Selected Facebook Updates And Tweets Of Chandran K C On Scientific Homeopathy- Volume III

Nobody can make me BIG, if I am really SMALL. Nobody can make me SMALL, if I am really BIG. Whether anybody see me ‘small’ or ‘big’ is only the problem of those who see – not mine. I am what really I AM.

If MIT is right, no politicking and poo-pooing can defeat it. If MIT is wrong, no supporting and promoting can save it.


A ‘tortoise’ destined to live in a world of ‘rabbits’ cannot afford a leisure or nap, or even a slow down. He has to keep on running and running, at least to keep alive the hope for a win in the race!

And the final WINNER was the poor tortoise, as per the fables!


Most homeopaths see only the ‘small’ man WHO proposed MIT, and fail to see WHAT ‘big’ thing really is MIT.


My grandson yesterday reminded me that my 62nd birthday is on june 10th, and wanted to know how it is going to be celbrated.

After the narrow escape from the jaws of death during that terrible heart attack two months back, i have become a bit retrospective and philosophical towards life. And I have unconsciously geared up my pace of work up on MIT, probably with an inner fear that time is falling short at my disposal.

What for I have been living all these 62 years on this earth? What for I should live a few more years here?

On this 62nd year of my innings on this beautiful earth, my mind is occupied with nothing except homeopathy and MIT. You may call it a pathological obscession, but I woul like to call it my MISSION. Now I feel, it has been the sole aim of my whole life- though I came to realize it very late.


You can ‘follow’ hahnemann in either of TWO ways:



A dogmatic blind ‘follower’, who walks 200+ years backward through history and grope in the darkness of primitive scientific knowledge environment, cannot be a ‘real’ follower of hahnemann’s legacy

A real follower should take homeopathy ‘dialectically’ forward through 200+ years of history, and make it compatible with modern scientific knowledge.


By the time potentization crosses avogadro limit (at 12C), all the DRUG molecules will be removed from the medium, and the preparation 12c will be SATURATED with molecular imprints. Since there exist no MOLECULES, further potentization is of no use. I think 12C is the ideal potency. I use 30c, only because it is the lowest potency above 12c universally available.


Everybody, even those ‘hair transmission’ people and ‘dream provers’ claim they are HAHNEMANNIAN HOMEOPATHS. Some of claim to be CLASSICAL HOMEOPATHS.

Homeopathy is by itself ‘hahnemannian’- no need of such an adjective for it. I would say there are homeopaths with ‘DIALECTICAL’ approach, who follow the essence of what hahnemann taught, by updating homeopathy in the light of ever-advancing SCIENTIFIC KNOWLEDGE. There are also homeopaths with ‘DOGMATIC’ approach, who blindly follow the ‘WORDS’ of hahnemann, without understanding its essence, who lack any scientific outlook.

And of course, there are various strains of STRAY homeopaths or PERVERT homeopaths- who are neither ‘dogmatic’ nor ‘dialectic’. I consider them UNHOMEOPATHICS. Sorry to say, they form the majority!

Predictives, sankarans, hair transmissions, radionics, reflexologists, dream provers, CAM homeopaths, ‘energy medicine’ , spiritual homeopathy- all of them belong to that category of PERVERT HOMEOPATHS.


FOLLOWING may be in TWO ways: BLIND or DOGMATIC, and DIALECTIC or SCIENTIFIC. That is the point I want to emphasize. A dogmatic, blind ‘follower’ cannot be a real ‘follower’, who walks 200+ years backward and grope in the darkness of primitive scientific knowledge environment. A real follower should take homeopathy 200+ years forward, and make it compatible with modern scientific knowledge.


One homeopath wants to know: “How can we decide a patient is HOT or COLD? What are are indications to be observed to decide the thermals? What questions we have to ask to get such THERMAL indications?”

I would never ask a patient whether he is hot or cold. While collecting particular symptoms, I would also try to get thermal modalities of maximum particulars. When talking about thirst, I will try to know whether he prefers warm or cold water. I would try to know whether he prefers foods warm or cold. Any preferences in bathing cold or warm? I will try to know whether he prefers covering head, whether he prefers light dresses or woolen ones. Whether he want to cover the whole body during sleep? Whether he likes to sit without much dresses always, and why so. I would also try to know whether he prefers fanning, open windows etc. I would listen whether he complains over sweating. I would note when his complaints aggravate, in hot climates or cold climates.

By analyzing all these particular modalities and preferences, I can decide whether the patient is HOT or COLD in GENERAL. If I could not reach such a conclusion AFFIRMATIVELY, I never consider GENERAL THERMALS as repertorial rubric.


Structure, physical conformations and chemical properties of individual CONSTITUENT MOLECULES decide the medicinal properties of drug substances. It is these individual molecules that act upon biological molecules and produce molecular inhibitions that are expressed as MENTAL and PHYSICAL symptoms.

All those who talk about ‘essence’ of drugs, ‘mind’ of drugs, ‘personality’ of drugs and ‘dynamic energy’ of drugs are actually exhibiting their gross scientific ignorance


What is the INNER ESSENCE of DISEASE? I would say, inner essence of disease is the DISTURBED VITAL PROCESSES or biochemical pathways, arising from inhibitions of biological molecules produced by pathogenic molecules.

Hahnemann in Paragraph 7 of the Organon: “So it is the totality of symptoms, the outer image expressing the inner essence of the disease, i.e. , Of the disturbed vital force, that must be the main, even the only, means by which the disease allows us to find the necessary remedy.”

What does this statement mean when adapted into modern scientific context, when we are approaching disease and cure in terms of biological molecular processes?

Hahnemann says, TOTALITY OF SYMPTOMS are the ‘outer image’ expressing the ‘inner essence’ of disease. TOTALITY OF SYMPTOMS is the ‘main, even the only, means” of finding an appropriate remedy.

Due to the historical limitations of scientific knowledge available during his time, hahnemann considered the ‘inner essence’ of disease is ‘disturbed vital force’. He was not able to comprehend diseases as ‘disturbed vital processes’ at the molecular level.

Now we know, ‘inner essence’ of diseases are ‘molecular inhibitions’ produced in various biological molecules by the binding of endogenous or exogenous pathogenic molecules. Such molecular inhibitions lead to derangement in associated biochemical pathways, and these derangements are expressed through subjective and objective symptoms. It is by observing these ‘symptoms’ that we could locate the exact molecular inhibitions, and identify the biological molecules and pathogenic molecules involved. Selection of an appropriate remedy that would supply all the molecular imprints required to remove the molecular inhibitions could be made only by observing the ‘totality of symptoms’ expressed by the patient, and comparing them with the drug symptoms collected by homeopathic provings.

It is obvious that hahnemann’s observations regarding the “means by which the disease allows us to find the necessary remedy” still holds good, even we understand homeopathy in terms of biochemistry. It clearly demonstrates the correctness of ‘similia similibus curentur’.


SYMPTOMS representing normal physiological processes should be considered NORMAL symptoms. Homeopaths should look for ABNORMAL symptoms representing abnormal molecular processes to find similimum. Actually, persons “without having any disease,” is an utopian situation. There will be always some molecular errors, may be minor and not disturbing.

Homeopath’ s first job in case analysis is distinguishing between normal symptoms and abnormal symptoms. Normal symptoms represent normal biological processes, and is of no use in selecting a similimum. Only abnormal symptoms are valid as therapeutic indicators. Sweating in a hot atmosphere is normal. But sweating in chilly atmosphere is abnormal. Desire sweets is normal. Aversion to sweets is abnormal. Excessive craving for sweets also is abnormal


If our drugs contain any molecules similar to any biological molecules, their molecular imprints can of course bind to biological molecules. That is the way molecular imprints of ‘sarcodes’ act. But the most important thing is, even if molecular imprints bind to biological molecules, they CANNOT prevent the interactions of biological molecules with their natural ligands, due to increased ‘charge affinity’. That is why potentized thyroidinum does not disrupt normal actions of thyroid hormones, where as they can rectify the bad effects of excess thyroid, which are due to the ‘off target’ inhibitions caused by thyroid hormones.

We can treat the ‘ailments from anxiety’ using potentized adrenalin. Here molecular imprints of adrenalin can bind to adrenalin molecules in our body, but cannot prevent adrenalin hormone from acting up on its natural biological targets. ‘AILMENTS FROM ANXIETY’ is caused by ‘off target’ binding of adrenalin molecules, which can be removed by molecular imprints of adrenalin. We have to study the dynamics of ‘comparative affinity’ to understand this phenomenon.

CARBON MONOXIDE has more affinity than OXYGEN towards the receptors on haemoglobin molecules, and can competitively bind to them, preventing oxygen binding . That is why oxygen starvation happens in our body when exposed to carbon monoxide. It is due to phenomenon of COMPARATIVE AFFINITY


Today, I came across an Indian homeopath who claims to be in a process to develop a Homeopathic software based on his research work which could identify the Similar Homeopathic medicine for a suffering patient as soon as sensor connected to body, and he says this software will see the light in a short time.

Once he succeeds in his attempt, we will have to rewrite what hahnemann said in Aphorism 7 of the Organon: “So it is the totality of symptoms, the outer image expressing the inner essence of the disease, i.e. , Of the disturbed vital force, that must be the main, even the only, means by which the disease allows us to find the necessary remedy.”

Already, western CAM homeopaths use RADIONICS machines which decides the similimum when the terminals of the device are connected to the body of the patient. Indicated medicine in desired potency also will be PREPARED by the machine, using the pre-stored FREQUENCIES and VIBRATIONS!

DAVID LITTLE, the great ‘international teacher’ of homeopathy have already taught us elaborately how to select similimum using REFLEXOLOGY techniques- bringing drugs near the body and observing pupil reflexes, pulse changes, skin reflexes etc.

SENSOR will detect the history, miasms, vaccinations, emotions, dispositions, infections, addictions, food habits.. everything? By connecting it on the body? May be, if all those history, miasms, vaccinations, emotions, dispositions are VIBRATIONS! No need of repertories, materia medica… nothing! Any role for homeopath, other than connecting sensors on patients and waiting to see what the machine says?


We should remember, no ‘masters’ or ‘stalwarts’ so far knew what really happens during potentization.

Nobody so far knew what are the exact active principles of potentized drugs.

Nobody so far knew the exact molecular level mechanism by which the active principles of potentized drugs interact with the biological organism and produce a therapeutic effect.

Nobody so far even proposed a scientifically viable ‘hypothesis’ regarding a logical model for the biological mechanism for homeopathy, that could be ‘proved’ or ‘disproved’ by scientific method.

Only things our masters actually knew was the objective natural phenomena of ‘likes curing likes’ and ‘high dilution effects’.

Everything else were mere speculations. Speculations based on unscientific philosophy of ‘dynamism’ and ‘vitalism’.

All ‘laws’, ‘rules’, ‘methods’ and ‘doctrines’ we consider as ‘cardinal principles of homeopathy evolved from these speculative theories. All ‘directions’ regarding ‘doses’, repetitions’, ‘single drugs’, ‘follow ups’ and everything else were formulated without clearly knowing the substances we are actually dealing with or how they actually work.

All ‘laws’, ‘rules’, ‘methods’ and ‘doctrines’ we consider as ‘cardinal principles of homeopathy were based on misinterpreted ‘experiences’ of ‘stalwarts’ having historically limited scientific knowledge.



Once we understand the exact processes involved in potentization, the active principles of potentized drugs, and the molecular mechanism by which potentized drugs act up on the organism, all the existing ‘laws’, ‘rules’, ‘principles’ and ‘methods’ are bound to change. New ‘principles’ and ‘methods’ will evolve.



To be scientific physicians, homeopaths should perceive and approach diseases as BIOCHEMICAL PROCESSES- as ERRORS in molecular level ‘material’ biochemical processes. Not as ‘derangement’ in some ‘mysterious’, ‘non-material’, ‘spirit-like’ or ‘dynamic’ VITAL FORCE.

Errors in biochemical processes in the organism may mainly be of THREE different types: from GENETIC errors, from DEFICIENCIES and from INHIBITIONS

Diseases from faulty GENETIC substance inherited from previous generations, or caused by mutations belong to first category. Faulty genetic substances lead to synthesis of faulty proteins, or total absence of certain PROTEINS essential for normal life processes. Homeopathy cannot rectify ERRORS in genetic substance.

DEFICIENCIES may be NUTRITIONAL or METABOLIC. Nutritional deficiencies are primary deficiencies in the supply of essential molecules, where as metabolic deficiencies are secondary deficiencies arising from faulty synthesis of biological molecules, especially faulty genetic expressions. Deficiency of essential precursor molecules, co-factors, amino acids etc result in errors in essential biochemical processes, which lead to state of pathology.

INHIBITIONS of biological molecules, especially PROTEIN molecules, such as enzymes, receptors, transport molecules, immune bodies, structural molecules etc constitute a major class of DISEASES amenable to medical intervention. Inhibitions of PROTEINS happen when their native three-dimensional conformations are changed by BINDING of exogenous or endogenous molecules on them, there by making them incapable of interacting with their natural ligands. Homeopathy is especially suitable to deal with DISEASES arising from this class of molecular errors.

Inhibitions of proteins also happen due to drastic changes in the physical parameters of micro-environment, such as temperature, pH levels, influences of ionizing radiations etc.



Many homeopaths believe that since ‘psychosomatic diseases’ originate from MIND, they are outside the realm of biochemistry. According to them, mind is something ‘immaterial’, ‘dynamic’ and ‘spirit-like’, and hence mental phenomena cannot be explained in terms of SCIENTIFIC knowledge. ‘Mind is beyond science’- they say. And they talk about MIND as part of immaterial VITAL FORCE.

The phenomena we call MIND never exist in the absence of a MATERIAL BODY, and a highly complex central nervous system being part of that body. MIND does not exist free from the complex biochemical molecular level interactions in the central nervous system, which actually represents the highest stage of MATERIAL EVOLUTION on earth. MIND can be influenced by material substances such as drugs, which can modify the biochemical processes in brain. Any mental activity is related with production, transportation and interactions of some CHEMICAL molecules in the body, that can influence the whole physiological processes in the organism. SENSATIONS, EMOTIONS, COGNITION, MEDITATION, LEARNING, MEMORY, THOUGHTS, CONSCIOUSNESS, MOODS, FEELINGS, DREAMS- every phenomena we associate with MIND happen through BIOCHEMICAL PROCESSES in our nervous system. Some specific chemical molecules are produced as part of those processes.

CHEMICAL MOLECULES produced during mental activities have specific TARGETS and specific FUNCTIONS of their own. It is the actions of those molecules on their specific targets that produce the particular state of mind and its physiological processes.

When these chemical molecules being part of MENTAL ACTIVITIES are produced in excess, or they are not removed from the system in due course, they will circulate in the body, BIND to unexpected OFF-TARGET biological molecules, and lead to their INHIBITION. Such ‘off-target’ inhibitions caused by the neuro-chemicals circulating in the body are the CAUSATIVE FACTORS pf certain pathological conditions we call PSYCHOSOMATIC DISEASES.

Obviously, there is nothing ‘immaterial’ or ‘dynamic’ in PSYCHOSOMATIC diseases. They are purely MATERIAL, that could be treated by MATERIAL drugs. PSYCHOSOMATIC DISEASES belongs to a class of pathological conditions caused by INHIBITIONS of biological molecules by the ‘off-target’ actions of ENDOGENOUS molecules acting as pathogenic agents.


I think use of SPECIFIC COMBINATIONS may make homeopathic practice easier and much less time consuming. I find no reason to fear that one will become UNHOMEOPATHIC by using this method. Use of combinations will reduce the chances of failures especially in busy prescribing for acute cases. It is much better than trying a drug, waiting the patient to return, and then trying another drug if first one fails.

If you have enough time to work upon each case and select a single similimum, and if you are very sure the drug you selected is PERFECT SIMILIMUM, there is no need for thinking about a specific or a combination. All of us know, the situations are different during busy clinical work.

I am not talking about the commercially available COMBINATIONS containing mother tinctures and low potencies, which are not homeopathic, and prone to produce harmful side effects and long term effects.

I am proposing ONLY the use of COMBINATIONS of drugs potentized ABOVE 12c, which contain only MOLECULAR IMPRINTS. The physician himself can make such combinations using MOST COMMONLY indicated drugs in a particular clinical condition.

For example, MOST cases of ASTHMA IN CHILDREN are found to require either of NATRUM SULPH, IPECAC or ARS ALB. As such, we can use such a combination, based on the observation that in MOST CASES of ‘asthma in children’, at least ONE of these three drugs are found to be indicated. It may be ONE drug in the combination that work for FIRST patient, it may be the other drug working for SECOND patient. Remaining drugs in that combination may not be required at all, and will remain silent. But they will do no harm, since drugs potentized drugs above 12c cannot interact with biological molecules. In some cases, ALL THE THREE drugs will be acting in unison, to provide ALL the diverse molecular imprints required for a TOTAL CURE.


How SYMPTOMS are produced during DRUG PROVING?

DRUG SUBSTANCES contain chemical molecules with specific structure, conformations and chemical properties. Most drugs, especially those of animal or vegetable origin, contain even hundreds of types of different molecules.

