Testimonials From Prominent Homeopaths: ‘Similimum Ultra’- A Perfect And Reliable Clinical Software




“Similimum Ultra Software is very user-friendly compared to other softwares in the market. Also very cost effective while comparing the content and qualities. A MUST HAVE SOFTWARE for all homeopaths. Thank you.

DR. BABURAJ, MEPPAYUR, KERALA (Mobile: 919400696240) :

“The software SimilimumUltra is economic in its class, with all these features. It is a very helpful tool for a physician to his/her daily practice”.

DR. V GANESAN,  Govt Hospital, Arakonam, Vellore (Mobile: 919443283763): 

“Similimum Ultra is one of the best accurate softwares. It is very simple, and easy to repertorize the case. I am getting good results with this one. I recommend every doctors to give a try”.

DR. MOHAMAD IQBAL VALIYATT, Valiyatt, Vengara, Malappuram (Mobile:919847254955):

“Most simple and user-friendly Patient Management System. Safe, simple and small back-up”

DR MUHAMED BILAL (Mobile- 918793800759):

Initially I was thinking that four basic repertories will not be sufficient, but after using it, I got to know that flexible methods of repertorization is more important than huge repertories.

Basically it is an excellent software especially for beginners, it is simple, and cost effective software. I can say it has all essential materials for a homeopath, with very less price.

DR. DEEPA, BANGALORE (Mobile: 919886120969):

Similimum Ultra Software is a cost-effective package which helps in all sorts of day-to-day clinical practice. It is hassle-free and easy to use.  After I started using this software, my confidence in prescription has increased.

DNYANESHWAR PATIL (Email- gramin.sawali@gmail.com) :

“I use similimum ultra software from last 3 year it’s wonderful software who save my time to find me remedy as well as clinical values and repertory and much more…..”


“I have this in my college , purchased recently for Repertory department. Its beneficial !!!!”


“I have been using this software for last three years and it helped me to save time in my busy practice. It is easy to handle no complications. It has all components to handle a clinic . When compare with the expensive software it is much more worth than the price. I have recommended to many of my friends. The price of it is affordable by any homoeopath.”


“A Value For Money (VFM) homeopathic software indeed. Kudos to you for the great efforts and also keeping the price low enough for the Aam Homoeompaths and practitioners like me who render free services to poor in remote villages.”


“I recomend Similimum Ultra Software, it is definetly helping me in my practice and also clinical utility. So guys just spend Rs 6000/-, the changes in your clinic will be self evident.”


(President, The Association for Scientific Enrichment and Applied Research in clinical Homoeopathy (A-SEARCH):

“Nice sir, your software is priceless gift for our profession. Similimum Ultra A Best Homoeopathic Repertory Tool.

Since 2008 I was tried well known software’s and lost my money, as they have lot of errors hence i started manual working with repertory books. Lastly i decided to buy SIMILIMUM.

After going through SIMILIMUM i found it very very useful tool. I am very much Thankful to Chandran Nambiar sir for developing such a wonderful software for the serious practitioners of homoeopathy.

Similimum has the basic repertories. the worksheet is very innovative. grading the rubric before repertorization is also innovative. the repertorization methods are also innovative. card repertorization methood also use wonderfully. i am using it since 4 days and found very useful. i am 100% satisfied by Buying SIMILIMIM Ultra. so don’t get confuse, get it, and use it. Best of Luck.

BOERICK’S REPERTORY VERY MUCH USEFUL. Dear Sir, I am very much thankful to you, because of you I am started using Boericke’s repertory in my practice. I am feeling very sad as I ignored such a beautiful repertory which has clinical data, I am using this repertory with great results in my practice. In SIMILIMUM ULTRA repertories are arranged beautifully as it is very much convenient to use. Thanks again.”


“Dear Chandran, after using your software for a few weeks I want to tell you that I am really excited about the varieties which it offers in working out the cases. Even though I read the users manual before ordering there are so many things in it to discover that I am really amazed about the possibilities. It gives new impulses to my work and I am really thankful for this.

Similimum Ultra is my very first approach to Boericke’s repertory, and I am excited about its use in daily practice.”


“Hello sir, i have been using this software since past one and half yr or more.This is really a good software, easy to use and very user friendly also very effective in finding the similimum. There are lot of options which can be used for repertorisation. various repertories available makes it really useful. The patient database is also very good which allows fast access to the previous patients and their follow ups .I thank Chandran Nambiar sir for making such a wonderful software. Thank you sir.”


