘practice’ ‘drug transmission’ or any other such occult practices, it is their choice. But when you link those unscientific practices with homeopathy, and to conduct ‘courses’ and seminars for attra…cting homeopaths into it, it is a different matter. Homeopathy is a system of therapeutics. Any ‘therapeutic’ system uses one or other drug substance into the body of the patient. Nobody can practice ‘drug transmission’ in the name of homeopathy. Sir, did you ever think about the harm you are doing to our attempts to make homeopathy accepted as part of modern scientific medical practice? Adding something that goes completely against accepted scientific knowledge system into homeopathy will create a lot of difficulties to the homeopathic profession who try it it to establish as a scientific therapeutics. You are making homeopathy a subject of constant mockery before the scientific community.I feel very much disgusted to see eminent respected homeopaths like you being part of these unscientific practices. I can only pray your goodness to return back to your rational senses.

Ashish Kr Jha:

Dear Dr Chandran, you need not to worry about those who are practicing Drug Energy Transmission. They are working continously and doing research to get the explanation and result.

Ashish Kr Jha:

And you are not the authority to stop those who are practicing Homeopathic drug energy transmission through hair. As you do not have any right to do so. Right to Information Act is available in our country, if you need any explanation from them or the Government you may send an application.

Chandran Nambiar K C:

Ashish Kr Jha: Sir, I know, I am not an authority

Ashish Kr Jha:

Dr Chandran, Sir you are a very senior homeopathic practitioner. I request you to visit their research centre in Patna, you will definitely get all the answer.

Chandran Nambiar K C:

‎@ Ashish Kr Jha: Thank you sir. But I have a very clear understanding about what I say. I know how to differentiate between scientiific and unscientific. I know I am “not the authority to stop those who are practicing Homeopathic drug energy transmission through hair”. But as an Indian citizen, it is my inalienable constitutional right to openly express my opinions- right for freedom of expression.

Chandran Nambiar K C:

Until and unless homeopaths study the process of ‘molecular imprinting’ involved in homeopathic potentization, and accept the modern scientific concepts of ‘molecular processes’ involved in ‘diseases’ and ‘therapeutics’, and re-explain fundamental principles of homeopathy accordingly, we will continue groping in the dark. Riddles will remain, and every cures will be ‘miracles’ and ‘marvels’ for us!

Chandran Nambiar K C:

Until that scientific revolution happens, homeopathy will be a fertile land for all sorts of ‘system builders’, ‘energy healers’, ‘occult practitioners’, and all those who make their own ‘brands’,’theories’, ‘laws’, ‘charts’, ‘principles’ …and ‘methods’. They will continue to conduct seminars, sell ‘theoretical’ books, amass money and misguide the budding young generation of homeopaths into total darkness and chaos. They will build groups of ‘dedicated followers’ and continue to threaten anybody who raises any questions. Homeopathy will remain a subject of ever-lasting mockery before the scientific community..

Anukant Goyal:

you are very right sir. nowadays only this is happening in india especially in our punjab. AUDE SAPERE.

Chandran Nambiar K C:

‎@Anukant Goyal : Sir, but we have to find a way out, to save homeopathy.

Anukant Goyal:

you can not go and fight with these business men. some where they are also serving homeopathy by making students dedicated to homeopathy(though through them only). moreover the person who has inquisitive mind leave them and go on the genuin…e path and those who have to go in line of sheeps only keep going. donot worry nothing is going bad with homeopathy you yourself must go on right path with full enthusiasm and energy whatever may be circumstances.

Chandran Nambiar K C:

‎@Anukant Goyal : Sir, last day I happened to see a report regarding a seminar conducted in bangladesh on ‘hair transmission of drug energy’. 500 homeopaths were reported to have participated. Obviously, the teachers were from India. Can yo…u still say “do not worry nothing is going bad with homeopathy “? Sir, should we ignore the heavy damage these people are inflicting upon the young generation of homeopaths, by propagating these ‘occult’ practices in the name of homeopathy? I think we have to “go and fight with these business men” for the future of homeopathy.

Chandran Nambiar K C:

And, it should not be a personal fight. I expect CCH to come forward with a clear guidelines regarding dispensing of homeopathic drugs, and strictly enforce it.

