Volume XX- Selected Facebook Updates And Tweets Of Chandran K C On Scientific Homeopathy

From scientific point of view of pharmaceutical chemistry, a DRUG is a biologically active unit contained in a substance used as therapeutic agent. IT is the structure and properties of that chemical molecule that decides its medicinal properties and therapeutic actions. If such as substance contains only ONE type of biologically active unit, it is a SINGLE drug. If it contains different types of biologically active units, it is a COMPOUND drug. It is obvious that most of the drugs we use in homeopathy – especially drugs of biological origin and complex minerals- contain diverse types of biologically active units, and hence they cannot be considered SINGLE drugs.

Molecular imprinting happens as individual molecules, and as such, potentized drugs prepared from a SINGLE drug substance will contain diverse types of molecular imprints representing the diverse types of individual constituent molecules contained in the substance. Those molecular imprints also act as individual units when applied in the organism. Hence, potentized drugs prepared by using a complex, seemingly single drug substance is actually a COMPOUND drug, containing diverse types of biologically active units.

IF you still cannot realize the meaninglessness and utter folly involved in talking about SINGLE DRUGS, it is the blindness caused by your dogmatic learning and lack of scientific awareness.


According to my view, homeopathic CASE FOLLOW UP consists of watching for RESIDUAL SYMPTOMS and EMERGING SYMPTOMS, and re-adjusting prescriptions as indicated by them.

After making a homeopathic prescription, whether it be ‘single’ or ‘multiple’, and ensuring that the doses are repeated in optimum frequencies, the physician should see the patient at reasonable intervals and carefully watch how the case is progressing.

Periodically watch for ‘residual’ symptoms that do not subside, as well as newly ’emerging’ symptoms.

If a particular ‘group of symptoms’ remain in spite of frequent repetitions of doses for a reasonable period, that means our prescription failed to provide the particular ‘molecular imprints’ required to remove the molecular inhibitions underlying that particular ‘group of symptoms’. Repertorise using those ‘residual’ symptoms, find a similimum for them, and add it to the original prescription.

If new symptoms ’emerge’, and they are not subsiding within a reasonable period, that means some ‘hidden’ molecular inhibitions not covered by the original prescription has come to the forefront during the removal of some other molecular errors. Find a new similimum for these newly emerged symptoms and add it to the original prescription.

We will have to continue this constant watch for ‘residual’ symptoms and ’emerging’ symptoms and adjust prescriptions all through the whole course of treatment, in order to ensure a TOTAL CURE.


Using the scientific knowledge already available now, I have been trying to explore the exact molecular mechanism by which ANTIBODIES act as MIASMS and produce chronic diseases. Since ANTIBODIES are native globulin PROTEINS that have undergone misfolding by interacting with alien proteins, they can themselves behave as aliens in the organism and produce pathological inhibitions by binding to various biological molecules. Such molecular inhibitions caused by ANTIBODIES are the real molecular level villains playing behind various chronic diseases such as AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES, PROTEINOPATHIES, AMYLOID DISEASES AND PRION DISEASES. Hahnemann called these chronic residual effects of ANTIBODIES as MIASMS.

See, how Hahnemann’s concept of CHRONIC DISEASES relating it with INFECTIOUS MIASMS, paves the way for a SCIENTIFIC understanding of a whole class of grave diseases, and developing of a whole new range of therapeutic agents and techniques to combat them.


Hahnemann’s observations of CHRONIC DISEASES, relating it with INFECTIOUS DISEASES, would have been a revolutionary event in medical history, had anybody- be it hahnemann himself, his followers or scientists- taken up the task of explaining it in scientific terms.

Had anybody asked the question HOW an infectious disease can cause life-long RESIDUAL EFFECTS in the organism even after the infection is over, everything would have been clear. It would have been obvious that infectious agents can produce life-long RESIDUAL EFFECTS in the form of CHRONIC DISEASES only through ANTIBODIES generated in the body against infectious agents.

Such a realization would have helped medical as well as scientific community to view ANTIBODIES from a different perspective- as CAUSATIVE AGENTS of diverse types of CHRONIC DISEASES- over and above their role as DEFENSE molecules


It was Hahnemann, who for the first time in history of medicine proposed that diverse types of CHRONIC DISEASES could be produced in the long run by the ‘residual effects’ of INFECTIOUS diseases, and he called this chronic disease dispositions as MIASMS. He described three major miasms that were related with three major infectious diseases that were rampant in Europe during his time.

I have been trying to explain in scientific terms, how CHRONIC DISEASES could be produced by infectious agents, even after the infections are over. This led me into the realization that INFECTIOUS AGENTS can produce life-long chronic disease dispositions only through OFF TARGET actions of ANTIBODIES generated in the body against them.

I came to the conclusion that ANTIBODIES generated against ALIEN PROTEINS such as infectious agents and vaccines could be the real carriers of MIASMS hahnemann considered to be the fundamental cause of CHRONIC DISEASES.


As far as MCI and MCI act is in force, and as far as maharashtra is a state of India, nobody can allow anybody in maharashtra to practice modern medicine without MCI permission. Without the recognition of MCI, the ‘certificate course’ to be conducted by muhs will be of no use as a ‘qualification’ for allopathic practice. Such a course canot withstand an ultimate scrutiny of our supreme judicial system. How can maharashtra homeopathic council register allopathic practitioners as far as CCH act is in force? I still wonder, who advised maharashtra government, mhc and muhs to take this decision? Everything in maharashtra homeopathy is heading into a total mess. As per my view, those bhms holders who opt to do this allopathy course will be the ultimate losers, in terms of money, time and professional credibility. Enemies of homeopathy will have the final laugh.


Biological mechanism involved in ‘Similia Similibus Curentur’ could be scientifically stated in a single sentence as follows:

‘Bio-molecular inhibitions caused by endogenous or exogenous pathogenic molecules could be removed using ‘molecular imprints’ of drug molecules which in molecular form can cause similar inhibitions in similar biological molecules’.

Did you get the meaning of this statement? It is exactly what I mean by MIT!


High Dilution Therapeutics involved in homeopathy is a subject of much controversy. Homeopaths know such a phenomenon really exists, but fail to explain it in scientific terms. They tried to explain it using unscientific concepts of ‘dynamic energy’ and ‘vital force’. But scientific community vehemently deny such a phenomenon to exist, and consider it only as ‘pseudoscience’.

High Dilution Therapeutics can be rationally explained only in terms of Molecular Imprinting It is Molecular Imprints Therapeutics (MIT)- An advanced stage of modern molecular medicine.

Only difference between molecular medicine and MIT is that where as molecular medicine uses ‘drug molecules’ as therapeutic agents, MIT or homeopathy uses ‘molecular imprints’ of drug molecules. Molecular Imprints act by a biological mechanism entirely different from that of ‘Drug Molecules’.


‘Likes cures likes’ and ‘high dilution effects’ represent the OBJECTIVE part of homeopathy, which are based on the truthful observations made by the great genius of Dr Hahnemann regarding the natural phenomena involved in the process of ‘cure’. This OBJECTIVE part constitutes the rational aspect of homeopathy that has to be preserved, explored, explained and advanced into more and more scientific perfection.

The THEORETICAL or explanatory part of homeopathy, which is based on totally unscientific and irrational philosophy of ‘dynamism’ and ‘vitalism’ of eighteenth century europe, as well as the ‘rules’, ‘laws’ and ‘methods’ formulated accordingly, is the real stumbling block that prevents this wonderful therapeutic art from advancing into a scientific medical system.

We have to preserve and strengthen the rational objective aspect of homeopathy, and explain it in terms of modern scientific knowledge. We should show the audacity to discard its irrational and unscientific theoretical parts. Once we understand the real science involved in the phenomena of ‘likes cure likes’ and ‘potentization’, a whole new set of practical ‘rules’ and ‘laws’ would spontaneously evolve.


We should remember, nobody so far knew what really happens during POTENTIZATION. Nobody so far knew what are the exact ACTIVE PRINCIPLES of potentized drugs. Nobody so far knew the exact molecular level BIOLOGICAL MECHANISM by which the active principles of potentized drugs interact with the biological organism and produce a therapeutic effect.

Only things our masters actually knew was the objective natural phenomena of ‘likes curing likes’ and ‘high dilution effects’.

Everything else were mere speculations. Speculations based on unscientific philosophy of ‘dynamism’ and ‘vitalism’.

All ‘laws’, ‘rules’, ‘methods’ and ‘doctrines’ we consider as ‘cardinal principles’ of homeopathy evolved from these speculative theories. All ‘laws’ regarding ‘doses’, repetitions’, ‘single drugs’, ‘follow ups’, ‘drug relations’, ‘suppression’, ‘bad effects’, ‘aggravations’,and everything else were formulated without a clear knowledge regarding the ACTIVE PRINCIPLES of potentized drugs we are dealing with or HOW they actually work. All ‘theories’ we were taught were based on misinterpreted ‘experiences’ of ‘stalwarts’ with historically limited scientific knowledge.

Once we acquire scientific knowledge regarding the exact processes involved in potentization, active principles of potentized drugs and the molecular mechanism of their therapeutic action, all the existing ‘methods’, ‘laws’, ‘rules’ and ‘principles’ are bound to change. New ‘principles’ and ‘methods’ will evolve. That means, we will have to discard or change many things so far considered as ‘fundamentals’ of homeopathy.


I am talking about various aspects of homeopathic practice on the basis of scientific concepts proposed by MIT.

According to this view, potentization is ‘molecular imprinting’, active principles of potentized drugs are ‘molecular imprints’, and biological mechanism of homeopathic therapeutics is removal of pathological molecular inhibitions.

My approach to homeopathic practice cannot be expected to obey what you have been so far taught as ‘fundamental principles’ of homeopathy which are based on the unscientific ‘dynamic energy’ perspective.


Diseases, Drugs, Symptoms, Potentization, Similimum, Cure- A Scientific Perspective Of Homeopathy

1. Diseases, other than those originating from genuine nutritional deficiencies and genetic abnormalities, are caused by diverse types of exogenous or endogenous pathological molecules, which inhibit the normal actions of essential biological molecules by binding to them. Exactly, it is the ‘functional groups’ of pathological molecules that bind to biological molecules and produce pathological inhibitions, which are expressed through subjective and objective symptoms we call as ‘diseases’.

2. Constituent chemical molecules of a drug substance interact with our body by binding their diverse types of ‘functional groups’ or ‘moieties’ with specific biological target molecules in our organism and modifying their actions. This interaction is determined by configurational as well as charge affinities between those functional groups and biological target molecules. It is the number of types of biologically active ‘functional groups’ or ‘moieties’ available in a drug substance that decides whether it is a ‘single’ drug or ‘multiple’ drug.

3. Different types of ‘functional groups’ of individual molecules contained in a drug substance bind to different biological target molecules, and produce different types of modifications. It is this ‘modifying’ or ‘inhibitory’ actions that produce molecular states of pathologies during drug proving, which are expressed through diverse types of subjective and objective symptoms.

4. Similar functional groups being part of different drug molecules of even different drug substances can bind to same target molecules and produce similar bio-molecular modifications and similar symptoms.

5. When a drug molecule has functional groups or moieties similar to those of a pathological molecule, they can attack same biological targets, and symptoms they produce would be similar. In such a situation, the drug molecule is said to be ‘similimum’ to that pathological molecule. Obviously, according to scientific perspective, we should understand the concept of ‘similimum’ in terms of similarity of ‘functional groups’ or ‘moieties’ of pathological molecules and drug molecules.

6. Potentization is exactly a process of controlled ‘host-guest’ interactions, by which the three-dimensional configuration of ‘functional groups’ of individual constituent molecules of drug substances (guest) are imprinted into a hydrogen-bonded supra-molecular matrix of water-ethyl alcohol molecules (host) as ‘nanocavities’.

7. These nanocavities or ‘molecular imprints’ can bind to and deactivate any functional group having configuration similar to that of original ‘host’ molecule imprinted into it. As such, a potentized drug can act as biological antidote towards any pathological molecule, if the drug and disease were capable of producing ‘similar’ symptoms, which actually mean, they contain similar ‘functional groups’.

8. I hope, scientific meaning of ‘similia similibus curentur’ is well explained here, and scientifically viable answers provided for the THREE fundamental questions of homeopathy- what happens during potentization, what are the active principles of potentized drugs, and what is the exact molecular mechanism by which potentized drugs produce a therapeutic effect. Answers to all other secondary questions could be easily evolved once you comprehend these fundamental answers.