“Hi dr, thank you so much for ur beautiful software. Even though i’m started using this only a few days back,really impressed with it esp.the repertorisation. The combine n grading rubric and work sheet are all among my favorite tools. And, of course, still discovering its possibilities.”


“First of all let me Thank Dr Chandran Nambiar for Making this user friendly SIMILIMUM Software for us ( Homoeopaths) .

For the last 7 yrs I am using this software, mainly the patient management data base Comfortably.Once or twice I had problem with my Operating sysytem,but tell you that i diidnot loose any data because the back up is very easy & comfortable.I strongly recommend my fellow doctors to use this software. Keep going. Congrats & thanks to Similimum team”


“I have been using similimum ultra for last 1 year..its very easy to use.everything is simplified.i have recommended the same to my friends and now nearly 10 of them are using the software with great satisfaction…thanks to chandran nambiyar sir..”


“For more than last three years, I am successfully using SIMILIMUM ULTRA HOMEOPATHIC SOFTWARE for my regular clinical practice. The Repertorization Methods, Protocols and Rubric Grading Tools are excellent and well-principled, and offer much flexibility and scope for user’s logical involvement, same time ensuring perfect results. Over and above the classical methods of repertorization, this software also provides innovative and imaginative methods such as COMBINED METHOD, COMPARTMENTAL METHOD and RE-COMBINAT METHOD based on Boenninghaussen’s principles. Various Clinical Utilities are all very helpful, and add much to the utility of this software. I am very much satisfied with the performance and contribution of this product in enhancing my practice and good will among public. Especially I would like to mention the simple, elaborate and user-friendly Patient Management System. I find it very useful in maintaining my clinical records up-to-date, with safe and easily retrievable data back-up system. No fear of loss of data even if our system completely crashes. QUICK PICK tool helps to make instant prescriptions during busy practic I fully and whole-heartedly endorse the author’s claim that SIMILIMUM ULTRA is visibly outstanding by its simplicity and comprehensiveness among those currently available in the market. Congratulations!”


“A few words about software Similimum ultra. A year back I have purchased software Similimum ultra fro Dr Chandran. At first sight I got impressed that there were no extra additions by anybody in this software as repertories concern. We get here original rep. in original form. Way of search is not only good but fast even on slow computers. In addition there is extended search can be done . A facility of quick repertorization is very helpful”


“I have been publishing the internationally circulated journal QHQ and during that time I had the opportunity to come across five different homoeopathic soft wares. Until 2003 I used five software and I dumped each of them within a short time. From 2003 onwards I began using Similimum and still I am using the same. I don’t know why I couldn’t change from this to any other. May be because I realized that Similimum Ultra is apt for my mode of practice. Even though I don’t repertorise all cases, I had done 18000 until now with Similimum Ultra. Even in acute case it can be done without saving or registering a patient. I think that Similimum Ultra is a perfect one for a busy practitioner and it can be handled very easily with many search options. This stands premier among the other homoeopathic software because each and every homoeopath can repertorise according to their own methods”.


“Hi, Chandran, We have been using the Similimum Ultra software for a few weeks now. It is still new, and there is a lot to learn about the program. We are pleased with the purchase. Thank you for the sweet deal. Not difficult to use. The grading of symptoms in this manner is a new thing but seems to be quite accurate. Materia Medica search seems amazing . Still to new to give you a complete opinion, or tell you if there is anything not agreeable. Best to you , Sir”. It is a great deal! Even at the full price!”


“I used RADAR,CARA and many more.But when I installed SIMILIMUM,I was astonished! It’s wonderful and I promise if you once install it,you will surely be rewarded.Its simple user interface lets you to complete your task very efficiently.It contains many repertories and Materia Medicas.The utility tools like Certificate,Stock register,Pathological values etc are all useful.To the profession,I’ll surely recommend to use it…you will win,no doubt.”


