Master Your Repertories If You Want To Master ‘Case Taking’, And Become A Successful Homeopath

Most homeopaths consider REPERTORY only as a tool for finding similimum after case taking is over. For them, role of repertory is limited to what is called ‘repertorization’. In fact, repertories are great learning tools in mastering materia medica as well as the art of ‘Case Taking’, and should be utilized as such.

Key to the art of successful homeopathic case taking lies in the skill of homeopath in converting ‘basic symptoms’ into ‘qualified symptoms’ through intelligent interrogation, keen observation and logical correlations. Without genuine ‘qualified symptoms’, you cannot hope to work out a case homeopathically to a reasonable similimum. This skill has to be cultivated in students and budding homeopaths by their teachers and senior colleagues.

Patients normally give ‘basic symptoms’ only while narrating their complaints. They would say, ‘I have a headache’, ‘I have a pain in stomach’, ‘I have pain in joints’ and like that. Such ‘basic symptoms’, even though provide us valuable diagnostic hints, are of no use in making a homeopathic prescription. We need ‘homeopathic symptoms’ or ‘qualified symptoms’. A ‘basic symptom’ becomes a ‘qualified symptom’ when it is associated with its diverse ‘qualifications’ such as location, expression, sensation, modalities, concomitants, extensions, alternations etc. Hunting these qualifications for each and every ‘basic symptom’ is the real art involved in ‘homeopathic case taking’.

For successfully hunting these ‘qualifications’ of all ‘basic symptoms’, and converting them into ‘homeopathic symptoms’, a homeopath should have a clear idea about what are the possible ‘qualification’ for any given ‘basic symptom’ presented by the patient. Without a reasonable knowledge of matera medica and especially repertorial rubrics, we cannot hope to attain that essential skill. That is why I stress the vital importance of constant study of repertories.

Learning rubrics in your repertory is a most important part of learning ‘Case Taking’. Those who are poor in knowledge of rubrics in repertories will be poor in case taking also. Case Taking is the most decisive step in finding similimum. With out a well taken case we cannot hope to find a similimum or get a cure for our patient. I get hundreds of cases from homeopaths, requesting to suggest similimum. It is not an exaggeration to say that 99% of those cases are very poorly taken from homeopathic angle. Of course, they provide excellent diagnostic information. But, we cannot find a homeopathic similimum from diagnostic symptoms and information alone. We need ‘homeopathic symptoms’ for that.

Collecting ‘homeopathic symptoms’ is the most essential part of homeopathic case taking every homeopath should master, if he really want to be a successful homeopath. For that, we should have a clear idea about what are the  ‘homeopathic symptoms’ we should look for in a given case during case taking. In fact, repertories provide us an exhaustive list of ‘homeopathic symptoms’ we should explore in each and every disease conditions and individuals. That is why I say, “master your repertory if you want to master the art of case taking”.

I would request freshers and young homeopaths to dedicate maximum available time in studying repertories, so that we get an idea about the ‘homeopathic symptoms’ we should look for in a patient coming to us with specific complaints. Normally, patients will not voluntarily disclose the ‘homeopathic symptoms’- we have to interrogate and dig them out. Acyually, we cannot do any search or exploration for anything, if we do not have a clear idea about what we we are really exploring or searching for.

Most important aspect of ‘homeopathic symptoms’ are ‘qualified symptoms’. Unqualified ‘basic symptom’ such as headache, dysmenooroea, abdominal pain or convulsions are of no use for finding a similimum. These ‘basic symptoms’ become valuable ‘homeopathic symptoms’ when they are associated with their peculiar ‘qualifications ‘ such as expressions, locations, sensations, modalities, alternations, extensions and concomitants. Even a ‘single’ particular homeopathic symptom with all its ‘qualifications’ can play a decisive or ‘pivotal’ role in determining a similimum for the whole case. Searching for ‘qualifications’ of each and every ‘basic symptoms’ described by the patient- that is what we mean by ‘collecting homeopathic symptoms’. Without a reasonable knowledge of language and arrangement of repertorial rubrics, we cannot accomplish that task in a satisfactory way.