I will be always available if anybody needs any help in repertorizing your cases and making prescriptions in the light of MIT concepts. You can discuss cases with me personally, using facebook chat or whatsapp. My service will be available only for qualified homeopaths, and it will be free of cost. Most appropriate time to contact me will be Indian time 10 am to 12 am.


Do not worry about the number of patients coming to you- it may be very small now. Do not worry about the money you get- that also may be very small now, not sufficient even for meeting your daily needs.

Your only worry should be about RESULTS you produce in the patients coming to you for help, even if it is only a single person a day. To produce results, you have to prescribe right remedy, which could be selected using SYMPTOMS expressed by the patient. Collecting symptoms and finding similimum is the most important part of your work.

That is what really matters in deciding your future. If you succeed in curing that ‘single’ patient, it will show the people around that you can help them, and homeopathy is effective. They will start coming to you when need arises. Gradually, you will become a very busy practitioner, with very good earnings.


I have no any personal interest in whether somebody in maharashtra practice allopathy or not. Personally I have nothing to loose or gain from it. I am opposing it only because it is a shameful admission to the world that homeopathy is not effective, and its practitioners are forced to seek some other means to earn their livelihood. I believe it will gravely damage the prospects of homeopathy in India and whole world in the long run.

I warn you young men, by opting to ‘convert’ to allopathy for temporary financial gains, you are doing a ‘professional suicide’. You failed in building a successful career not because homeopathy is ineffective or worthless, but you were not taught or trained in proper ways during your college education.

Remember, you have a bhms degree in your hands now, which is actually a great asset in your life. Do not be demoralized from initial hurdles and temporary setbacks. You can become good prescribers and build successful careers as homeopaths by three months, if you really dedicate to it and work hard. I can show you the way.

You will realize it is possible if you understand MIT, which will fundamentally transform your vision and approach to homeopathy.


How to cure patients, and practice homeopathy successfully? I am expressing my views, and anybody can disagree:

Collect all the ‘basic’ symptoms that could be ‘qualified’ by their respective associating symptoms and accessory symptoms such as peculiar sensations, modalities, concomitants, locations and causations. Remember, unqualified symptoms are of no use in selecting similimum, even if they may be of diagnostic value.

Convert the symptoms into appropriate rubrics, and repertorize the case. Conversion of symptoms into rubrics, and repertorizing them will be more easy and more perfect if you have a good repertorization software, and if you know how to use its tools effectively. Arrive at a single drug or a group of drugs that individually or severally cover all or most of these symptoms.

Procure your drugs from reliable sources only, since we have no any other means to ensure quality. Administer those selected drugs separately or mixed together ONLY in 30c potencies in drop doses. Repeat frequently until complete diasappearance of complaints.

Do not hesitate to add new drugs or change the prescriptions if symptoms demand such a change. Do not hesitate to repeat the doses frequently.

Forget all those lessons you have been so far taught about vital force, dynamic energy, single drug, multiple drugs, single dose, repetitions, drug relationships, antidoting, aggravations, bad effects, suppressions, miasms and everything that were so far preventing or dragging you back from prescribing.

Never use mother tinctures or potencies below 12c. Be assured, potentized drugs above 12c cannot cause any harm even if used wrongly, since they do not contain any drug molecule. Use drugs without any fear. Foregt al ‘do nots’ you were taught!

Your patient will be cured, if it is a case curable by homeopathy. Homeopathy is that much simple and straight forward. Homeopathy appears difficult to practice for beginners, only because it was taught by our teachers in a way that makes it appear difficult.


Instead of running after ‘pharmacology course’ and ‘allopathy practice’, homeopathic community should rally behind the campaign for National Homeopathic Entrepreneur Start-up Project (NHESP). It will provide a most feasible and rational solution for the ‘survival issues’ being faced by homeopathic community, without any compromise regarding the ‘purity’ of homeopathy.


Many of our prominent homeopaths and ‘seminar gurus’ of maharashtra are feigning deaf , dumb and blind on the issue of allopathy practice by ‘bhms holders’. Most of the MMC members support allopathy practice due to their own compulsions. Some of the CCH members and ‘CCH-expectants’ are also supporting. Even those who think it is harmful for the future of homeopathy unfortunately hesitate to express their opinions in public, where as they could have prevented this hazard by their prudent interventions. You know why? It is VOTE BANK and mob power! Without the support of these ‘mixopaths’ who form majority of 60000+ homeopathic community in maharashtra, nobody can get elected to MMC or CCH, or carry on ‘seminar business’. All of them are afraid of getting alienated from the ‘mainstream’. IT IS THE POWER OF MOBOCRACY!

For the knowledge of those short-sighted, money-hungry mixopath morons who threaten me to ‘silence’ and ‘put in jail’: No threatening will prevent me a bit from speaking out what I think is right; I am made of an entirely different stuff, you would have never happened to see earlier. I FEAR NOTHING!


They wanted to become ‘doctors’. Failing to get admission for mbbs or bds courses due to poor performance in entrance exams, and failing to ‘buy’ a seat by investing money, they joined homeopathic colleges, ONLY with an aim of getting a ‘medical degree’ and a ‘doctor’ title.

They never loved homeopathy, never wanted to be homeopaths, or never bothered to learn what is homeopathy. After earning the ‘degree’ and ‘registration’, they wanted to make some easy money, for which they started practicing allopathic quackery, since allopathy could be practiced for common ailments by any person with mediocre intellect and common sense.

They could some how influence the corrupt politicians of maharashtra state to extract an order that ‘legalized’ allopathic quackery. MUHS found a good opportunity in these developments to make money, and decided to start a ‘pharmocology course’ for these ‘bhms holders’.

Everybody think only about money. Nobody is bothered about the harm this professional ‘adultery’ will bring to homeopathy!


If a ‘BHMS holder’ is in a position that he cannot earn a minimum living without practicing allopathy, it only means he did not learn homeopathy at all. I would request governments, CCH and professional organizations to make some urgent plans to initiate programs to teach such ‘bhms holders’ what really is homeopathy and how it should be applied to cure the sick. Otherwise, they will bring big harm to homeopathy as a whole.


As far as MCI act and CCH act are not fundamentally modified or amended by Indian parliament, ‘BHMS holders’ could not be allowed to practice allopathy by both medical councils. MCI cannot allow anybody to practice allopathy if they are not registered in their REGISTER. CCH cannot allow anybody to continue in their register if they practice allopathy without MCI registration. They will have to take actions as per the mandates of their concerned laws. Final outcome is obvious. Whatever orders maharashtra government or any other state government issues for gaining political mileage, what ever ‘courses’ MUHS conducts, supreme judicial system of India will have to intervene and make them null and void. Education and Health are subjects coming under concurrent list of constitution. Any acts brought by state governments should not contain any provisions that contravene or contradict the clauses of central acts. MCI act and CCH act are central acts, which could be modified by indian parliament only.

I warn you, those ‘bhms holders’ who join CMP course going to be conducted by MUHS, hoping to become ‘allopathy practitioners, will be finally landing into big trouble- they will loose Rs 50000 and ONE YEAR, and also their credibility as a homeopath.


Evident from their humiliating comments, it seems to me that some people think I am only a ‘business man’ who is trying to make some money by “selling” some homeopathic software made by somebody else. They should know, it is ME who made Similimum Ultra Homeopathic Software, which has its origin in my dreams. I did not have to seek any help from any ‘bhms holder’ for its development. Only help I got was from a very brilliant young IT graduate in doing the technical works.

When I decided to invest my life-long experience with theory and practice of homeopathy in a way that will be useful for coming generations of homeopathy so that I can make my presence felt here even after I am no more, I conceived the idea of this software, and started making a detailed planing of it. I did all the designing works myself. I decided the modules, platforms and tools to be incorporated in it. I visualized how the windows should appear, and prepared a complete flowchart for its implementation. I selected the books to be included, scanned and edited them. I did did everything to see that the product is made exactly as I visualized. Finally, I did the ‘testing’ and fixing of the ‘bugs’ myself, and ensured that the software worked without any hitch. Each and every minute details related with HOMEOPATHY was purely my job.

If anybody think it is an easy job to make a homeopathic software like Similimum Ultra, try making one. If you had seen the brochure or user guide of Similimum Ultra, and got an idea about the innovative digital tools available in it, you will realize how much intellectual work I had invested into its making.

Do you think one can make a software like Similimum Ultra without a very deep knowledge of homeopathy?

How can you even think about a QUICK PICK tool for instant repertorization without expertise in the nuances of repertorial work?

Without in-depth knowledge and research, how can you even imagine about the diverse types of innovative repertorization methods such as TOTALITY method, ELIMINATION method, COMBINED method, SHOOT-OUT method, PUNCH CARD method, BRICK COLUMN method, COMPARTMENTAL method etc I provided in Similimum Ultra?

Do you know how much research I did to study and understand the essence of BOENNIHAUSSEN’S approach and convert it into a digital tool for repertorization which I named RECOMBINANT METHOD?

How can a person without knowledge and experience in homeopathy can design the GRADING SYMPTOM tool provided in Similimum Ultra? How can you get an idea about COMBINING RUBRICS essential for making the repertorization process perfect?

Do you know how much midnight oil I burned to do the numbering and tagging lakhs of repertorial rubrics and their drugs, so that they could be made searchable?

Do you think it possible for anybody without vast clinical experience to design the various CLINICAL UTILITIES incorporated in Similimum Ultra?

Do you think Similimum Ultra could be designed and developed by a person only on the strength of a ‘degree’ you boast about?

Please understand, Similimum Ultra is the product of my 43+ years of dedicated study, application and research into the depths of homeopathy. I am sharing my knowledge and experience in homeopathy with the homeopathic community through Similimum Ultra. Do not make me so small by calling ‘software seller’.

Do not be under the notion that Similimum Ultra is a ‘small’ software, since it made available for for a ‘small’ price. Ask somebody who is using it. They will tell you, it is a bigger one, much bigger than any other software available in market at very ‘big’ price. I give it for a very nominal price, only because I am not an ordinary ‘business man’, and my life is dedicated to homeopathy.

Making a good homeopathy software is also an essential part of ‘homeopathic profession’- much much greater and nobler than fighting for ‘permission for allopathic practice’. I AM ALSO A PART OF HOMEOPATHIC PROFESSION- NO NEED OF ANY DOUBT ABOUT IT.


I am not against allopathy. Let duly qualified modern medical doctors practice allopathy. Homeopaths should practice homeopathy. I am only against bhms hloders practicing allopathic quackery or MIXOPATHY. My ‘problem’ is, I love homeopathy, and cannot be passive to developments that will destruct homeopathy.


I would have been very happy if maharashtra government has decided to give a ‘bridge course’ and an allopathy degree to those ‘bhms holders’ who want to convert themselves to allopathy, and they are removed from ‘homeopathy register’ by CCH. Such a step would have cleared much DIRT from the body of homeopathy! I am objecting only because these MIXOPATHS will be allowed to remain in homeopathy register and use ‘homeopath’ label, even after they do allopathy course and start practicing allopathy.


Simply ‘holding’ a BHMS degree in his hands will not make one a HOMEOPATH. There should be homeopathy in his brain and heart. If not, he will use that ‘degree’ as a knife to stab into the heart of homeopathy itself, for making some money. Our maharashtra experience underlines this truth.


World homeopathy community is watching the recent happenings in India with dismay and disbelief, where as skeptics and enemies of homeopathy are thrilled. I have been receiving a lot of messages from my homeopath friends around the world inquiring what is happening here, and expressing their fear that homeopathy in india has started collapsing. They were so far looking to India with great hope, as the leaders and torch-bearers of this system, with a massive population of homeopaths, homeopathic colleges, statutory protection, research establishments, government funding and popular support. They ask what happened now? Why young homeopaths are wanting to practice allopathy? Is it not a shameful admission that homeopathy has failed, and it is ineffective? They fear, these happenings in India will obviously sharpen the weapons of our enemies world over, and they will intensify their attacks, and gravely weaken our defenses. Its long term implications upon homeopathy will be very harmful and destructive, they fear.

Our short-sighted, ignorant and selfish ‘bhms holders’ are not bothered. They want money, even if it is by killing homeopathy! Really shameful and humiliating!


