Some Important Questions Regarding the Mode of Conveyance of Potentized Drugs in the Living Organism

In ‘Chronic Diseases : Para 139’ Hahnemann says: 

“Sucklings never receive medicine; the mother or wet-nurse receives the remedy instead, and through their milk it acts on the child very quickly, mildly and beneficially”.

I think Hahnemann has turned his whole principles upside down here.

1. He is asking to give ‘similimum of the infant’ to mother or wet nurse, for whom that drug is not be symptomatically indicated. If a homeopathic drug is taken by a person without being indicated his similimum, how would it act on his ‘vital force’? Will not it produce adverse effects on his organism?

2. Potentized medicines are said to act through ‘nerves’ on the vital force. There is no ‘nerve cells’ present in ‘milk’. How can then it act through milk?

3. If homeopathic drugs are actually conveyed from mothers body to infants body through the milk, that only means our drugs contain some ‘material’ factors that can be conveyed through milk, not through ‘nerves’ as it is believed.

4. If homeopathic drugs are transferred from mother to child through milk, will                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   drugged by our medicines?

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