If you have a good Repertory Software, learning repertory becomes very simple, and more rewarding.

For example, let us study Rubrics under ‘Headache’ or ‘Head : PAIN, in general’ in KENT REPERTORY:


Daytime/ Morning/ Forenoon/ Noon/ Afternoon/ Evening/ Night/ Morning agg/ Morning amel/

Morning : Bed, in/

Morning : Bed, in : First motion, on /

Morning : Bed, in : Nausea, with/

Morning : Breakfast is delayed, if/

Morning : Ceases toward evening/

Morning : Comes and goes with the sun/

Morning : Increases and decreases with the sun/

Morning : Increases until noon, or a little later, then gradually decreases/

Morning : Increasing during day/

Morning : Rising, on/ Morning : Rising, on : Amel./

Morning : Same hour, at/

Morning : Until noon/

Morning : Waking, on/

Morning : Waking, on : First opening the eyes, on/

Morning : Waking, on : Preceded by disagreeable dreams/

Morning : Waking, on : Until 10 a.m./

Morning : Waking, on : 5 a.m./

Morning : 6 a.m. until evening/

Morning : Until : 10 a.m./

Morning : Until : 3 p.m./

Morning : Until : 10 p.m./

Forenoon/ Forenoon : 8 a.m/

Forenoon : 9 a.m. to 12/

Forenoon : 9 a.m. to 1 p.m./

Forenoon : 9 a.m. to 4 p.m./

Forenoon : 10 a.m./

Forenoon : 10 a.m. to 2 p.m/

Forenoon : 10 a.m. to 3 p.m./

Forenoon : 10 a.m. to 4 p.m./

Forenoon : 10 a.m. to 6 p.m./

Forenoon : 11 a.m./

In this way, we have many many possible time-related modalities for headache under NOON/ AFTERNOON/ EVENING/ NIGHT as well.


Alternating with : Abdominal and uterine symptoms/

Alternating with : Asthma/

Alternating with : Diarrhoea/

Alternating with : Lumbago/

Alternating with : Lumbo-sacral region/

Alternating with : Nausea/

Alternating with : Oppression of chest/

Alternating with : Pain in : Abdomen/

Alternating with : Pain in : Back/

Alternating with : Pain in : Chest/

Alternating with : Pain in : Joints/

Alternating with : Pain in : Loins/

Alternating with : Pain in : Neck/

Alternating with : Pain in : Pelvis/

Alternating with : Pain in : Stomach/

Alternating with : Pain in : Teeth/

Alternating with : Prolapsus ani/

Alternating with : Red sand in urine/

Alternating with : Stitches in hypochondrium/


Extending : To back/

Extending : Around the head/

Extending : Cheek/

Extending : Chest:/

Extending : Ears/

Extending : Eyes/

Extending : Face/

Extending : Finger tips/

Extending : Forehead/

Extending : Jaws/

Extending : Left side/

Extending : Limbs, through/

Extending : Neck/

Extending : Nose/

Extending : Nose : Root of nose:/

Extending : Occiput/

Extending : Occiput : Right side/

Extending : Occiput : Left side/

Extending : Right side:/

Extending : Scapula/

Extending : Shoulder/

Extending : Spine, down/

Extending : Teeth/

Extending : Temples/

Extending : Throat/

Extending : Tongue/

Extending : Vertex/

Extending : Zygoma



Brain, aching deep in/

Forehead, in/


Occiput and Forehead/

Sides /


Temples and Forehead/

Temples and Occiput/


Vertex and Forehead/


Periodic headache : Morning : Every/

Periodic headache : Morning : Every : Every other, on awaking/

Periodic headache : Morning : On awaking, with vertigo and nausea, also in evening, often amel. by pressure, in open air or by eating/ Periodic headache : Morning : 7 a.m./

Periodic headache : Morning : 9 a.m. to 1 p.m./

Periodic headache : Noon to 10 p.m./

Periodic headache : Afternoon, increasing until midnight; every third attack alternately more or less violent/

