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Chapter 1. How Homeopathy Works? A Scientific Model

Chapter 2. MIT- A Scientific Working Hypothesis For Homeopathy

Chapter 3. How The Concept Of Potentization As Molecular Imprinting Was Evolved?

Chapter 4. Study Protein Kinetics to Understand Biological Mechanism Of Molecular Imprints Therapeutics

Chapter 5. Working Hypothesis- Springboard for Scientific Research

Chapter 6. Molecular Imprints of Functional Groups

Chapter 7. Molecular Imprinting in Polymers

Chapter 8. What is MIT? Essence of MIT Hypothesis in A Nutshell

Chapter 9. Potentization’- A Phenomenon Belonging to the Domain Of Supra-molecular Chemistry
Chapter 10. Active Principles of High Dilution Drugs
Chapter 11. Need To Study ‘Water’ And ‘Ethyl Alcohol’
Chapter 12. Molecular Kinetics of ‘Similia Similibus Curentur’
Chapter 13. Redefining ‘Fundamental Principles’
Chapter 14. Molecular Kinetics of Protein Inhibition And Activation
Chapter 15. Diseases Are ‘Material’ Errors In Biochemical Processes
Chapter 16. Diseases- Drugs- Symptoms Potentization- Similimum- Cure
Chapter 17. Molecular Imprints Therapeutics (MIT)
Chapter 18. ‘Molecular Pathology’ And ‘Proteomics’
Chapter 19. Scientific Approach Towards Homeopathy
Chapter 20. Defining ‘Disease’ And ‘Cure’
Chapter 21. Objective Truth, Unscientific ‘Theories’
Chapter 22. Redefining ‘Similimum’ . In Scientific Terms
Chapter 23. From ‘Blind Beliefs’ To ‘Scientific Knowledge’
Chapter 24. Molecular Imprints Cannot Act As Pathogenic Agents
Chapter 25. Homeopaths Should Learn A Little Science!
Chapter 26. MIT Empowering Homeopathic Practice
Chapter 27. Know Molecular Imprinted Polymers
Chapter 28. Update Your Background Scientific Knowledge To
Follow The Concepts of ‘Molecular Imprints’
Chapter 29. Learn Dynamics Of ‘Target-Ligand’ Interactions
Chapter 30. ‘Similimum’ In Terms Of ‘Functional Groups’
Chapter 31. ‘Knowledge Of Disease’ And ‘Knowledge Of Medicinal Powers’
Chapter 32. What Really Happens During Homeopathic Potentization?
Chapter 33. Potentization After Crossing Avogadro Limit?
Chapter 34. ‘Drug Proving’- Studying The Drug Pathogenesis
Chapter 35. MIT HYPOTHESIS- How To Prove It By Scientific Methods?
Chapter 36. High Potency ‘Proving’ – A Superstitious Myth!
Chapter 37. Hahnemann’s Concept of ‘Dynamic Drug Energy’
Chapter 38. ‘Dynamism’- An Unscientific Philosophy
Chapter 39. ‘Dynamic Drug Energy’And ‘Vital Force’
Chapter 40. ‘Homeopathy’ Vs ‘Modern Medicine’ ‘Molecular Imprints’ Vs ‘Drug Molecules’
Chapter 41. It is ‘Vital Process’- Not ‘Vital Force’!
Chapter 42. Potentization Is Target-Specific Drug Designing
Chapter43. Role Of ‘Serial Dilution’ And ‘Succussion’
Chapter 44. ‘Evidence Based Homeopathy’
Chapter 45. A Critique of ‘Vital Force’ and ‘Dynamic Energy’
Chapter 46. Why Scientists Say Homeopathy is Unscientific?
Chapter 47. What Are The ‘Fundamental’ Or ‘Essential’ Principle Of Homeopathy?
Chapter 48. Can Anybody ‘Prove’ ‘High Potency Proving’?