These drug substances, when introduced into our body, do not act as WHOLE unit, but as INDIVIDUAL molecules. Each molecule act upon any BIOLOGICAL MOLECULE having conformational and charge affinity of their FUNCTIONAL GROUPS and MOIETIES.

Individual drug molecules bind to different biological molecules such as receptors, transport proteins, immune bodies, structural molecules, ENZYMES etc, there by changing the conformations of those biological molecules, and making them unable to carry on their normal biological functions. Such a state is called MOLECULAR INHIBITION, which amounts to ‘molecular level pathology’.

MOLECULAR INHIBITIONS of essential biological molecules produce cascading of molecular errors in the related biochemical pathways. Such molecular errors create a series of chemical reactions in central nervous system, immune system and endocrine system, which are expressed as SUBJECTIVE AND OBJECTIVE SYMPTOMS.

Molecular inhibitions produced in one biological pathway may be expressed through a certain set of symptoms, while another inhibition in another pathway produces another set of symptoms. TOTALITY of symptoms expressed by the individual give us a TOTAL picture of molecular inhibitions produced, as well as a TOTAL picture of drug molecules and biological molecules involved

This is the SCIENCE working behind DRUG PROVING


Can we combine potentized drugs?

Once we perceive potentization in terms of MOLECULAR IMPRINTING of constituent drug molecules, we will realize that even those potentized drugs we consider SINGLE are actually COMBINATIONS of diverse types of INDEPENDENT molecular imprints representing diverse types of chemical molecules contained the drug substance. Molecular imprints co-exist without any mutual interactions, and act in our body as individual units by acting as ‘artificial binding sites’ for pathogenic molecules having complementary conformation.

Once we understand this truth, we will realize there cannot be any harm by adding some more new MOLECULAR IMPRINTS into this existing ‘combination’, by way of adding potentized drugs together. MOLECULAR IMPRINTS will act as independent individual units.


What is your opinion regarding the so-called HERING’S LAWS OF DIRECTION OF CURE?

See what Dr. André Saine, D.C., N.D., F.C.A.H, Dean of the Canadian Academy of Homeopathy, who made extensive studies on this topic saying:

“When Hering died in 1880, colleagues all over the world assembled to pay tribute to the great homeopath. His many accomplishments were recalled. Strangely, none made any mention of a law of direction of cure promulgated by Hering.”

“Arthur Eastman, a student who was close to Hering during the last three years of the venerable homeopath, published in 1917 Life and Reminiscences of Dr. Constantine Hering also without mentioning a law pertaining to direction of cure.”

“Calvin Knerr, Hering’s son-in-law, published in 1940, 60 years after Hering’s death, the Life of Hering, a compilation of biographical notes. Again no mention is made of the famous law”

If so, where from came this idea of HERING’S LAWS being taught as one of the FUNDAMENTAL LAWS OF HOMEOPATHY?


Any CRAZY idea one propose cannot be called a HYPOTHESIS. Some people falsely claim all their fanciful ideas and explanations to be ‘theories’ and ‘hypotheses’.

Scientifically, the term ‘hypothesis’ means a ‘proposed explanation’ or “educated guess” for a phenomenon that we observe around us.

Every ‘proposed explanation’ cannot be considered a ‘scientific hypothesis’. To be a ‘scientific hypothesis’, the scientific method requires that one can test the hypothesis using available scientific tools and methodology.

Every new scientific hypotheses are generally based on previous observations that could not be satisfactorily be explained with the existing scientific theories. The words “hypothesis” and “theory” are often used synonymously in common and informal usage, even though a ‘scientific hypothesis’ is not exactly the same as ‘a scientific theory’.

A hypothesis should be proved ‘using scientific tools’ in order to become a scientific theory.

A ‘working hypothesis’ is a provisionally accepted hypothesis that is ready to be proved. Experimenters will have to test and reject several hypotheses before solving the given problem ultimately. Testability (using existing scientific tools), Simplicity (avoiding excessive numbers of entities), Scope (apparent application of the hypothesis to multiple cases of phenomena), Fruitfulness (hypothesis may help to explain further phenomena in the future), and Conservatism (fitting with existing recognized knowledge-systems) are considered to be the essential qualities of a good scientific ‘working’ hypothesis.

Viewing from this standpoint, it is very much clear that most of the presently existing most celebrated ‘theories’ regarding homeopathy cannot be even considered as ‘scientific hypotheses’ since they contain concepts and conclusions that ‘could not be tested by any scientist using currently available scientific tools and methodology’ or do not ‘fit with existing recognized knowledge-systems’.

When attempting to provide a scientific explanation to homeopathy, first we have to propose a ‘scientific hypotheses’. That means, a hypothesis that ‘could be tested by any scientist using currently available scientific tools and methodology’ and that ‘fits with existing recognized knowledge-systems’.

Such a ‘working hypothesis’, over and above the aforesaid qualifications, should also be immediately useful to the practitioner, because homeopathy is a therapeutic art of practical implications. Besides lending the essential scientific credibility to the homeopathic paradigm, any hypothesis we propose should try to meet some practical utility criteria as a minimum requirement.

There are already many imaginative and ‘scientific’ ‘theories’ going around that seek to explain everything about homeopathy but fail to predict or offer anything of relevance. If a hypothesis fail to predict some relevant practical outcomes, then it becomes scientifically untestable, and therefore, unusable in practice.

Assumptions being proposed by a scientific hypothesis should be simple, testable and their numbers should be held to a minimum. The assumptions should also reflect the basic experience that is already generally held to be known.

Any working hypothesis about homeopathy should clearly identify a ‘biological mechanism’ that represents the action-reaction homeostasis of ‘vital processes’, and explain the molecular mechanism of homeopathic therapeutics on that basis, instead of the unscientific ‘vital force’ theory in homeopathy. Such an explanation should be fitting to the verified scientific paradigm of modern biochemistry and molecular biology.

Once a ‘working hypothesis’ is proposed, there is much more research to be done before that is accepted as a ‘scientific theory’. The hypothesis needs to offer predictions that can be repeatedly and conclusively proved or disproved in the laboratory and in the clinic with out any bias.


‘You cannot say a certain theory is wrong, until you prove it is wrong’, ‘lack of evidence for something cannot be considered an evidence against it’, ‘any argument should be considered right, until you disprove it’- these are the common defenses of all unscientific and pseudo-scientific beliefs and practices. When anybody question them, they will retort: “did anybody disprove us”? According to them, everything NOT DISPROVED are equal to PROVED! By this cleverly tactic, they try to turn the burden of PROVING their theories up on those who question it.

PROVING a hypothesis is the responsibility of those who made that hypothesis. Until they prove it, it is the NULL HYPOTHESIS that rule- the null hypothesis that the HYPOTHESIS IS WRONG. To prove your hypothesis right, you have to disprove the null hypothesis. That is the primary lesson of PRACTICE OF SCIENCE.


When a HYPOTHESIS is submitted for scientific verification and experimentation, the process begins with formulation of a NULL HYPOTHESIS, which is the default position. Null Hypothesis is based on the assumption that the arguments put forward by the HYPOTHESIS under consideration are wrong. Rejecting or disproving the null hypothesis – and thus concluding that there are grounds for the arguments contained in the HYPOTHESIS is a central task in the modern SCIENTIFIC METHOD, and gives a precise sense in which a claim is capable of being proven false. The basic principle is, you cannot PROVE something right, without PROVING something wrong.

Scientifically, HYPOTHESIS testing works by collecting data and measuring how likely the particular set of data is, assuming the NULL HYPOTHESIS is true- not the HYPOTHESIS. Once NULL HYPOTHESES and ALTERNATE HYPOTHESES are proved wrong, the HYPOTHESIS is considered proved right.

Obviously, scientific community approaches homeopathy with the NULL HYPOTHESIS that ‘homeopathy does not work’. We have to prove that NULL HYPOTHESIS ‘wrong’, if we want to prove ‘homeopathy works’.


SCIENTIFIC METHOD involves formulation of a WORKING HYPOTHESIS as the starting point of a research work. To be a candidate for this process, some ‘unexplained’ phenomena should be explained by the ‘hypothesis’ in terms of already ‘existing scientific knowledge system’. Once the ‘hypothesis’ is proved by scientific experiments, it becomes a ‘scientific theory’.

Proposing some nonsense ‘theories’ that contradict ALL known scientific knowledge system, and then asking the scientists to ‘DISPROVE IT IF YOU CAN’- it is a common cleverly GAME PLAN of all those who practice and propagate UNSCIENTIFIC ‘occult’ things such as hair transmission, photo transmission, pc resonance remedies, paper remedies, downloadable remedies, dream proving, meditation proving, energy medicine, reflexology, dowsing, radionics etc etc. Practitioners of woodoo and black magic also exist by arguing that “it is not even disproved yet”.

SCIENTIFIC METHOD is all about PROVING, not DISPROVING. I feel very sorry to see that even ‘leaders’ of homeopathic community are ignorant of such basics of scientific method.


Dr Manish Bhatia of Hpathy asks me not to say ‘Hair Transmission’ is ‘nonsense’.

He said: “we should say ‘Hair transmission is not homeopathy’. You and I are a nobody to say that it is nonsense or does not work, unless we or someone else proves that. Please remember, if it is not proven yet, it is not even disproven yet.
Read Thomas Kuhn’s Structure of Scientific Revolution.”

Dr Manish Bhatia gave a totally unexpected twist to our so far nice conversation by saying as follows:

“You play the drums of ‘science’ all the time…and still have such high level of ignorance about scientific method that you are willing to replace your ‘personal beliefs’ with scientific reasoning. It is not about hair transmission or reflexology. It is about how scientific inquiry and research works. But I guess you are not interested in that. Have a good day.”

Dr Manish Bhatia, I have been trying to be polite and humble even in expressing my disagreements with you. But you have crossed that limit of gentlemanship by the statement “you play the drums of ‘science’ all the time…and still have such high level of ignorance about scientific method”. TOTALLY UNFAIR. I never expected such a twist from a man like Manish Bhatia. I feel very sorry. I thought I were talking to a great personality who would never stoop to the level of those propagators of ‘hair transmission’ and ‘energy medicine’ I had to frequently encounter so far on this page. Finally, everything ends here. GOODBYE, SIR.

Regarding your stand on ‘hair transmission’: It is obvious that there exist serious difference in our perceptions. You are still ready to give a favor of DOUBT to HAIR TRANSMISSION, by saying “it is not even disproven yet”. For me, there is nothing to PROVE or DISPROVE in it. It is UTTER NONSENSE. Why should we DISPROVE every absurd things that are OBVIOUSLY contradicting ALL known principles of science?

Sorry to say, by poo-pooing me by saying “you play the drums of ‘science’ all the time…and still have such high level of ignorance about scientific method”, you have closed all doors of reasonable interactions in between us.


If anybody say we should experiment DRUG TRANSMISSION THROUGH HAIR, HOMEOPATHIC REFLEXOLOGY, PC RESONANCE REMEDIES and such things obviously contradicting all scientific knowledge, it only means they are ARGUING for such nonsense practices. It only means, they do not know what is SCIENTIFIC METHOD.

According to scientific method, there should be viable SCIENTIFIC WORKING HYPOTHESIS as a basis for experimentation. To be a WORKING hypothesis, it should fit to existing scientific knowledge system. We cannot EXPERIMENT something that contradicts ALL existing scientific knowledge. That is the basic lesson of SCIENTIFIC EXPERIMENTS. Theory of DRUGS ACTING FROM A DISTANCE ‘dynamically’, ‘immaterially’ and ‘conceptually’ is totally against existing PROVEN scientific knowledge. No need of an ‘experimenting’ on that.

By asking me to ‘taste the pudding’ first, do you mean “I have to conduct EXPERIMENTS on any nonsense, if I want to say it is nonsense! I have to EXPERIMENT ‘hair transmission’? Experiment ‘pc resonance’? Download ‘hiv drugs’ and ‘bird flu’ drugs’ from internet, and conduct EXPERIMENTS before saying they are ABSURD? I should experiment reflexology and radionics? I have to EXPERIMENT ‘astrology’ and ‘woodoo’ to PROVE that I am “open to ideas that challenge my belief”?

Why should we EXPERIMENT something already well known to science? DRUGS cannot act from a distance. It is impossible. Once we know that, why should we EXPERIMENT hair transmission, photo transmission, PC resonance, downloadable remedies, paper remedies, meditation proving, trituration proving, dream proving, reflexology similimum, radionics etc, to say THEY ARE NONSENSE? For me, such an EXPERIMENTING is not at all necessary.


SKEPTICS and SCIENTIFIC community say homeopathy is NONSENSE. Why? Our international ‘representatives’ talk a lot of NONSENSE theories about homeopathy- theories no SCIENTIFIC-minded man can consider seriously.

Skeptics say homeopathy cannot work, since homeopaths say it works ‘dynamically from a distance’. Once we explain the action of homeopathy in a way fitting to scientific knowledge, their approach is bound to change.


I think we should not fail to distinguish between NON-SURGICAL and SURGICAL stages of Coronary Artery Disease. Non-surgical stages may be BEFORE a heart attack, or AFTER a heart attack. Homeopathy can prevent heart attack by timely interventions during NON SURGICAL stages BEFORE heart attack. NON-SURGICAL stages after surgical interventions or angioplasty also can be managed by homeopathy. But, ACUTE MYOCARDIAL INFARCTION is due to a BLOCK in artery is a SURGICAL stage, where homeopathy is not an option at all. BLOCKS formed in coronary artery have to be REMOVED with out any delay by appropriate surgical interventions to save life. Your “faith in homeopathy” will not be of any use for a person in ACUTE emergencies of HEART ATTACK. Irresponsible declarations such as ” there is every treatment in homeopathy”, and “this therapy starts from where all the therapies of the world end” only show the UNREALISTIC mindset of homeopaths- it reflects HOMEOPATHIC CHAUVINISM of worst type!

If anybody think ACUTE MYOCARDIAL INFARCTION can be managed by ACONITE 30, I would warn him not to run into troubles by such over confidence about homeopathy. We have to be well conscious about the SCOPE, RANGE and LIMITATIONS of homeopathy.


There is only ONE homeopathy. It is the method of therapeutics initiated by hahnemann 200+ years ago, based on the OBJECTIVE observations he made regarding the phenomena of disease and cure, which he tried to explain using the very limited scientific knowledge available to him during his period.

I am trying to pay due homage that great genius by preserving the inner kernel of hahnemannian homeopathy, same time updating it and taking it from where he left, forward through history by incorparating the fruits of great advancements happened in human knowledge system after the period of hahnemann. It is the same hahnemannian homeopathy, updated, revised, rejuvenated and rebuilt scientifically.

By the term DIALECTICAL, I mean this PROCESS of “preserving the inner kernel of hahnemannian homeopathy, same time updating it and taking it from where he left, forward through history by incorparating the fruits of great advancements happened in human knowledge system after the period of hahnemann”. It is the the PROCESS of making hahnemannian homeopathy “updated, revised, rejuvenated and rebuilt scientifically.”


A day will come when SCIENTIFIC COMMUNITY will feel sorry over the wonderful opportunities they missed by failing to understand homeopathic POTENTIZATION as a technology of preparing DESIGNER DRUGS by molecular imprinting in water, and that SIMILIA SIMILIBUS CURENTUR involves a technique of TARGET SPECIFIC DRUG PILOTING.


A time will come, when the homeopathic community will be repenting over the wonderful opportunities they missed by ignoring MIT concepts of homeopathy. COUNT ON MY WORDS!


Whatever religious or philosophical beliefs you follow in your personal life, a homeopath should be a PHYSICIAN, very careful not to mix up such philosophical ‘beliefs’ and superstitions with your medical practice. Your approach should be SCIENTIFIC. Keep religion away from HOMEOPATHY and MEDICAL PRACTICE.

In scientific medical practice, we have to deal with LIFE as ‘material system’ involving
biological molecules and biochemical interactions.

There is no LIFE without a LIVING BODY, which is a MATERIAL SYSTEM of billions of complex chemical molecules that interact each other.

It is the peculiar ORGANIZATION and INTERACTIONS of ‘matter’ that produce ALL the phenomena associated with LIFE, such as SENSATIONS, EMOTIONS, MIND, INTELLIGENCE, DISEASE, SYMPTOMS and CURE.

ORGANISMS are material systems. LIFE is material molecular processes, DISEASE is material molecular inhibitions, DRUGS are MATERIAL substances, CURE is material reactivation process . MEDICAL PRACTICE is a material activity.



I want to remind another very important point. During potentization, it is the individual CONSTITUENT molecules of drug substance that undergo MOLECULAR IMPRINTING- not the DRUG SUBSTANCE as such. It is wrong to say ‘molecular imprints of Nux Vomica’- we should say ‘molecular imprints of constituent molecules of Nux Vomica. Potentized Nux Vomica contains diverse types of molecular imprints representing diverse types of molecules contained in Nux Vomica. When used as similimum, these different types of molecular imprints act as individual units, by binding to different pathogenic molecules having conformational affinity. I mean, homeopaths should learn to view any seemingly SINGLE potentized drug as a MIXTURE of diverse types of molecular imprints. That makes a big difference in our understanding of homeopathy.