I know there are a lot of genuine homeopaths in maharashtra, who remain silent and concentrate in their duty of curing the sick. Even though they do not make much noises, they do not agree with the recent steps being taken by the state government due to compulsions of vote bank politics to legalize allopathic quackery done by some bhms holders. I would request those genuine homeopaths to come openly against this move and ask government to retract. Once the MIXOPATHS get certified and begin to represent homeopathy in the state, it will bring unimaginable harm to future of homeopathy. Short sighted politicians, money-minded MUHS and selfish and ignorant bhms holders have come into an unholy alliance. Implications of this move will be long lasting, and hazaedous to not only to homeopathy in India, but whole world. I know I am an irrelevant person without any ‘rights’ or ‘credentials’ to talk about homeopathy. I am expressing my worry and concern, only because I love homeopathy, and my life has been destined to be linked with homeopathy. Forgive this ‘lay man’ for trespassing into the forbidden holy land of homeopathy and making this unwelcome comment.


As per rules, CCH will not and cannot allow homeopaths enrolled in their registers to practice allopathy, what ever laws are made by maharashtra government due to their political compulsions, or what ever ‘courses’ are conducted. Ultimately , CCH will have to remove those people from the register. Otherwise, parliament will have to amend CCH act, which will be the end of homeopathy in India. WAIT AND SEE!


I do not think ALL homeopaths in maharashtra want to practice allopathy. I know a lot of homeopaths there who are dedicated to genuine homeopathy. What ever “improper” words I used are applicable only to those who are humiliating homeopathy for their selfish motives. I am criticizing the MIXOPATHS in maharashtra- not the ‘maharashtra homeopaths’. If you are a genuine homeopath, you need not be annoyed by my criticism.


What kind of signboard you will be displaying before your clinic once you set up a clinic after completing your ‘certificate course in modern pharmacology’? Will it be a ‘homeopathy clinic’? Will you use the title ‘homeopath’, or ‘modern medicine’ in your letter heads and prescription pads? Or will it be ‘MIXOPATH’? When a new patient comes to your clinic, will you ask him whether he want homeopathy, allopathy or mixopathy? Will you get his choices recorded to avoid future legal issues? It will be a a very funny situation everyday in your clinic!!!


Medical practice in India is governed by concerned medical councils- MCI for modern medicine, and CCH for homeopathy. Which medical council will keep registers for this new generation of MIXOPATHS? MCI and CCH will have to amend their existing rules to register these ‘mixopaths’. As per existing rules, MCI cannot register a person practicing homeopathy, and CCH cannot register a person practicing modern medicine!


I would request all homeopaths of maharashtra to read the notification of MUHS very carefully and think twice before falling into the trap of joining their ‘Certificate Course in Modern Pharmacology’. It is very obvious that the course is designed with the sole purpose of converting qualified homeopaths into under-paid trained ‘hospital assistants’ in allopathic hospitals entitled to do the works done by ‘night doctors’, nurses, pharmacists and attendants. It is very humiliating to homeopathy as a whole! You will be allowed only to treat ‘minor ailments’, and asked to refer all other cases to ‘competent medical practitioners!


We, the National Campaign Committee, on behalf of all the registered homeopaths as well as students studying in homeopathic colleges of India, hereby submit before the Honb’le Prime Minister Of India as follows:

We humbly request the Government of India to implement a ‘NATIONAL HOMEOPATHIC ENTREPRENEUR START-UP PROJECT (NHESP)’ to utilize the skills of the rising numbers of homeopathic doctors for providing primary healthcare in rural villages, by providing a minimum monthly subsistence allowance for first five years for establishing their own private clinics, ensuring that they will treat a minimum number of poor patients free of cost at their clinics.

Around 15000 young BHMS degree holders come out of 200+ homeopathic colleges every year. Already there are 280000 registered homeopaths in India. With only 7349 govt dispensaries and 216 hospitals, job opportunities and career prospects of these budding homeopaths remain very dark at present. It is very difficult for them to establish in private practice. Even if they start a clinic and try to survive, it will take minimum 5 years to get established and earn for their livelihood, which is very difficult with out an effective support system. Most of them are compelled to work as under-paid RMOs or ‘night doctors’ in allopathy hospitals for subsistence. They are compelled to do allopathic practice. Gradually, most of them convert themselves into full time ‘quack’ allopathic practice, which is the end of their homeopathic career.

Homeopathic professional bodies, Central Council and State Councils of Homeopathy, and Govt of India should take this issue very seriously, if we want homeopathy to exist here.

A financial supporting system has to be established to provide some sort of stipends or subsistence allowances to fresh homeopaths for a period of 5 years after getting their registration, on the conditions that they will practice pure homeopathy, and that he would treat a minimum number of poor patients free of cost. Such an arrangement will be a great boost also to our public healthcare system.

This project need not be limited to freshers only. Any homeopath willing to be part of this project should be incorporated. Govt will not loose any money by this project, since the money given to the homeopaths will be returned in the form of free health care to the poor. Actually, govt is getting a lot of ‘free dispensaries’ all over the country without any establishment investment or administrative burden, by implementing this project.

By ‘NATIONAL HOMEOPATHIC ENTREPRENEUR START-UP PROJECT (NHESP)’ we are not asking for anything free from the government. We are asking for implementing a contract mutually beneficial to the government and homeopathic community: ‘We will help the government in delivering free healthcare to the rural poor, which is the responsibility of the government- Government shall compensate us for our free service’. That is all.

Providing free health care facilities for the needy people is the responsibility of the government, which demands big investments. By implementing ‘NATIONAL HOMEOPATHIC ENTREPRENEUR START-UP PROJECT (NHESP)’, government can save much money that should have been invested for establishing such facilities. Actually, it will be like a ‘part-time’ govt job for the homeopath, as he is getting money from the government for treating a given number of poor patients free of cost at his clinic.


‘NATIONAL HOMEOPATHIC ENTREPRENEUR START-UP PROJECT may be called in short as ‘NHESP’, and the private clinics enrolled under this project may be called ‘NHESP CLINICS’.

Government shall authorize any district level officer from AYUSH or HEALTH departments as the Implementation Officer’ of this project, who will be responsible for sanctioning, supervising, monitoring and annual renewal of the NHESP clinics established under this project. He will also be authorized to draw and disburse the allowances due to the doctors under this project.

Any registered homeopath can apply in a prescribed form to this officer for getting sanction for starting a new NHESP clinic, or converting an already existing clinic into a NHESP clinic in any location under the jurisdiction of the implementing officer.

Along with the application, the homeopath should sign an affidavit agreeing that he will abide by the stipulated terms and conditions of the project. It should be strictly stipulated that the doctor working under this scheme should not use or prescribe any medicine that a homeopath is not authorized to practice, such as allopathy. As per terms, external prescriptions to private pharmacies should be prohibited in the case of patients coming for free treatments.

The implementing officer shall immediately accord sanction, once he is satisfied that the applicant is a duly qualified registered homeopath, and that he has signed the affidavit. Sanction will be only for one year, which could be renewed every year consecutively up to five years, if the applicant desires to continue.

NHESP clinic will be purely a private institution conducting private medical practice, where the owner agrees to provide free medical aid (consultations+medicines) to a minimum number of patients duly identified as ‘beneficiaries’ by the doctor himself, or by officers authorized by the government for this purpose, such as members of local bodies or village level officers of revenue department.

To compensate the expenditure incurred by the NHESP doctor for free treatment, as well as to ensure his minimum subsistence, he will be entitled to get a fixed monthly allowance of Rs 6000. Obligatory free consultations per month shall be 300 or average 20 per day. An additional allowance at the rate of Rs 10 will be granted for every consultations above the obligatory 300. Maximum total payments per month shall be limited to Rs 15000.

If monthly average of free cases attained by the NHESP clinic for first year is below 300, the contract will be considered uneconomical, and the contract will not be renewed for the next year.

If a doctor is entitled to get Rs 15000 a month, that means he would have treated minimum 1200 patients free of cost that month. In other words, govt has to spend only Rs 12.5 to provide free health care to a patient by this project. Govt is not spending any money that is required for establishing a health care facility. This is very much cost-effective when compared to any other health care programs so far being implemented by AYUSH or HEALTH department.

By implementing NATIONAL HOMEOPATHIC ENTREPRENEUR START-UP PROJECT as envisaged above, goverment can extend free health care facilities to the millions of poor people living in rural villages, at a very nominal burden on public exchequer.
Same time, this project will provide new life, hopes and career opportunities to the thousands of young homeopaths getting qualified from 200+ homeopathic colleges in India, who find it very very difficult even to earn daily bread and butter. By NHESP, they are getting a government support to initiate private practice and build up a career. Since beneficiaries are identified and sent to NHESP clinics by public personalities having good contact with public, there will be an unceasing regular flow of patients. Private paid customers also will increase, proportionate to the rush created by free patients.

By doing private practice along with free consultations. The doctor will get a lot of exposure and experience, and opportunity to sharpen his practical skills. He can show the world that homeopathy is an effective therapeutic system, and that he is capable of curing patients by practicing PURE HOMEOPATHY.

For the homeopath, this project will ensure a minimum income during initial stages of his practice, which is the toughest time in his career. Since a minimum number of patients will visit him for free treatment, he will get a good exposure and experience, which is the most wanted factor to get a good beginning. By working hard and producing results in the free cases, he can can show the world that homeopathy is effective. A few successful cases, especially chronic ones, will attract more and more patients to him. He will start earning himself. By five years, he will become a successful practitioner. That is the real goal of this project.
How National Homeopathic Entrepreneur Start-up Project (NHESP) is expected to influence the future of homeopathy in India?

1. Since a minimum earning is ensured by this project at least for initial five years of their career, a large number of homeopaths will migrate to rural areas where medical facilities are less, and propagate homeopathic practice there. Such a migration of homeopaths would definitely expand the reach of homeopathy in all parts of this country very fast. Since around 15000 students come out of colleges with degrees each year, adding up to the already existing 280000 registered homeopaths, number of NHESP clinics thus established especially in villages will be lakhs in numbers by five years. It will make homeopathy the primary health care system in rural India, at only a very nominal burden on public exchequer.

2. Since NHESP makes it mandatory that homeopaths should practice PURE homeopathy, and should not prescribe allpoathic medicines, it will have a very positive impact up on future of homeopathy. Homeopaths will not have to practice allopathy for existence, or work as under-paid ‘night doctors’ in allopathy hospitals. During their NHESP phase in their careers, all young homeopaths will learn how to cure patients with pure homeopathy prescriptions.

3. Since young homeopaths get an opportunity for establishing their own independent clinics where one is his own master with ensured minimum earning, they will not have to work as ‘under-paid’ assistants in corporate homeopathic clinics or hospitals. That will end the ‘corporate’ culture that is now emerging in homeopathy.

We hope National Homeopathic Entrepreneur Start-up Project will revolutionize homeopathy in India with in a very short period, and boost the public healthcare system by providing facilities for free medical aid in rural villages of this country.


Did you read the MUHS notification regarding the ‘Certificate Course’ to be offered to ‘Registered Homeopaths’? So far those homeopaths were demanding permission to use allopathy drugs for managing ’emergency’ conditions that are beyond the scope of homeopathy. But MUHS says they intend to give training not in ’emergency’ situations, but for ‘dealing with common ailments’! Do you think homeopathy is incapable of dealing with those ‘common ailments’ MUHS listed?


Any fool can practice modern medicine and earn some money if he has an mbbs degree and the pamphlets periodically supplied by medical representatives and their prescription drugs. A bhms doctor has to be highly innovative and intelligent, and willing to do a lot of study, research hard work with each and every case coming to him. It is a big difference, due to which lazy people with mediocre intelligence fail in homeopathic practice and want to use allopathy, even if they possess a bhms degree. They do not know how much prestigious and graceful it is to be destined to live as a true homeopath.


Parents dream and groom their children to make ‘doctors’, which is seen as a good ‘money-making’ profession with high social status. But the child fails to get appropriate ranking in entrance exams, and do not get admission to MBBS course. Parents could not invest lakhs to ‘buy’ an MBBS seat for their child. Finally, cursing his parents and his fate, he is enrolled for BHMS course to get at least a ‘doctor’ label. He ‘studies’ homeopathy with indignation, reluctance and inferiority complex. He never loves his homeopathy lessons. For him homeopathy is like a hard dry coconut, and do not know how to dehull it and relish its sweet inner kernel. He comes out of college after completing the course with a BHMS degree. He is never a HOMEOPATH in his hearts. He wants to make some money any how, by practicing allopathy. Such ‘misplaced’ homeopaths are making all these noises in the name of “permitting homeopaths to practice allopathy”! Poor guys!


BHMS is a degree equivalent to MBBS. To be a homeopath is of very superior status than to be an allopath. You have to be proud that you are a homeopath with a prestigious degree professional status. You can build up a successful career as a homeopath and earn a good living with out any allopathy certificate. Only thig is, you should dedicate yourself for the study of homeopathy and work hard to apply it.