Chapter 49. ‘Molecular Imprints’ And Genetic Substance
Chapter 50. My Answers For The Fundamental Questions
Chapter 51. ‘Vital Force’- Study Aphorisms Of Organon With A Scientific Perspective
Chapter 52. Questions Regarding the Mode of Conveyance of Potentized Drugs in the Living Organism
Chapter 53. ‘Symptoms’ And ‘Internal Essence Of Diseases’
Chapter 54. ‘Similia Similibus Curentur’ – Similarity of Drug Molecules And Pathogenic Molecules
Chapter 55. ‘Similia Similibus Curentur’ Explains A Real Phenomenon Of Nature
Chapter 56. Learn Aphorism 17 With A Rational Perspective
Chapter 57. Old ‘Laws’, ‘Rules’ And ‘Methods’ Would Go, And
New Ones Emerge, As Our Knowledge Advances
Chapter 58. ‘Similimum’ Means Matching Of Functional Group Conformations
Chapter 59. Mental Symptoms and Peculiar Sensations
Chapter 60. Drug Proving With Potencies Above Avogadro Limit Is Simply Impossible!
Chapter 61. ‘Similia Similibus Curentur’- A Technique Of Rectifying Pathological Molecular Inhibitions
Chapter 62. Similarity Of ‘Functional Groups’ Of Drug Molecules And Pathogenic Molecules Determines ‘Similimum’
Chapter 63. Scientific Perspective of Psychological And Psychosomatic Phenomena Is Essential For Understanding Scientific Homeopathy
Chapter 64. Hering’s Laws of Directions of Cure
Chapter 65. ‘Constitutions’ Explained In Terms Of ‘Genotype-Phenotype’ Interactions
Chapter 66. ‘Kentian Philosophy’- Theological Influence upon Homeopathy
Chapter 67. MIT Perspective of Potentized Sarcodes
Chapter 68. ‘Thermo-Luminance Studies of Ultra-high Dilutions’- Proof For ‘Molecular Imprinting’
Chapter 69. A Remarkable Study That May Support The
Concept Of ‘Molecular Imprints’ As Active Principles Of Potentized Drugs
Chapter 70. A Scientific Study That Indirectly Rules Out Role Of
‘Vital Force’ in Homeopathic Drug Actions
Chapter 71. A Scientific Study That Indirectly Validates the MIT Explanation Of ‘Similimum’ In Terms Of ‘Functional Groups’
Chapter 72. An Analytical Study of Pro: Khuda-Bukhush’s ‘Genetic Modulation Hypothesis’ Of Homeopathy
Chapter 73. ‘Rearrangement Of Vehicle Molecules’ Observed During Dielectric Dispersion In Potentized Drugs Indicates ‘Molecular Imprinting’
Chapter 74. Potentized Drugs Interact With Biological Molecules As Opposites To Their Parent Drugs
Chapter 75. Luc Montagnier’s Works On ‘Ultra-Dilutions’ – Right Observations, Wrong Interpretations
Chapter 76. Potentized Drugs Can Antidote The Biological Effects Of Crude Drugs- Experimental Evidences
Chapter 77. An Example of How Scientific Studies Are Misused By Propagators Of ‘Fringe Science’ Explanations Of Homeopathy
Chapter 78. Jacques Benveniste (1935–2004) Would Have Withstood, Had He Understood ‘Water Memory’ As ‘Molecular Imprinting’
Chapter 79. Positive Implications Of IIT-B Study In Explaining How ‘Molecular Imprinting’ Happens In Dilutions Above Avogadro Limit
Chapter 80. Analysis of Some Important Scientific Studies That Indirectly Validates MIT Concepts
Chapter 81 Understanding Homeopathic Theory of ‘Miasms’ In Terms Of Modern Scientific Knowledge
Chapter 82. Did Hahnemann Really Consider Miasms As Genetically Inherited?
