APRIL 10 should be a day of introspection for homeopaths. A rational, truthful, unprejudiced and scientific introspection.

Did we actually do justice to Samuel Hahnemann?

Did we,  his “followers” and “disciples”, actually do anything all these two hundred years to take forward and update his contributions, which were historically limited by the primitive scientific knowledge environment available to  him during his period?

Did we do anything seriously to dig out the precious gems of truthful observations hidden in his voluminous works, such as SIMILIA SIMILIBUS CURENTUR and POTENTIZATION, polish them using scientific methods, and present them to the modern scientific community so as to get the recognition and place he deserved in the knowledge history?

Is it not really amazing that during a period when modern biochemistry did not even emerge, hahnemann could observe the phenomenon of “competitive relationship of similar chemical molecules in  binding to the biological targets”, and develop it into the foundation of a therapeutic principle he called SIMILIA SIMILIBUS CURENTUR?

It is equally amazing that Hahnemann could utilize the natural phenomenon of MOLECULAR IMPRINTING happening in the process of post-avogadro dilutions he called POTENTIZATION, and develop it into a technology of preparing a new class of therapeutic agents, during a period when modern polymer technology or supra-molecular chemistry did not even emerge?

What his “blind” followers did all these years was to make him an idol of worship, without recognizing the great scientist in him. They converted his words into mere dogmas, to be learned and recited just like religious preachings!

Hahnemann failed to get the due respect and recognition in the history of medical science, only due to his unscientific and shortsighted followers and disciples who made his ideas and its practices more and more superstitious, spiritualistic and irrational.

Today should be a day for introspection, dear friends!

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