Let Us Resolve The Issue Of ‘Imponderables’ Or So-called ‘Energy Drugs’. Are They Really ‘Imponderables’?

There are a group of drugs used in homeopathy, which people prefer to call ‘imponderables’. These drugs are considered ‘energy potentized’ or ‘energy medicines’. Medicines such as magnetus polus, x-ray, luna, sol, and even potentized ‘mobile phone radiations’ are available now. Propagators of ‘energy medicine’ concept in homeopathy always raise the issue of ‘imponderables’ to prove their theories.

Are they really ‘imponderables’ as they argue? How they prepare these drugs? Do they potentize sunlight, moonlight, or magnetic force as such? Never.

Even though we call them ‘imponderables’, actually we are potentizing some ‘ponderable’ substances such as water or sugar of milk, which were exposed to the influence of these ‘imponderables energies’. That means, actually we are potentizing the substances that might have undergone some sort of molecular changes due to the influence of energy forms to which they are exposed. Potentization and ‘molecular imprinting’ happens in the same way as any other ‘molecular’ forms of drugs

We are not potentizing ‘sunlight’ or ‘magentic force’, but ‘sugar of milk’ or ‘water’, which might have undergone molecular level changes due to exposure to those energy forms for very long time. During potentization ‘molecular imprinting’ process takes place in these cases also in the same way as any molecular drugs. Please remember, we are not potentizing ‘sunlight’, but ‘sugar of milk exposed to sunlight’. It is only an issue of how you perceive reality

More over, ‘radiation of sun’, ‘magnetic force’ and such things also are not ‘imponderables’ or ‘spiritual’ beings. They are specific forms of matter.

Not only water or sugar of milk, but you can expose any substance to sunlight, and then potentize it. You will be potentizing that ‘substance’, not sun light. Of course the ‘exposed’ substances will undergo certain molecular level changes, and that would reflect in their chemical and biological properties also. We know the difference between sundried and raw samples of vegetable drugs, and that can be explained in terms of chemistry

Keeping ‘sugar of milk’ under sun light, then potentizing it and calling it ‘potentized sun light’ is like frying some meat in a microwave oven, and then potentizing that fried meat and labelling it ‘potentized microwave’!. Dont forget, sugar of milk and water are also chemical substances which are liable to changes when exposed to elactro-magnetic radiations.

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