Chapter 83. How Hahnemann Arrived At ‘Theory Of Miasms- An Analysis Of Master’s Logic
Chapter 84. Infectious Agents Of ‘Itch’- The Causative Factors Of Miasm Of ‘Psora’
Chapter 85. ‘Miasmatic Analysis’- Confused Learners, Confused ‘Masters’. Utter Confusion For All!
Chapter 86.How Our ‘Miasmatic Experts’ Could Create So Much Confusions In The Name Of ‘Miasms’?
Chapter 87. ‘Miasms’- Understand Its Biological Mechanism As Residual Effects Of Infectious Diseases
Chapter 88. ‘Miasms’, And ‘Totality of Symptoms’
Chapter 89. MIT Approach To ‘Auto-immune Diseases’
Chapter 90. Understanding ‘Miasms’ As ‘Antibodies’- Its Implications In Homeopathic Practice
Chapter 91. How The MIT Concept Of Miasms Influences The Way Of Combating In Chronic Diseases?
Chapter 92. Sycosis- Is It Miasm Of Gonorrhoea, Or Human Papilloma Virus? Or, A Mixed Miasm?
Chapter 93. Cancer Miasm’ And The Role Of Cancer Nosodes In The Treatment Of Chronic Diseases
Chapter 94. ‘Deformed Proteins’ As Causative Factors Of ‘Chronic Diseases’- Theory Of Miasms Ratified!
Chapter 95. Would Whole System Homeopathy Collapse If Avogadro Is Not ‘Proved’ Wrong?
Chapter 96. You Have The Right To Practice Occult If You Like- But Don’t Say It Is Homeopathy!
Chapter 97. Phenomenon Of ‘Hormesis’, And Its Relevance In ‘Ultra-Dilution’ Homeopathic Effects
Chapter 98. A Scientific Dialogue with Dr. Sanjib Chattopadhyay on MIT Hypothesis
Chapter 99. Our ‘International Representatives’ Make Homeopathy A Subject Of Ridicule Through Their Bogus Claims
Chapter 100. ‘Atomic Energy In Homeopathic Drugs’- How Could Some Homeopaths Be That Much Stupid?
Chapter 101. Biochemistry Of ‘Primary-Secondary’ Actions Of Drugs Disproves The Concepts Of Stuart Close
Chapter 102. Biophoton Theory Of Potentization- A Nonsense That Further Discredit Homeopathy
Chapter 103. A Debate with John Benneth Over Science Of Homeopathy- Science Vs Pseudo-science
Chapter 104. Dana Ullman- Advocate Of Pseudo-scientific ‘Energy Medicine’ Theories of Homeopathy
Chapter 105. Did The ‘Nano-particle Theory’ Proposed By IIT Scientists Explain ‘Similia Similibus Curentur?
Chapter 106. ‘Digital Biology’ Of Benveniste- The Bible Of Pseudo-science And Quackery
Chapter 107. Discussion Dr. Rajesh Shah On ‘Nanoparticle Research’ In Homeopathy
Chapter 108. ‘Distance Drug Transmission Through Hair’ And Other Occult Practices
Chapter 109. ‘Molecular Imprints’ Have Nothing To Do With ‘Energy Medicine’ Concepts of ‘Water Memory’
Chapter 110. Differentiate ‘Scientific Homeopathy’ From Those Pseudo-scientific ‘Brands of Homeopathy’
Chapter 111. Homeopathy Is Not Spiritual Healing’- Homeopaths Are Not ‘Spiritual Healers’!
Chapter 112. A Facebook Discussion On Drug Transmission Through Hair
Chapter 113. Electro-magnetic Resonance Model- A Nonsense Exercise by Occult Homeopaths
Chapter 114. Energy Medicine- Breeding Ground of All Unscientific Nonsense Theories In Homeopathy
Chapter 115. My Facebook Conversations with A Skeptic
Chapter 116. ‘Fear of Suppression’- A Symptom Created By Vijaykar In Homeopaths Suffering From Deficiency of Scientific Knowledge!