Active ingredients found in CRATEGUS include tannins, flavonoids (vitexin, rutin, quercetin, and hyperoside), oligomeric proanthocyanidins (epicatechin, procyanidin, and particularly procyanidin B-2), flavone-C, triterpene acids (ursolic acid, oleanolic acid, and crataegolic acid), and phenolic acids (caffeic acid, chlorogenic acid, and related phenolcarboxylic acids). A lot of study regarding biological actions of these chemical constituents are required.

Proanthocyanidins contained in CRATEGUS suppress production of a protein endothelin-1 that constricts blood vessels. Endothelins are proteins that constrict blood vessels and raise blood pressure. They are normally kept in balance by other mechanisms, but when they are over-expressed, they contribute to high blood pressure (hypertension) and heart disease.

Endothelins are 21-amino acid vasoconstricting peptides produced primarily in the endothelium having a key role in vascular homeostasis. Endothelins are implicated in vascular diseases of several organ systems, including the heart, general circulation and brain.

Procyanidin B2 has been shown to inhibit the formation of the advanced glycation end products in the body, which are toxic. AGEs are formed inside the body by co-valent bonding of simple sugars with protein molecules. It is also formed in food articles when sugar is added to proteins and heated to high temperatures during cooking. BROWNING during cooking indicates this process. AGEs play a role in the build up of plaques in artery walls. The formation and accumulation of advanced glycation endproducts (AGEs) has been implicated in the progression of age-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s Disease, cardiovascular disease, and stroke.The mechanism by which AGEs induce damage is through a process called cross-linking that causes intracellular damage and apoptosis. AGEs affect nearly every type of cell and molecule in the body, and are thought to be one factor in aging and some age-related chronic diseases. They are also believed to play a causative role in the vascular complications of diabetes mellitus. They have a range of pathological effects, including increasing vascular permeability, inhibition of vascular dilation by interfering with nitric oxide, oxidising LDL, binding cells including macrophage, endothelial, and mesangial cells to induce the secretion of a variety of cytokines and enhancing oxidative stress.

Proanthocyanidins have antioxidant activity by ‘oxygen radical absorbance capacity’. We know free radicals play a role in formation of atherosclerosis by oxidizing LDL molecules entrapped in blood vessel walls.

Studies show that proanthocyanidins antioxidant capabilities are 20 times more powerful than vitamin C and 50 times more potent than vitamin E.

Proanthocyanidins have been shown to optimize the production of nitric oxide in the artery walls so as to relax them and allow greater blood flow and reduced pressure.

Chlorogenic acid present in CRATAEGUS can slow the release of glucose into the bloodstream after a meal, and thus help in reducing blood sugar levels.

Presence Procyanidin B2 in CRATEGUS shows, it is a good remedy for preventing accumulation of advanced glycation endproducts (AGEs) implicated in the progression of age-related diseases, such as Alzheimer’s Disease, cardiovascular disease, and stroke.

It is obvious that BP-lowering, artery-relaxing and atherosclerosis-reducing properties of CRATAEGUS are related with the PHYSIOLOGICAL actions of CRUDE molecules.

Means, we use CRATAEGUS allopathically- not homeopathically. We cannot expect such actions from potentized Crataegus.



Homeopaths should change the way they view DRUGS. They should understand that the medicinal properties of a drug substance is not due to its ‘personality’or ‘theme’, but due to the molecular level structure, conformation and chemical properties of INDIVIDUAL molecules contained in the drug substance. Most drugs we consider SINGLE, especially drugs of vegetable or animal origins, actually contain hundreds of types of chemical molecules with specific structures, conformations and properties. Homeopaths should also understand that drug substance does not act on our body as WHOLE DRUGS, but as individual constituent molecules. Individual molecules bind to different biological molecules having conformational affinity, and produce molecular inhibitions leading to errors in related biochemical pathways in the organism, which are expressed through diverse types of physical and mental SYMPTOMS.


All existing controversies and confusions regarding HOMEOPATHY will be resolved once you understand the scientific explanation of homeopathy in terms of MOLECULAR IMPRINTS THERAPEUTICS or MIT.

As per MIT concepts, active principles of potentized drugs are MOLECULAR IMPRINTS of individual molecules contained inn the drug substance.

MOLECULAR IMPRINTS are supra-molecular formations of water-ethyl alcohol molecules, into which the ‘shape’ of drug molecules are ‘imprinted’ as three-dimensional ‘depressions’ or ‘cavities’, through a process of GUEST-HOST interactions involved in potentization process.

MOLECULAR IMPRINTS can act as ‘artificial binding sites’ for pathogenic molecules having functional groups that mimic the ‘shape’ of drug molecules used for imprinting. Molecular Imprints act as LOCKS for pathogenic molecules which act as KEYS, resulting in a ‘key-lock’ interaction.

Interactions of BIOLOGICAL MOLECULES in the organism involves a ‘key-lock’ relationship between biological molecules and their natural ligands. All interactions involving PROTEIN molecules such as ENZYMES, RECEPTORS, STRUCTURAL PROTEINS, TRANSPORT PROTEINS, IMMUNE BODIES etc interact with their ligands by ‘key-lock’ relationship. There is no any biochemical process in the living inthe living organism that does not involve the participation of a protein molecule. As such, KEY-LOCK relationship between TARGETS an LIGANDS is the universal mechanism of biochemical interactions.

DISEASES are ‘molecular inhibitions’ caused by endogenous or exogenous PATHOGENIC MOLECULES binding to BIOLOGICAL MOLECULES in a way to change their configurations, so that they cannot participate normal molecular functions.

CURE happens by the removal of pathological molecular inhibitions and REACTIVATION of biological molecules.

MEDICINES are substances used to remove the pathological molecular inhibitions.

In DRUG PROVING, the drug molecules bind to biological molecules and produce molecular inhibitions exactly similar to the inhibitions produced by pathogenic molecules in disease processes. Errors in vital processes produced in the organism due to these molecular inhibitions- from pathogenic molecules or drug molecules- are expressed through subjective and objective SYMPTOMS.

Pathogenic molecules as well as drug molecules having FUNCTIONAL GROUPS or MOIETIES can bind to similar biological targets and produce similar molecular inhibitions, that will be expressed through SIMILAR train of symptoms.

If DISEASE symptoms and DRUG symptoms appear SIMILAR, that means, the disease causing molecules and drug molecules involved were having similar functional groups or moieties, so that they could produce similar molecular inhibitions.

MOLECULAR IMPRINTS of drug molecules contained in potentized drugs can act as artificial binding sites for SIMILAR disease-causing molecules due to conformational affinity, thereby relieving the biological molecules from INHIBITIONS. IT is CURE.


I would request all homeopaths to think over what I have explained, WITHOUT PREJUDICE. You will experience all confusions resolving. LET US DISCUSS.


BLIND PROVING can be done by any homeopath if willing to experiment. I shall send you 30ml of a WELL KNOWN drug in 30c potency. You can use it on ANYBODY for 1 month for PROVING, and after observing symptoms it ‘produce’, tell me the NAME of drug I sent. Are you ready, sir?


In order to verify whether symptoms reported to be collected from HIGH POTENCY drug provings are reliable, we have to conduct some experiments to know whether anybody can IDENTIFY well known drugs by observing symptoms from BLIND PROVING. That is the only LOGICAL way to resolve confusions and conflicts of opinions on this issue



Let us conduct an experiment. You can select a team of volunteers. A TEAM of homeopaths will conduct proving on those volunteers, by administering ANY well known drug (30c) from our materia medica along with ONE you propose. You will be kept BLIND regarding who got which drug. You have to IDENTIFY the person who received the drug you proposed, by observing the symptoms produced by PROVING.

Anybody willing to submit themselves to such an experiment? Such an experiment will resolve the confusions regarding HIGH POTENCY PROVING once and for all. For me, It will also prove whether I “need to re-visit my thinking” on this issue.


Any PROVING, other than by administering molecular forms (crude- up to 12c) of drug substances into the BODY of the prover is IMPOSSIBLE and plain NONSENSE! A drug cannot produce any effects in the organism or produce any symptoms, without MOLECULES of that drug entering the body and acting upon the BIOLOGICAL MOLECULES.

Meditation proving, Trituration proving, Dream proving, High potency proving- All such claims may be called PLACEBO PROVING!

see the wonderful list of drugs marketed as proved by MEDITATION: Aquamarine, Banyan Tree, Berlin Wall, Blue, Ether, Green, Milky Way, MRPG3 (Mobile Phone) , Orange, Purple, Rainbow, Red, Snowdrop, Tigers Eye, Yellow etc etc! LOL.


Any TEACHER, who fails to respond with a rational and logical answer to the question “what is the biological mechanism by which potentized drugs produce cure”, in a way fitting to our SCIENTIFIC knowledge system, is not a GOOD teacher worthy to be FOLLOWED. At least he should be capable of saying “it is still unexplained”, instead of waving away the question as “unwarranted” or “irrelevant”. Only then he will be qualified to impart a scientific outlook and training to the NEW GENERATION of homeopaths who hopefully prepare themselves for becoming scientific PHYSICIANS, rather than mere HEALERS.


The EARLIER the homeopathic profession understands and imbibes MIT concepts into the theoretical framework of homeopathy and arms the new generation with the powerful scientific outlook it provides, the BETTER it will be for the future advancements of homeopathy. You will have to accept it later, if not now- because it is pure TRUTH.


I am just working up on developing some SPECIFICS for prevention and treatment of ‘Atherosclerosis’ that cause BLOCKS in arteries.

‘Atherosclerosis’ is understood to be initiated by inflammatory processes in the endothelial cells of the vessel wall in response to retained low-density lipoprotein (LDL) molecules.

Only VLDL particles or SMALL LDL particles are able, because of their size and their density, to get behind the cellular monolayer of endothelium.

The LDL molecule is globular shaped with a hollow core to carry cholesterol throughout the body. They are capsule-like TRANSPORT molecules that carry cholesterol, cholesteryl esters and tryglycerides from the liver to the tissues of the body. Trouble satrts when these LDL particles happen to enter into WALLS of blood vessels. LDL particles and their contents undergo OXIDATION inside vessel walls. Once inside the vessel wall, LDL particles get stuck and their content becomes more prone to oxidation.


The damage caused by the oxidized LDL molecules triggers a cascade of immune responses which over time can produce an atheroma. The body’s immune system responds to the damage to the artery wall caused by oxidized LDL by sending specialized white blood cells such as macrophages and T-lymphocytes to absorb the oxidized-LDL forming specialized foam cells. These white blood cells are not able to process the oxidized-LDL, and ultimately grow then rupture, depositing a greater amount of oxidized cholesterol into the artery wall. This triggers more white blood cells, continuing the cycle.

Eventually, the artery becomes inflamed. The cholesterol plaque causes the muscle cells to enlarge and form a hard cover over the affected area. This hard cover is what causes a narrowing of the artery, reduces the blood flow and increases blood pressure.

Some researchers believe that the process of atherosclerosis may be caused or enhanced by by a viral or bacterial infection of the vascular smooth muscle cells.

Considering the biochemical processes involved, I am of the view that it may be possible to prevent and reduce ATHEROSCLEROSIS and minimize the chances of ARTERIAL BLOCKS by long term use of VLDL potentized above 12c. I am trying to procure a sample of VLDL for that purpose.



I do not agree with the claim “Homeopathy is Science”. I would like to say homeopathy CONTAINS some valuable and truthful OBSERVATIONS made by hahnemann regarding the phenomena of DISEASE, CURE and DRUGS, which he had to EXPLAIN in most unscientific ways, due to the primitive state of scientific knowledge available to him during his period. If explained in terms of modern scientific knowledge and refined using scientific methods, these OBSERVATIONS could be developed into a an advanced branch of modern MOLECULAR MEDICINE.

Well aware of material and intellectual limitations, by proposing the concepts of Molecular Imprints Therapeutics, I am trying to address that historical task entrusted to us by our MASTER.


Understanding my explanation of homeopathy in terms of BIOCHEMISTRY and MOLECULAR IMPRINTING is very simple if you are prepared to come out of the BELIEFS and DOGMAS you have been regularly fed with all these years, and open up your mind to assimilate new knowledge – with out prejudice, as it is said.


There is a strong BELIEF among homeopaths that “homeopathic drugs work by stimulating peripheral sensory receptors and transmitting information to the brain which in turn will trigger a curative response to the affected organ”. Hahnemann himself has endorsed this theory in various occasions in his writings.

According to this theory, drugs act on ‘peripheral nerve endings’ by ‘stimulating’. Only the ‘information’ is then ‘transmitted’ to brain. Nothing from the drug is ‘transmitted’ into the cells or body fluids, and hence nothing acts DIRECTLY upon the ‘biological molecules’, except in the form of ‘triggers’ from brain.

If this ‘stimulation of sensory receptors’ theory is correct, homeopathic drugs will not have any effect if applied on any part or tissue which is DEVOID of SENSORY RECEPTORS being part of a NERVE to transmit the information and a BRAIN to produce triggers.

A lot of questions arise here in the minds of those who think rationally and logically.

1. Hahnemann himself has directed to administer ‘similimum of infant’ to nurse or mother, so that the ‘medicine’ will be ‘transmitted’ through BREAST MILK to the infant. We know, there is no ‘sensory nerve receptors’ in breast milk. Then, what is the suggested mechanism by which the ‘drug’ is ‘transmitted’ to infant? More over, if we are using similimum of infant, it need not be similimum of mother or nurse, and as such, it will not act on their brains and produce ‘triggers’ for infant.

2. We know, homeopathic drugs act on PLANTS. There is no ‘sensory nerves’ to get stimulated and ‘transmit information’, and no brain to produce triggers. Obviously, the ‘nerve stimulation’ theory does not hold in the case of PLANT HOMEOPATHY.

3. A lot of IN VITRO studies have been reported that demonstrate homeopathic drug actions up on ENZYMES, BLOOD and other SAMPLES collected from individuals. Blood, tissues and biological molecules taken out of our body have no any PERIPHERAL RECEPTORS, NERVE OR BRAIN ‘connected’ together by a nervous system. All such studies proves beyond any doubt that RECEPTORS, NERVES OR BRAIN are not INEVITABLE for homeopathic drug action to take place.

Rationally, only way homeopathic drugs act upon organism is by getting ‘transported’ through BODY FLUIDS to different tissues and cells of the organism, and the ACTIVE PRINCIPLES acting DIRECTLY upon the BIOLOGICAL MOLECULES, thereby modulating the BIOCHEMICAL PROCESS happening as part of life processes as well as disease processes.




TRITURATION breaks the inter-molecular bonds between molecules, and make the constituent molecules FREE. These free molecules are easily HYDRATED in solutions. Water-ethyl alcohol molecules in the VEHICLE arrange themselves around INDIVIDUAL drug molecules, leading to the formation of hydrogen-bonded HYDRATION shells in which the drug molecules are encapsulated. These ‘encapsulated’ structures are GUEST-HOST complexes, where drug molecules are ‘guests’ and vehicle molecules are ‘hosts’. Through the process of serial dilution and succussion, the GUESTS are progressively removed from the ‘capsules’ of HOST molecules. These EMPTY hydration shells, into which the three-dimensional shapes of GUEST molecules are imprinted, are the MOLECULAR IMPRINTS which act as active principles of potentized drugs. MOLECULAR IMPRINTS can act as ARTIFICIAL BINDING SITES for any pathogenic molecule that MIMIC the shape of original drug molecule used for potentization.


Sodium Chloride molecule ionizes into Sodium ion and Chloride ion when dissolved in water. Water molecules arrange themselves into layers around these ions, and forms ‘hydration shells’. GUEST-HOST complexes of sodium/water and chloride/water are formed. Normally, the SEA SALT used for potentization will contain many other molecules and ions such as iodide, fluoride, bromide etc etc which were part of sea water, and they also will form GUEST-HOST complexes. During serial dilution and succussion, these molecules and ions will be gradually driven out, with the EMPTY hydration shells formed around the ions remaining. By the time the dilution crosses 12c, all molecules and ions will be removed, and the remaining solution will contain only molecular imprints.

Normally, the hydration shells formed in water will disintegrate very easily by protonation-deprotonation process. But the heavy molecules of ethyl alcohol contained in the VEHICLE used for potentization play a stabilizing role by acting as anchoring molecules, there by reducing the rate of protonation-deprotonation. More over, the process of succussion also is also considered to play a role in stabilization of hydration shells.

It is these EMPTY hydration shells remaining after removal of GUEST molecules that we call MOLECULAR IMPRINTS. Conformations of GUEST molecules will remain engraved into these MOLECULAR IMPRINTS in the form of three dimensional depressions or spaces.

Since NAT MUR is proved using samples of SEA SALT, their symptoms include the symptoms produced by the ‘impurities’ also. If we carefully study the materia medica of NATRUM MUR, we can identify many symptoms common to iodine, fluoride, bromides etc. In potentized forms also, NATRUM MUR will contain the molecular imprints of these impurities, over and above those of sodium ions and chloride ions.

