Let Us Do Do Some Simple Experiments To Verify Whether The Claims Of ‘High Potency’ Proving Is Real!

If anybody really wanted to ‘prove’ that potentized drugs can produce symptoms, he should conduct the experiments in the form of DOUBLE BLIND PROVING.

First of all, we have to ensure that the drug used for experiment is genuinely potentized above 12c under strict supervision. This is very important, since a lot of malpractices are done by manufacturers by the way of selling very low potencies as ‘very high’ potencies! Labels never speak the truth.

Person who is subjected to proving should not know which medicine he is taking. Person conducting the experiment also should not know which drug is given to which individual. There should be enough controls also.

Conductor of the proving should be asked to identify the drugs by comparing the symptoms produced by the provers with symptoms in materia medica.

Only when we succeed in identifying drugs from symptoms in such a well controlled blinded experiment, we can say we ‘proved’ that high potency drugs could produce symptoms.

Taking a dose of ‘known’ drug oneself, waiting for its symptoms for one month, and ascribing all symptoms you produced during one month to that single drug- it is a joke. After taking that ‘single dose’, you will be ‘taking’ diverse types of exogenous molecules into your body- through food, water, drinks, air and many many other environmental factors. All those molecules can produce symptoms in him. How can you say all symptoms produced for one month ‘after’ a ‘single dose of particular drug were due that ‘single dose’?

Only homeopaths, blinded by ‘beliefs’ can make such claims. For them, everything that happens ‘after’ their dose is the ‘effect’ of that dose! They never bother to consider the variables involved! I know it is a waste of time arguing to convince them. They cannot be convinced by logic or science. They are ‘believers’.

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