Periodic headache : Afternoon, increasing until midnight; every third attack alternately more or less violent : 2 p.m. to bed time/

Periodic headache : Afternoon, increasing until midnight; every third attack alternately more or less violent : 4 p.m. to 3 a.m./

Periodic headache : Day and night/

Periodic headache : Certain hours, at/

Periodic headache : Every day/

Periodic headache : Every day : At same hour/

Periodic headache : Every day : Continues two or three days/

Periodic headache : Every day : Earlier each day/

Periodic headache : Every other day/

Periodic headache : Every : Seven days/

Periodic headache : Every : Ten days/

Periodic headache : Every : Fourteen days/

Periodic headache : Every : Fourteen days : Lasting two or three days/

Periodic headache : Every : Six weeks


Menses : Before/

Menses : Commencement of, at/

Menses : Commencement of, at : Amel., when flow begins/

Menses : During/ Menses : During : Amel./

Menses : Suppressed/

Menses : After/

Menses : After : Morning, on awaking, after sudden cessation of/

Menses : After : Cessation, on/

Menses : After : Top would fly off, as if/


Sleep : Before going to/

Sleep : During/

Sleep : Morning, second sleep, agg/

Sleep : Amel./

Sleep : Falling asleep, on, amel./

Sleep : After/

Sleep : After : Amel./

Sleep : After : Amel./

Sleep : After : Restless sleep/

Sleep : Loss of : From late hours/

Sleep : Loss of : From night watching/

Sleep : Roused, on being, from/

Sleep : Siesta, after a:



Blows, as from/

Boring, digging, screwing/

Burning/ Burrowing/ Bursting/

Come off, pain as if top of head would:/

Cramping/ Crushed, as if shattered, beaten to pieces/

Cutting, darting, stabbing/

Drawing, tightening/

Dull pain/

Foreign body, as if/

Gnawing/ Grasping/

Grinding/ Griping/ Grumbling/




Nail, as from a/

Open, as if/

Opening and shutting/ Pecking/


Plug, peg or wedge, as from a/


Pulled, sensation as if hair were/

Pulling, like/

Scraped feel amel. on motion, while lying the pain shifts to side lain on/


Smarting (compare Soreness)/

Sore bruised, sensitive to pressure/

Sprained sensation, back of head/


Stunning, stupefying/

Tearing, rending/ Torn, as if:/

Twanging, as from breaking a piano string/



Confusion mental : With/

Delirium, with/

Pains : In back, with//

Pains : In small of/ Pain in : Neck, with/

Pain in : Nape of:/ Paroxysmal pains/

Perspiration : With/

Unconsciousness, with/

Unconsciousness, with : And after/

Unconsciousness, with : On moving/ Uncovering body, from/


Acids, from/

Air, cold /

Air, cold : From : Amel./

Air, cold : From /

Air, cold : Draft of, from/

Air, open/

Air, open : Amel./ Anger, from/

Animal fluids, from loss of/

Animal fluids, from loss of : Profuse uterine haemorrhages, after/

Attention, from too eager/

Back, pressing up against something hard, amel./

Ball were beating against the skull on beginning to walk, as if:/

Bathing : After/

Bathing : Amel/

Bathing : Cold/

Bathing : Sea/ Bed : On going to/

Bed : Amel./

Bed : Must leave the/ Beer : From/

Beer : And bread, agg./

Bending head : Backward : While/

Bending head : Backward : Amel./

Bending head : Backward : Walks with head bent backwards/

Bending head : Forward/

Bending head : To painful side, while/

Bending head : To one side/

Bending head : To one side : Amel./

Binding head : From/

Binding head : From : Amel./

Binding head : Up the hair/


Blindness, followed by violent headache, sight returns as headache becomes worse/

