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Sankaran’s ‘Sensations-Kingdoms’ Method- Homeopathy Crippled By Lack Of Basic Scientific Awareness

Corner stone of ‘Sankaran Method’ is classifying drugs into ‘animal’, ‘plant’, and ‘mineral’ kingdoms. Then each kingdom is related with particular group of ‘vital sensations’. Plant remedies are used for individuals having ‘vital sensations’ belonging to the group of ‘sensitivity’, animal remedies are used for those having ‘viatal sensations’ belonging to the class of ‘survival …

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How Would You Learn The ‘Masters’? Dogmatic Way Or Creative Way?

We can learn a ‘master’ or his theory in two different ways- dogmatic way or creative way. In the dogmatic way, we learn what is preached by the author or ‘master’. The teacher or his ‘book’ is the ultimate authority here. His words are the ultimate truth. Master is considered to be beyond any mistakes, …

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My Stand On The Issues Of ‘Combination Of Drugs’ And ‘Patenting Of Drugs’

1. I totally disagree with all attempts of patenting of existing homeopathic drugs or their combinations by individuals or organizations misusing the intellectual property laws. 2. I totally disagree with the use of ‘molecular forms of drugs’(crude drugs, potencies below Avogadro limit and mother tinctures) as single drugs or as combinations. I do not consider …

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