If any ‘homeopath’ want to do the ‘certificate course in modern pharmacology’ and convert to allopathy, let them be permitted to do so. Only thing homeopathy community should demand the government is, such ‘converts’ should be strictly banned from using homeopathic drugs or using the ‘homeopath’ title any more. They were never homeopaths in their hearts. They joined bhms course only because they failed to get admission to to mbbs, but wanted to be ‘doctors’ and make some money. They failed as homeopaths, since they could not understand the principles and methods of homeopathy. To be a successful homeopath, one needs some minimum level of intellect and a lot of hard work, which they lack. Let them get lost! It will only strengthen genuine homeopathy.


Actually you are not practicing homeopathy when you prescribe Passiflora Q for inducing sleep, or for its sedative or anti-spasmodic effects. You are practicing allopathy when you prescribe Rauwolfia Q for lowering blood pressure or Syzijium Q for reducing high blood sugar, even if you may be a well-known homeopath. No homeopath with some common sense and prick of conscience, who had carefully read the materia medica of Alfalfa can prescribe it as a ‘tonic’ to ‘improve’ the appetite and general health of innocent children. Materia medica of Alfalfa clearly says that in crude form it is capable of producing diabetes, bulimia, and upsetting the normal functioning of kidneys.

From our materia medica works, it may be understood that most of those people who had participated in proving of Hydrastis Canadensis developed symptoms of gastric ulcer and hyperacidity along with many other deep seated pathological changes. Doctors who administer large doses of Hydrastis Tincture to relive gastric symptoms as part of homeopathic treatment should note this point . Of course, we may get temporary relief, due to the competitive relationships between pathological molecules and drug molecules arising from their conformational similarities. The prolonged use of Hydrastis Tincture not only produce the symptoms mentioned in its materia medica, but may even induce very serious genetic errors in the organism. If hydrastis is the similimum for the patient, it will be most effective in ‘molecular imprints’ form or above 12C potency. This is real homeopathy.

We must not forget that the symptoms provided in our materia medica are the symptoms that could be produced in healthy persons by the use of these drugs in crude form.

Indiscriminate long-term use of mother tinctures containing plant enzymes, poisonous alkaloids, glycosides and various other phyto-chemical having genotoxic or gene-modulating properties is an unpardonable crime even if it is done in the name of homeopathy.

Various drug molecules contained in these tinctures may give some sort of temporary relief by their chemical properties, but it is evident from their provings that those molecules are capable of creating dangerous pathological molecular inhibitions in various biochemical pathways in the organism.

It is ideal to treat patients using potencies above 12c, which do not contain any trace of the drug molecules of the original drug substance, but only ‘molecular imprints’. If our selection of drug is correct, it will work and produce cure if applied in potentized form itself.

Use of ‘MOTHER TINCTURES’ is no way different from Ayurveda, Allopathy or Herbal treatment, even if they are labelled ‘homeopathic’ or prescribed by a ‘homeopath’.

Those homeopaths who indulge in excessive use of mother tinctures, without bothering about the constituent drug molecules and their adverse long term impacts upon the organism, are actually doing more harm to human health than by allopathic doctors. I humbly request them to think over.



When a homeopath selects a particular drug or a combination of drugs as ‘similimum’ for a particular patient on the basis of ‘totality’ of subjective and objective symptoms, he is actually making a ‘diagnosis’- a diagnosis that is more comprehensive, more minute, more deep, more subtle and more specific than what is commonly known as ‘diagnosis’ according to the paradigms of modern medicine.

Homeopathic diagnosis of identifying a ‘similimum’ actually goes much deeper level into the identification of exact ‘molecular level’ errors existing in the individual. These molecular level errors could not be accurately identified with any modern sophisticated techniques or bio-chemical studies with such a perfection, other than by the observation of subjective and objective symptoms expressed by the individual. Disease diagnosis of modern medicine is only a very superfluous part of this molecular level ‘total diagnosis’ done by homeopathy. That is why modern medicine find it difficult to treat without proper ‘disease diagnosis’, where as homeopathy can treat any complex case by it ‘symptom diagnosis’ methodology.

Derangement in a particular biochemical pathway resulting from a molecular level inhibition produces a specific train of subjective and objective symptoms in the organism. In other words, each specific group of symptoms exhibited by the organism indicates a particular error occurred in the molecular level.

Homeopathy actually chases these trains of symptoms to their minutest level, from periphery to interior, in order to identify the exact molecular errors underlying any particular state of pathology.Then, those pathological molecular inhibitions are removed by applying appropriate therapeutic agents, selected on the basis of ‘law of similars’ or ‘Similia Similibus Curentur’.

The subjective and objective symptoms presented by the organism are the only reliable indicators to help us correctly understand the minute molecular deviations underlying a state of pathology. Each group or trains of symptoms represent a specific molecular error that had occurred in a particular biochemical pathway. These symptoms invariably indicate the specific type and character of the endogenous or exogenous foreign molecules or ions responsible for the causation of particular molecular inhibition. By studying the train of symptoms carefully and systematically, homeopaths are actually observing these exact molecular inhibitions.

This symptom-based analytical method of diagnosing done in homeopathy is far more exact and superior to the multitude of expensive complex laboratory chemical tests and imaging technologies we consider to be ‘scientific’. Identifying the exact molecular errors in the organism of the patient by observing the expressed symptoms, and identifying the most appropriate therapeutic agents from the similarity of symptoms those drugs could produce in healthy organism- this is the scientific essence of “similia similibus curentur”.

This fundamental strategy underlying the homeopathic system of therapeutics evidently surpasses even the most ‘scientific’ methods of modern molecular medicine. It is high time that the modern medicine realize and recognize this great truth, and incorporate this wonderful tool of homeopathy into their armamentarium. Obviously, “similia similibus curentur” is the most effective technique of identifying and removing the pathological molecular inhibitions in the organism.


Homeopathic approach to disease and treatment is always ‘symptom-based’- not ‘diagnosis-based’. Do you think it is an inherent WEAKNESS and limitation of homeopathy, or it is a demonstration of its STRENGTH and flexibility?


What is MIT?

MIT or Molecular Imprints Therapeutics refers to a scientific hypothesis that proposes a rational model for biological mechanism of homeopathic therapeutics.

According to MIT hypothesis, potentization involves a process of ‘molecular imprinting’, where in the conformational details of individual drug molecules are ‘imprinted’ or engraved as hydrogen-bonded three dimensional nano-cavities into a supra-molecular matrix of water and ethyl alcohol, through a process of molecular level ‘host-guest’ interactions. These ‘molecular imprints’ or ‘hydrosomes’ are the active principles of post-avogadro dilutions used as homeopathic drugs.

Due to ‘conformational affinity’, molecular imprints can act as ‘artificial key holes’ or ‘ligand binds’ for the specific drug molecules used for imprinting, and for all pathogenic molecules having functional groups ‘similar’ to those drug molecules. When used as therapeutic agents, molecular imprints selectively bind to the pathogenic molecules having conformational affinity and deactivate them, thereby relieving the biological molecules from the inhibitions or blocks caused by pathogenic molecules. According to MIT hypothesis, this is the biological mechanism of high dilution therapeutics involved in homeopathic cure.

According to MIT hypothesis, ‘Similia Similibus Curentur’ means, diseases expressed through a particular group of symptoms could be cured by ‘molecular imprints’ forms of drug substances, which in ‘molecular’ or crude forms could produce ‘similar’ groups of symptoms in healthy individuals. ‘Similarity’ of drug symptoms and diseaes indicates ‘similarity’ of pathological molecular inhibitions caused by drug molecules and pathogenic molecules, which in turn indicates conformational ‘similarity’ of functional groups of drug molecules and pathogenic molecules. Since molecular imprints of ‘similar’ molecules can bind to ‘similar’ ligand molecules by conformational affinity, they can act as therapeutic agents when applied as indicated by ‘similarity of symptoms’.

No body in the whole history could so far propose a hypothesis about homeopathy as scientific, rational and perfect as MIT, explaining the molecular process involed in potentization, and the biological mechanism involved in ‘similia similibus curentur’, in a way fitting well to modern scientific knowledge system.


I learned a lot of valuable lessons from my ‘grand’ failures- lessons about life, human psychology, relationships, and above all, about myself. I realized failure is the greatest teacher, if you are prepared to introspect and learn from it. I learned how will-power, dedicated goal and determination to win will help us come back into life as a phoenix from our own ashes. I learned, one does not ultimately fail unless he stops fighting and accepts that he is a failure. My failures and the hardships that followed have molded my personality in such a way that I can now withstand any disaster and fight back with more vigor. I tell you from my life experience, you will not know what life really is, or who your real friends are, unless you miserably fail at least once in your life.



I started practicing homeopathy in 1970, when I was 20 years old and studying for final year of BSc course.

My interest in homeopathy happened very accidentally, through a constant relationship with a local practitioner who happened to be father of my classmate. I was a regular visitor in his clinic, where from I started reading BOERICKE MATERIA MEDICA and other homeopathic books, which helped me to cure myself my troublesome asthma that have been haunting me since my childhood days. I became a voracious reader of homeopathy.

I was also deeply involved in studying marxism and dialectical materialism during my college days, which attracted me to political activities. MARXISM and HOMEOPATHY became two essential parts of my intellectual and practical life, which still continues so.

Even though I joined DHMS course in a karnataka homeopathic college after bsc, I could not continue it due to my intense involvement in revolutionary political movements that resulted in imprisonment, police torturing and a lot of criminal cases.

Once that phase was over, I took a diploma in veterinary science and became a livestock inspector in animal husbandry department under govt of kerala.

I have been continuing my self-study and practice of homeopathy all through these years. Since CCH act came into force only in 1976, and it contained provisions allowing existing practitioners to continue, my homeopathic practice went smoothly in parallel with my government job.

In 1987, co-operating with some local homeopaths and social activists, I started Kannur District Homeopathic Hospital Society, which established a chain of hospitals and homeopathic clinics in different parts of Kannur district in kerala. I took long leave from govt job and worked as its founder-secretary. After a few years I had to leave the society for some political reasons, and I established a 100 bedded well equipped homeopathic hospital in Taliparamba, employing a number of prominent homeopaths. That over-enthusiasm ended up as a huge financial disaster for me due to many reasons, including my lack of skills as a money manager, and I was compelled to close down my dream project with in a short period of time. I lost huge money I invested, lost my reputation, and it pulled me down into a debt trap.

A period of introspection followed. I learned a lot of valuable lessons from this failure- about life, human psychology, relationships, and above all, about myself. I realized failure is the greatest teacher, if you are prepared learn from it. I learned how will-power, dedicated goal and determination to win will help us come back into life as a phoenix from our own ashes. I learned, one does not fail unless he stops fighting and accepts failure. My failure and the hardships that followed has molded my personality in such a way that I can now withstand any disaster and fight back. I tell you from my life experience, you will not know what life really is, or who your real friends are, unless you miserably fail at least once in your life.

By this time, I voluntarily left my ‘secure’ government job also, and settled as a full time homeopathic practitioner, with a firm determination that what ever I lost through homeopathy, I will capture back through homeopathy itself. By this practice, I could repair my earlier financial losses, regain my reputation and establish well in life. It was during this period that I felt the need of developing a simple and user-friendly clinical oriented homeopathic software, that resulted in the evolution of SIMILIMUM, which was later upgraded into SIMILIMUM ULTRA. Similimum Ultra was well accepted by the profession, and it collected good revenues which continues even today. All my lost fortunes returned to me through similimum ultra- through homeopathy.

I stopped my practice a few years back , and concentrated in the study and research activities to evolve scientifically viable explanations to the so-called riddles of homeopathy.My science background as well as ‘dialectical world outlook’ helped me a lot. This unrelenting study resulted in MIT or Molecular Imprints Therapeutics, which provides a scientific and rational explanation for homeopathy.

In order to share my ideas with homeopathic community, I started a homeopathic discussion group on facebook called HOMEOPATHY FOR TOTAL CURE, which has more than 35000 homeopaths as members. I could utilize this facebook platform as an online seminar hall to interact with homeopaths. By this work on facebook, I could establish close relationship with many homeopaths around the world. It goes on. I could successfully convert facebook as my office and work place, from where I propagate my MIT ideas, co-ordinate my works for homeopathic community, and sell my Similimum Ultra Software.

Similimum Ultra is currently my only source of income for daily life and research expenses, and I am satisfied with it. All my four children are grown up, employed, and well settled which makes me free from all worries, permitting me to spend my whole remaining life dedicated to homeopathy.