Diseases requiring NATRUM MUR will have underlying molecular errors that involve the inhibitions of biological molecules by sodium ions and chloride ions. That means, the PATHOGENIC MOLECULES had FUNCTIONAL GROUPS having sodium or chloride moieties. Pathologies associated with inhibitions of SODIUM ION channels on the cell membrane receptors by over crowding of sodium ions lead to oedema, retention of fluids, falling of hair, and many such problems. Chloride ions can produce inhibitions in the filtering mechanism in kidneys, elimination of uric acid etc etc. Excess use of salt, persistent grief, eating sodium rich and chloride rich food articles such as certain vegetables, pickles, salted foods etc may cause these conditions. Problems related with thyroid hormones and iodine metabolism also come under NATRUM MUR due to the iodine factor. This topic needs more studies. Since BIOCHEMISTRY is not at present stage advanced to that level of perfection, we have to rely up on the SYMPTOMS collected from homeopathic PROVINGS to identify the molecular level inhibitions that could be cured by NATRUM MUR.

When we say NATRUM MUR is similimum for a case, that means there exist some molecular inhibitions caused by binding of biological molecules by pathogenic molecules that contain functional groups with sodium, chloride, iodine or such ions as active moieties. When we use potentized natrum mur, the constituent molecular imprints can selectively bind to such functional groups and moieties by conformational affinity, there bey removing the pathological molecular inhibitions. It amounts to a homeopathic cure with NATRUM MUR.


Responding to my post explaining the difference between SCIENCE of ‘life’ and PHILOSOPHY of ‘life’ in explaining homeopathy, a ‘HOMEOPATH’ commented sarcastically:

“Please explain your concept with cases sir. How many patients you treated with your concept? How many patients do u see in a day, sir?”

I have been trying to explain SCIENCE OF LIFE, DISEASE, CURE and HOMEOPATHY in my particular post. He could have asked questions about the concepts I put forward here. He could have at least read the exhaustive replies I painstakingly posted in response to the requests of others for explanation. NO, HE WAS NOT INTERESTED IN ANYTHING LIKE THAT. Instead, he wanted to drag me into arguments about my ‘lack of clinical experience’. It is a pity that homeopaths behave so mean.


If he was really interested to know about my ‘clinical experience’, he could have asked me through a message, or if he wanted to discuss my ‘lack of experience’, he could have put it as a separate post on my wall. Not under this very important discussion thread where SCIENCE OF HOMEOPATHY is being discussed.

Obviously, he wanted to remind me through that question that I am not ‘authorized’ to think or talk about homeopathy.

When Luc Montaigner said something about homeopathy, did any ‘homeopath’ ask him “how many patients you treated with this concepts” or “how many patients you meet a day”? Did anybody ask such questions to IIT scientists, when they came with Nanoparticle theory? Why homeopaths welcomed benveniste without such questions about his homeopathy back ground or ‘clinical experience’? Why this question is asked only to me?

I know why these people so much intolerant to me. Luc Montaigner, IIT scientists, Benveniste or such people said something that could be HIJACKED and UTILIZED as you wish, in a way to support and justify your nonsense ‘dynamic’ theories of homeopathy. My concepts offer no such possibilities, and you feel it as a threat to your sandhills of false fame, glory and fortunes you amassed by propagating such nonsense theories and methods. It is the fear of those who are bound to LOSE.


It is true, I am a bit FRUSTRATED- Not about homeopathy, but about those UNSCIENTIFIC ‘homeopaths’ who never understand the language of science, but pretend to know everything!


Just another funny ‘homeopathic cliche’ that makes me FRUSTRATED and NAUSEATED’ to hear: “Homeopathy is the greatest ever science, and our master is the greatest ever scientist- hahnemann had said every thing, even nano medicine, 200 years back’!


Forgive me for telling a bitter truth: Homeopaths love to talk PHILOSOPHY of LIFE more, since they are poor in understanding the essentials of SCIENCE of LIFE, same time pretending to know ‘everything’. They talk ‘vital force’ and ‘dynamic drug energy’, only because they know very little about ‘vital process’ involved ‘life’, and ‘medicinal properties’ of drug substances.

As ‘physicians’, HOMEOPATHS should study, think and talk SCIENCE of LIFE, not PHILOSOPHY of ‘LIFE’. You cannot STUDY science of LIFE without a deep knowledge of BIOCHEMISTRY, since ‘life’ is a complex system of ‘biochemical processes’ involving interactions of diverse types of biological molecules.

DISEASE is BIOCHEMISTRY. CURE is BIOCHEMISTRY. DRUGS are MOLECULES with chemical properties. POTENTIZED homeopathic DRUGS are MOLECULAR IMPRINTS of drug MOLECULES, and their therapeutic action is BIOCHEMISTRY.

SIMILIA SIMILIBUS CURENTUR should be understood in terms of BIOCHEMISTRY- not in terms of PHILOSOPHY.


Most homeopaths strongly believe that homeopathy and modern science are mutually incompatible, and homeopathy cannot be explained in pure scientific terms. They seem to think that science has to be proved wrong, to prove homeopathy right. Actually, this ‘incompatibility’ arises from the hesitation of homeopaths to update themselves in accordance with the constantly advancing human knowledge system, and their ‘NO CHANGE’ dogmatic approach towards what hahnemann wrote 200+ years ago.

Hahnemann explained the phenomena he observed, using the PRIMITIVE scientific knowledge available to him during his period. Due to the lack of enough scientific knowledge regarding the complex MOLECULAR level biochemical processes involved in LIFE, DISEASE, INFECTIONS, CURE and DRUG ACTIONS, he was compelled to explain them using the concepts of VITAL FORCE, DYNAMIC ENERGY and MIASMS, which he considered IMMATERIAL. Historical limitations of hahnemann are understandable.

Empowered with the wonderful advancements of scientific knowledge during the course of last 200+ years after hahnemann, it is now possible for us to understand and explain the phenomena of LIFE, DISEASE, INFECTIONS, CURE and DRUG ACTIONS more correctly and with far better precision.

I am trying to explain homeopathy, similia similibus curentur and potentization  in terms of the advanced scientific knowledge provided by modern BIOCHEMISTRY and MOLECULAR IMPRINTING.

If you carefully go through my articles, you will realize that all ‘riddles’ and ‘mysteries’ are resolved. All questions are answered. All confusions are settled. All phenomena related with homeopathy are EXPLAINED scientifically, without any involvement of unscientific concepts of ‘vital force’ and ‘dynamic drug energy’. Homeopathy is now perfectly COMPATIBLE with modern scientific knowledge system. It is no longer a dogmatic belief system of HEALING. Homeopathy is now raised to its rightful status of an advanced branch of MODERN MOLECULAR MEDICINE

I prefer to call this scientific interpretation of homeopathy as MOLECULAR IMPRINTS THERAPEUTICS.


When you talk about MARKETING your homeopathic practice and EARNING MORE, it is obvious that your PRIORITY is money. That is a very bad mental set up for anybody claiming to be a PHYSICIAN- not only for homeopaths. I know there are a lot of such people among HOMEOPATHS, who sell ‘homeopathic’ tonics, ‘nutritional’ supplements, magic remedies, patented combinations, toothpastes, toilet soaps, and many such things at their clinics, to make MORE MONEY. For such people, a book on MARKETING will be very much welcome.


If you want to teach a homeopath HOW TO EARN more, you should teach him HOW TO CURE his patients better by using GENUINE homeopathy. Not teaching how to ADVERTISE and MARKET his practice as a BUSINESS.


I was shocked to see the advertisement of a recently published book from INDIA that promises to teach ‘professionalism’, ‘business management’ and ‘marketing’ lessons to HOMEOPATHS for a price tag of RS. 5000+ . I disagree on two reasons: First, the idea of ‘marketing’ homeopathic practice by itself tastes very bad, and is an insult to all homeopaths as such; Second, a price tag of 5000+ for an INDIAN book targeting upcoming fresh homeopaths- seniors wont need it, as they would have learned enough lessons from experience- is simply ABSURD, and reflects money mongering mind set.


As per my understanding, CINCHONA experiment of hahnemann was only a beginning. It gave him the initial idea about similia principle which he gradually developed into homeopathy. ALL the provings he conducted thereafter could be considered as follow up works of CINCHONA experiment.

It was the observation that crude CINCHONA could produce certain symptoms of malaria, and the knowledge that CINCHONA is used as medicine for malaria, that led him to thinking about similia principle of cure.

It was during the follow up experiments with drug provings that hahnemann started to observe and make record of all symptoms drugs produced- mental as well as physical. Gradually, he evolved the concept of ‘totality of symptoms’.

We should remember, homeopathy was not a ONE TIME invention. It was a process of gradual evolution. He changed, modified and developed his concepts in a long course of time. Many of his own initial ideas were discarded by himself when found wrong, which demonstrates hahnemann’s truthfulness and intellectual courage.

It is true that drugs are proved in individuals having different constitutions and genetic make up. It may affect the proving to certain extent. That is why symptoms produced by same drug in different provers differed in details of symptoms. But remember, most of the IMPORTANT VITAL PROCESSES and BIOLOGICAL MOLECULES are same in all human beings, and hence, whatever be the constitution, most of the EFFECTS of drugs will be same in ALL human beings.


Infants are born with their GENETIC substance, which never change in later life. Hence, GENETIC constitution will be same in adult life also. But, the PHENOTYPE constitution develops later, which is decided by the way GENES are EXPRESSED, which could be influenced by food, environment, drugs, infections and a host of other factors. We should not forget, what we call CONSTITUTION is actually the sum total of GENOTYPE and PHENOTYPE of an individual.


When you find a particular case coming to you is difficult to cure and patient may not hold on as it may take a long course to get any result, and same time you feel it is worth giving a try, talk to the patient plainly about your thoughts. Tell him frankly, he may consult somebody else if he feel so, but express your willingness to give a try if he is ready to cooperate. Tell them you will not accept any money until the cure is complete. Such a stance will demonstrate your genuine interest in making result, and will build great confidence about you. If they agree, work upon the case with full involvement, until you show the result to the satisfaction of the patient. Patient will stick on and cooperate, how much long the course of treatment may be. If you succeed, they will pay you once you close the case even without asking- most probably much more than you normally expect.

The most positive thing about this approach is, by the time you complete the course of treatment of that patient, he would have brought lot of new patients to you, belonging to his family or contact circles.

I think this is a nice way of boosting your self-confidence about handling complicated cases. and building good practice and goodwill.


In my opinion, the best way of MARKETING your homeopathic practice is by SHOWING RESULTS. It is not your MANAGEMENT SKILLS, but your ‘homeopathic skills’, coupled with genuine behavior towards patients that enable you to show results. You may attract some patients initially by your sophisticated marketing techniques, but In the absence of essential homeopathic skills, that will end up as total disaster. The more you market your practice as a BUSINESS, the more you are vulnerable to failures in the long run.

I would advise young homeopaths not to worry about how to market yourselves, but worry ONLY about the patient just sitting in front of you NOW. It may be a only single patient a day initially. Treat him with utmost dedication and involvement, and give him relief. He will have his own circle consisting of his family, friends, coworkers and neighbors. If he is satisfied with your treatment and behavior, he will talk positively in his circles about you, and slowly and steadily a chain of patients will develop. Each single patient coming to you will grow into a new chain. Do not change your clinic or place of practice frequently, hoping to get more ‘business’- stick on to same place as far as possible, even if it is your residence itself. Utilize every case and every free minutes to sharpen your ‘homeopathic skills’ through constant study and application. It may take time to build up, but the goodwill and practice you generate slowly will be long lasting.

I made this post because some people have recently come forward with high profile MARKETING COURSES to homeopaths. They aim only extracting some money


Homeopaths should learn to think and talk about DISEASES and CURE in terms of BIOCHEMICAL INTERACTIONS, especially in terms of PROTEIN inhibitions and their re-activations. They should put their favorite VITAL FORCE THEORY to rest, if they really want homeopathy to become a medical science.

I am much concerned to see that there are homeopaths who cannot perceive infections and diseases in terms of molecular level processes involved. Instead, they imagine and argue over unscientific concepts such as “vital force of bacteria acting up on vital force of our body and producing diseases”.

According to scientific view, infections should be understood as molecules of ‘bacterial or viral origin’ entering our body and binding to various biological molecules such as enzymes or receptors in our organism, thereby inhibiting their normal functions and producing molecular errors amounting to pathology.

Once you understand the MIT concepts of homeopathy I propose, you would realize that HOMEOPATHY and ‘similia similibus curentur’ fit very well to the scientific paradigms of MODERN MOLECULAR MEDICINE.


Most homeopaths falsely believe that they have to safeguard VITAL FORCE THEORY to safeguard HOMEOPATHY. They fear homeopathy will collapse as a whole, if vital force theory is not preserved, as they consider it as the foundation of homeopathy. That is why they fight tooth and nail to defend the most obviously unscientific statements hahnemann made about vital force.

We should understand, Hahnemann was compelled to explain diseases in terms of ‘vital force’, only due to the lack of scientific knowledge available to him during his period.



FUNCTIONAL GROUPS or MOIETIES being part of individual constituent chemical molecules of DRUG SUBSTANCES bind to BIOLOGICAL MOLECULES in the organism in capacities of their conformational and charge affinities, thereby changing the natural conformations of biological molecules, and making them incapable of executing their normal biological functions, resulting in MOLECULAR INHIBITIONS. These inhibitions cause cascading deviations in bio-molecular processes amounting to pathology, which is expressed as trains of SUBJECTIVE and OBJECTIVE symptoms. This is the BIOLOGICAL MECHANISM involved in DRUG PROVING.

ENDOGENOUS or EXOGENOUS disease-causing molecules also produce INHIBITIONS of biological molecules, producing molecular errors and deviations in biochemical pathways which we call DISEASES, expressed through subjective and objective symptoms.

If symptoms of DISEASES and symptoms of DRUG PROVING are SIMILAR, that means the PATHOGENIC molecules as well as DRUG molecules inhibited SAME biological molecules. That also means, DRUG molecules as well as PATHOGENIC molecules were having SIMILAR functional groups or moieties  so that they could attack SAME biological targets.

MOLECULAR IMPRINTS of drug molecules contained in potentized drugs can act as ARTIFICIAL BINDING SITES for pathogenic molecules having SIMILAR functional groups or moieties, thereby relieving the BIOLOGICAL MOLECULES from pathological inhibitions.



Let me define HOMEOPATHY scientifically as per MIT concepts I propose:

Homeopathy is a therapeutic method of curing diseases by using ‘MOLECULAR IMPRINTS’ of drug substances, which in ‘molecular forms’ could produce ‘symptoms’ similar to those presented by the patient.

‘Similarity’ of drug symptoms and disease symptoms indicate that the drug molecules and pathogenic molecules have ‘similar’ FUNCTIONAL GROUPS, by which they could bind to ‘similar’ biological molecules, and produce ‘similar’ molecular inhibitions that caused ‘similar’ molecular pathology which are expressed through ‘similar’ subjective and objective ‘symptoms’.

Molecular imprints of ‘similar’ drug molecules can act as artificial binding sites for ‘similar’ pathogenic molecules due to complementary affinity of conformations, thereby deactivating them and relieving the biological molecules from pathological inhibitions, which amounts to ‘CURE’.

According to my view, this is the scientific meaning of Similia Similibus Curentur.


Responding to my comments on his article ‘Micro-DNA Therapy’ published on, Saqib Rashid, BSc, MSc, DHM, NDTP posted:

“”Very respectfully after going through your comments I would suggest you should have some basic knowledge of genetics first, only by passing comments which include your own unscientfic baseless statements you can satisfy yourself or those who have no background knowledge but others qualified readers would like to see some refrences of your baseless proclamations like this ”Actually, diseases are caused by INHIBITIONS of enzymes, receptors and other biological molecules by binding of pathogenic molecules”. Your own comments indicate your own knowledge of homeopathic system is pretty week. Especially when you have no idea that most of homeopathic remedies are never proved. On an other note your weak knowledge has labelled all homeopathic remedies which are below 12C as non homeopathic. You have no idea of disease promotion and homeopathic interventions.”

According to him, my statement ‘diseases are caused by INHIBITIONS of enzymes, receptors and other biological molecules by binding of pathogenic molecules’ is an “unscientific baseless proclamation” which indicates my “knowledge of homeopathic system is pretty week”.

He also says my statement “all homeopathic remedies which are below 12C are non homeopathic” also indicates my “weak knowledge”. He also “suggests” I should have some “basic knowledge of genetics first”.

He sums up: “You have no idea of disease promotion and homeopathic interventions.”

I would request Saaqib Rashid to refer to some BIOCHEMISTRY texts, or ask some science-educated people to verify whether my statement ”actually, diseases are caused by INHIBITIONS of enzymes, receptors and other biological molecules by binding of pathogenic molecules” is a “baseless proclamation” or not. His response talks a lot about the limitations of his science lessons. I should remind him,“homeopathic knowledge” is not enough to understand what I said in my quoted statement, but needs some “scientific knowledge” also.”

According to Saaqib Rashid, who is deemed to have “strong knowledge of homeopathic system”, my statement “diseases are caused by INHIBITIONS of enzymes, receptors and other biological molecules by binding of pathogenic molecules” indicates my knowledge of homeopathic system is pretty week”. I should have said “diseases are caused by deviations in vital force”, to show my knowledge in homeopathy is STRONG, and to prove that I have “good idea of disease promotion and homeopathic interventions.”! FOR HIM, HOMEOPATHIC KNOWLEDGE IS EQUIVALENT TO SCIENTIFIC KNOWLEDGE.

Actually, Saqib Rashid was trying to promote a range of products under the label ‘micro-dna therapy’, hoping to woo some homeopaths into its marketing network. In my comment, I had exposed the hollowness of their claim that their products are ‘similar’ to homeopathy, and that they can be used ‘along with’ homeopathy drugs, which obviously infuriated him.