Amit Sahani:

Hering (an allopathic doctor then) was once asked to write an article ridiculing Homoeopathy. The scientist in him made him experience Homoeopathy before writing against it. And the rest is a history. Similarly, in India, Dr M L Sircar (an …allopathic doctor) wrote an article “On the Supposed Uncertainity in Medical Science and the Relationship between Diseases and Medicine” condemning Homoeopathy. But he experienced the hidden science and went on to become one of the founding pillars of Homoeopathy in India. So whats wrong if somebody practices in a unique way. The seminar at Bangladesh was about “transmission of homoeo drug energy from a distance.” Exploring possibilities is in no way wrong. Hahnemann himself kept updating the system, till last where we see him exploring the principles of Franz Anton Mesmer. If an experience is not supported by science, it cannot be ruled unscientific. Had this been the case, Homoeopathy would never have seen the light of day.

Chandran Nambiar K C

‎@Amit Sahani : Sir, “if an experience is not supported by science, it cannot be ruled unscientific”. But if a claim is totally “against” the existing scientific knowledge and human logic, we have to call it “unscientific”. If somebody clai…ms to cure a patient by applying homeopathic drugs in the eyes of print out of a photograph from 1000 km away, There is nothing to experiment for a scientific person to call it “absurd”. We cannot rationalize any occult practices with a question “so whats wrong if somebody practices in a unique way”.We know every occult practices can be rationalized with such a question. We cannot “experiment” each and every such things to call it “unscientific”. More ove, it is totally illegal and unethical for a qualified registered homeopath to “practice in such a unique way” and claim it is homeopathy. Homeopathy is a “therapeutic system”, which means homeopath should treat patient by “administering drug” on the “body of the patient” directly. Practicing some “unique” methods not being part of homeopathic syllabus and curriculum is obviously unhomeopathic, and amounts to quackery.

 Chandran Nambiar K C:

Regarding Hahnemann’s mentioning of “mesmrism” in one of the last paragraphs of organon, it was not part his “updating the system”, and he never related with homeopathy. He mentioned about mesmerism as part of his discussions regarding “additional measures” that can be used “”along” with homeopathy, such as fomentation, galvanism, mineral baths, massage, and such things. In aphorism he clearly states that “mesmerism” “differs so much in its nature from all other therapeutic agents”. That shows that hahnemann never considered “mesmerism” as part of homeopathy, which is a therapeutic system. Hahnemann happened to support ‘mesmerism’ due to his primtive state of scientific knowledge available to him at that time. Not only mesmerism, there a lot of “unscientific” observations made by hahnemann. A scientifi minded modern man can differentiate what is ‘scientific’ and what is ‘unscientific’ in hahnemann.

Chandran Nambiar K C:

‎@Amit Sahani: Sir, I agree with your statement “exploring possibilities is in no way wrong”. As such you can rightfully “explore possibilities” of “transmission of homeo drug energy from a distance”. But until your concept is proved using… “scientific methods” such “exploring” has to be done on “experimental basis”, and not as a “regular practice”. It is obviously wrong, unethical and illegal to conduct seminars and course to propagate such a “system” until it is scientifically verified by an authentic scientific body, especially claiming it is part of homeopathy. According to my scientific knowledge and rational thinking, I need not wait for any experiments to call these “photo transmissions” and “drug transmissions” as unscientific absurdity.

Chandran Nambiar K C:

@Amit Sahani : Sir, The “experience” you are talking about regarding “drug transmission through hair and photographs” is nothing new to us. The are a lot of  black magicians doing “occult” practices in Indian villages, especially tribal areas, who uses hair, blood, nails, foot prints,  and even “shadows’ of enemies to ‘send’ evil forces’ to harm them. Only difference is that you claim to send “medicinal forces” of potentized homeopathic drugs instead of “evil forces”. All those ancient occult practices existed here in the name of “experience” the same way as you also do. They also do good ‘business’ even now, and could produce many ‘genuine’ witnesses to authenticate their claims.


‘Predictive Homeopathy’- Is It ‘Scientific Homeopathy’ Ot ‘Mystic Homeopathy’

Let me quote from PREDICTIVE HOMOEOPATHY – PART II – THEORY OF ACUTES by Dr. Prafull Vijayakar:

“The mixture prescribers and single remedy similimum prescribers both may disagree with the pattern forwarded by me of Activity-Thermal-Thirst-Mental Axis. But then I have found this axis covering the holistic concept. The remedy thus evolved is a representative of one of  each of the constituents that man is made up of. Man as we all know is a part of the Universe and is made up of five essential elements or the ‘Panchatatva’ which is accepted by Hindus, Chinese, Buddhists, Judaists and Mohammedans alike.

These five elements are: Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Ether.

Ether represents the cosmic energy which is all-pervading and which controls the activities of this universe as well as the activities of man. The Activity-Thermal-Thirst Axis based similimum is a true representative of the holistic man since the Activity represents Ether, the Thermals i.e. the heat regulatory mechanism of the body represents Fire, and Thirst which controls the osmolality i.e. water content of the body represents Water.

