‘Knowledge Of Disease’ And ‘Knowledge Of Medicinal Powers’ In Modern Scientific Knowledge Context

According to Hahnemann, “knowledge of diseases” and “knowledge of medicinal powers” are the essential qualities of a ‘good physician’. In modern knowledge context, definition of “knowledge of diseases” hahnemann proposed as a basic qualification of “good physician” inevitably should mean the understanding of biochemical processes involved in the ‘molecular level pathology’ of diseases. “Knowledge of medicinal powers” should include the knowledge regarding the exact ‘active principles’ of potentized drugs, and the biological mechanism by which they produce cure. “Proper dose and repetition” could be scientifically decided only if you know ‘what is the exact active principles’ of potenteized drugs we are using, and ‘how they actually work’.

Our practice will become “judicious and rational” as hahnemann defined, only if modern homeopaths attain at least that much of scientific awareness Each homeopaths has to equip himself with these essential scientific knowledge to be qualified as ‘good physicians’.

We cannot evade from answering TWO fundamental questions in order to equip with ‘knowledge of disease’ and ‘knowledge of medicinal powers’:

Question 1: What are the ‘active principles of potentized drugs?

Answer: ‘Active principles’ of potentized drugs are ‘hydrosomes’ or ‘molecular imprinted supra-molecular nano cavities of water-ethyl alcohol molecules’ prepared by a process of molecular imprinting known as potentization.

Question 2: What is the molecular mechanism by which potentized act as therapeutic agents?

Answer: Due to the complementary conformational affinity, ‘hydrosomes’ or ‘molecular imprinted supra-molecular nano cavities’ contained in potentized drugs can remove the pathogenic molecular inhibitions in the organism by acting as ‘ligand traps’ or ‘artificial binding sites’, for pathogenic molecules having conformations similar to the drug molecules used for potentization.

It is totally wrong to say potentized homeopathic drugs contain NANO PARTICLES. They contain NANO CAVITIES. It makes a big difference in its implications, which the most-celebrated ‘nanoparticle theory’ of IIT scientists failed to recognize.

Active principles of POTENTIZED DRUGS are ‘molecular imprints’ consisting of supra-molecular ‘NANO CAVITIES’ or EMPTY SPACES previously occupied by drug molecules used for potentization. These supra-molecular NANO CAVITIES can act as ‘artificial binding sites’ for pathogenic molecules similar to the drug molecules, due to their complimentary conformations, thereby relieving the biological molecules from INHIBITIONS caused by pathogenic molecules. This is the molecular mechanism involved in MOLECULAR IMPRINTS THERAPEUTICS known as HOMEOPATHY.

Molecular imprinted nano cavities contained in potentized drugs act as conformation-specific LIGAND TRAPS that can ‘entrap’ pathogenic ligands having shapes exactly similar to the drug molecules used for imprinting. Hope I sad it clearly.

I hope scientists will shortly realize the implications of homeopathic potentization as a process of preparing ‘molecular imprinted nano cavities’ in water-alcohol supra-molecular matrix, which could be used as ‘ligand traps’ that can act as conformation-specific artificial binding sites for pathogenic molecules. Such a realization would enable them to develop a whole new range of safe and target-specific medicinal agents that could be incorporated into the therapeutic arsenal of modern molecular medicine. Once it happens, modern medical science and pharmaceutical industry will undergo revolutionary changes.

Study, preparation and application of NANO CAVITIES is special area of NANO TECHNOLOGY. Polymer-based nano cavities are prepared by MOLECULAR IMPRINTING IN POLYMERS. Molecular imprinted polymers could not be applied as therapeutic agents in living organisms. Homeopathic potentization is a process of preparing MOLECULAR IMPRINTS or supra-molecular NANO CAVITIES in water-ethyl alcohol matrix, that could be safely used as therapeutic agents.

I would suggest to use the term HYDROSOMES for ‘molecular imprinted supra-molecular nano cavities of water’. It would be a most appropriate, original, meaningful and convenient term for regular use. ‘HYDRO’ indicates ‘water’, and ‘SOMES’ indicates ‘cavities’. Now we can say, active principles of potentized homeopathic drugs are HYDROSOMES.

Bio-molecular mechanism of a curative process could be considered ‘homeopathic’, only if the ‘active principles’ of therapeutic agent interact with pathogenic molecules by a ‘homeopathic’ relationship. In such a relationship, the molecular conformation of ‘active principles’ of ‘remedies’ will be exactly complementary to the conformation of pathogenic molecules, so that they can bind each other by a ‘key-lock’ mechanism wherein the pathogenic molecules act as ‘keys’ and the active factors of therapeutic agents as ‘key-holes’ of the ‘locks’. Such a ‘homeopathic’ relationship happens only when the ‘active principles’ of therapeutic agents are ‘hydrosomes’ or ‘molecular imprinted nanocavities’ that can act as ‘ligand traps’ or ‘artificial binding sites’ for the pathogenic molecules. That means, the therapeutic agents should be made by ‘molecular imprinting’ or ‘potentization’ of pathogenic molecules themselves, or any drug molecules having conformations ‘similar’ to the pathogenic molecules. This is the molecular basis of ‘similia similibus curentur’ explained in scientific terms.