I repeat: “Micro-DNA” products he promote have nothing to do nothing with Homeopathy or Modern science. Their products are promoted on the basis of a ‘theory’ that HIGH DILUTIONS of DNA contain nano-structural ‘mimics’ that can TELEPATHICALLY interact with our DNA through “RESONANCE OF VIBRATIONS! UTTER NONSENSE! Same time, they say their products are ‘diluted’ only upto 6c, which means much below avogadro limit, and they would contain ‘original’ starting materials- not ‘mimics’ as they claim.

Saqib Rashid and his company are trying to market a product SIMILAR to PC RESONANCE, PAPER REMEDIES, MP3 REMEDIES and such things, all of which are based on the nonsense theory of DYNAMIC ENERGY, FREQUENCY and TELEPATHIC RESONANCE! As any art of PSEUDOSCIENCE, they also profusely use scientific terms like GENETICS and DNA.


There may be many fantastic ‘theories’ about homeopathy going around. But, only the concepts proposed by MIT provide a scientific and rational model for BIOLOGICAL MECHANISM involved in the phenomenon of ‘similia similibus curentur’, in a way fitting to the paradigms of modern biochemistry, molecular biology and pharmacology. Only MIT concepts explain homeopathic therapeutics in terms of dynamics of target-ligand interactions and removal bio-molecular inhibitions. Only MIT explains homeopathy and potentization in terms of MOLECULAR IMPRINTING, without any involvement of unscientific concepts of ‘non-material’ ‘dynamic drug energy’ and ‘vital force’. Only MIT explains homeopathy as a specialized higher branch of MOLECULAR MEDICINE, without contradicting any of the accepted principles of modern science.


Most homeopaths skillfully evade all FUNDAMENTAL questions and discussions regarding WHAT, WHY and HOW of homeopathy by quoting Aphorisms of hahnemann, and declare homeopaths should be concerned only with PRACTICE and EXPERIENCE- not THEORIES! In the absence of rational thinking, common sense and scientific knowledge, EXPERIENCE never lead you to TRUTH. Do you think idiots will turn knowledgeable by mere EXPERIENCE?


Without knowing what happens during potentization, what are the active principles of potentized drugs, and the exact biological mechanism by which potentized drugs act on our organism, how can you make ‘LAWS’ and ‘RULES’ regarding potency selection, doses, mode of administration, repetitions, drug relationships, antidoting, single/multiple drugs and such things related with PRACTICE?

By EXPERIENCE? Whose experience? Experience of ‘masters’ and ‘stalwarts’? What if ‘experiences’ and ‘interpretations’ differ from ‘stalwart’ to ‘stalwart’?

Some people say LOW potencies are better than HIGH potencies, according to their experience. For some others, HIGH potencies are better. HIGH potencies are ‘dangerous’  as per ‘experience’ for some homeopaths. LM potencies are ideal for certain people. Mother tinctures are OK for many homeopaths, but there are other who believe their use is un-homeopathic. Only SINGLE drug and SINGLE dose are admissible in homeopathy as per EXPERIENCE of a section homeopaths, but others consider there is no harm in using MULTIPLE drugs and MULTIPLE doses. Drugs will act from a ‘distance’ by ‘resonance’ of ‘frequencies’ for many homeopaths!

All these claims are based on EXPERIENCES- and EXPERIENCE is the PROOF for homeopathy! All these things reminds us about the story of ‘seven blind men’ who EXPERIENCED an elephant!


Scientific community is grossly misled by the ‘international representatives’ of homeopathy, by presenting it as an ENERGY MEDICINE discipline, as some sort of faith healing or spiritual healing, and talking all sorts of absurd ‘theories’ about it, which led the scientists to the summary rejection of homeopathy as ‘implausible’.

They are not inclined to take homeopathy as a serious topic to be researched, because, nobody has so far even proposed a rational and scientifically viable working hypothesis that could be considered as a candidate for scientific verification. Scientific research cannot happen without a sound hypothesis as its baseline, which should explain the phenomena in terms of ‘existing’ scientific knowledge system and formulate the concrete questions to be ‘proved’ according to scientific methods.


Misusing the lack of regulations and absence of an official machinery for overseeing homeopathic practice and education, the unscientific CAM practitioners and ENERGY MEDICINE theoreticians have HIJACKED homeopathy in western countries! Even in India, with strict regulations and governmental control over the system of homeopathic education and practice, DRUG TRANSMISSIONIST QUACKS have succeeded in gaining control of our educational system!


Most ‘homeopathic’ practitioners in western countries use RADIONICS, REFLEXOLOGY, DOWSING and all sorts of absurd things under the label of CAM. Whatever ‘homeopaths’ pretend or imagine, it is really gravely hopeless situation for homeopathy there. They are leading homeopathy to its ruin. Homeopaths should be ‘scientific’ PHYSICIANS- not FAITH HEALERS. They should Update scientifically, think scientifically, act scientifically, talk scientifically.


I dont mind shedding some numbers from my facebook friends list by saying on their face that they are talking NONSENSE, when they talk utter foolish theories about homeopathy, making it a subject of unending mockery and ridicule by the scientific minded community. I take it as an honor conferred up on me for my work, when such people unfriend or block me.


Commenting on my post about RADIONICS machines, DAVID WITKO, the creator of the popular systems such as CARA, ISIS and AKIVA, posted on my page as follows:

“While I cannot speak for every remedy making machine – only the ones I know of – and as part of my homeopathic work I have spoken to some manufacturers of these machines – most of them have decided the frequency (or whatever it is) that is generated for a given remedy and potency by dowsing with a pendulum which frequency to give. Now let me be clear – I am not stating these machines do not work – that is for others to decide. I have no experience of using such remedy machines. Also I am not saying that dowsing with a pendulum is a bad I have tried this myself to interesting effect – but not as a homeopath. I am prepared for certain other kinds of remedy machines to be considered but I have personal reservations about these machines created by dowsing,.”

I was very much surprised and frustrated to read his comment, as it was beyond my imagination that an internationally respected person like David Witko, who created the popular homeopathic software systems such as Cara, ISIS and Akiva could support a totally unscientific RADIONICS MACHINE, which he calls REMEDY MAKING MACHINE.

His statement that “I am not saying that dowsing with a pendulum is a bad thing, as I have tried this myself to interesting effect”, and “I am prepared for certain other kinds of remedy machines to be considered” was really unbelievable for me.

It is wonderful to note that he has no any fundamental objections to RADIONICS MACHINES as such being used in Homeopathy, but is only ‘looking for’ a RIGHT brand of it. He is not questioning the UNSCIENTIFIC theory of ‘vibrations’ and resonance’ involved in it. He has no objection to the ‘theory’ that ANY homeopathic drug in ANY potency could be ‘prepared’ by ‘charging’ sugar of milk or sugar pills with SPECIFIC ‘frequencies’ of the selected drug in selected potency, which are ‘digitally’ PRELOADED in the computerized system of your machine.

For him, the issue is which particular brand of REMEDY MACHINE is better than another! He is not concerned about the totally NONSENSE principle behind it. He seems to support the unscientific VIBRATION theory, which postulates drugs can be represented by their vibrations- the theory that potentized drugs act by VIBRATIONS of DYNAMIC ENERGY. It is obvious that he failed to understand the foolishness involved in this VIBRATION THEORY, and as such, he could not discuss my topic in its correct scientific perspective.




“Palpation is a method of assessing the state of health by means of examination with the hands. The different regions of the body are investigated for heat, cold, unusual growths, swellings, tightness, looseness, and pain by the hands of the examiner. Much of the information acquired during palpation can be used to test remedies much in the same manner as the other reflexes. For example, the tissue can be assessed for areas of tension, relaxation and pain before and after the remedies are brought in contact with the patient. The tight areas of the body become more relaxed and loose areas become more tight. Pain on contact is usually significantly reduced when the correct remedies are in contact with the human electromagnetic field or the body.”

” With proper biofeedback equipment the human operator can be removed from the testing altogether and the results analyzed by computers. This area of research is an aspect of modern science where homoeopaths can prove that their remedies have definite physiological results. These biofeedback systems can also be combined with the radionic methods to demonstrate the presence of subtle waves emanating from the human body as well as homoeopathic remedies. This work needs the assistance of those who are experienced in Homoeopathy if it is going to yield the best results. Dr. G. B. Stearns was such a man as he was one of the only Americans to use Boyd’s Emanometer and clinical reflex testing in conjunction with homoeopathy.”


And you should know sir, DAVID LITTLE is a big shark, roaming in the vast oceans of international ‘classical’ homeopathy! Scientific and skeptic community see him as one of authority and representative of homeopathy. They consider his words as homeopathy.

The latest Hpathy interview with David Little says: “Katja Schuett converses with David Little, one of the world’s greatest experts on Organon.” I wanted to show the real face of this “greatest experts on Organon”. His expertise in organon is so great, as to incorporate even reflexology into homeopathy!



“The skin resistance test is another easy to read response of the autonomic nervous system to a correct remedy. It is best if a sitting patient faces west or a prone person lies with the head to the north. The abdomen of the patient should be bared, and if the weather is humid, dried well with a cloth. The operator should then stroke the abdomen with a dielectric rod, such as one made out of glass, rubber, or bakelite. A drinking glass or a 6 oz. remedy bottle works very well. The remedies to be tested should be placed close by and handled by an assistant or the tester. The operator lightly strokes the abdomen in an up and down direction t in order to get a feel of the skin tonus of the patient.

The assistant or operator now picks up the remedy to be tested and brings it close or in contact with the body while the stroking motion is continued. The operator continues to stroke the abdomen to see if they can observe a “clinging” or “sticky” sensation as the skin is stroked. The dielectric rod will appear to “stick” or feel slightly retarded because of the galvanic skin response. In order to observe the stick effect the rod should be held horizontal to the abdomen and stroked vertically. To start with a single area to the side of, or immediately below the navel should be stroked. All remedies that cause a stick reaction should then be retested by stroking the other areas of the abdomen to see which one causes the largest area of the abdomen to respond. The remedy that shows the largest pattern of reaction will be found to have a strong effect on both the pupil dilation and pulse reflexes. It has also been found that the areas along the spine are also good areas for the testing of the remedies.

The same technique may be used for testing the remedies on the spine as for the abdomen. Some individuals seem to react better on the back than the front. It is also useful in those men who have too much abdominal hair to get a good response. The remedy that shows the largest area of reaction along the spine is the most suitable. Those individuals who have experience in Osteopathic or Chiropractic methods may notice certain relationships between the reflexes that respond and the areas of the illness treated. This is a phenomenon where research will prove most interesting to those with knowledge of the field. The inside of the arm, especially over the elbow joint, is also another area that responds well to the skin reflex. This area is convenient in situations where it may be impractical to bare the trunk of the body.”



“The percussion technique can easily be done by anyone who has experience in the art of percussion for diagnostic purposes although a person can be trained in this method especially for the purpose of testing remedies. In this technique the patient is to be seated facing the west in a chair in the same manner as the previous tests. The experimenter may sit in front of patient toward the left side so that they can percuss the upper and outer section of the person’s chest. They may also stand behind the subject so as to reach over and percuss the subject’s chest from behind. An assistant stands about four or five feet away with the vials of the homoeopathic remedies placed on a table or chair”.

“The operator then begins to percuss the upper outer area of the apex of the lungs in a steady rhythm where the percussion-note is between flatness and resonance. When the experimenter is ready the assistant picks up a remedy and steps three or four feet away from the rest of the vials and then takes about two seconds to lift the vial upward until they reach the full length of the arm. If the remedy has any relationship to the patient, the percussion tone will become dull once the assistant touches the vial containing the remedy. As the remedy is raised upward the percussion-note may change to a higher pitch or becomes resonant again. Only those remedies which maintain a dull sound no matter how high the vial is held above the body are to be considered for retesting by the other methods for further assessment.”

“The distance that the remedy “holds” the dull percussion-note is related to its ability to influence the constitution in question. Some of the most active remedies have maintained the reaction at a distances of 75 to 100 feet or more! This imponderable remedy energy passes through walls made of brick, stone, concrete, or plaster without any obstruction. Stearns and his team observed remedy reactions at distances up to 200 feet. The remedy that “holds” the dullness of the percussion-note at the greatest distance is the remedy that will have the greatest influence over the vital force. Although these techniques are not very practical in the clinic it is quite amazing as a demonstration of the sensitivity of the human aura to the energy of a related homoeopathic remedy.”



“First of all, observe the rate, rhythm, depth, movement of the chest, and effort in breathing of the client. The normal respiratory rate for a resting adult is 14 to 20 breaths per minute. Infants can breathe up to 44 cycles per minute. After observing the respiration bring the remedy near and touch the patient as in the other testing methods and watch for a response. When a related remedy is brought near the patient will sometimes almost sigh, or take a deep breath, then a new respiratory rate will be established. Look for changes in the rhythm, depth and movement of the chest. Counting the respiration can be done at the same time that the pulse is assessed. These affects can be watched together after one has gained experience in the method. Breath sound changes can be ausculated with a stethoscope much in the same way as the heart sounds. Observation, tactile fremitus, palpation, and percussion also supply information about the state of health of the respiratory system and can be used to assess the actions of related remedies.”



“While reading the pulse the remedy vial is brought near the subject’s back with a quick swing stopping a few inches away from the patient’s body and the changes in the pulse are recorded. The vial only needs to be in contact with the body for a few seconds but the effect may last for up to 60 seconds. The heart usually responds to the correct remedy with a sudden hesitation, sometimes for up to 1/2 a beat, followed by one loud beat of the heart, and a perceptively new rhythm and volume.”

“Sometimes the pulse will respond as soon as you pick up the remedy. These effects can be plainly distinguished by auscultation with a stethoscope and can be viewed on a fluoroscope. In cases where there are irregular beats the correct remedy seems to stabilize the pulse and make it more regular. If the heart is arrhythmic because of a serious pathological lesion there is still often a clear response.”

“The pulse can easily show the homoeopath which remedy the vital force wants in that moment. It will also help show you which potency is the most suitable. Autonomic reflex testing can make a great difference in any homoeopath’s practice, particularly when it is difficult to chose between a few well chosen remedies. It is also useful after several remedies have been used and the symptoms have become masked due to too many partial simillimums”.



“Once the is patient is relaxed and ready the operator shines the light into the person’s eyes. If one is using a shaded light it should be held no higher than the waist and suddenly turned upward so that the light shines into the patient’s eyes. If one is using a flashlight it should be held to the side and directed into the patient’s eyes from one to two feet away. The pupils will immediately contract and then after one or two seconds dilate slightly and come to rest. At this moment the assistant should come up behind the patient and with a quick movement bring the remedy close to the person’s body or lightly touch them. If the homoeopath is working alone they may bring the remedy very close or lightly touch the remedy to the hand of the patient while watching the pupils.”

“If the patient is sensitive to the remedy the pupils of the patient will dilate quite clearly and come to rest in a new position. In certain rare instances the pupils may contract first and then dilate. The remedy that causes the most dilation of the pupil of the pupil is the remedy to which the body is the most susceptible. After allowing the nervous system to settle down for a few minutes, retest the chosen remedy in various potencies. The potency that causes the largest, most stable dilation is the potency to which the body is most reactive. In this way we can use the vital force as a guide in helping to choose a suitable remedy in the proper potency”.


See DAVID LITTLE, the most revered contemporary ‘international master’ of homeopathy, talking about using of REFLEXOLOGY in selecting Similimum and Potency:

“Through skillful reflex testing the homoeopath is able to communicate directly with the vital force by learning its language. We can ask the vital force what it wants through reading the reaction of the autonomic nervous reflexes to the stimuli caused by homoeopathic remedies. In this way we can know if a remedy is going to react before we give it! It can also help us to find the correct potency to use. This certainly is a great advantage. This can most easily be done by observing the pupil reflex, the pulse and respiration, palpating and percussing the chest and abdomen, and testing the galvanic skin response with a dielectric substance on the skin of the patient.”

“All of these effects are the reaction of the autonomic nervous system to the radiations of energy waves from the homoeopathic remedy. In fact many of these reflexes will react before the vial is actually brought into contact with the patient”.

Nothing to wonder scientific community dismisses homeopathy as ‘fake’, ‘superstitious beliefs’ and ‘quackery’! No wonder James Randy and his skeptic friends rocking!


After deciding the similimum for you patient through ‘classical’ case taking and repertorisation, instead of going to your medicine racks, simply move to the RADIONICS machine on your table. Place some blank sugar of milk or sugar pills in the machine, and set the dials of the machine to select the name of drug and potency you want to prepare. ANY DRUG, ANY POTENCY! Then switch on the machine. With in seconds, the sample of sugar of milk or sugar pills will be CHARGED by the SPECIFIC ‘frequencies’ of the selected drug in selected potency, which are ‘digitally’ PRELOADED in the computerized system of your machine. Take the CHARGED sample out of the machine, and give it to the patient. You need not worry about availability of drugs or potencies, need not worry about investing money for purchasing medicines!

This is not a fairy tale. This is what is done in in the posh clinics of most of the ‘classical’ ‘HOMEOPATHY’ practitioners in western countries now-a-days. They claim this is SCIENTIFIC HOMEOPATHY!