Chapter 117. George Vithoulkas- Staunch Proponent Of ‘Energy Medicine’ Theories About Homeopathy
Chapter 118. Homeopathy is ‘Medical Science’. Say ‘No’ To ‘Energy Medicine Theories!
Chapter 119. Safeguard Homeopathy From The Flood Of Pseudoscientific Theories
Chapter 120. ‘Medical Analyzer’- Cannot Answer The question ‘How Homeopathy Works’
Chapter 121. Nanoparticle Model Of Iris Bell And Mary Koithan- Skyscraper On A Flimsy Foundation
Chapter 122. ‘Nanoparticle Research in Homeopathy’-Making Homeopathy A Subject Of Mockery!
Chapter 123. ‘Nanoparticle Theory Of Homeopathy’ – Does It ‘Debunk’ Criticisms, Or Make Homeopathy More Vulnerable To Attacks?
Chapter 124. ‘Quantum Dots Model’- These Bogus ‘Researchers’ Are Fooling Homeopathic Community!
Chapter 125. What Did The IIT-B Team Actually Prove About Homeopathy?
Chapter 126. ‘Vibrations’, ‘Frequencies’, ‘Resonance’- Energy Medicine Hijacking Scientific Studies
Chapter 127. Vijaykar’s ‘Theories’ on ‘Embryonic Layers’ and ‘Hering Laws of Directions of Cure’
Chapter 128. Theory Of ‘Electro-Magentic Vibrations’ Regarding Potentization- Unscientific Ideas Wrapped In ‘Scientific’ Verbosity
Chapter 129. Talking ‘Energy Medicine’ – An Attempt To Cover Up Lack Of Essential Knowledge In Basic Sciences
Chapter 131. ‘Anti-homeopathic Scientists’ As Well as ‘Unscientific Homeopaths’- Enemies Of Homeopathy
Chapter 132. Why Scientific Community Dismisses Homeopathy as ‘Quackery’- See The Real Culprits!
Chapter 133. Scientific Homeopathy: Fight ‘Skeptics’ As Well As ‘Energy Medicine Homeopaths’
Chapter 134. Vijayakar’s ‘Predictive Homeopathy’- Better Call It ‘Mystic Homeopathy’!
Chapter 135. Sankaran’s ‘Sensations-Kingdoms’ Method- People Crippled By Lack Of Basic Scientific Awareness
Chapter 136. A Homeopathic Perspective of Sulphur Biochemistry- ‘The King Of Antipsorics’
Chapter 137. ‘Ageing’ Is A Multi-System Chronic Disease Condition Caused By Accumulation Of ‘Protein Damages’ Over Years
Chapter 138. ‘Antidoting’ And ‘Deactivating’ Of Potentized Homeopathic Drugs- A Scientific Explanation
Chapter 139. An MIT Study of Sepia Biochemistry
Chapter 140. A Comparative Study Of LM Potencies And Centecimal Potencies From MIT Perspective
Chapter 141. A Compilation On ‘Essentials Of Nutrition’, And MIT Approach To Malnutrition
Chapter 142. ‘Temperamental Symptoms’ Play An Important Role In Deciding ‘Totality Of Symptoms’
Chapter 143. Are The So-Called “High” Potencies Really So ‘High’ As We Are Made To Believe?
Chapter 145. ‘Chronic’ Or ‘Acute’- It Is A Matter Of How A Homeopath Approaches A Particular Case
Chapter 146. Need for a Comparative Study of ‘Drug Proving’ Using High Potencies and Crude Drugs
Chapter 147. . Redefining The Concept Of ‘Complementary Prescriptions’
Chapter 148. MIT Approach Makes Homeopathic Practice Simple, Safe And Result-Oriented
Chapter 149. MIT Approach To Selection of Potency- Confusions Resolved!