How National Homeopathic Entrepreneur Start-up Project (NHESP) is expected to influence the future of homeopathy in India?

1. Since a minimum earning is ensured by this project at least for initial five years of their career, a large number of homeopaths will migrate to rural areas where medical facilities are less, and propagate homeopathic practice there. Such a migration of homeopaths would definitely expand the reach of homeopathy in all parts of this country very fast. Since around 15000 students come out of colleges with degrees each year, adding up to the already existing 280000 registered homeopaths, number of NHESP clinics thus established especially in villages will be lakhs in numbers by five years. It will make homeopathy the primary health care system in rural India, at only a very nominal burden on public exchequer.

2. Since NHESP makes it mandatory that homeopaths should practice PURE homeopathy, and should not prescribe allpoathic medicines, it will have a very positive impact up on future of homeopathy. Homeopaths will not have to practice allopathy for existence, or work as under-paid ‘night doctors’ in allopathy hospitals. During their NHESP phase in their careers, all young homeopaths will learn how to cure patients with pure homeopathy prescriptions.

3. Since young homeopaths get an opportunity for establishing their own independent clinics where one is his own master with ensured minimum earning, they will not have to work as ‘under-paid’ assistants in corporate homeopathic clinics or hospitals. That will end the ‘corporate’ culture that is now emerging in homeopathy.

I think National Homeopathic Entrepreneur Start-up Project will revolutionize homeopathy in India with in a very short period.


One homeopath asked me today: “U seem to criticise each and every part of homoeopathy- what is your problem, sir?”

There are many ‘blind beliefs’ related with theory and practice of homeopathy. I am not ready to believe anything blindly only because it has reference in organon or was spoken by a ‘master’. I need rational and scientific answers and explanations for everything before I believe it or not. That is why I ask ‘what, why, how’ regarding every aspects of homeopathy and try to arrive at logical conclusions. It is my way of answering questions and resolving confusions. Those who are comfortable with their habit of ‘believing blindly’ may feel I am ‘criticizing’ everything and creating unnecessary ‘problems’. Sorry, I cannot help them!


I do not agree with the idea that homeopaths should charge high for their services to raise the ‘status’ of homeopathy among the public, and that people will think homeopathy a “poor” medical system if charged less. This idea comes from the philosophy that status and greatness of a person is decided by the quantum of material wealth he possess.

Cost of homeopathic treatment should be decided not from ‘status’ angle, but by considering various factors such as cost of medicines, cost of living, cost of running the establishment, expected outcome of treatment and above all, with a humanitarian consideration for the economical conditions and affordability of patients one deal with. A homeopathic clinic is not a grocery shop or an automobile service center. Kindness and sýmpathy should be the motivation of a doctor- not money and status.


Our polychrest remedies such as NUX VOMICA and SULPHUR are thousands of times worth studying than the ‘modern’ ‘rare’ remedies. ‘Rare’ only means they are very rarely understood. Study of nux and sulph never exhausts for a homeopath. Their provings and materia medica are so much elaborate, they are well represented in repertories, history of applications and data collected are mind blogging, their range of application and flexibility is limitless. I LOVE TO STUDY POLYCHRESTS EVERY DAY!


Some homeopaths seem to think that they become ‘big’ and ‘special’ doctors only if they “play” with drugs with strange names that are worth thousands even for 12C. As per their view, prescribing ‘ordinary’ drugs such as nux, sulph or puls is not good for their status, but should use ‘modern’ ‘rare’ drugs such as ‘oseoarthritis 30c’, ‘oscillocoocinum 30c’ etc to show that they are some one special!

They seem to think that public will consider homeopathy is a “poor” and “cheap” medical system if patients and public happen to know that homeopathic medicines cost lesser than allopathic medicines! They consider it as an issue of ‘equal status’ with modern medicine. They will give medicines “just for general physical invigoration” and extract thousands from them to show homeopathy is not so “poor”!


Basic subsistence, maximum exposure and experience to sharpen the skills- these are the primary goals of NHESP. Not a govt job! Do not think NHESP is a project for salaried permanent govt job. It is only a basic support system that will enable homeopaths to initiate and build up a private professional practice. Nothing more, nothing less.

Most important thing is, our project has to be highly cost-effective when compared to other healthcare programs, so that govt shall accept it.

We should understand, NHESP is not equivalent to a govt job. It may not be a ‘good plan’ from a homeopath’s point of view, who is seeking a government job. What if we make a ‘good plan for homeopaths’, and gets summarily rejected by the government policy makers? Is it ‘good’ for homeopaths? We have to be realistic,


We have to ensure that the message of our campaign for NATIONAL HOMEOPATHIC ENTREPRENEUR START-UP PROJECT(NHESP) reach every homeopath in every nook and corner of our country, and ask for their support and involvement in this campaign. Students of all medical colleges should be made aware of the revolutionary changes this project is going to bring in their future career opportunities. Members of all professional organizations working in the homeopathic community should ask their leaders to get involved in this campaign with all their might, and co-ordinate it.

Since we feel that the ongoing online signature campaign will not reach majority of homeopathic community, we are planning for a physical signature campaign also. National Campaign Committee has prepared a draft of the proposed project and a petition that is to be submitted to the central and state governments. We shall send printed copies of those documents to the members of the committee soon. Committee members are requested to reach out to all homeopaths of their area and get maximum signatures. Most importantly, we have to get the signatures of all students studying in all homeopathic medical colleges of India. We have to submit that massive signed petition to the governments. Hope all homeopaths would involve in this signature campaign.


It is human nature. We support or oppose any new venture on the basis of our assessment whether it will be good for ‘MY’ personal interests or not. Most people are not bothered whether it will be good for the community as a whole. ” ME only- OTHERS get lost!” or, ‘Only ME, MY WIFE and a GOLD SMITH’ – that is the ‘philosophy’. Everybody wants the bus to stop only where they are waiting for it; once they could get in the bus, they want to stop it no where else other than at their own destination!

It is this ‘human nature’ that makes most of the ‘leaders’ and ‘established’ homeopaths critical or more or less inimical towards the campaign for NATIONAL HOMEOPATHIC ENTREPRENEUR START-UP PROJECT’. Especially in kerala, many of them in private, and some of them in public, have initiated a murmuring campaign against this project. They want this project should not be implemented, since they fear it would not be good for their ‘monopoly in practice’ in their localities if young homeopaths are allowed to establish clinics with government support. Very few ‘seniors’ are there to support new comers to establish in practice, especially around ‘their’ place- perhaps they may allow young ones to work as their under-paid ‘assistants’ for the whole life!

I feel very much disappointed to see this kind of negative behavior from ‘leaders’ themselves towards an innovative dream project that is going to elevate the status and popularity of homeopathy to great heights in the whole country, and provide new life, hopes and a lot of opportunities to young generation to build up a career in PURE homeopathy practice.


I am not against your ‘religious beliefs’, which is purely your personal matter. I am objecting only when you try to make homeopathy a ‘religious belief’ and ‘spiritual healing’. Homeopathy is medical science, and it should be understood, explained, taught and practiced as medical science.


By ‘NATIONAL HOMEOPATHIC ENTREPRENEUR START-UP PROJECT (NHESP)’ we are not asking anything free from the government. We are asking for mutually beneficial contract:

‘We will help the government in delivering free healthcare to the poor, which is the responsibility of the government- Government shall compensate us for our free service’. That is all.

Providing free health care facilities for the needy people is the responsibility of the government, which demands big investments. By implementing ‘NATIONAL HOMEOPATHIC ENTREPRENEUR START-UP PROJECT (NHESP)’, government can save much money that should have been invested for establishing such facilities. Actually, it will be like a ‘part-time’ govt job for the homeopath, as he is getting money from the government for treating a given number of poor patients free of cost at his clinic.

For the homeopath, this project will ensure a minimum income during initial stages of his practice, which is the toughest time in his career. Since a minimum number of patients will visit him for free treatment, he will get a good exposure and experience, which is the most wanted factor to get a good beginning. By working hard and producing results in the free cases, he can can show the world that homeopathy is effective. A few successful cases, especially chronic ones, will attract more and more patients to him. He will start earning himself. By five years, he will become a successful practitioner. That is the real goal of this project.


Around 15000 young BHMS degree holders come out of 200+ homeopathic colleges every year. Already there are 280000 registered homeopaths in India. With only 7349 govt dispensaries and 216 hospitals, job opportunities and career prospects of these budding homeopaths very dark. Quality of education and training they get in these colleges being very very poor, it is very difficult for them to establish in private practice. Even if they start a clinic and try to survive, it will take minimum 5 years to get established and earn for their livelihood, which is very difficult with out an effective support system. Most of them are compelled to work as under-paid RMOs or ‘night doctors’ in allopathy hospitals for subsistence. They are compelled to do allopathic practice. Gradually, most of them convert themselves into full time ‘quack’ allopathic practice, which is the end of their homeopathic career.

Homeopathic professional bodies, Central Councils and State Councils of Homeopathy, and Govt of India should take this issue very seriously, if we want homeopathy to exist here.

A financial supporting system has to be established to provide some sort of stipends or subsistence allowances to fresh homeopaths for a period of 5 years after getting their registration, on the conditions that they will practice pure homeopathy, and that he would treat a minimum number of poor patients free of cost. Such an arrangement will be a great boost also to our public healthcare system.

I request all concerned parties to take up this issue as a campaign, and bring it before the attention of central government and the prime minister of India. If presented in appropriate way, I am sure they will react positively.


Without getting yourselves fairly acquainted with the latest developments in the field of supra-molecular chemistry, and learning supra-molecular properties of water and ethyl alcohol, phenomena of hydrogen bonding and hydration shells, supra-molecular nano-structures, ‘guest-host’ complexes, molecular imprinting in polymers and related subjects, you cannot follow the scientific explanations of potentization in terms of ‘molecular imprinting’ proposed by MIT.


Scientific understanding of homeopathy, similar to any rational science of medicine, should be primarily based on the realization that human body, mind and ‘life’ are ‘material’ phenomena.

Homeopaths should know that living world represents a higher level of organization of same elemental factors existing in the non-living world, an advanced stage of its evolution that happened through millions of years.

Homeopaths should know that ‘living organism’ is a highly complex and self-regulated material system that exists through ‘vital processes’ or metabolic processes, consisting of systematic chains of inter-dependant biochemical pathways of complex molecular interactions, enabling an unhindered flow and conversion of matter and energy between organism and its environment that ensures the existence of life.

Homeopaths should know that the phenomena of ‘mind’ and ‘mental faculties’ are the ‘functional’ products of complex biochemical molecular processes happening in the central nervous system, which is an integral part of ‘body’, and as such, mind has no existence free from the material body.


There are 2.8 lakh registered Homeopathy practitioners in India. Maharastra leads with 59,831 registrations. It is followed by West Bengal with 36,415, Uttar Pradesh with 32,703 and Bihar with 30,536. There are 7,439 Homeopathic Dispensaries, and 216 Homeopathic Homeopathic hospitals operating across the country.

This info was submitted in parliament by Shripad Yesso Naik, Minister of State (Independent Charge) for AYUSH.

Whether you agree with me or not, it is a fact that majority of these ‘registered’ homeopaths, especially in maharashtra, use this ‘registration’ only as a ‘legal mask’ for their allopathy practice. Number of homeopaths doing genuine homeopathy is only a very small percentage.

See the anomaly. There are only 7439 dispensaries and 216 hosptials in a country with 280000 registered homeopaths! That means, govt job will remain a mere dream for them!

There should be a plan for CCH to give a minimum monthly stipend to new practitioners for 5 years after they get registration, to help them establish in private practice as homeopaths. That will prevent them from practicing allopathy for livelihood


Our ‘teachers’ of homeopathy seem very much confused. In ‘organon’ classes, they teach their students that homeopathy medicines contain immaterial ‘dynamic drug energy’ that acts on immaterial ‘vital force’. Next day they appear in seminars and press conferences, and declare that homeopathic medicines contain material ‘nanoparticles’ that act by ‘genetic modulation’ and ‘epigenetics’.

First you resolve your own confusions. Is it ‘dynamic energy’, or ‘nanoparticles’? Is it ‘material’, or ‘immaterial’? It is ‘genetic modulation’, or ‘vital force’?

I remember the story of a clergy man-cum-science teacher, who teach same students ‘earth is global’ in science class, and ‘earth is flat’ in theology class!


I know very few homeopaths read my articles and facebook posts I write about homeopathy almost everyday over last few years. I also know, only a very small percentage of them actually understand what I have been trying to convey- may be due the poor quality of my english.