“It is seven years (from 2004 February onwords)Iamusing the homeopathic software SIMILIMUM developed by K.C.Chandran Nambyar.It is very useful to workout cases and find the appropriate remedy for the patient In the magazine Homoeopathic HERITAGE published by B.JAIN publishers there had been a column ‘crack the case’ a contest conducted by a panel of experts to find the most similar remedy for the given case.I used to participate and most of my answers were correct.For example:-2006 February issue out of 2659 entry only 38 were correct,March issue out of1378 entry only 6 correct April issue 2791 entry 62 correct June issue 2553 entry 83 correct.In all the above cases Icould find the correct remedy by the aid of this software .So my request to all homoeopaths is to be familiar with this easy to handle software SIMILIMUM ULTRA which is the latest and upgraded version.Thanks to Chandran nambyar. I congratulate you.”


“I am using similimum homeopathic software in my daily clinical practice with success. I found it user friendly, simple and accurate. It is loaded with number of reliable repertories like Kent.Boenninghausen,Boerick e,Boger and many customized repertories. They cover almost all the symptoms of every disease. I am very much impressed by its fast search system. You can locate simultaneously any rubric, in any repertory and all the popular materia Medicas. Once the symptoms are recorded, repertorization can be done by various methods with accuracy and you can also prepare combinations with the help of its unique facility, not available in any other software. Beside this it has many other facilities which I could not find In others. It is complete in every respect and not less than any good homeopathic software available, with comparatively less cost. Undoubtedly, for a busy practitioner “Quick Pick” repertorization is a grand facility.”

(Medical Officer, Department of Homoeopathy, Kerala)

“I am using the similimum ultra soft ware. It has the best patient management system. I enjoy using the software.”


“From 21/5/2009, i am using this “SIMILIMUM ULTRA” developed by MR.CHANDRAN NAMBIAR. In my experience it is a very useful soft ware for homeopathic repertorization.Now I can can repertorize cases in an easy way using similimum ultra. I mostly use the Kent’s repertory, but Boenninghausen’s ,Boger and Boerike are also available in this software, which is helpful to to find out simlimum as per the physician’s interest. 21 materia medica works are also available in this for an easy reference. We can also make Purchase lists and stock register. Patient management system, pathological and clinical values, and preparation of som medicines are also included. I hope that this work is used by all homeopaths. Its price is affordable to everybody. It is valuable software for all homeopaths”.


“Started using similimum ultra nice piece of work done which shows clarity of mind and clarity of thoughts of NAMBIAR sir the software shows that it is the outcome of love towards HOMOEOPATHY

DR KHANAJ V R, HOD(Repertory), JJ Magdum Homeopathic Medical College, Jaysingpur, wrote to me about Similimum Ultra Software as follows:

“I, undersigned Dr Khanaj V R, MD, HOD, Repertory Department, Dr JJ Magdum Homeopathic Medical College, Jaysingpur, have gone through your demo of Similimum Ultra Software. After accessing the software, I have found many unique features available in your software.

Unique features of the software and positive points:-

Original books of Materia Medica.
Simple Display and user friendly
Easy search options
List of genuine reference books

Practically helpful requirements:-

For e.g: Clinical Values, Lab Tests, Height-Weight Tables, Drug Relationships, Constitutions, Diagnostic Information, Specifics, Prophylactics, External applications, Modalities etc. Knowledge of these specifications is needed in daily clinical practice.


Patient Management System is elaborate and user friendly.
Patient Registers, Appointment Systems helps for physician for record keeping.
Case Taking performance is easy to access.

List of Repertories:-

Important Repertories are included.
Innovative Repertorization Tools are new.
Different aspects of Repertorization which can be used when ever necessary.

Prof. Dr Khanaj VR MD (Hom)
HOD Repertory
ROTP Resources Govt Of India.”

Author: Chandran Nambiar K C

I am Chandran Nambiar K C Author, REDEFINING HOMEOPATHY Managing Director, Fedarin Mialbs Private Limited Developer. SIMILIMUM ULTRA Homeopathic Software I am not a scientist, academician, scholar, professional homeopath or anybody with 'big credentials', but an old lay man, a retired government servant, who accidentally happened to fall into the deep waters of the great ocean of homeopathic knowledge during his fiery teenage years, and was destined to live a whole life exploring the mysteries of that wonderful world with unending enthusiasm. My interest in homeopathy happened very accidentally when I was only 20 years old UNDERGRADUATE ZOOLOGY student, through a constant relationship with a local practitioner who happened to be father of my classmate. I was a regular visitor in his clinic, where from I started reading BOERICKE MATERIA MEDICA and other homeopathic books, which helped me to cure myself my troublesome asthma that have been haunting me since my childhood days. I became a voracious reader of homeopathy.

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