Chapter 150. Case Taking And Making Homeopathic Prescriptions For Acute Fevers
Chapter 151. Crataegus Oxycantha- A Biochemical Study From MIT perspective
Chapter 152. Difference between High Potencies (Above 12c), Low Potencies (Below 12c) and Crude Drugs
Chapter 153. ‘Before-After’ Relationships Different From ‘Cause-Effect’ Relationship
Chapter 154. Redefining ‘Follow-Ups’, ‘Aggravations’ And ‘Complementary Prescriptions’
Chapter 155. MIT RedefinesThe Homeopathic Concept Of ‘Drug Relationships’
Chapter 156. A Case Of Chronic Headache Cured With ‘Particular’ As Well As ‘Constitutional’ Prescriptions ‘Combined’
Chapter 157. Australian NHMRC Report On Homeopathy- A Conspiration Against Homeopathy
Chapter 158. Molecular Imprints Of Biological Molecules- Universal Prophylactics Of The Future!
Chapter 159. Molecular Imprints Of Biological Molecules- Universal Prophylactics Of The Future!
Chapter 160. Case Taking and Repertorizing Simultaneously- A Techno Intelligent Method Of Instant Prescribing
Chapter 161. Combine ‘Constitutional Totality’ With ‘Particular Totality’ To Make ‘Complete Totality’
Chapter 162. Homeopathic Management Of Diabetes Mellitus- An MIT Perspective
Chapter 163. Homeopaths Cannot And Should Not Practice Allopathy- Legally, Ethically And Philosophically
Chapter 164. MIT Approach for Developing Effective Drugs to Fight Ebola Virus
Chapter 165. MIT Approach In The Management Of Thalassemia Patients
Chapter 166. How Silicea Works as ‘Homeopathic Scalpel’- An MIT Exploration into the Biochemistry Involved
Chapter 167. ‘Symptom-based’ Approach Of Homeopathy Differs From ‘Diagnosis-based’ Approach Of Modern Medicine
Chapter 168. How To Classify And Grade Symptoms- A New Approach Proposed By MIT
Chapter 169. MIT Redefines The Phenomenon Of ‘Homeopathic Aggravation’ In Scientific Terms
Chapter 170. Similimum in Potencies Above 12 c Can Be Used As External Applications Also
Chapter 171. MIT RedefinesThe Classical Concept of ‘Seven Cardinal Principles’
Chapter 172. Redefining ‘Keynote Symptoms’ and ‘Keynote Prescriptions’
Chapter 173. Address Nanotoxicity Concerns Before Prescribing Biochemic Salts Indiscriminately
Chapter 174. ‘Imponderables’ Are Not At All Imponderable. They Are ‘Material’ As Any Other Drug!
Chapter 175. Why Camphor Is Believed To Be ‘Universal Antidote’ To Potentized Drugs?
Chapter 176. Managing ‘Chronic’ Aspects of ‘Acutes’ and ‘Acute’ Aspects of ‘Chronics’
Chapter 177. Master Your Repertories If You Want To Master Techno Intelligent Method Of ‘Case Taking’
Chapter 178. Microcrystalline Cellulose- A Better Dispensing Vehicle For Potentized Drugs
Chapter 179. MIT Approach To Homeopathic Management Of ‘Fibromyalgia’
Chapter 180. MIT Approach To Homeopathic Management Of ‘Low Platelet Count’ During ‘Dengue Fever’
Chapter 181. MIT Approach To Psoriasis as Off-Target Effects of Antibodies
Chapter 182. MIT Approach To The Homeopathic Management Of Hypertension
Chapter 183. MIT Approach To The Treatment Of ‘Polycystic Ovary Syndrome'(PCOS)
Chapter 184. ‘Molecular Imprints’ Of ‘Beta Catenin’- A Highly Promising ‘Homeopathic’ Weapon In The Fight Against Cancers
Chapter 185. Molecular Imprints Of Biological Ligands- A New Range Of Target-Specific Homeopathic Drugs
Chapter 186. Molecular Medicine Will Provide A Converging Point For Homeopathy And Modern Medicine
Chapter 187. ‘Combination Drugs’ – MIT Approach
Chapter 188. Nosodes, Sarcodes, Vaccines- A Comparative Study From MIT Perspective
Chapter 189. Laboratory Investigations and Diagnostic Technologies Are Essential Parts Of Advanced Homeopathic Case Taking
Chapter 190. Potentized Nosodes Differ From Modern Vaccines In Molecular Constitution And Mode Of Actions
Chapter 191. ‘Prescribe For the Patient- Not for The Disease’. What Does It Actually Mean?
