Arsenic Album or Arsenic Trioxide is a chemical substance that can inhibit more than 200 essential enzymes in our body involved in diverse types of biomolecular processes related with genetic transcription, metabolism, energy conversions etc etc.

This is due to the ability of Arsenic ions to bind to the cysteine radicals which are part of active sites all enzymes. Almost every biochemical pathways in the living body are deranged by the action of arsenic. This is the reason why the homeopathic materia medica of arsenic album is so rich with symptoms associated with almost all organs and systems of the body.

It is an already established fact that during viral infections, persons having high levels of arsenic in their body are prone to develop serious complications such as respiratory failure, acute myocardial degeneration, renal failures, liver failures, multiple organ failures etc faster than those having low arsenic levels.

My suggestion to the experts involved in covid 19 research is that determination of arsenic levels in the body of covid patients should be made mandatory, so that high risk people could be identified and better care provided.

Arsenic content may be high in people due to living in certain areas, consuming arsenic rich ground water, cigarette smoking, eating unpolished rice, prawns and crabs, exposure to arsenic containing environments, etc etc. Arsenic may enter the body through contaminated liquors, Chinese, Ayurvedic, unani or Herbal preparations, industrial exposures, chemically treated wooden furniture etc also. Arsenic content will naturally be high in aged people, as it has a tendency to accumulated in the body over years through exposures.

Researchers working upon arsenic toxicity problems in certain arsenic affected countries have already proved that ARSENIC ALBUM 30 can antidote and reverse the chronic effects of arsenic toxicity, and remove the symptoms.

Arsenic Album 30 contains MOLECULAR IMPRINTS of arsenic trioxide molecules. Molecular imprints are three dimensional nanocavities formed in water-alcohol supra-molecular matrix through a host-guest interactions between templates and diluent medium during the process of homeopathic POTENTIZATION.

Molecular imprints of arsenic trioxide contained in Arsenicum Album 30 can act as artificial binding pockets for arsenic ions and deactivate them, thereby removing the molecular inhibitions they have produced in the enzyme systems of the body.

By using Arsenicum Album 30 in sufficient quantities and frequencies to provide molecular imprints in optimum levels, it will be possible to prevent dangerous complications and multiple organ failures in covid 19 patients, so as to prevent the chances of morbidities due to the disease. Covid 19 deaths could prevented by use of Arsenic Alb 30.

I don’t know how to get this vey important message reach the right persons in right time, or how to convince the scientific basis of this approach described above.

A word to homeopaths : Homeopaths currently involved in distribution of Arsenicum Album 30 should realize the hard truth that the dosage you are giving now is actually of no use. 4 or 5 medicated sugar pills you give now cannot provide the sufficient quantity of molecular imprints required to produce desired biological effects. To ensure optimum protection, medicine should be used in drop doses at least twice a day until the epidemic threat is over.

Please understand, it is not any mysterious “dynamic energy” or “vibrations” that work in our potentized drugs. It is MOLECULAR IMPRINTS, that act as “artificial binding pockets” for pathogenic molecules, and deactivate them.

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