Using this wonderful device, you can prepare in seconds ANY potency of ANY drug, even such as INDIAN ELEPHANT, BERLIN WALL, MILKY WAY, RAINBOW, INDIAN PARROT, TIGER, LION etc etc! Unlimited!


SCIENTIFIC OUTLOOK is different from SCIENTIFIC KNOWLEDGE. How much knowledge one might have accumulated in particular branches of science, in the absence of RATIONAL THINKING and COMMON SENSE, he will be most UNSCIENTIFIC in his WORLD OUTLOOK. That is why we see a lot of prominent SCIENTISTS and EXPERTS without any SCIENTIFIC WORLD OUTLOOK.



“You must be knowing about Grand Master Choa kok sui. The World Pranic Healing Foundation of Manilla, Philippines where method of treatment is based on Erehetic body(Energy body) and Aura and auric body. The treatment is given through Pranic Healing method sitting any where in the world. There are great literature on the this method of treatment. If one can treat any patient sitting in any part of the world by pranic Healing method, why the patient can not be cured by giving homeopathic medicine on the eyes of the photograph of the person. There are so many miracles in the world having no scientific explanations but they work well. The experience in this filed and reported cases are the true scientific data. In this world any thing may happen provided one knows the correct techniques. We should not discard the distance healing through Homeopathic medicines. We have the examples. The Homeopathic treatment is itself based on practical examples, where is the scientific research on homeopathic treatment and its system. I pay full regards to the practitioners and their efforts.”

His logic: “If one can treat any patient sitting in any part of the world by pranic healing method, why the patient can not be cured by giving homeopathic medicine on the eyes of the photograph of the person?”. This question is enough for him to justify ‘hair transmission’!

Dr Rajput also is a HOMEOPATHIC ‘PHYSICIAN’, holding an honorable BHMS degree from a reputed HOMEOPATHIC MEDICAL COLLEGE in India!. We are talking SCIENCE to a community of which people like him make the majority! I feel sympathy for myself!


One of homeopath friends commented on my page:

“Regarding hair transmission, as I think, at first we should examine & observe the effect of this mode of application of homeopathic medicines. Only then one has right to comment either in positive or in negative aspects.”

This doctor seems to think that there is some possibility for ‘hair transmission’ to work, which we have to ‘experiment’ ourselves before denying. He is not still sure whether or not our hair, skin, blood and other body wastes can keep a ‘dynamic relationship’ with our body even from far distances! He is not still sure, whether or not such body wastes can act as ‘transmitters’ of ‘drug energy’! He is not sure whether or not potentized drugs can ’emit radiations’ of dynamic energy that could be ‘transmitted’ by hair to ‘specific targets’ at long distances! He asks me to EXPERIMENT myself first to make it sure whether it WORKS or not, to attain RIGHT for criticizing it!

Sir, according to your logic, we have to ‘experiment’ every obviously nonsense things before opposing them? We have to experiment all woodoo, witchcraft, astrology and black magics, before saying they are nonsense?

According to your logic, I have to ‘experiment’ with meditation proving, trituration proving, dream proving, pc resonance remedies, mp3 file remedies, paper remedies, radionics, reflexology, photo transmission, phone transmission, and HAIR TRANSMISSION, for getting RIGHT to comment on them?

I have to ‘down load’ the ‘digital files’ of ‘resonance medicines’ of Peter Chappel, and ‘experiment’ by ‘playing’ them to HIV patients and BIRD FLU, before saying they are pure rubbish? I have to by a RADIONICS machine and start preparing ‘any medicine in any potencies’ by imprinting their pre-recorded ‘frequencies’ into sugar of milk or sugar pills, to EXPERIMENT them?

When a ‘homeopath’ says he treats sitting in london, patients around the world by applying drugs in the eyes of their photographs downloaded from computer, as per your logic, I have no RIGHT say it is nonsense, before collecting clinical evidences in my support, by experimenting myself with applying drugs in photos of people in another country?

We have to experiment all proven laws of physics and chemistry again and again to make it sure they are right? Do you remember, if hair transmission is right, ALL things we learned so far in physics, chemistry, biology and every science will have to be wrong? Certain thing obviously impossible as per scientific laws need not be experimented to know whether they work or not. Giving the favor of even suspicion to nonsenses such as ‘hair transmission’ amounts to indirectly supporting them.


Dr Pranab Gupta says: “In hair transmission we deal with the DNA- TeleProcess of hair strands and energy of medicine of 50 millicimal potency”! He said ‘Hair Transmission Homeopathy is a “sort of micro-surgery’!

Shall I cry or laugh? Dr Pranab Gupta seems think that, having a label of ‘homeopath’, one need not have any limits to talking absurd?


Today I got a very valuable piece of advice from Dr Bhabinesh: “if you are boxing with a pig in the mud u r getting dirtier, n the pig is enjoying the play.”

But what can I do when flocks of ‘pigs in mud’ come and attack me as if with vengeance?


One homeopath commented on my post: “More than 3 years I practice Classical Homoeopathy through Hair transmission.”

It is a funny paradox!. A person, practicing ‘Hair Transmission’ claims he is practicing ‘CLASSICAL HOMEOPATHY’!

Would anybody here, please define what is this Classical Homeopathy? Is it a feather that fits to any clown’s cap?



A particle represents a specific ‘quantum equilibrium’ of forces. Once this ‘equilibrium’ is lost beyond certain limits, it cannot exist as it is- it will have to get divided into smaller particles, or modified to another structure. Every particle of matter vibrates in an attempt to resist external forces, and to maintain its specific internal balance of forces or quantum equilibrium. Whenever some extra force from an external source try to disturb its equilibrium, it vibrates more, in order to shed off the extra force, and retains equilibrium. That means, vibrations or motions are processes related with maintaining Quantum Equilibrium of particles. When a particle sheds of extra forces, that extra force will obviously be transmitted to other particles nearby, since force cannot exist free from matter particles. That is why motion of an object set other objects also into motion, which we call ‘resonance’.

When our vocal chords vibrate using extra forces transmitted into it by the energy generated in the mitochondria of muscle cells, that vibrations shed off forces to produce vibration in the air. Those vibrations in air travels through air or any medium as waves. It affects our body, when these vibrations reach their. Various neurochemicals in the cells in our skin is activated, and these vibrations are converted into chemical signals, which travels to brain, producing a cascading of chemical changes which we experience as SENSATIONS as well MENTAL processes. Vibrations belonging to specific frequencies activate neurochemicals in our internal ears, which are transmitted to certain centers of brain through auditory nerves, which produces the sensation of HEARING, and followed by generation of mental images associated with it.

ALL the vibrations entering our body from environment can affect the biochemical processes in our body in different ways. They can have disease-causing and disease-curing effects.

Most important point to be noted is, VIBRATIONS are physical motion of matter particles, which can be transmitted through a material medium, and its effects on our body are purely BIOCHEMICAL. There is no IMMATERIAL vibrations. Nothing immaterial, divine or spiritual in these sounds or its effects. No saint can chant mantra if there is no air to be set into motion by the motion of his vocal chords. Even if he saint chants any holy mantra of whatever intensity, it can be transmitted only through MATERIAL medium such as air. His mantra will not travel through vaccum, or affect anybody if there is no a MATERIAL medium to carry it forward to a listener.

Regarding the possibility of DNA changes or PROGRAMING by sounds as some people imagine to happen, it seems to be an exaggerated fancy. Better to say BIOCHEMICAL changes. EVEN if any effects are produced in our bodies by material vibrations of various frequencies, they are BIOCHEMICAL effects produced by PHYSICAL motion of MATTER particles. There is nothing IMMATERIAL or SPIRITUAL in this phenomenon.


ENERGY MEDICINE nonsense is based on the concept of IMMATERIAL vibrations, immaterial FORCES, immaterial FREQUENCIES, immaterial RESONANCE and such things, which contradict our existing scientific knowledge system. That is why they talk about DRUG ENERGY without any DRUG MOLECULES, which act from DISTANCE dynamically. I know it a futile exercise to talk science to those who do not know the basic lessons of science.


A young 28 year old BHMS homeopath from Ghazipur, Uttar pradesh, India, asked a wonderful question while commenting on my post regarding ‘homeopathic drug transmission through hair’ as follows:

“What is the problem to all of you from drug transmission?”.

I consider this question as very ‘important’, since it reflects the dangerous mindset of a prominent section of homeopathic community, who are not at all concerned with any absurd things happening in homeopathy, and who are content with the ‘good’ PRACTICE they get and ‘good’ MONEY they generate.

I dont think I have to learn anything from someone practicing ‘hair transmission’. I am not available for an argument with those who do not understand even the basic priciples of science or scientific method. Beg excuse.


Chairman of Educational Committee of CCH under Government of India, conducting a QUACKERY course in ‘DRUG TRANSMISSION THROUGH HAIR’! It is a shame up on whole homeopathy community of India. He should be made accountable by the community.

If it were you or me conducting such an UNRECOGNIZED ‘post graduate’ course for ‘homeopathy graduates’, CCH would have put us behind bars with in no time! Not only CCH. There are many high profile professional organizations for homeopaths. Why nobody raising this question?


I stumbled across the works of the followers of Dr. B. Sahni who runs the Research Institute Of Sahani Drug Transmission & Homoeopathy in Patna . The Sahani protocol is rather wonderful: a homeopathic remedy is chosen in the classical way, by matching symptoms to a remedy. The chosen pill is then dissolved in a vial and a single hair is then plucked from the customer’s head and placed in the vial with a little bit sticking out. The hair is then able to transmit the ENERGY of the remedy back to the owner.

This Institute with the present Chairman Dr.M.K.Sahani is now working on Research, Teaching and Clinical Help to patient by this method. It has come out with a postgraduate course in Drug Transmission for the medical graduates, which is of three months duration . Institute is also working on the project of Tele-medical Center with satellite center in different places, with facility to treat patient with Drug Transmission.

According to their website, Dr. M K Sahani MD (Hom.) PGDHHM is also the Chairman, Education Committee, Central Council of Homoeopathy, New Delhi, and President, The Homeopathic Medical Association of India, Bihar State Branch.

KINDLY NOTE: A person decorating the high profile official position of “Chairman, Education Committee, Central Council of Homoeopathy, New Delhi” is also working as the “Chairman of Institute Of Sahnai Drug Transmission & Homoeopathy in Patna”, and conducting “postgraduate course in Drug Transmission for the medical graduates”. Did anybody inquire whether “hair transmission” is RECOGNIZED by Central Council Of Homeopathy? Is it LAWFUL and ETHICAL for the Head of Education Committee of Central Council of Homoeopathy of Government of India to run such an UNRECOGNIZED ‘post graduate course’ in DRUG TRANSMISSION?


‘prominent’ proponent of ‘DRUG TRANSMISSION THROUGH HAIR” explains his method of practice as follows:

“A strand of HAIR is taken out either cut or uprooted from the head of the patient. Selected medicine is taken in fifty millisimal potency and diluted in water in a 5ml vial and ten stroke was given. This vial is ready for putting the hair in it. Strand of hair taken out from the patient is inserted in the vial containing diluted medicine. This is termed as “Transmitting set”. It is put in safe cupboard after putting name of medicine, date and patients name OR code number allotted to the patient. When the hair is put in the vial of transmitting set it is termed as Transmission “ON” and when the hair is detached from it is termed as Transmission “OFF”

Patient is advised to report for progress after fifteen days. Follow-up progress is noted when the patient revisited the clinic after fifteen days. Homoeopathic observation of the caseis followed up and change in medicine is made considering the action.

Following changes are made depending on the result: No change in symptoms- ten stroke were given to the transmitting set. Positive progress- No change is made in the transmitting set. Aggravation in symptoms- Either hair is detached from the transmitting set or waited without any change depending on the progress noted. Adverse changing symptoms- Transmission is put OFF and waited for change.

When need of change in medicine is felt either due to wrong selection or for use of complementary medicine. Hair was taken out from the first transmitting set and inserted in the new transmitting set containing new medicine. Has to be properly wiped out before inserting in new medicine.

Medicine used for transmission is selected from the general pool of the Homoopathic medicine in fifty millisimal potency.

The advantages of this method are as follows: Distance of patient is no bar for patient either in first or subsequent consultations. In case of aggravation simply detaching the hair will check agg. It is a continuous process, patient receives medicine till the vial contain his hair. It is the quickest method of effects obtained by homoeopathy which I have witnessed in my practice several times. Change of medicine is so simple that after washing hair put it in another medicated vial. Patient need not to come your office, he has only to inform us by telephone or message.”


Dr M K Sahni, who is the present Chairman of this ‘school’ of practice, says:

“We at our Institute and other general Hospital in Patna are practising this Drug Transmission very successfully. Hair taken out from the patient is inserted in this phial containing medicine and ten stroke is given. We are providing training for its detailed application, which also need thorough knowledge of classical Homoeopathy. Use of single similar medicine is really actualized in our Drug Transmission. Hair transmission has got many advantages over the oral route: 1. It is easy and handy. Control of dose does not arise as control man be maintained by simply removing the hair. 2. When there is cnfusio in the selection of medicine the same may be put to test and the correct one aministered. 3. As distance is no bar out-station patient can be treated easily. We have many such patient outside. 4. Action by this method is quicker 5. It helps in the selection of the potency also 6. In case of aggravation. the hair is detached and further medication is checked. There is no need to antodote. 7. It is the cheapest method 8. It is victory ver space in medical field. 9. It removes the dogmas of so many donts like smell, smoke tobacco etc. 10. It is advancement towards the tele-treatment and now emerging as the system for many patients who are now placed in different cities all over the globe. THey keep in touch of us through the email, telephone. 11. In case of emergency also we have handled such cases from our clinic and patient remained at their place, thus saving lot of time and energy.”


SCIENTIFIC-MINDED HOMEOPATHS should not let these people go like this. They should not be allowed pretend as homeopaths. If they want to practice occult, let them do without misusing the name of homeopathy

If this type of occult practice is being claimed to be homeopathy, we should really feel ashamed to say we are homeopaths. How can we face the scientific community and talk about “scientific explanation of homeopathy”?

If ‘drug energy’ can be “transmitted” to me from long distances through a hair, nail, blood or other tissues removed from my body, and even photographs, how can I dare to throw away my hair in a garbage pit? What if somebody unknowingly deposits some toxic substances on it? How can I entrust my blood sample to a clinical lab, without fearing that they can do some mischief to me by putting some harmful medicines in my blood sample? I think I have to be very cautious to preserve my cut hair and nail without reaching the hands of my enemies!




The “experience” you are talking about “drug transmission through hair is nothing new to us. The are a lot of black magicians doing “occult” practices in Indian villages, especially tribal areas, who uses hair, blood, nails, foot prints, and even “shadows’ of enemies to ‘send’ evil forces’ to harm them. Only difference is that you claim to send “medicinal forces” of potentized homeopathic drugs instead of “evil forces”. All those ancient occult practices existed here in the name of “experience” the same way as you also do. They also do good ‘business’ even now, and could produce many ‘genuine’ witnesses to authenticate their claims.


If any body want to ‘practice’ ‘drug transmission’ or any other such occult practices, it is their choice. But when you link those unscientific practices with homeopathy, and to conduct POST GRADUATE ‘courses’ and seminars for attracting homeopaths into it, it is a different matter. Homeopathy is a system of therapeutics. Any ‘therapeutic’ system uses one or other drug substance into the body of the patient. Nobody can practice ‘drug transmission’ in the name of homeopathy. Sir, did you ever think about the harm you are doing to our attempts to make homeopathy accepted as part of modern scientific medical practice? Adding something that goes completely against accepted scientific knowledge system into homeopathy will create a lot of difficulties to the homeopathic profession who try it it to establish as a scientific therapeutics. You are making homeopathy a subject of constant mockery before the scientific community.I feel very much disgusted to see eminent respected homeopaths like you being part of these unscientific practices. I can only pray your goodness to return back to your rational senses.

I know I am “not the authority to stop those who are practicing Homeopathic drug energy transmission through hair”. But as an Indian citizen, it is my inalienable constitutional right to openly express my opinions- right for freedom of expression.


If this method is proved by scientific method, its proponents will get ALL nobel prizes in physics, chemistry, biology and medicine together. LOL!

Proving HAIR TRANSMISSION to be right means all existing sciences are proved wrong. ALL the nobel prizes so far given through years to scientists will have to be taken back by the sweedish academy!!!


If you say EVERYTHING said in ORGANON is right, that means either you did not read the whole of organon carefully, or, you lack the capacity of rational and reasonable thinking about what you were reading. That means you lack a SCIENTIFIC mind. As time and human knowledge advance, at least SOMETHING in every book will become obsolete, especially if it is dealing with MEDICAL SCIENCE. Homeopathy is an art of therapeutics, and organon is a text book explaining that art of therapeutics. EVERYTHING said in a textbook of THERAPEUTICS written 250 years ago cannot be right. If any body hope to prove himself to be a BETTER CLASSICAL homeopath than others by saying everything in organon is right, he is thoroughly mistaken.


Our friend, Gala Homeopathy has placed an advertisement on our discussion group regarding a NEW ‘homeopathic’ drug THYMUS GLAND claimed to be PROVED BY MEDITATION.

