‘Ageing’ Is A Multi-System Chronic Disease Condition Caused By Accumulation Of ‘Protein Damages’ Over Years

‘Ageing’ is the result of unresolved ‘protein damages’ accumulated in the organism gradually over years. Proteins get damaged by the action of endogenous or exogenous agents upon them and change their three-dimensional conformations which are essential for maintaining their normal biological activities.

When proteins involved in enzymatic roles in the processes of DNA synthesis and genetic expression are damaged, it will result in DNA damages, which in turn lead to further protein damages. By this processes, organelles and cells are damaged and destroyed, gradually leading to what we call ‘ageing’.

Currently there are a lot of theories about ‘ageing’, such as ‘Wear and tear’ Theory of aging, Genetic theories of aging, General imbalance theories of aging, Accumulation theories of aging, Free radical theory of aging, DNA Damage Theory of Aging etc.

According to my view, ‘ageing’ is due to ‘PROTEIN DAMAGES’ caused by endogenous and exogenous factors. This theory explains all other above-said theories scientifically in a single go.

PROTEIN DAMAGES will inevitably lead to DNA DAMAGES, as DNA synthesis and genetic expressions are mediated by different classes of ENZYMES, which are essentially PROTEINS.

Changes in TELOMERES, considered to be decisive factor in ageing process, are actually the effects of changes produced by endogenous or exogenous factors up on TELOMERASE enzymes and HISTONE METHYLTRANSFERASE enzymes, which are also PROTEINS.

‘Protein’ damages as well as DNA damages happening in tissues of heart, central nervous system, muscles, kidneys, liver, bones, lungs, pancreas, endocrine glands etc play major roles in the advancement of ageing process.

Various metabolic byproducts such as free radicals, hormones, cytokines, antibodies, and various other endogenous chemical molecules can act as contributing factors of ‘protein damages’. Environmental pollutants, minerals, elements, chemicals, radiations, food articles, food additives, drugs, infectious agents etc also play their roles in damaging ‘proteins’.

Since any ‘disease’ is associated with some sorts of protein damages caused by exogenous or endogenous pathogenic agents, in a broader perspective, ‘ageing’ also could be considered a ‘chronic disease’ at the molecular level

Process of ageing could be retarded through homeopathic treatment, the same way as any chronic disease is treated.



Author: Chandran Nambiar K C

I am Chandran Nambiar K C Author, REDEFINING HOMEOPATHY Managing Director, Fedarin Mialbs Private Limited Developer. SIMILIMUM ULTRA Homeopathic Software I am not a scientist, academician, scholar, professional homeopath or anybody with 'big credentials', but an old lay man, a retired government servant, who accidentally happened to fall into the deep waters of the great ocean of homeopathic knowledge during his fiery teenage years, and was destined to live a whole life exploring the mysteries of that wonderful world with unending enthusiasm. My interest in homeopathy happened very accidentally when I was only 20 years old UNDERGRADUATE ZOOLOGY student, through a constant relationship with a local practitioner who happened to be father of my classmate. I was a regular visitor in his clinic, where from I started reading BOERICKE MATERIA MEDICA and other homeopathic books, which helped me to cure myself my troublesome asthma that have been haunting me since my childhood days. I became a voracious reader of homeopathy.

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