Any how, I am very much sure on following points:

1. MIT explanation of homeopathy I propose is absolutely right, and it is the future of homeopathy..

2. Homeopathic professional community is not going to recognize my works or accept MIT during my life time, as I am a lay man..

3. Homeopathic community will have to recognize my contributions to homeopathy, and teach MIT as part of homeopathy, when I am no more here, since it is the only way homeopathy can advance further into future.

I am working every hour of my life without any rest, keeping these three points in mind. I am working for the coming generation of homeopathic community. I am sure, my dedication will be amply rewarded by them after my death.. That thought itself is enough for me.to be gratified.


The scientific concepts of ‘molecular imprints’ as the active principles of potentized drugs promoted by MIT should not be confused with the unscientific concept of ‘water memory’ promoted by ‘energy medicine’ theoreticians.

According to MIT, ‘molecular imprints’ are hydrogen-bonded supramolecular nanostructures of water and ethyl alcohol, carrying the three-dimensional ‘spacial’ or conformational ‘imprints’ of individual drug molecules once dissolved and subsequently removed by serial dilutions and succussions. This process of ‘molecular imprinting’ involves the formation and dissolution of a peculiar kind of ‘host-guest’ complexes of drug molecules and vehicle molecules, a process well explained by supra-molecular chemistry.

First point to be remembered is that the molecular imprints are ‘material’ formations of water and ethyl alcohol molecules- nothing ‘dynamic’ or ‘spiritual’ in it.

Second point to be understood is that drug substance is not imprinted as whole unit. It is the ‘individual’ constituent chemical molecules of drug substance that undergo molecular imprinting.

Third point to be remembered is that the molecular imprints retain only the ‘conformational’ or ‘spacial’ details of drug molecules used for imprinting. These spacial ‘memory’ is retained as three-dimensional nanocavities that are similar to ‘engravings’. Molecular imprints do not retain any chemical properties of drug molecules.

Fourth point to be remembered is that molecular imprints representing each individual chemical molecule exist in potentized drugs as individual units without interacting each other,

Fifth point to be remembered is that molecular imprints act as individual units by selectively binding upon specific pathogenic molecules having conformational affinity when applied as therapeutic agents.

Sixth point to be remembered is that molecular imprints can act only upon pathogenic molecules that have conformations ‘similar’ to those of original drug molecules used for imprinting.

Seventh point to be remembered is that molecular imprints are not ‘mimics’ or ‘mirror images’ of original drug molecules as commonly believed, but their ‘spacial negatives’, exactly similar to thumb impressions formed in a wax matrix.

Eighth point to be remembered is that, in the absence of pathogenic molecules with conformational affinity, potentized drug have no any properties or actions other than those of water and ethyl alcohol.



Some homeopaths say our potentized drugs contain ‘atomic energy’!

Mechanical energy applied during trituations may break the inter-molecular bonds in the drug substances, and they would be divided maximum up to the level of constituent molecules and ions. Further division to atomic level will not happen, since nobody can generate such a high amount of energy by ‘trituration’ to break the very strong chemical bonds between atoms inside molecules. Imagining about ‘conversion’ of matter into energy by potentization reflects utter ignorance of fundamentals of physics.

More over, medicinal properties of a substance is decided by the structure and chemical properties of constituent molecules of that drug substance. If those molecules were divided further into atoms or subatomic particles as some people imagine, the medicinal properties would have been lost.

For example, the medicinal properties of nux vomica is based on the structure and properties of various chemical molecules contained in it, such as strychnine, brucine etc. Strychnine is C21H22N2O2. Brucine is C23H26N2O4. If these molecules were divided into atomic level during trituration or potentization, there will be only carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen remaining. Both strychnine and brucine contain same atoms. It is the difference in their stuctural level oranaization that give them different chemical and medicinal properties. If substances are divided into atoms during potentization, potentized brucine and strychnine will not differ in medicinal properties, since both of them contain same atoms.

Logically, there is only a single way by which the medicinal properties of complex drug molecules could be transeferred to medium during potentization. It is ‘molecular imprinting. Individual molecules and ions being part of the drug substance are subjected to molecular imprinting during potentization. These ‘molecular imprints’ of drug molecules are the exact active principles of potentized drugs, which act as therapeutic agents by binding to pathogenic molecules and thereby removing molecular inhibitions.

There is no such a thing called ‘drug energy’ that can be liberated from drug substances and ‘transferred’ to another medium abandoning the drug substances. Medicinal properties of substances come from the ‘structure’ of individual constituent molecules contained in drug substances. In the absence of ‘drug molecules’, there cannot be any ‘drug energy’. During potentization, through the process of molecular imprinting, the supramolecular structure of water is changed, and it is this ‘changed water’ or molecular imprints that act as therapeutic agents. It has nothing to do with ‘liberation’ or ‘transfer’ of drug energy. Only molecular imprinting.


According to ‘classical’ homeopathy, potentization is a process by which some mysterious ‘dynamic energy’ is transferred from drug substance into the vehicle. They believe that due to the ‘dynamic drug energy’ they carry, potentized drugs act upon the ‘vital force’, which is also ‘dynamic’. As per this ‘spiritualistic’ view, it is not possible to explain potentization as well as homeopathic cure in terms of ‘materialistic’ science.

Did you ever try to know what is exactly meant by ‘dynamic’? This word comes from the metaphysical concept of ‘dynamism’. Dynamism is a metaphysical concept conceived by Gottfried Leibniz (1646–1716) and developed into a full system of cosmology, totally unacceptable to modern science and scientific method. Dynamism in metaphysical cosmology explains the material world in terms of active, point-like forces, with no extension but with action at a distance. Dynamism describes that which exists as simple elements, or for Leibniz, monads, and groups of elements which have only the essence of forces.

According to ‘dynamic’ view, interaction between elements takes place without contact, through modes or even harmonics of motion, yielding all phenomena in the Universe.

Various treatments of Dynamism can be found in the works of Baruch Spinoza and Henri Bergson, and also, long before them, Parmenides, the Atomists, and Plotinus. In more contemporary works, elements of Dynamism also developed into process philosophy, via Alfred North Whitehead and others, as well as systems theory via Ludwig von Bertalanffy and William Ross Ashby. Immanuel Kant was another philosopher who helped the development of the theory of dynamism.

Hahnemann’s explanations of homeopathy were obviously influenced by the philosophy of ‘dynamism’. Modern proponents of ‘energy medicine’ theories also explain homeopathy on the basis of concepts of ‘dynamism’.

‘Forces’ existing free from matter, and ‘matter acting at distances without any material contact or interaction’ is an idea very dear to all practitioners of occult healing arts. The idea of a ‘medicinal force’ that can be ‘freed’ from drug substance, and ‘transferred’ to water of sugar of milk, that can act on organism in ‘dynamic way’- all these come from ‘dynamism’.

Without freeing homeopathy from the influence of ‘dynamism’, we cannot hope it to be accepted as a scientific medical system.

The concept of ‘force’ used by dynamic philosophy is entirely different from the concept of ‘force’ used in modern science.

In modern science, ‘force’ exist and act as a function of ‘matter’. There is no ‘force’ without matter. ‘Force’ acts through carrier particle. Actually, force particles are minute forms of matter itself. There are ‘four’ fundamental forces in nature- strong force, weak force, electromagnetic force and gravitational force. All these four fundamental forces exist and interact though carrier particles of specific quantum states. Exactly, all these four fundamental forces are different quantum states of same force, which is the ‘motion’ associated with ‘matter’. There is no ‘matter’ without ‘motion’, or motion without matter. Matter exists in motion, and motion is form of existence of matter. Motion is expressed as ‘space’, and ‘matter’ is expressed as ‘mass’. There is no ‘mass’ without ‘space’, or ‘space’ without ‘mass’.

According to dynamism, ‘force’ exists and interacts free from matter or space. Dynamic drug energy can exist free from drug substance. Drug force can act from a distance, without any ‘material’ involvement.

As per scientific world outlook, any object in this universe represents a dynamic equilibrium of matter particles and force particles in a particular ratio. The term ‘energy’ is used to refer to the quantity of ‘force particles’ contained in an object higher than required to maintain its ‘matter-force’ equilibrium, and hence, could be transferred to other objects, making them to ‘move’ or ‘do work’. Matter particles that carry very high ‘extra’ quantity of ‘force particles’ are known as ‘energy particles’.

‘Dynamic’ approach in homeopathy reflects a state of gross scientific ignorance. A total lack of modern scientific understanding of physiology, pathology and therapeutics. Such an unscientific approach could be propagated in this scientific era, only by our ‘classical homeopaths’ who are groping in the darkness of a 250 year old knowledge environment.


A prominent section of homeopaths seem to think that it is their duty to ‘prove’ Avogadro number ‘wrong’, in order to prove that ‘homeopathy is not placebo’! They seem to fear that whole homeopathy would collapse if Avogadro is allowed to exist!

They ask: “Have you got ‘scientific evidence’ of avogadro’s constant?

Jean Perrin got nobel prize in physics in 1926 for his exhaustive work on avogadro constant. It was this French Physicist who in 1909 proposed naming the constant in honor of Avogadro. Perrin won the Nobel Prize for his monumental works in determining the Avogadro constant by several different methods.

The Avogadro constant is named after the early nineteenth-century Italian scientist Amedeo Avogadro, who, in 1811, first proposed that the volume of a gas (at a given pressure and temperature) is proportional to the number of atoms or molecules regardless of the nature of the gas.

In chemistry and physics, the Avogadro constant is defined as the ratio of the number of constituent particles (usually atoms or molecules) in a sample to the amount of substance n (unit mole) . Thus, it is the proportionality factor that relates the molar mass of an entity, i.e., the mass per amount of substance, to the mass of said entity. The Avogadro constant expresses the number of elementary entities per mole of substance and it has the value 6.02214129(27)×10^23 mol. Changes in the SI units are proposed that will change Avogadro’s constant to to exactly 6.02214X×10^23 when it is expressed in the unit mol.

Whole scientific world utilizes this Avogadro constant in all calculations in physics and chemistry, and it is found correct.

But our ‘classical homeopaths’ will not believe in avogadro constant without ‘scientific evidence’! They think the swedish academy was mistaken by wrongly awarding nobel prize to Jean Perrin without enough ‘scientific evidence’ for his works on avogadro constant! I can only pity for these people calling themselves ‘classical homeopaths’, for their ignorance or closed mindedness, whatever it may be.

Most funny thing is, these people are never bothered about the ‘scientific evidences’ for those aphorisms in organon! They never ask for ‘scientific evidence’ for ‘miasms’ or ‘vital force’ or ‘similia similibus curentur’. They never ask for ‘scientific evidence’ for all those nonsense theories preached as part of homeopathy. They never ask for ‘scientific evidence’ for all those occult practices done by so-called homeopaths in the name of CAM!

But they want ‘scientific evidence’ for Avogadro’s Theory! They want ‘scientific evidence’ only when some body talks about some scientific ideas. They instantly will jump in to prove ‘science is unscientific’, and that ‘homeopathy is ultimate science’! They want ‘scientific evidence’ only to establish the ‘unscientificness of science’!

According to these ‘classical homeopaths’, If something is said in ‘organon’, or uttered by the ‘master’ or ‘stalwarts’, it should be accepted by all homeopaths as ‘ultimate science’- no ‘evidence’ needed! These are the people who represent homeopathy before the world. Most of the influential section of homeopathy try to propagate homeopathy that way. That is the reason why the scientific community perceive homeopathy as quackery and placebo.

It is a sheer waste of time to discuss science with this class of people. Nobody can convince them anything. But the sad thing is, we cannot ignore these intellectual morons, since they represent homeopathy before the general community and making it a subject of unending mockery.


Some people argue that ‘psychological’ and ‘psychosomatic’ phenomena belong to a “higher realm”, and cannot be explained by modern science. Many homeopaths believe that since ’emotions’ and ‘psychosomatic diseases’ originate from MIND, they are outside the realm of biochemistry.

According to them, mind is something ‘immaterial’, ‘dynamic’ and ‘spirit-like’, and hence mental phenomena cannot be explained in terms of SCIENTIFIC knowledge. ‘Mind is beyond science’- they say. And they talk about MIND as part of immaterial VITAL FORCE.

What we call “psychological” are actually complex biological processes happening in central nervous system.