Blowing nose agg/

Blows, from/

Boat, from riding in a/

Bread : From eating/

Bread : And beer agg./

Breakfast : Before/

Breakfast : Amel./

Breathing deeply, on : Holding the breath, when/

Catarrhal/ Chewing, while/

Chill : Before the/

Chill : During/

Chill : After/

Chilliness, with/

Choreic persons, in/


Chronic : Old people, of/

Close eyes, compelled to/

Closed eyes, as if something/

Closing eyes : On/

Clothing about the neck agg./

Coffee : From/


Cold applications amel/

Cold, becoming : From/

Cold, becoming : From : Feet/

Cold, becoming : From : Head getting cold, on/

Cold, from taking/ Combing the hair/

Company or crowd, while in/

Concussion, from/

Confusion mental : Lose senses or go mad, as if would/

Constant, continued/

Constant, continued : Fixed, lasts for weeks, months, years, even years, with rare intermission/ Constipated, while/

Contradiction, after:/ Copper, abuse of/

Coryza : With/ Coryza : Dry, with/ Coryza : Suppressed, from having a/

Coughing, on/

Coughing, on : Amel./

Cry out, pains compel one to/

Cutting hair, after/

Damp houses, living in, from/

Dancing/ Darkness : Agg/

Darkness : Amel/

Dentition, during/

Descending, on/

Diarrhoea : With/

Diarrhoea : Amel./

Dinner : Before/

Dinner : After/

Dinner : Amel., after/

Dinner : Delayed, from/

Dreams, after unpleasant/

Drinking : From/

Drinking : Cold drinks : From/

Drinking : Cold drinks : Amel/

Drinking : Quickly, after/ Drugs, after abuse of/

Eating : Before/

Eating : During/

Eating : During : Amel./

Eating : After/

Eating : After : Overeating, after/

Eating : After : Amel/

Epileptic attacks, after/

Epistaxis : After/

Epistaxis : Amel./

Eructations amel./

Excitement of the emotions : After/

Excitement of the emotions : Depressing or sad news, after Exertion : Of body, etc/