This covers three of the five essential elements which each human being is made up of. To this we add either a symptom from air (mind) or earth (body). This covers the man as a whole. So, the drug prescribed has a representative from each of the elements and hence works holistically to give miraculous cures in incurable or advanced or serious cases with minimum effort. Above all, Hering’s Law of Cure can also be observed in such cures. We will discuss more about it in my forthcoming book-The Theory of Chronic Diseases”

I have quoted this passage from the concludind part of a book by a person known to be a “scientific trend-setter” in modern homeopathy. (PREDICTIVE HOMOEOPATHY – PART II – THEORY OF ACUTES by Dr. Prafull Vijayakar)

This is a monumental example of presenting homeopathy in the most confusing and unscientific way, in the guise of SCIENTIFIC HOMEOPATHY. We should realize that this type of pseudo-scientific metaphysical theorizations contribute a lot in making homeopathy a subject of un-ending mockery before the scientific community.


Dr. Vijaykar  claims: “The remedy thus evolved is a representative of one of each of the constituents that man is made up of. Man as we all know is a part of the Universe and is made up of five essential elements or the ‘Panchatatva’ which is accepted by Hindus, Chinese, Buddhists, Judaists and Mohammedans alike.”


I wonder whether Dr. Vijaykar is talking about medical science or religion! These theorizations may be “accepted by Hindus, Chinese, Buddhists, Judaists and Mohammedans alike”.


But is it accepted by scientific community?


Where did Dr. Samuel Hahnemann indicate that “similimum” should “cover all the five essential elements which each human being is made up of”, such as “Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Ether” in order it to be a “holistic” prescription?


How can my learned friend claim all these to be “CARDINAL PRINCIPLES” of homeopathy”?



Molecular Medicine Will Provide A Converging Point For Homeopathy And Modern Medicine

In a far distant historical perspective, I foresee the possibility of converging of modern medicine and homeopathy into a universal molecular medical science of ‘drug-less therapy’, where only molecular imprints will be used as therapeutic agents.

Modern Medicine is gradually evolving into ‘Molecular Medicine’. Molecular Medicine studies vital processes and diseases at molecular level, and deals therapeutics as an art and science of molecular level repairing.

Molecular medicine is the most advanced, most scientific and most recently originated discipline in modern medical science. It is a broad field, where physical, chemical, biological and medical techniques are used to describe molecular structures and mechanisms, identify fundamental molecular and genetic errors of pathology, and to develop molecular interventions to correct those errors.

‘Molecular Medicine’ emphasizes disease and cure in terms of cellular and molecular phenomena and interventions rather than the conceptual and observational focus on patients and their organs common to conventional medicine.

Molecular Medicine studies drug substances in terms of their molecular level structure and organization, and is more and more relying upon target-specific Designer Drugs synthesized by drug designing technology, supported by computer aided designing protocols.

Drug Designing Technology has recently started exploring the possibilities of Molecular Imprinting in the development of target-specific designer drugs. They are now experimenting for developing bio-friendly imprinting matrices and imprinting protocols, so as to prepare artificial binding surfaces for pathogenic molecules that could be utilized as therapeutic agents.

Even though not yet recognized as such, homeopathic potentization is a process of molecular imprinting, where artificial binding sites for pathogenic molecules are produced by imprinting drug molecules into water-ethyl alcohol supra-molecular matrices. Homeopathy identifies pathological molecular errors and selects the appropriate molecular imprints through a peculiar technique of ‘comparing symptoms’, which is expressed as the therapeutic principle, ‘simila similibus curentur’

Most probably, modern molecular medicine and drug designing technology is in the new future going to explore the possibilities of water as a molecular imprinting medium as part of their search for novel substances to be utilized as imprinting matrix.

It means, Modern Molecular Medicine is slowly advancing towards the realization of a drug designing technology that homeopathy invented as ‘potentization’ and utilized for preparing therapeutic agents 250 years ago. It is based on this understanding that I try to propagate the concept that ‘Homeopathy is Molecular Imprinting Therapeutics- An Advanced Branch of Molecular Medicine.

In a far distant historical perspective, I foresee the possibility of converging of modern medicine and homeopathy into a universal molecular medical science of ‘drug-less therapy’, where only molecular imprints will be used as therapeutic agents. Instead of our present ‘potentization’, modern science may develop more sophisticated ways of molecular imprinting, that would enable us to produce therapeutic agents more specific and perfect than our present day ‘potentized drugs’.

May be be distant dream. But it is a dream based on scientific knowledge.