The phenomena we call MIND never exist in the absence of a MATERIAL BODY, and a highly complex central nervous system being part of that body. MIND does not exist free from the complex biochemical molecular level interactions in the central nervous system, which actually represents the highest stage of MATERIAL EVOLUTION on earth. MIND can be influenced by material substances such as drugs, which can modify the biochemical processes in brain.

Any mental activity is related with production, transportation and interactions of some CHEMICAL molecules in the body, that can influence the whole physiological processes in the organism. SENSATIONS, EMOTIONS, COGNITION, MEDITATION, LEARNING, MEMORY, THOUGHTS, CONSCIOUSNESS, MOODS, FEELINGS, DREAMS- every phenomena we associate with MIND happen through BIOCHEMICAL PROCESSES in our nervous system. Some specific chemical molecules are produced as part of those processes.

Diverse factors can influence these complex molecular biological processes in central nervous system, that we call psychological. They belong to two classes- exogenous and endogenous.

Endogenous factors include various hormones, neurochemicals, neurotransmitters, metabolic byproducts, disease products, etc etc produced inside the body and act upon central nervous system

Exogenous factors include, varuious chemical molecules entering the body through food, medicines, drugs , radiations, as well as various sensory signalsfrom the environment.

All these exogenous and endogenous factors act upon the biochemical molecules in the central nervous system, produce feffects we call psychological Do you think emotions, whether it be “happiness”, ‘sorrow’, ‘anger’ or anything else are not related with any “biological changes”? If anybody think so, you are thoroughly mistaken. I can only request you to update your scientific knowledge, especially modern biochemistry.

CHEMICAL MOLECULES produced during mental activities have specific TARGETS and specific FUNCTIONS of their own. It is the actions of those molecules on their specific targets that produce the particular state of mind and its physiological processes.

When these chemical molecules being part of MENTAL ACTIVITIES are produced in excess, or they are not removed from the system in due course, they will circulate in the body, BIND to unexpected OFF-TARGET biological molecules, and lead to their INHIBITION. Such ‘off-target’ inhibitions caused by the neuro-chemicals circulating in the body are the CAUSATIVE FACTORS pf certain pathological conditions we call PSYCHOSOMATIC DISEASES.

Obviously, there is nothing ‘immaterial’ or ‘dynamic’ in PSYCHOSOMATIC diseases. They are purely MATERIAL, that could be treated by MATERIAL drugs.

PSYCHOSOMATIC DISEASES also belongs to a class of pathological conditions caused by INHIBITIONS of biological molecules by the ‘off-target’ actions of ENDOGENOUS molecules acting as pathogenic agents.


For me, homeopathy is not a ‘belief’ system. It is a ‘knowledge’ system. That is why I ask ‘what, why, how’ about everything we are taught as homeopathy- even about ‘basic laws and principles’ laid by master himself. I think ‘scientific approach’ is all about asking ‘what, why, how’ of everything you experience.


SIMILIMUM ULTRA HOMEOPATHIC SOFTWARE introduces a very innovative and flexible repertorization tool box, containing diverse types of repertorization strategies and protocols. User can select any or multiples of the following repartorization methods, most appropriate to his taste and the peculiarities of the case in hand:

1. Quick Pick Repertorization: Simple and flexible Expert Tool inked to Rubric Basket, for instant repertorization during busy practice. Eliminate drugs step by step using selected rubrics, and find your similimum at fingertips within seconds .

2. Totality Method: Find similimum by classical totality method, using any of the protocols such as Using all Symptoms, Using Selected Symptoms, Using Uncommon Symptoms, Using Uncommon Mentals, Using Uncommon Physical Generals Etc. Options for adding weightage marks assigned according to grades of symptoms. Result can be displayed and saved as charts, and summary could be exported to Reference Tray of the patient.

3. Elimination Method: Elimination method also can be done using any of the protocols such as Using all Symptoms, Using Selected Symptoms, Using Uncommon Symptoms, Using Uncommon Mentals, Using Uncommon Physical Generals Etc. The most efficient way of reaching a single remedy, through step-by-step elimination of drugs using the selected symptoms.

4. Combined Method: This is a revolutionary innovation from similimum team. Hailed by prominent masters of repertorization. Totality Method and Elimination method are combined into a single strategy, thereby effectively avoiding the inherent weaknesses of both methods. The result will be exact similimum. The art of repertorization is finally evolving into perfection!

5. Compartmental Method: For those who use multiple drugs for their patients. Makes their way of prescribing more systematic and rational. Symptoms can be compartmentalized into different groups, and repertorized that way. Let us have a try!

6. Shoot-out Method: From a comprehensive list of drugs, shoot-out step-by-step, using selected rubrics, until a single drug remain alive. A funny way of finding similimum. Repertorization becomes a real, intelligent game!

7. Punch Card Method: Here is the user-friendly digital version of the time-tested Punch-Card repertorization. Select the rubrics, instantly prepare punch cards, and repertorize. See the difference!

8. Brick Column Method: Rubrics are represented by bricks, colored according to grades. Build columns of bricks against each drug, and the most towering column will represent the similimum. Very beautiful graphic interface and handy tools.

9. Reverse Gear Method: A platform for analyzing and comparing the results of different methods of repertorization, for final selection of similimum.

10. Re-combinant Method: Digital version of Bonninhausen’s method of case-taking and repertorization. This platform is by itself, of more worth than this whole software!
Repertorisation results can be saved or extracted to Reference Trays. Can be printed as charts.

Multiple Repertorisation Protocols- Optional Protocols for all methods of repertorizations


If you are repertorizing using conventional TOTALITYmethod, GRADING OF RUBRICS is an essential part of ‘preparing’ rubrics. Inappropriate and drugs may come to the top of the list by the support of mere numbers contributed by comparatively less consequent symptoms , if we do not grade rubrics according to their real value and assign weightage marks to each rubric. This WEIGHTAGE marks should be based on GRADES of individual rubrics, decided by the physician on the basis of whether the rubric is ‘uncommon’ or ‘common’ (abnormal or normal), mentals, physical generals or different levels of ‘particulars’. Repertorization results will only mislead us, if this essential task is ignored or inappropriately done.

Similimum Ultra- Homeopathic Software provides a very scientific, systematic and user-friendly digital tool for GRADING OF RUBRICS. After appropriate rubrics are located and added to the RUBRIC BASKET, we add them to WORK DESK by clicking a button provided on the ‘rubric basket’ window. WORK DESK window appears instantly, with all the rubrics collected in rubric basket displayed on it.

WORK DESK is a platform for ‘preparing’ rubrics for repertorization. COMBINE similar rubrics, GRADE rubrics and REARRANGE rubrics are the essential steps to be done here.

After similar rubrics are ‘combined’ to make single rubrics, select the first rubric in the list and click GRADE RUBRIC button. A ‘grade rubric’ window will pop up. You can decide whether the selected rubric is COMMON, UNCOMMON, GENERAL, PHYSICAL, MENTAL or PARTICULAR. Do it for all the rubrics one by one. Graded rubrics will be transferred to the GRADED RUBRICS listed in lower panel of the window.

Once all the rubrics are by this way graded and transferred to the ‘graded’ list, you can REARRANGE the rubrics by clicking ‘RE-ARRANGE’ button. By this process, rubrics will be rearranged according to their grades and order of importance such as UNCOMMON MENTAL, UNCOMMON PHYSICAL GENERAL, UNCOMMON PARTICULARS, COMMON MENTALS, COMMON PHYSICAL GENERALS and COMMON PARTICULARS. ‘WEIGHTAGE MARKS’ will be assigned to each rubric by the computer in the back ground, which can be added to repertorization marks while displaying reperorization results.

Rubrics are now ready for REPERTORIZATION. You can select appropriate repertorization methods such as ‘totality method’, ‘elimination method’, ‘combined method’, ‘compartmental method’, ‘punch card method’, ‘brick column method’, or ‘shoot out method’, and various protocols now.


Molecular Imprinting is not my original idea or invention. My contribution in this concept is actually very limited, by way of trying to explain homeopathic potentization as a bio-friendly version of already existing Molecular Imprinting In Polymers


Homeopathic study of sulphur should be undertaken with the understanding about the role played by sulphur radicals and suphur-containing functional groups in the interactions of biological molecules.

Sulphur-containing HS functional group is present in ‘cysteine’ radicals contained in almost all active sites of protein molecules such as enzymes and receptors.

Bacterial toxins and other biological toxins of protein nature also have sulphur-containing functional groups. Many phytochemicals which are used as drugs, or are essential parts of our diet also contain sulphur radicals or functional groups.

As such, sulphur and sulphur containing substances can interfere in hundreds of essential biomoecular interactions through competitive inhibitions and produce pathological errors in vital processes.

Potentized sulphur and sulphur compounds, which contain molecular imprints of sulphur can rectify these molecular errors, thereby acting as a major therapeutic weapon in the homeopathic medical arsenal.


Our scientific study regarding the role of ‘succussion’ or violent shaking of drug solutions in the process potentization should begin with a deep study of hydrodynamics of the phenomenon known as CAVITATION.

Cavitation is the formation of bubble-like gaps in a liquid. Mechanical forces, such as the moving blades of a ship’s propeller or sudden negative changes in pressure, can cause cavitation. Violent shaking of fluids may cause cavitation. Skimming or separating butter from milk by violent agitation is an example of practical utilization of cavitation.

Put it in a different way, cavitation is the formation of vapour cavities in a liquid – i.e. small liquid-free zones (“bubbles” or “voids”) – that are the consequence of cavitational forces acting upon the cavitational liquid. It usually occurs when a liquid is subjected to rapid changes of pressure that cause the formation of cavities where the pressure is relatively low. When subjected to higher pressure, the voids implode and can generate an intense shockwave.

Cavitation happening in solutions of very low dilutions due to violent shaking done during homeopathic potentization will result in formation of nanobubbles. Due to hydrodynamic forces, drug molecules entrapped in the hydration shells of of water-alcohol medium will be adsorbed into the microfilms of nanobubbles. Nanobubbles rise to top layers of solution, along with the drug molecules. It will result in the removal of drug molecules from ‘host-guest’ complexes, leaving the free hydration shells as molecular imprints in the lower layers of the solution.

Obviously, CAVITATION and NANOBUBBLE formation due to SUCCUSSION plays a decisive role in the production of MOLECULAR IMPRINTS during homeopathic potentization.

You will get an introductory idea from WIKIPEDIA. Go to this page:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cavitation


Dr. Heena Fatima, a young homeopath from Bangaluru, India, commented as follows:

“Now for the first time I am beginning to like and understand biochemistry. I used to think it is very difficult but thanks to your frequent posts and scientific explanations that I decided that let me try and understand this man who is making so much efforts . At least we can try to read your explanations with a cool mind and try to understand bit by bit, it’s not that difficult I feel now. I am happy that I am beginning to think logically and scientifically and not just mugging up books without understanding the scientific reasons behind them.All credit goes to u.”

This comment is a happy indication that my persistent work has slowly started to produce some results. Young generation of homeopathy has started to think freely!


Dilution, sufficient succussion, and removal of top layers to a new bottle for next step of serial dilution- according to my view, these are the essential THREE STEPS in right method of potentization, which will ensure perfect MOLECULAR IMPRINTING.

As per the new method of molecular imprinting I am in the process of evolving from MIT perspective, I use to mix mother tincture and vehicle in 1:1 ratio, apply 300 succussions, keep 10 minutes for settling, and transfer the upper half to the next bottle for next stage of dilution. This is continued up to 80 steps. Lower half of solutions after 40 steps are preserved as finished products, labelling with ‘Drug name+MI. I may later modify this method in its final details, after completing the first stage of testing and evaluation of results.


My thinking is that ‘succussion’ helps in removing the drug molecules from the hydrogen-bonded supra-molecular ‘vehicle-drug’ or ‘guest-host’ complexes formed in the solution. As such, ‘succussion’ is an inevitable part of effective ‘molecular imprinting’.

Due to the pressure variations generated by violent shaking, a process known as ‘cavitation’ will take place, resulting in the formation of ‘nanobubbles’. Drug molecules lying entrapped in the ‘host-guest’ complexes will be adsorbed into the microfilms around these nanobubbles.

When the shaking is stopped and solution put to rest, these nanobubbles, along with the drug molecules adsorbed into it, will rise to the top layer of the solution. This process will free the ‘molecular imprints’.

By this process, drug molecules begin to concentrate in top layers, and the number of drug molecules gradually decreases in the lower layers of the solution.

The upper layer that contains drug molecules are transferred to next bottle for making next higher potencies, and will be utilized for molecular imprinting the next bottle.

As the serial dilution goes higher to approach Avogadro limit, lower layers will become completely free of drug molecules, and the drug molecules collected in top layers get transferred to the next bottle.

