‘Molecular Imprinting’ Is The Key-word. If You Fail To Get It, You Cannot Follow My Concepts

‘Molecular Imprinting’ is the key word in the scientific understanding of homeopathic ‘potentization’ and ‘simila similibus curentur’. I am not talking about ‘water memory’ or such things you would have already heard a lot. Once you get the concept of ‘molecular imprinting’ in its right perspective, everything will be clear and simple. Then you will instantly see that homeopathy fits well into the scientific paradigms of modern biochemistry and molecular medicine.

Please google to learn the modern technology of ‘Molecular Imprinted Polymers’ and ‘guest-host’ molecular formations. Then learn supra-molecular properties of water, such as di-electric properties, hydrogen bonding, hydration shells, supra-molecular networks, polymer-like behaviors, clathrates, liquid crystals etc. You can understand what I mean by ‘molecular imprinting’ in water.

At that stage, take a little time to study supra-molecular properties of ethyl alcohol, and water-alcohol complexes. Understanding the molecular structure of oligosaccharides such as lactose and sucrose also will be useful.

Then update your biochemistry from latest textbooks or internet, especially regarding proteins and protein inhibitions, and understand the ‘key-lock’ mechanism involved in ligand-target, substrate-enzyme, antigen-antibody and signal-receptor relationships. Now will be clear on the molecular mechanisms of pathologic molecular inhibitions and therapeutics. Try to understand homeopathic ‘drug proving’ from this angle.

Once you are clear on these subjects, it will be easy for you perceive ‘potentization’ in terms of ‘molecular imprinting’, and potentized drugs in terms of ‘molecular imprints’ of constituent drug molecules. You will understand the real science involved in ‘similia similibus curentur’.


‘Similimum’ is the drug which in crude form produced ‘molecular errors’ similar to those of the particular ‘disease’ we consider. Similar molecular errors produce similar symptoms, and as such, homeopathy finds ‘similimum’ using ‘similarity of symptoms’. Potentized forms of ‘similimum’ contain ‘molecular imprints’ of drug molecules, which can bind to pathogenic molecules and act as therapeutic agent.

Perceive ‘drugs’ in terms of diverse types of independent ‘constituent drug molecules’, and potentized medicines as a mixture of independent ‘molecular imprints’ of these drug molecules. Perceive diseases as ‘molecular errors’ in vital processes, and ‘symptoms’ in terms of ‘symptom complexes’ representing ‘molecular errors’. You get a scientific understanding of “Similia Similibus Curentur”.

“Similia Similibus Curentur” means: “Diseases with specific symptoms can be cured by potentized forms of drugs that can create similar symptoms in healthy organism if applied in crude form”.

Same can be stated in a more scientific way: “Pathological molecular errors can be rectified using ‘molecular imprints’ of drug molecules that can create similar molecular errors if applied in molecular form”.

“Diseases can be cured by potentized forms of drug substances that in crude form can create similar diseases in healthy individuals”.

Since ‘diseases’ are molecular errors’ in vital processes, and potentized drugs are ‘molecular imprints’ of drug molecules, we can change this statement as follows: “ Pathological molecular errors can be rectified by ‘molecular imprints’ of drug molecules that in crude form can create similar molecular errors in the healthy organism’.

Since similar ‘molecular errors’ created by pathogenic molecules and drug molecules exhibit similar ‘symptoms’, appropriate ‘molecular imprints’ for curing a disease can be determined by a process of observing and matching the ‘disease symptoms’ and ‘drug symptoms(material medica)’.

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  1. DR CHANDRAN, a very nice & scientific explanation about Homoeopathic medicine’s existence which can be exhibited to modern medical individual who are prohibiting the raised success of Homoeoathy at this point. Thanks a lot for your kind explanations which every Homeopath must know.

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