Exertion : Amel./

Eyebrows, as if pressing down/

Face, on moving the/

Fainting, after/

Fall, after a/

Fasting : From:/

Fasting : If hunger is not appeared at once/

Fat food, from/

Flatulency, as if from/

Flatus, emission of, amel./

Foot steps/

Fright, after/

Frowning : From/

Frowning : Amel/


Grief, from/


Hammering : Morning/

Hammering : Evening, while lying/ Hang down, letting feet:- Puls./

Hat, from pressure of:/

Heat : Before the/

Heat : During the/

Heat : After the/

Heat : Amel./

Heat : Of hand/

Heated : From becoming/

Heated : By a fire or stove/

Heated : Walking, agg. head, but amel. pain of limbs/

High altitudes, in/

Hold head and eyes down, must/

Holding head erect, while/

Hot drinks agg./

Hot soup amel./ Hysterical headache/

Ice cream, after:- Ars., Puls. 39. [Kent]Head /

Increasing : And decreasing gradually/

Increasing : And decreasing rapidly/

Increasing : Gradually, but ceasing suddenly/

Injuries, mechanical, after/

Inspiration : During an/

Inspiration : Deep:/

Intermittent pains/

Intoxication, after/

Iron, from abuse of:/

Ironing, from:/

Jar, from any/

Joy, from excessive/

Laughing, from/

Leaning against something : While/

Leaning against something : Amel./

Lemonade, from/

Lie down, must:/

Lies : With head high/

Lies : With head low/

Lies : Prone with head hanging over side of bed/

Lifting, from/

Light : In general, from/

Light : Amel/

Light : Artificial, from/ Light : Daylight/

Listening to reading and talking/

Looking : Fixedly at anything /

Looking : Fixedly at anything : Amel./

Looking : Downward : From/

Looking : Downward : Out of window causes vertigo, anxiety headache and sweat/

Looking : Sideways : From/

Looking : Sideways : Amel./

Looking : Upward : From/

Looking : Upward : Amel./

Lying : While/

Lying : In a dark room /

Lying : In a dark room : Amel./

Lying : Abdomen, on, amel., occipital pain/

Lying : Back, on : While:/

Lying : Back, on : Amel/

Lying : Side, on : While/

Lying : Side, on : Amel./

Lying : Side, on : Right/

Lying : Side, on : Right /

Lying : Side, on /

Lying : Side, on : Left : Amel./

Lying : Side, on : Painful side, on:/

Lying : Side, on : Painful side, on : Amel./

Lying : Side, on : Painless side, amel./

Maddening pains/

Maddening pains : Feeling in brain/

Measles, after/

Meat, after/

Mental exertion : From:/

Mental exertion : Amel./

Mercury, from/

Metallic substances, from abuse of/

Milk, after drinking/

Mortification, from/ Motion : From/

Motion : Amel./

Motion : Up and down amel./

Motion : Quick, from/

Motion : Violent : From:/

Motion : Violent : Amel./

Move : On beginning to/

Move : On beginning to : Amel/

Move : Pains compel one to/

Moving : Arms, on/ Moving : Head, on/

Moving : Head, on : Amel./

Moving : Eyes/

Moving : Eyelids/

Music, from/

Narcotics, after abuse of:/


Nodding the head, on/

Noise : From/

Noise : Distant talking, of/

Noise : Falling water, of/

Noise : Footsteps/ Noise : Hammer on anvil, of/

Noise : Rattling of vehicles/

Noise : Voices especially/ Nursing infant, after/

Odors : From strong/

Odors : Alcohol, of/

Odors : Coffee, of/

Odors : Dirty clothes, of/

Odors : Strong and agreeable/

Old people, of/

Opening : Mouth/

Opium, from abuse of/

Perspiration : During/ Perspiration : After/

Perspiration : Amel./

Perspiration : Preceded by headache/

Perspiration : Suppressed, from/

Pregnancy, during/ Pressure : External, agg/

Pressure : Back of neck agg.:- Sec. 181. [Kent]Head : PAIN, headache in general : Pressure : Cannot bear pressure though it does not agg./