DISEASE SYMPTOMS and DRUG SYMPTOMS appear to be SIMILAR when the PATHOGENIC MOLECULES and DRUG MOLECULES have similar conformations, so that they can bind to SIMILAR biological molecules and produce SIMILAR molecular inhibitions which are expressed through SIMILAR symptoms.

MOLECULAR IMPRINTS of drug molecules will be ‘nano cavities’ having molecular conformations exactly COMPLEMENTARY to the drug molecules used for imprinting, as well as to the pathogenic molecules having conformations similar to the drug molecules. These NANO CAVITIES can bind to the pathogenic molecules by COMPLEMENTARY relationship by acting as LIGAND TRAPS or ARTIFICIAL BINDING SITES, and deactivate them. This process leads to the removal of MOLECULAR INHIBITIONS in the biological molecules caused by the pathogenic molecules. This is the molecular mechanism of homeopathic cure.

If you are not using drugs in ‘molecular imprints’ forms (means potentized above avogadro limit or 12c), it is not homeopathy whatever ‘theories’ and ‘laws’ you talk about. Only molecular imprints can act by a bio-molecular mechanism that is truly ‘homeopathic’. When you use ‘molecular forms’ of drugs (mother tinctures and potencies below avogadro limit or 12c), they act by a bio-molecular mechanism exactly same as allopathy or ayurveda. It is the ‘active principles’ of therapeutic agents you use and the way they act in the body that determines whether you are doing homeopathy or allopathy- not your theories, laws, labels or degrees.

Only those symptoms which are produced by ‘proving’ drugs in MOLECULAR FORMS, or obtained from accidental poisonings or toxicological studies are homeopathically reliable.

Since MOLECULAR IMPRINTS contained in potentized drugs cannot produce any effects up on normal interactions of biological molecules, symptoms claimed to be collected from so-called ‘high potency’ provings are unreliable as homeopathic indicators of remedies.

Most of such ‘high potency’ symptoms are pure imaginations or placebo effects exacly similar to ‘meditation provings’, ‘dream provings’, ‘trituration provings’ and other absurd ‘proving’ techniques propagated by ‘energy medicine’ homeopaths.

In certain cases, ‘high potency’ symptoms may represent molecular level changes happening in the organism as a result of he removal of some already existing molecular errors by the molecular imprints contained the potentized drugs. Obviously, they are not symptoms caused by drugs, but symptoms representing the curative actions of potentized drugs. They cannot be considered ‘drug symptoms’ in its real sense, and cannot be used as indicators for selecting similimum.

Once you start talking about potentized drugs and homeopathy in terms of ‘molecular imprinted nano cavities’ they contain, you can rationally and convincingly explain the ‘biological mechanism’ of therapeutics involved in ‘Similia Similibus Curentur using modern scientific paradigms even to a member of modern medical profession who so far considered homeopathy a ‘fake’ or ‘placebo’. Only thing is, you should have some working knowledge about the bio-molecular interactions underlying the vital processes underlying life, disease and cure as revealed by modern biochemistry and molecular biology.

Once you could perceive potentized drugs in terms of MOLECULAR IMPRINTS or supra-molecular NANO CAVITIES that can act as ‘artificial binding sites’ for pathogenic molecules having complimentary conformation, you will see that you can answer any hard questions about homeopathy rationally and scientifically. You will see how much rationally you can explain the biological mechanism of ‘similia similibus curentur’ in a way exactly fitting to the paradigms of modern science. You will see no questions remain unanswered, or no riddles unresolved in homeopathy. You will see, homeopathy becomes a full-fledged MEDICAL SCIENCE.

THEORY as well as PRACTICE of homeopathy is actually very simple, if taught scientifically and perceived rationally. People with vested interests make it appear complex and difficult, so that beginners and students get confused and throng into their ‘seminar’ halls to ‘learn’ and pay for the wonderful ‘methods’ they market!

Author: Chandran Nambiar K C

I am Chandran Nambiar K C Author, REDEFINING HOMEOPATHY Managing Director, Fedarin Mialbs Private Limited Developer. SIMILIMUM ULTRA Homeopathic Software I am not a scientist, academician, scholar, professional homeopath or anybody with 'big credentials', but an old lay man, a retired government servant, who accidentally happened to fall into the deep waters of the great ocean of homeopathic knowledge during his fiery teenage years, and was destined to live a whole life exploring the mysteries of that wonderful world with unending enthusiasm. My interest in homeopathy happened very accidentally when I was only 20 years old UNDERGRADUATE ZOOLOGY student, through a constant relationship with a local practitioner who happened to be father of my classmate. I was a regular visitor in his clinic, where from I started reading BOERICKE MATERIA MEDICA and other homeopathic books, which helped me to cure myself my troublesome asthma that have been haunting me since my childhood days. I became a voracious reader of homeopathy.

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