Understand MIT- It Will Help You Hold Your Head High In Defending Homeopathy On Any Platform!

As per ‘THE TELEGRAPH’ reports published on August 21, 2014, when scientists raised the issue of “implausibility” of high dilution therapeutics, instead of rationally explaining how ‘post-avogadro’ dilutions work as therapeutic agents, Dr Manchanda, our CCH Director General, tries to defend homeopathy by arguing “all homeopathy medicines do not use dilutions beyond the limit at which molecules become undetectable”, and “in nearly 80 per cent of homeopathy formulations, the source substances are easily detected”! It appears as if he agrees dilutions above avogadro limit do not work! It is really pathetic. 

Dr Manchanda may be true that “all medicines” used by homeopaths are not “beyond” avogadro limit. They use a lot of mother tinctures, low potencies and triturations. But it is not the real question raised here. The question asked was about HOW dilutions above avogadro limit act. Our ‘director general’ very cleverly evaded that question! When Dr Manchanda takes the position that “in nearly 80 per cent of homeopathy formulations, the source substances are easily detected”, he is bound to explain what are the active principles of remaining “20%” of drugs! He also will have to explain how our dilutions very much above avogadro limit can contain “source substances”, since the number of molecules in a given quantity of ‘source substance’ cannot multiply itself! If our drugs potentized above 12C retain “source substances” as Dr Raj Manchanda claims, only rationally possible assumption is that our drugs are not genuinely potentized by the manufacturers!

It is a very pathetic spectacle to see our CCH director general miserably failing in explaining homeopathy in scientific terms, or defending homeopathy rationally from the attacks of those skeptic scientists. Had he explained homeopathic potentization in terms of MOLECULAR IMPRINTING, our scientists could have been made to understand how a preparation diluted much above avogadro limit could act as therapeutic agent.

Dear sir, please try to understand MIT explanation of homeopathy, so that you can hold your head high in defending homeopathy in similar situations at least in the future.

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