“Thymus Gland, from the meditative provings, is a relatively new remedy but has already proved itself to be invaluable for understanding and treating chronic patterns of illness which reflect the hectic changes and demands of our modern society. The thymus gland plays a vital role in developing and maintaining the immune system and it is important to appreciate that a fully functional thymus is essential to our health and well being on a physical level as we become adults with a mature immune system in place. This seminar will explain the idea that the thymus gland stores the totality blueprint of the individual including often syphilitic karmic and spiritual patterns which enable our life paths. It is of major importance to consider this aspect of the gland.
When the gland is undamaged then this physical, emotional and spiritual inheritance can be referenced in order to guide us through childhood and puberty to develop into adults that are emotionally and spiritually aware and able to take advantage of their innate individual strengths to develop strategies for the fulfilment of their lives.
Unfortunately the thymus gland is very susceptible to environmental, emotional, mental and physical traumas, especially vaccination and toxicity that are able to damage the blueprint and, in extreme cases, distort the successful passage to puberty and beyond. These traumas are very common, they manifest in a variety of individual guises and can be difficult to resolve or sometimes even to recognise.”

MEDITATION PROVING is the latest ADVANCEMENT in western homeopathy, and a lot of NEW drugs, materia medica and repertories are emerging on that basis. In meditation proving, the PROVER does not take the risk of consuming drugs, but simply holds a sample and meditates over it. SYMPTOMS will appear by the DYNAMIC ACTION of the drug! It is very simple, and getting very popular now.

GALA HOMEOPATHY provides a big list of DRUGS PROVEN MEDITATIVELY on their website, and invite orders from homeopaths.


If anybody can PROVE a drug by MEDITATION, they should be capable of CURING by meditating the drug selected as similimum. Select the similimum, give a sample of it to the patient to HOLD in his hand or keep under the pillow, and ask him to MEDITATE. Drug will act homeopathically and CURE! Since we can use a single sample repeatedly for many patients, it will be very economical also. For better, instead of MEDITATING a remedy for proving, why cant the physician MEDITATE about the patient sitting before him, RECORD his VIBRATIIONS into water or sugar of milk, and prescribe?



I am trying to promote SCIENTIFIC approach in HOMEOPATHY. I am trying to evolve and prove an explanation regarding ‘how homeopathy works’, in a way fitting to modern scientific knowledge system and methods. I am interested in DISCUSSIONS only with those who can understand the ‘language of science’. I want to discuss homeopathy using scientific paradigms.

I am not interested in fruitless arguments with those who believe in ideas such as ‘homeopathy is energy medicine’, ‘homeopathy is spiritual healing’, ‘potentiized drugs act dynamically at a distance’, ‘science is unscientific’, ‘homeopathy is beyond science’, ‘hahnemann is the greatest ever scientist’ and the like. Kindly excuse.


According to modern science, ‘force’ exist and act as a function of ‘matter’. There is no ‘force’ without matter. ‘Force’ acts through specific carrier particles. Actually, force particles are minute forms of matter itself. There are ‘four’ fundamental forces in nature- strong force, weak force, electromagnetic force and gravitational force. All these four fundamental forces exist and interact though carrier particles of specific quantum states. Exactly, all these four fundamental forces are different quantum states of same force, which is the ‘motion’ associated with ‘matter’. There is no ‘matter’ without ‘motion’, or motion without matter. Matter exists in motion, and motion is form of existence of matter. Motion is expressed as ‘space’, and ‘matter’ is expressed as ‘mass’. There is no ‘mass’ without ‘space’, or ‘space’ without ‘mass’.

According to dynamism, ‘force’ exists and interacts free from matter or space. Dynamic drug energy can exist free from drug substance. Drug force can act from a distance, without any ‘material’ involvement.


’Remedies are DYNAMIC’. Remedies interact with ‘dynamic’ vital force. Disease and cure are ‘dynamic’. Drugs act due to ‘dynamic drug energy’. These are very common phrases in ‘classical’ homeopathic paradigms.

What is exactly meant by ‘dynamic’? This word comes from the metaphysical concept of ‘dynamism’. Dynamism is a metaphysical concept conceived by Gottfried Leibniz (1646–1716) and developed into a full system of cosmology, totally unacceptable to modern science and scientific method. Dynamism in metaphysical cosmology explains the material world in terms of active, pointlike forces, with no extension but with action at a distance. Dynamism describes that which exists as simple elements, or for Leibniz, monads, and groups of elements which have only the essence of forces.

According to ‘dynamic’ view, interaction between elements takes place without contact, through modes or even harmonics of motion, yielding all phenomena in the Universe.

Various treatments of Dynamism can be found in the works of Baruch Spinoza and Henri Bergson, and also, long before them, Parmenides, the Atomists, and Plotinus. In more contemporary works, elements of Dynamism also developed into process philosophy, via Alfred North Whitehead and others, as well as systems theory via Ludwig von Bertalanffy and William Ross Ashby. Immanuel Kant was another philosopher who helped the development of the theory of dynamism.


Hahnemann’s explanations of homeopathy were obviously influenced by the ancient philosophy of ‘dynamism’. Modern proponents of ‘energy medicine’ theories also explain homeopathy on the basis of concepts of ‘dynamism’.

‘Forces’ existing free from matter, and ‘matter acting at distances without any material contact or interaction’ is an idea very dear to all practitioners of occult healing arts. The idea of a ‘medicinal force’ that can be ‘freed’ from drug substance, and ‘transferred’ to water of sugar of milk, that can act on organism in ‘dynamic way’- all these come from ‘dynamism’.

Without freeing homeopathy from the influence of ‘dynamism’, we cannot hope it to be accepted as a scientific medical system.


Some homeopaths argue, drug substances are ‘converted’ to ‘energy’ and ‘transferred’ to rectified spirit or sugar of milk during potentization. And this ‘dynamic drug energy’ acts upon the vital force to effect a cure.

Mechanical energy applied during trituations may break the intermolecular bonds in the drug substances, and they would be divided maximum up to the level of constituent molecules and ions. Further division to atomic level will not happen, since nobody can generate such a high amount of energy by ‘trituration’ to break the very strong chemical bonds between atoms inside molecules. Imagining about ‘conversion’ of matter into energy by potentization reflects utter ignorance of fundamentals of physics.


Medicinal properties of a substance is decided by the structure and chemical properties of constituent molecules of that drug substance. If those molecules were divided further into atoms or subatomic particles as some people imagine, the medicinal properties would have been lost.

For example, the medicinal properties of nux vomica is based on the structure and properties of various chemical molecules contained in it, such as strychnine, brucine etc etc. Strychnine is C21H22N2O2. Brucine is C23H26N2O4. If these molecules were divided into atomic level during trituration or potentization, there will be only carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen remaining. Both strychnine and brucine contain same atoms. It is the difference in their structural level organaization that give them different chemical and medicinal properties. If substances are divided into atoms during potentization, potentized brucine and strychnine should not differ in medicinal properties, since both of them contain same atoms.


Logically, there is only a single way by which the medicinal properties of complex drug molecules could be transferred to medium during potentization. It is by ‘molecular imprinting’. Individual molecules and ions being part of the drug substance are subjected to molecular imprinting during potentization. These ‘molecular imprints’ of drug molecules are the exact active principles of potentized drugs, which act as therapeutic agents by binding to pathogenic molecules and thereby removing molecular inhibitions.


There is no such a thing called ‘drug energy’ that can be liberated from drug substances and ‘transferred’ to another medium abandoning the original drug substances. Medicinal properties of substances come from the ‘structure’ of individual constituent molecules contained in drug substances. In the absence of ‘drug molecules’, there cannot be any ‘drug energy’. During potentization, through the process of molecular imprinting, the supra-molecular structure of water is changed, and it is this ‘changed water’ or molecular imprints that act as therapeutic agents. It has nothing to do with ‘liberation’ or ‘transfer’ of drug energy. Only molecular imprinting.


Without a baseline knowledge of biochemistry- especially the mechanism of ‘ligand-target’ interactions of biological molecules, molecular basics of pathology, molecular inhibitions and dynamics of ‘cure’ as removal of molecular inhibitions, you cannot follow the scientific explanation of similia similibus curentur.

Without a scientific perspective of molecular composition of drug substances, and the molecular mechanism by which the drug substances interact with biological organism to produce pathological inhibitions and symptoms, you cannot follow the scientific explanations of drug proving.

Without getting yourselves introduced to the latest information regarding supra-molecular properties of water and ethyl alcohol, hydrogen bonding, hydration shells, supra-molecular nano-structures, guest-host complexes, molecular imprinting in polymers and related subjects, you cannot follow the scientific explanations of potentization in terms of ‘molecular imprinting’.

Scientific understanding of homeopathy, similar to any rational science of medicine, should be primarily based on the realization of ‘life’ as a ‘material’ phenomenon. Living world represents a higher level of organization of same elemental factors existing in the non-living world, an advanced stage of its evolution that happened through millions of years.

‘Living organism’ is a highly complex and self-regulated material system that exists through ‘vital processes’ or metabolic processes, consisting of systematic chains of inter-dependant biochemical pathways of complex molecular interactions, enabling an unhindered flow and conversion of matter and energy between organism and its environment that ensures the existence of life.

Phenomena of ‘mind’ and ‘mental faculties’ are the ‘functional’ products of complex biochemical molecular processes happening in the central nervous system, which is an integral part of ‘body’, and as such, mind has no existence free from the material body.

If you cannot understand this basic scientific perspective of ‘life’, ‘vital processes’ and ‘mind’, you cannot follow the scientific explanations of homeopathy.

In the absence of these essential basic scientific knowledge, you will go on talking about ‘energy medicine’, vital force, dynamic drug energy, spiritual healing, vibrations, resonance, distance healing and such diverse unscientific and pseudo-scientific things, and continue to make homeopathy and homeopaths a subject of unending mockery and ridicule before the scientific community. And of course, you will go on declaring homeopathy is the ultimate science, hahnemann is the greatest scientist, and modern science is lagging far behind homeopathy!



“hahnemann statement is right beacause science has limitation beacause in science you can only observe how its happen i.e. mechanism ,reaction but why it happens u dont know and science dont know so master says in 28 aphorism its matter little.

science has limitation beacause its made by human mind and human mind also has limitation. science is imperfect in science theory and concept continious change. correct master neglect the scientific explanation beacause u never see why it happen mechanism

homoeopathy is natural science , nature is same before thosund year and present time no change and hope in future nature remain same. science never make perfect beacause its made by human mind. human mind and science both are changable. imperfecr and changble thing have no existance in universe

human mind(science) only seee from tosound oof year back how is happen how is this happen. but have no fixed theory after thousund year and u r saying advance science. in our universe only immaterial thing have existance and material thing have no existance in universe. anger love etc all are immaterial thing and they have existance. human mind and science sees anger and love they see always reaction after anger and love

hahnwmann know all the thing very well and understand very clear in unprijudice way so he say scitific explanation is little.”




Excuse me, I do not want to be dragged into that sort of NONSENSE argument once again. “immaterial things”, “existence of sound after death”, “scientific proof is limited”, “healing and soothing”, “material and immaterial transposed”….. ENOUGH OF IT! It is very difficult to talk to persons who do not understand LANGUAGE OF SCIENCE. Please leave me alone.


Retorting furiously to my comments about those homeopaths who “quote Aphorism 28 as the most convenient way of evading hard questions and covering their ignorance about how homeopathy works”, one prominent homeopath from India made his first ever post on page:

“You are taking too much liberty to comment on homeopathy. It is obvious you do not know anything about this science. Please stop misguiding people with your half cooked knowledge.”

Probably, he might be a man of immense ‘well-cooked’ knowledge about homeopathy, who cannot tolerate anything ‘half-cooked’. I know, not only this man, there are a lot of ‘homeopaths’ feeling uncomfortable and restless over my “taking too much liberty” to ask ‘prohibited’ questions and to comment on homeopathy. People who seems to think they OWN homeopathy, and I should get their permission to “comment” on it! They are of the opinion that I “do not know anything abt this science”. All of them want me to “stop misguiding people” with my “half cooked” knowledge”, as if it is their divine right to ‘guide’ the homeopaths by selling their unscientific theories, methods, and seminars. I know very well the reason behind their anger.



Some homeopaths seem to think that we have to first prove science wrong, in order to prove homeopathy right! Due to their poor level of scientific knowledge, they believe science and homeopathy are incompatible, and behave as if they have a pathological aversion towards science! They always talk about ‘limitations’ of science and ‘unscientificness’ of science.

My wonder is, how our most talented young students coming after a 12 year stream of higher-secondary level science education, get converted into such a poor level of scientific awareness and outlook, once they undergo a five year course of study in our homeopathic colleges. I think it is our present homeopathic curriculum and the most unscientific-minded academic community that guide them 250 years backwards in scientific knowledge, to make them perfect ‘classical homeopaths’ and ‘true followers’ of our ‘master’. In order to prove they are worthy of those titles, they declare anywhere they appear: “Homeopathy is the greatest ever science, and ‘our master’ is the greatest ever scientist”! They would also say, “science is lagging behind homeopathy”!


If I think ” Hahnemann’s basic idea was wrong”, why should I spend so much time and energy for discussing homeopathy, and explaining it in scientific terms? BASIC IDEA of homeopathy is true. But it is explained in very unscientific way. That creates all problems for homeopathy.


Today I learned one or two very valuable lessons: I should not waste my time to talk science to a person who does not understand the language of science. I should not engage in arguments with idiots who think they are very knowledgeable and clever, as they can very easily drag me down to their level, and beat me by their superiority in idiocy.


HAHNEMANN SAYS IN ORGANON Organon aphorism §28:

“As this natural law of cure manifests itself in every pure experiment and every true observation in the world, the fact is consequently established; it matters little what may be the scientific explanation of HOW IT TAKES PLACE; and I do not attach much importance to the attempts made to explain it.”

FOR MOST HOMEOPATHS, quoting Aphorism 28 is the most convenient way of evading hard questions and covering their ignorance about how homeopathy works.

Do you think it is possible for homeopathy to EXIST in a KNOWLEDGE COMMUNITY by declaring ” it matters little what may be the scientific explanation of HOW IT TAKES PLACE”?

Do you think declaring “I do not attach much importance to the attempts made to explain it” is a workable option when some member of scientific-minded society asks you HOW HOMEOPATHY WORKS? Whether WE do or do not attach “much importance” that question, the question always remains live and valid. Homeopaths cannot remain for long burying their heads in sand hoping to hide like an ostrich!


Hahnemann’s statement was right in that historical context of primitive scientific knowledge. But, if you repeat same thing even after 250 years of scientific advancement, it becomes a grave mistake.


If EVERYTHING said by master were FALSE, there cannot be homeopathy here. Nor EVERYTHING said by him 250 years ago can be RIGHT. Homeopathy is medical science. It should be UPDATED in accordance with the advance of human knowledge. Your statement “sun can rise 7n the west but words of organon cant be proved false” reflects a dogmatic approach. If you mean ALL words, it is ok. PROVING something false is not my intention. I am searching for WHAT IS RIGHT, and what should be preserved and updated in homeopathy.


One senior homeopath from India says, since potentized drugs contain DYNAMIC drug energy, SIMILIMUM will act CURATIVELY, even if the patient simply holds the DRUG BOTTLE in his hands for a few minutes, without opening it. WHAT IS YOUR OPINION?



In TRITURATION PROVING, the PROVER simply TRITURATES the drug up to 3c, by which time he is said to produce SYMPTOMS by dynamic effect of drugs he triturated. Those symptoms are collected and compiled as materia medica.

In DREAM PROVING, the drug is kept under the pillow of the prover. Due to the dynamic effects of that drug, prover is said to experience characteristic DREAMS in his sleep, which are immediately recorded.

In MEDITATION PROVING, the prover simply MEDITATES about the drug kept in his hand. In meditation, he experience the symptoms.

If all these things could actually happen, drugs will act by simply holding the bottles in hands. WHY NOT?


Dogmatic ‘followers’ of hahnemann believe that potentized drugs contain DYNAMIC DRUG ENERGY, which act ‘dynamically’ up on the ‘vital force’ of organism.

According to hahnemann, DYNAMIC ENERGY is ‘immaterial’, ‘conceptual’, and ‘spirit-like’, which act from a distance, without any carrier particles.

DYNAMIC ENERGY is different from the forms of PHYSICAL ENERGY we study in science. PHYSICAL ENERGY always act through exchange of CARRIER particles, which are forms of matter. LIGHT, ELECTRICITY, MAGNETISM, GRAVITATION, NUCLEAR FORCES- all these physical energies act through exchange of CARRIER PARTICLES.

If we believe in a NON-MATERIAL, SPIRIT-LIKE DYNAMIC DRUG ENERGY, that can act from a DISTACE without any carrier particles, there is nothing wrong in believing that potentized drugs can act from a distance, or by holding bottle in hands. REAL PROBLE LIES IN THE THEORY OF DYNAMIC DRUG ENERGY. If you believe in DYNAMIC DRUG ENERGY and VITAL FORCE, you will have to agree with all these NONSENSE these people talk.


If you believe potentized drugs carry DYNAMIC ENERGY, how can you imagine it to remain confined inside the bottle only? How can a glass bottle prevent the IMMATERIAL, CONCEPTUAL, SPIRIT-LIKE FORCE from ‘radiating’ out? Why can you say, the ‘energetic’ VIBRATIONS of drugs will remain inside the bottle? Is it not ridiculous to say that a MATERIAL object can block the escape of an IMMATERIAL FORCE?



