Is Water a Polymer?

MIT or MOLECULAR IMPRINTS THERAPEUTICS is a scientific hypothesis trying to explain homeopathy.

As per this hypothesis, potentization involves a process of Molecular Imprinting in water-alcohol supra-molecular matrix using drug molecules as templates, by which nanocavities or molecular imprints bearing the spacial conformations of drug molecules in a negative orientation are produced. Drugs potentized above avogadro limit contain these MOLECULAR IMPRINTS as their active principles, which can act as artificial binding pockets for the pathogenic molecules.

One of the main criticisms against this hypothesis was that molecular imprinting could be done only in POLYMERS, and since water is not a polymer, molecular imprinting could not be done in water-alcohol matrix. Even though I had scientifically explained why water is considered a polymer-like substance, many people were reluctant to accept my explanations. Now comes a great research work that has scientifically proved that “Liquid water is a dynamic polydisperse branched polymer. This work done by a team led by William A. Goddard III and Saber Naserifar is a great breakthrough in water research, which will of course be of course a decisive help in establishing THE concept MOLECULAR IMPRINTING involved in homeopathic potentization as hypothesised by MIT.

According to the researchers, they have proved through quantum mechanics force field molecular simulations that Liquid water is a dynamic polydisperse branched polymer. They have showed that when ice undergoes melting, the number of SHBs (strong hydrogen bonds) drops quickly to two in liquid water. These two SHBs couple into chains containing over 150 water molecules, resembling a branched polymer, where polymer branches evolve dynamically. Authors expect that this dynamics-branched polymer paradigm may explain long-standing puzzles of water, and may explain the observed angular correlations in water.

You can read the research paper on this link: .

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