Pressure : Amel./

Pressure : Cold hand amel./

Pressure : Hard, amel./

Pulsating/ Rain amel./

Raising : Head:/ Raising : Head : Amel./

Raising : Arms to head/ Reading : Agg./

Resting head quietly : On a cushion amel./

Resting head quietly : On arm : While/

Resting head quietly : On arm : Amel./

Resting head quietly /

Rheumatic/ Riding in a carriage/ Riding in a carriage : Amel./

Riding in a carriage : Noise and jarring of, agg/

Riding on : The cars:/

Riding on : The cars : Amel./

Rising : Amel./ Rising : After/

Rising : From lying/

Rising : From siting/

Rising : From stooping/

Rising : From stooping : Amel./

Rising : Standing position, to amel./

Rising : Upright, erect/

Rising : Upright, erect : Amel./

Room in crowded:/

Room in crowded /

Room in crowded : Entering a, on/

Room in crowded : Pains coming on in room are amel. outdoors and vice versa/

Rubbing/ Rubbing : Amel/

Running, from/ Scarlatina, after/

School girls/

Scratching amel./


Sexual desire : Repression of, after/

Sexual desire : Excesses, after/

Sexual desire : After excessive pollutions/

Shaking head/

Shaking head : Amel./

Shopping, from/ Singing, from/

Sitting/ Sitting : Amel./

Sitting : Up or erect, amel./

Sneezing/ Sneezing : Amel./

Spinning, from/ Spirituous liquors, from/

Spot, pain in small/ Standing : While/ Standing : Amel./

Stepping : False step/

Stepping : Heavily agg./ Stool : From pressing, at/

Stool : Before/ Stool : After/

Stool : After : Amel./

Stooping, from/

Stooping, from : Amel./

Straining eyes, from/

Sudden pains : And go suddenly/

Sudden pains : Decreasing gradually/

Sudden pains : During micturition/


Sun, from exposure to/

Supper amel./ Suppressed eruptions/ S

wallowing, when/ Syphilitic/

Talking : While/ Talking : Amel./

Talking : Distant/

Talking : Others, of:/

Tapping on spine/

Tea, from/

Tea, from : Amel./

Tea, from : Amel./

Thinking of pain : Amel./

Thunderstorms : During/ Tobacco, smoking, from/

Tobacco, smoking, from : Amel./

Touch/ Touch : On vertex, from/

Touch : Amel./

Touching the hair, from/

Turning : Body/ Turning : In bed/

Turning head/ Turning head : Quickly/

Twitching/ Twitching : 1 p.m/

Twitching : Stooping/

Twitching : Walking/

Uncovering body, from/

Urination : Before, if the call be not attended to/

Urination : During/ Urination : After/

Urination : After : Amel./

Urination : Profuse, amel./

Vaults, cellars, etc./

Vertigo, after/ Vexation, after/

Vinegar : Agg/ Vinegar : Applying, amel./

Violent pains/

Violent pains : During the climacteric/

Violent pains/

Voice, male, affects brain/

Vomiting, Amel/

Vomiting : After/

Walking : While/ Walking : Compelled to stand or walk/

Walking in open air : While/

Walking in open air : Amel./

Walking in open air : Head erect, with, amel./

Walking : Rapidly, while/

Walking : Rapidly, while : In the wind, from/

Walking : Slowly, while/

Walking : Slowly, while : Amel./

Wandering : Pains:/

Wandering /

Warm bed/

Warm room/

Warm room : Amel./

Washing : Head, from/

Washing : Cold water, amel/

Washing : Feet, amel./

Water, on hearing running/ Waves of pain/

Weather : From changes of/

Weather : Cold/

Weather : Damp, cold/

Weather : Dry, cold/

Weather : Warm : Amel./

Weather : Windy, stormy, from/

Weight on the shoulders, from carrying/

Wet : From getting/

Wet : From getting : While sweating/

Wet : Feet, from wetting/

Wet : Head, from wetting/

Wind : From exposure to/

Wind : Cold/

Wine, from/

Wine, from : Amel./

Wine, from /


Winter headaches/

Work /

Work : Amel./

Work : While doing some disagreeable/

Worm complaints/ Wrapping up head:/

Wrapping up head /

Wrinkling forehead agg./

Writing, from/

Yawning : When/

Yawning : Amel.:- Mur-ac., Nat-m., Staph.

It is now obvious how much deep we have to explore during case taking for collecting ‘qualifications’ to make a ‘basic symptom’ such as headache a ‘valuable’ ‘complete’ ‘homeopathic symptom’

Author: Chandran Nambiar K C

I am Chandran Nambiar K C Author, REDEFINING HOMEOPATHY Managing Director, Fedarin Mialbs Private Limited Developer. SIMILIMUM ULTRA Homeopathic Software I am not a scientist, academician, scholar, professional homeopath or anybody with 'big credentials', but an old lay man, a retired government servant, who accidentally happened to fall into the deep waters of the great ocean of homeopathic knowledge during his fiery teenage years, and was destined to live a whole life exploring the mysteries of that wonderful world with unending enthusiasm. My interest in homeopathy happened very accidentally when I was only 20 years old UNDERGRADUATE ZOOLOGY student, through a constant relationship with a local practitioner who happened to be father of my classmate. I was a regular visitor in his clinic, where from I started reading BOERICKE MATERIA MEDICA and other homeopathic books, which helped me to cure myself my troublesome asthma that have been haunting me since my childhood days. I became a voracious reader of homeopathy.

2 thoughts on “Master Your Repertories If You Want To Master ‘Case Taking’, And Become A Successful Homeopath”

  1. I would suggest, Abdul, that initially you let the patient give you as much details as he gives – that will suggest the path you should probe. Then you can ask him further questions in the same vein to clarify. Then start on concomitants, etc. But make sure you ask questions and not suggest answers. Your questions should be to probe and clarify. Never ask questions that can be answered by,’Yes” or ‘No’.

  2. This great and valuable information for us all sir. While talking to the patients we are sometimes not able to obtain deeper symptom details, now may be due to the patient hesitation or our weakness. How best would be a patient detail form as supporting tool during the case taking? What would you suggest to be included in the form? Dear Sir, if you have a form that satisfies the need of a Homeopathic Medicine Prescription please share it with us to take care of our cases in much better way.


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