Organon : Aphorism 11 : Sixth Edition: Foot Note:

“What is dynamic influence, – dynamic power? Our earth, by virtue of a hidden invisible energy, carries the moon around her in twenty-eight days and several hours, and the moon alternately, in definite fixed hours (deducting certain differences which occur with the full and new moon) raises our northern seas to flood tide and again correspondingly lowers them to ebb. Apparently this takes place not through material agencies, not through mechanical contrivances, as are used for products of human labor; and so we see numerous other events about us as results of the action of one substance on another substance without being able to recognize a sensible connection between cause and effect. Only the cultured, practised in comparison and deduction, can form for himself a kind of supra-sensual idea sufficient to keep all that is material or mechanical in his thoughts from such concepts. He calls such effects dynamic, virtual, that is, such as result from absolute, specific, pure energy and action of the one substance upon the other substance.

For instance, the dynamic effect of the sick-making influences upon healthy man, as well as the dynamic energy of the medicines upon the principle of life in the restoration of health is nothing else than infection and so not in any way material, not in any way mechanical. Just as the energy of a magnet attracting a piece of iron or steel is not material, not mechanical. One sees that the piece of iron is attracted by one pole of the magnet, but how it is done is not seen. This invisible energy of the magnet does not require mechanical (material) auxiliary means, hook or lever, to attract the iron. The magnet draws to itself and this acts upon the piece of iron or upon a steel needle by means of a purely immaterial invisible, conceptual, inherent energy, that is, dynamically, and communicates to the steel needle the magnetic energy equally invisibly (dynamically). The steel needle becomes itself magnetic, even at a distance when the magnet does not touch it, and magnetises other steel needles with the same magnetic property (dynamically) with which it had been endowered previously by the magnetic rod, just as a child with small-pox or measles communicates to a near, untouched healthy child in an invisible manner (dynamically) the small-pox or measles, that is, infects it at a distance without anything material from the infective child going or capable of going to the one to be infected. A purely specific conceptual influence communicated to the near child small-pox or measles in the same way as the magnet communicated to the near needle the magnetic property.

In a similar way, the effect of medicines upon living man is to be judged. Substances, which are used as medicines, are medicines only in so far as they possess each its own specific energy to alter the well-being of man through dynamic, conceptual influence, by means of the living sensory fibre, upon the conceptual controlling principle of life. The medicinal property of those material substances which we call medicines proper, relates only to their energy to call out alterations in the well-being of animal life. Only upon this conceptual principle of life, depends their medicinal health-altering, conceptual (dynamic) influence. Just as the nearness of a magnetic pole can communicate only magnetic energy to the steel (namely, by a kind of infection) but cannot commu nicate other properties (for instance, more hardness or ductility, etc.). And thus every special medicinal substance alters through a kind of infection, that well-being of man in a peculiar manner exclusively its own and not in a manner peculiar to another medicine, as certainly as the nearness of the child ill with small-pox will communicate to a healthy child only small-pox and not measles. These medicines act upon our well-being wholly without communication of material parts of the medicinal substances, thus dynamically, as if through infection. Far more healing energy is expressed in a case in point by the smallest dose of the best dynamized medicines, in which there can be, according to calculation, only so little of material substance that its minuteness cannot be thought and conceived by the best arithmetical mind, than by large doses of the same medicine in substance. That smallest dose can therefore contain almost entirely only the pure, freely-developed, conceptual medicinal energy, and bring about only dynamically such great effects as can never be reached by the crude medicinal substances itself taken in large doses.

It is not in the corporal atoms of these highly dynamized medicines, nor their physical or mathematical surfaces (with which the higher energies of the dynamized medicines are being interpreted but vainly as still sufficiently material) that the medicinal energy is found. More likely, there lies invisible in the moistened globule or in its solution, an unveiled, liberated, specific, medicinal force contained in the medicinal substance which acts dynamically by contact with the living animal fibre upon the whole organism (without communicating to it anything material however highly attenuated) and acts more strongly the more free and more immaterial the energy has become through the dynamization.

Is it then so utterly impossible for our age celebrated for its wealth in clear thinkers to think of dynamic energy as something non-corporeal, since we see daily phenomena which cannot be explained in any other manner? If one looks upon something nauseous and becomes inclined to vomit, did a material emetic come into his stomach which compels him to this anti-peristaltic movement? Was it not solely the dynamic effect of the nauseating aspect upon his imagination? And if one raises his arm, does it occur through a material visible instrument? a lever? Is it not solely the conceptual dynamic energy of his will which raises it?”


Explanations hahnemann provide for his concept of DYNAMIC DRUG ENERGY quoted above clearly demonstrate the infantile state of scientific knowledge available to him, obviously due to the limitations of historical context he lived in:


” If one looks upon something nauseous and becomes inclined to vomit, did a material emetic come into his stomach which compels him to this anti-peristaltic movement? Was it not solely the dynamic effect of the nauseating aspect upon his imagination?”

” if one raises his arm, does it occur through a material visible instrument? a lever? Is it not solely the conceptual dynamic energy of his will which raises it?”

” Our earth, by virtue of a hidden invisible energy, carries the moon around her in twenty-eight days and several hours, and the moon alternately, in definite fixed hours (deducting certain differences which occur with the full and new moon) raises our northern seas to flood tide and again correspondingly lowers them to ebb. Apparently this takes place not through material agencies, not through mechanical contrivances”

“we see numerous other events about us as results of the action of one substance on another substance without being able to recognize a sensible connection between cause and effect”

“dynamic effect of the sick-making influences upon healthy man, as well as the dynamic energy of the medicines upon the principle of life in the restoration of health is nothing else than infection and so not in any way material, not in any way mechanical”

“Just as the energy of a magnet attracting a piece of iron or steel is not material, not mechanical”

“One sees that the piece of iron is attracted by one pole of the magnet, but how it is done is not seen.”

” This invisible energy of the magnet does not require mechanical (material) auxiliary means, hook or lever, to attract the iron. The magnet draws to itself and this acts upon the piece of iron or upon a steel needle by means of a purely immaterial invisible, conceptual, inherent energy, that is, dynamically, and communicates to the steel needle the magnetic energy equally invisibly (dynamically).”

” The steel needle becomes itself magnetic, even at a distance when the magnet does not touch it, and magnetises other steel needles with the same magnetic property (dynamically) with which it had been endowered previously by the magnetic rod”

” a child with small-pox or measles communicates to a near, untouched healthy child in an invisible manner (dynamically) the small-pox or measles, that is, infects it at a distance without anything material from the infective child going or capable of going to the one to be infected”

” A purely specific conceptual influence communicated to the near child small-pox or measles in the same way as the magnet communicated to the near needle the magnetic property.”

” Substances, which are used as medicines, are medicines only in so far as they possess each its own specific energy to alter the well-being of man through dynamic, conceptual influence, by means of the living sensory fibre, upon the conceptual controlling principle of life.”

” The medicinal property of those material substances which we call medicines proper, relates only to their energy to call out alterations in the well-being of animal life. Only upon this conceptual principle of life, depends their medicinal health-altering, conceptual (dynamic) influence.”

” every special medicinal substance alters through a kind of infection, that well-being of man in a peculiar manner exclusively its own and not in a manner peculiar to another medicine, as certainly as the nearness of the child ill with small-pox will communicate to a healthy child only small-pox and not measles”.

“These medicines act upon our well-being wholly without communication of material parts of the medicinal substances, thus dynamically, as if through infection.”

” Far more healing energy is expressed in a case in point by the smallest dose of the best dynamized medicines, in which there can be, according to calculation, only so little of material substance that its minuteness cannot be thought and conceived by the best arithmetical mind, than by large doses of the same medicine in substance”.

“That smallest dose can therefore contain almost entirely only the pure, freely-developed, conceptual medicinal energy, and bring about only dynamically such great effects as can never be reached by the crude medicinal substances itself taken in large doses.”

“It is not in the corporal atoms of these highly dynamized medicines, nor their physical or mathematical surfaces (with which the higher energies of the dynamized medicines are being interpreted but vainly as still sufficiently material) that the medicinal energy is found”.

“there lies invisible in the moistened globule or in its solution, an unveiled, liberated, specific, medicinal force contained in the medicinal substance which acts dynamically by contact with the living animal fibre upon the whole organism (without communicating to it anything material however highly attenuated) and acts more strongly the more free and more immaterial the energy has become through the dynamization.”

“Is it then so utterly impossible for our age celebrated for its wealth in clear thinkers to think of dynamic energy as something non-corporeal, since we see daily phenomena which cannot be explained in any other manner?”

Please note the last sentence carefully:”think of dynamic energy as something non-corporeal, since we see daily phenomena which cannot be explained in any other manner”.



Please note the last sentence quoted above carefully:”think of dynamic energy as something non-corporeal, since we see daily phenomena which cannot be explained in any other manner”. IT AMOUNTS TO A HUMBLE CONFESSION BY THE MASTER:

Hahnemann could not scientifically explain how limbs are raised at will- and hence, he explained it using DYNAMIC ENERGY.

Hahnemann could not scientifically explain why people get nauseated by seeing others vomit- and hence, he explained it using DYNAMIC ENERGY.

Hahnemann could not scientifically explain how measles and chicken pox are transmitted- and hence, he explained it using DYNAMIC ENERGY.

Hahnemann could not scientifically explain why earth revolves around sun- and hence, he explained it using DYNAMIC ENERGY.

Hahnemann could not scientifically explain the phenomena of high and low ebbsl- and hence, he explained it using DYNAMIC ENERGY.

Hahnemann could not scientifically explain how a magnet attracts an iron needle- and hence, he explained it using DYNAMIC ENERGY.

Hahnemann could not scientifically explain how a steel needle gets magnetized in the vicinity of a magnet – and hence, he explained it using DYNAMIC ENERGY.

Hahnemann could not scientifically explain the phenomenon of LIFE – and hence, he explained it using VITAL FORCE and DYNAMIC ENERGY.

Hahnemann could not scientifically explain DISEASE and CURE- and hence, he explained it using DYNAMIC ENERGY.

Hahnemann could not scientifically explain SYMPTOMS and DRUG PROVING- and hence, he explained it using DYNAMIC ENERGY.

Hahnemann could not scientifically explain how substances get medicinal property- and hence, he explained it using DYNAMIC ENERGY.

Hahnemann could not scientifically explain how potentization really worksl- and hence, he explained it using DYNAMIC ENERGY.

Hahnemann could not scientifically explain how potentized drugs act- and hence, he explained it using DYNAMIC ENERGY.



Quoting Aphorism 28 is the most convenient way of evading hard questions and covering our ignorance about how homeopathy works.

Do you think it is possible for homeopathy to EXIST in a KNOWLEDGE COMMUNITY by declaring ” it matters little what may be the scientific explanation of HOW IT TAKES PLACE”?

Do you think declaring “I do not attach much importance to the attempts made to explain it” is a workable option when some member of scientific-minded society asks you HOW HOMEOPATHY WORKS? Whether WE do or do not attach “much importance” that question, the question always remains live and valid. Homeopaths cannot remain for long burying their heads in sand hoping to hide like an ostrich!


When back in hospital ICU bed after the narrow escape from the jaws of death, the first thing that occupied my thoughts was Molecular Imprints Therapeutics. I badly wanted to live a few more years to complete my work, and get my concepts accepted by homeopathic as well as scientific communities, as the scientific explanation of homeopathy. Once I succeed in it, I am sure, homeopathy will be celebrated as an advanced higher branch of modern scientific molecular medicine. That is my greatest ambition, which makes my life worth living. That will be my greatest contribution to humanity. Its fulfillment will enable me to leave a mark here for the coming generations, and prove that my innings was not a waste.



It was a very very narrow escape. It was a calm, happy week-end evening, playing with my sweet grand children in my village home, 30 kms away from Kannur city. The havoc struck me suddenly at 9PM, as a violent mid-sternal pain radiating to back, accompanied by excessive perspiration and sinking sensation. My son who was watching me, sensed danger and dragged me into car and started without wasting a minute. My brother-in-law living in next house rushed in and took over the wheels. Contrary to normal week-end evenings, the road was traffic-free for us. I was put in a half-conscious state on the CATHLAB table at Koyili Hospital by 20 minutes ride. Cardiologist was ready. I was in the ICU bed by 70 minutes, finishing the angiolasty procedures.

Doctor told me while discharging: “You are lucky. Everything were in place for you. Had you arrived a few minutes later, a return to life would have been almost impossible”.

Now I realize, the dividing line between LIFE and DEATH is very very narrow than we think. Thanks everybody, who dragged me back from death, and made my beautiful life on this earth a little more longer.



I never expected a heart attack. No cholesterol, No triglycerides, No high blood pressure, No high blood sugar, No tobacco, No alcohol- I thought I am in the safe zone!


Had a severe heart attack on 31-03-2013. Admitted to ICU at Koyili hospital, Kannur. Doctor says condition is now stable after undergoing an emergy angioplasty. Thank you friends, for your good wishes.


Homeopathy cannot be, and should not be ignored, because it WORKS. Scientific community ignores homeopathy only because homeopaths present homeopathy in most unscientific terms, contradicting all the proven basic principles of SCIENCE.



SIMILIA SIMILIBUS CURENTUR is the most perfect way of identifying molecular errors, as well as selecting target specific therapeutic agents.

It will take another century for modern science to evolve a way of identifying molecular pathologies better than SIMILIA SIMILIBUS CURENTUR.

Hahnemann FAILED to explain the SCIENCE of homeopathy. His followers added much nonsense into it. And the scientific community IGNORED it!.

Once you study Molecular Imprinting Technology, you can realize how the ‘shape ‘ of a molecule could be imprinted on a supramolecular matrix.

Once you study the ‘polymer-like’ supramolecular properties of WATER, you realize how it could be used as a medium for Molecular Imprinting.

Once you understand Molecular Imprinting in Water, you would realize how homeopathic medicine act without any single drug molecule in it.

Once you understand Molecular Imprints as ‘artificial binding sites’ for ‘similar’ molecules, you realize molecular mechanism of homeopathy.

Once you understand potentization as molecular imprinting, you perceive potentized drugs as molecular imprints of INDIVIDUAL drug molecules.

Once you perceive potentized drugs in terms of DIFFERENT CONSTITUENT molecular imprints , confusions over SINGLE-MULTIPLE drugs get resolved.

Most SINGLE DRUGS are not really SINGLE. INDIVIDUAL constituent molecules of a DRUG act on biological molecules as seperate INDIVIDUAL UNITS.

Èven a SINGLE DRUG in potentized form contains diverse types of MOLECULAR IMPRINTS representing diverse types of MOLECULES IN DRUG SUBSTANCE.

Homeopathy can CURE only dseases arising from bio-molecular inhibitions caused by binding of endogenous or endogenous pathogenic molecules.

Homeopathy can CURE only those diseases that arise from bio-molecular inhibitions caused by endogenous or exogenous pathogenic molecules.

Molecular imprints of drug molecules act as ‘artificial binding sites’ for pathogenic molecules with shapes SIMILAR to those drug molecules.

Pathogenic molecules and drug molecules with SIMILAR functional groups or moieties can bind to SIMILAR targets, and produce SIMILAR errors.

Similarity of symptoms means, similarity of functional groups of drug molecule and pathogenic molecule- similarity of molecular inhibitions.

Molecular imprints of drug molecules having SIMILAR functional groups can deactivate pathogenic molecules having SIMILAR functional groups.

SIMILAR bio-molecular inhibitions produced by SIMILAR pathogenic molecules or drug molecules are expressed through SIMILAR symptom groups.


I see facebook not as a place of fun or leisure. I consider it as a serious and effective WORK PLACE. I make hundreds of posts and comments daily on my facebook timeline, discussion groups, pages as well as on twitter, as part of my endeavor to evolve and promote MIT concepts of scientific homeopathy. My friends, who come on face book only occasionally, and those who are able to spend very limited time here, may miss most of my updates. There are also many late comers in my growing friends list. There may be also some people willing to read some of my posts again and again. In order to ensure my works are secured for future use, and to make them easily available for everybody any time, I regularly compile my face book posts and updates into large volumes. So far, EIGHT  volumes have been compiled.









Author: Chandran Nambiar K C

I am Chandran Nambiar K C Author, REDEFINING HOMEOPATHY Managing Director, Fedarin Mialbs Private Limited Developer. SIMILIMUM ULTRA Homeopathic Software I am not a scientist, academician, scholar, professional homeopath or anybody with 'big credentials', but an old lay man, a retired government servant, who accidentally happened to fall into the deep waters of the great ocean of homeopathic knowledge during his fiery teenage years, and was destined to live a whole life exploring the mysteries of that wonderful world with unending enthusiasm. My interest in homeopathy happened very accidentally when I was only 20 years old UNDERGRADUATE ZOOLOGY student, through a constant relationship with a local practitioner who happened to be father of my classmate. I was a regular visitor in his clinic, where from I started reading BOERICKE MATERIA MEDICA and other homeopathic books, which helped me to cure myself my troublesome asthma that have been haunting me since my childhood days. I became a voracious reader of homeopathy.

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