The lower portions, devoid of any drug molecules, will be saturated with ‘molecular imprints’ only.


What is the exact role of ‘succussion’ or ‘violent shaking’ in deciding the final outcome during homeopathic potentization? Why simple progressive dilution is not enough in homeopathic drug preparation? Can anybody suggest a scientific explanation on this point?

You cannot potentize a drug by serial dilution only, avoiding the process of succussion. You cannot also potentize a drug by succussion only, avoiding serial dilution. We all know, dilution and succussion are essential parts of perfect method of potentization. But we need a scientifically viable explanation- WHY??


CASE TAKING and PRESCRIBING become very simple, fast and perfect if you are doing it by ‘Simultaneous Case taking and Repertorization’ (SCR METHOD), using Similimum Ultra- Homeopathic Software:

CASE TAKING is the most important step that decides the final outcome of a homeopath’s clinical work. It is said: “a well taken case is half way to cure”. Classical methods of case taking are much time consuming, and involves much writing or typing. Similimum Ultra Software introduces novel tools and methods of case taking, over and above classical methods.

‘Search-and-add Rubric While You Talk’ is a very simple and efficient way of case recording, especially for busy practitioners, who have no time and inclination to type down complete case history, but desires a full case taking. Typing work is very nominal in this method. Symptoms are recorded not in patients own words, but as exact repertorial rubrics. Much time and labor is saved, without compromising quality and accuracy of outcome.

To record cases using this method, open ‘Search Repertory’ tool from ‘Case Record’ window. Select the preferred Repertory from drop-down list. Simultaneous with interrogation of the patient, type down one or more key words that are expected to be part of the repertorial rubric appropriate for the symptom the patient is elaborating. Click ‘Go’ or press ‘Enter’. A list of all rubrics from all chapters of the selected repertory, containing the selected key words will be displayed instantly. Scrolling through this rubric list, select the appropriate rubric for your symptom and click ‘Add to Basket’. Repeat this process for all the important symptoms described by the patient. After case taking is over, click “Rubric Basket’ icon above the ‘symptoms’ field to open the ‘Rubric Basket’. A complete list of rubrics already added, along with their drug lists are displayed in the ‘rubric basket’. You can ‘delete’ unwanted rubrics from here. Then click “ Add to Case record’ . All the rubrics are instantly transferred to ‘symptoms’ panel of Case Record.

Case Taking is now complete! You have not even bothered about opening your Repertories, and looking for chapters and Rubrics!

Now you can open the RUBRIC BASKET, and find a remedy using QUICKPICK tool provided there.

QUICK PICK is a very innovative expert tool to find similimum instantly by elimination method, during busy clinical practice

After selecting and adding all the relevant rubrics from the REPERTORY into the RUBRIC BASKET simultaneous with talking to the patient, click ‘QUICKPICK’ button from ‘rubric basket’ or ‘case record’ window. A small QUICK PICK window pops-up.

All the rubrics we had added to the rubric basket are appear listed in the upper panel with of the new window, with a check box against each rubric. Tick the most important or ELIMINATING rubric first. List of drugs covered by that particular rubric is now seen displayed in the lower panel of the QUICK PICK window. Then select the second eliminating symptom. Now, only the drugs covered by both SELECTED rubrics are displayed. In this way, eliminate systematically, until we reach a single drug , covered by all the rubrics used for ELIMINATION. This drug will be the similimum for the case. Utmost care should be employed in the selection of eliminating rubrics and their sequences, to ensure correct output. Never do it mechanically.

When elimination has given a satisfactory output, click ‘add to reference tray’ button. The result of quick pick method will be saved into the reference tray attached to the CASE RECORD of the particular patient.

Once you master this QUICK PICK technique of repertorization, you will realize what a nice experience it is to work up on cases using SIMILIMUM ULTRA SOFTWARE


It is true that there are many homeopaths doing excellent works without using any software. But they could have worked very much better if they had used a good homeopathic software.

You will understand the difference once you start using it seriously.


I do not think Modern Medicine is irrelevant or unnecessary. In the present context, it has a main role to play in the health care system all over the world, even with its harmful aspects .

ALLOPATHY Hahnemann discussed about in his works exists no more. It is not fair to call ‘modern medicine’ as allopathy. Allopathy was a medical system which represented a primitive phase in the historical evolution of medical knowledge and its application. That phase is already over.

MODERN MEDICINE has recently advanced into MOLECULAR MEDICINE, where drugs are selected on the basis of scientific understanding of pathological molecular errors in vital processes. Remember this point when quoting ‘ant-allopathy’ statements of our masters to attack modern medicine.

Molecular medicine is the most advanced, most scientific and most recently originated discipline in modern medical science. It is a broad field, where physical, chemical, biological and medical techniques are used to describe molecular structures and mechanisms, identify fundamental molecular and genetic errors of pathology, and to develop molecular interventions to correct those errors.

‘Molecular Medicine’ emphasizes disease and cure in terms of cellular and molecular phenomena and interventions rather than the conceptual and observational focus on patients and their organs common to conventional medicine.

Molecular Medicine studies drug substances in terms of their molecular level structure and organization, and is more and more relying upon target-specific Designer Drugs synthesized by drug designing technology, supported by computer aided designing protocols.

Fundamental difference between homeopathy and modern medicine is that ‘modern medicine’ uses ‘drug molecules’ as therapeutic agents, where as homeopathy uses ‘molecular imprints’ of drug molecules. This is a very important difference, indeed.

Homeopathy selects drugs on the basis of ‘totality of symptoms’, which are the real indicators of those pathological molecular errors. As such, homeopathy can be defined as a specialized higher branch of ‘modern molecular medicine’.

Since ‘modern medicine’ uses highly reactive ‘drug molecules’ as therapeutic agents, they can create dangerous ‘off-target’ molecular errors in the organism. That is the main draw back of ‘modern medicine’. Since homeopathy uses only ‘molecular imprints’, they cannot cause any ‘off-target’ molecular errors. Hence homeopathy is very safe when compared to modern medicine.

Since ‘modern medicine’ requires a clear understanding of pathological molecular processes to decide an appropriate therapeutic agent, they cannot treat many diseases which are not well understood. For homeopathy, knowing the exact molecular error behind the pathology is not necessary, since homeopathy identifies the molecular errors and their remedial agents by observing subjective and objective ‘symptoms’ that express the molecular errors. As such, homeopathy can cure any disease even without knowing the underlying molecular errors, merely on the basis of ‘symptoms’. This is a great advantage for homeopathy. Whereas modern medicine can hope for an effective treatment only for well understood diseases, that to with possibility of unwanted side effects, homeopathy can treat any disease effectively and safely.


In a far distant historical perspective, I foresee the possibility of converging of modern medicine and homeopathy into a universal molecular medical science of ‘drug-less therapy’, where only molecular imprints will be used as therapeutic agents. Instead of our present ‘potentization’, modern science may develop more sophisticated ways of molecular imprinting, that would enable us to produce therapeutic agents more specific and perfect than our present day ‘potentized drugs’.

May be be distant dream. But it is a dream based on scientific knowledge.


In western countries, POTENTIZATION MACHINES are available in market, using which potentized drugs could be prepared by practitioners themselves, according to requirements. Even without any original drug substance or back potency. Even in India, some ‘homeopaths’ have started using these ‘machines’!

It is said that ‘frequencies’ of all potencies of all drugs are saved as computer programs in these machines. Place bottles filled with globules or water in the machine, select drug and potency you want to make, and click. Very simple- your drug is ready to dispense!

Can anybody imagine to explain the SCIENCE of this nonsense?

Sad to say, this is our HOMEOPATHY! Homeopaths should feel ashamed that all these absurdities happen in the name of homeopathy.


According to the MIT concepts I propose, ‘Molecular Imprinting’ of vehicle molecules with the drug molecules happens by a peculiar sort of ‘supra-molecular’ interaction between drug molecules and vehicle molecules during the process of serial dilution and succussion involved in ‘potentization’.

During this process, drug molecules and vehicle molecules enter into a sort of ‘host-guest’ relationship, where the drug molecules act as ‘guests’ and vehicle molecules as ‘host’. ‘Host-guest’ relationship means, water-ethyl alcohol molecules that constitute the ‘vehicle’ arrange themselves around every individual drug molecules and entrap them to form peculiar supra-molecular structures known as ‘hydration shells’ through a process of ‘hydrogen bonding’, leading to the formation of ‘host-guest complexes’.

When ‘guest’ or drug molecules are later removed from these ‘host-guest complexes’ through further succussion and dilution, free hydration shells devoid of drug molecules will remain in the medium. It is these empty hydration shells formed by vehicle molecules, or the three-dimensional supra-molecular nanocavities carrying the ‘negative’ spacial conformations of ‘guest’ molecules, that we call ‘molecular imprints’.

According to MIT view, these molecular imprints are the active principles of potentized drugs, which can selectively bind to all pathogenic molecules having spacial conformations ‘similar’ to the original drug molecules that were used as ‘guest’, by acting as artificial binding sites for them. This is the essence of MIT explanation of homeopathy.


According to IIT-B scientists, “1% TOP MONOLAYER” of each new potency contains “particles of starting materials” collected as nanobubbles, which are then as a whole “transferred” to new bottles for preparing next higher potencies. The remaining bulk quantity probably does not contain any drug particles. It is this ’empty’ bulk quantity, devoid of any remnants of drug particles, that are used as therapeutic agents in homeopathy.

If so, what will be exact ACTIVE PRINCIPLES of our potentized drugs? Only answer that is rationally possible is MOLECULAR IMPRINTS.

Presumably, the original drug particles contained in “1% top layer” is carried over and utilized for molecular imprinting of water-ethyl alcohol vehicle during every successive stages of potentization. That is how original drug molecules are made available for molecular imprinting of even our ‘ultra’ dilutions that are very much above Avogadro limit.


Everybody, including the researchers themselves, seem to have ignored some of the very important observations IIT-B scientists made regarding homeopathic ‘ultra dilutions’.

1. They detected particles of ‘starting materials’ in potencies up to 200C.

2. They detected that these ‘starting materials’ are present only in the ‘1% top monolayer’.

3. They detected that the bulk solution other than the ‘1% top layer’ does not contain any particle of starting materials.

4. They detected that the quantity, structure and properties of ‘starting materials’ they detected in all potencies from 6C to 200C are same. There is no any difference.

5. They observed that ‘the whole ‘1% layer’ containing starting materials from each potency are transferred for making the next potency, and hence, they are carried over to even highest potencies.

Everybody were busy making theories that IIT-B team has ‘proved’ that ‘nanoparticles of starting materials’ are the active principles of potentized drugs.

Everybody ignored the fact that drug particles were detected only in 1% TOP LAYER of potentized drugs.

Everybody ignored the fact that the bulk part of potentized drugs except the 1% TOP LAYER do not contain any drug particles.

Everybody ignored the fact that drug particles contained in all potencies from 6C to 200C are similar.


It is obvious that the ‘particles’ of original staring materials floating only in the ‘1% top layer’ of homeopathic dilutions, and which are presumed to be ‘wholely transferred’ to higher potencies cannot be the active principles of potentized drugs. It is common knowledge that it is not the ‘1% top layer’ only, but the whole bulk remaining even after of removal of ‘top layer’ that is used as medicines. That means, potentized drugs have therapeutic effects even if they do not contain any ‘particles’ of starting materials. If so, we have to continue our search for the exact active principles of potentized drugs, which can exhibit therapeutic effects even without any ‘drug particles’.

Such a search will inevitably lead us to MOLECULAR IMPRINTS.

Author: Chandran Nambiar K C

I am Chandran Nambiar K C Author, REDEFINING HOMEOPATHY Managing Director, Fedarin Mialbs Private Limited Developer. SIMILIMUM ULTRA Homeopathic Software I am not a scientist, academician, scholar, professional homeopath or anybody with 'big credentials', but an old lay man, a retired government servant, who accidentally happened to fall into the deep waters of the great ocean of homeopathic knowledge during his fiery teenage years, and was destined to live a whole life exploring the mysteries of that wonderful world with unending enthusiasm. My interest in homeopathy happened very accidentally when I was only 20 years old UNDERGRADUATE ZOOLOGY student, through a constant relationship with a local practitioner who happened to be father of my classmate. I was a regular visitor in his clinic, where from I started reading BOERICKE MATERIA MEDICA and other homeopathic books, which helped me to cure myself my troublesome asthma that have been haunting me since my childhood days. I became a voracious reader of homeopathy.

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