Chapter 192. Molecular Imprinted PEPSIN in the Treatment of Gastric Ulcers, Gastritis, Esophagitis, Ulcers of Buccal Cavity, Esophgeal Carcinoma Etc.
Chapter 193. MIT Approach To The Management of Autism Spectrum Disorders
Chapter 194. MIT Redefines The Role Of ‘Concomitant Symptoms’ In Techno Intelligent Repertorization
Chapter 195. Master The Art Of Techno-Intelligent Use Of Repertory And Materia Medica
Chapter 196. Many Excellent Prescriptions Spoiled By Our Hesitation To Repeat Doses When Necessary
Chapter 197. ‘Single Drug-Single Dose’- The Most Quoted And Most Violated ‘Cardinal Principle’
Chapter 198. Students Can Take Up Some ‘Small’ Research Projects On Potentized Drugs
Chapter 199. Susceptibility- Internal Biochemical Environment Of The Organism That Facilitates Diseases
Chapter 200. The ‘Chronic Dilemma’ Of Homeopaths Regarding ‘Single Drug-Multiple Drug’ Issue
Chapter 201. There Are Many Ways To Similimum- Use One That Is Most Appropriate for the Given Case
Chapter 202. To Be A Successful Practitioner, Recognize The Limitations Of Homeopathy
Chapter 203. ‘Total Cure Prescriptions’- ATechno Intelligent Method Of Prescribing To Offer Total Cure
Chapter 204. ‘Total Cure Prescriptions’- ATechno Intelligent Method Of Prescribing To Offer Total Cure
Chapter 205. MIT Approach ToTheTreatment Of Cervical Cancers
Chapter 206. Using Mother Tinctures and Low Potencies(below 12c) Cannot be Considered As Genuine Homeopathic Practice
Chapter 207. What Is A ‘Single Drug’? We Need A Scientific And Rational Answer To This Question
Chapter 208. Which Is The Ideal ‘Potency’ According To MIT Perspective?
Chapter 209. Why Potentized ‘Snake Venom’ Is Not Effective In Managing Acute Emergencies Of Snake Bites?
Chapter 210. Why Same Causative Agents Create Different Disease Pictures In Different Individuals?
Chapter 211. Why Sodium Chloride Molecules In Our Food Articles Do Not Antidote Potentized Natrum Mur?
Chapter 212. UK Select Committee Report Could Have Been Different, Had Anybody Presented A Scientific Explanation For Homeopathy
Chapter 213. Understand MIT- It Will Help You Hold Your Head High In Defending Homeopathy On Any Platform!
Chapter 214. Sarcodes Should Be Understood In Terms Of The Biological Ligands They Contain
Chapter 215. Use Of ‘Sarcodes’ In Homeopathy Is Different From ‘Organotherapy’ in Traditional Medicine
Chapter 216. Is Milk Sugar Or Lactose An Ideal Dispensing Vehicle For Homeopathy Drugs? A Rethinking Is Needed!
Chapter 217. Is Cane Sugar An Ideal Dispensing Vehicle For Homeopathy Drugs? A Rethinking Is Needed!
Chapter 218. Homeodisp- Use of MCCP as Dispensing Vehicle May Revolutionize Homeopathic Practice
Chapter 219. Does Peer-Review Guarantee The Correctness of Conclusions of a Research Paper?
Chapter 220. Cactus Grandiflorus- Use It Only in Potencies Above 12c In Cardiac Emergencies
Chapter 221. EXPLANATORY NOTES (2380)
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