‘Medical Analyzer’ Proves Potentized Drugs ‘Works’- But The Real Question Is ‘How Homeopathy Works’.

Research has been reported to have done and still going on at BARC and TATA INSTITUTE OF RESEARCH,  about how different strengths of different medicines produces different changes in our body, and also how same potency of different medicine produces different impressions . A prominent section of homeopathic community enthusiastically celebrate this study as a ‘great fundamental research’ in homeopathy. Some of them even claim “this study has resolved all the riddles of homeopathy scientifically”.

Even though this study is useful in proving that homeopathic potentized drugs really work by observing the changes happening in physiological values, it no way help us to prove what is actually happening during potentization, what is the exact active principles contained in potentized drugs or, what is the mechanism of molecular processes involved in homeopathic therapeutics. They only answer the question “does homeopathy works?” But they do not answer the basic question “how homeopathy works”.


Media reported as follows: BARC Medical Analyzer to enable objective study of homoeopathy

“Mumbai: Use of Medical Analyser developed by Bhabha Atomic Research Centre has shown that it would enable a better understanding of the selective action of homoeopathic medicines in different strengths on human beings.

Researches done by BARC, Regional Research Institute of Central Council for Research in homoeopathy, Mumbai, National Institute of Homoeopathy, Kolkata and Fr Muller Homoeopathic Medical College (FMHMC), Mangalore have indicated potential use of physiological variability in fundamental research in homoeopathy.

“The data reveals the selective action of homoeopathic medicines in different potencies especially in Heart Rate Variability (HRV), Blood Flow Variability (BFV) and Morphology Index Variability (MIV),” Dr Srinath Rao of FMHMC said during the Meeting on Advanced applications of Physiological variability held at BARC here last week.

Homoeopathy medicines beyond 12th potency do not contain even a single atom or molecule of the medicinal substance. Yet these medicines are effective in the treatment of large number of diseases and particularly the ones that are considered incurable in modern medicine.

Electronic division of BARC has been actively working on this aspect of homoeopathic medicines for the past three decades and their initial experiments with potencised medicines have recorded 50 to 150 per cent increase in the blood flow in affected parts of the body within 30 minutes of the indicated medicine in variety of patients, Rao said in his paper on `Fundamental Research in Homoeopathy: Experiments with SULPHUR` presented at the Meet.

“The reproducibility of these experiments largely depended upon the choice of indicated medicine, which was determined subjectively,” Rao said.

But with the development of Medical Analyser, BARC scientists, headed by J D Jindal, have shown that physiological variability show change in the spectrum caused by randomly selected potentised medicine and randomly selected control subjects (volunteers) in 2004 and “this opened the door to us for using physiological variability in the field of homoeopathy,” Rao said.

“We used in our experiments with SULPHUR, Anu Photo Rheograph developed by BARC which is based on the principles of Photo Plethysmography also developed by it,” Rao said.

Dr Nirupama Mishra and colleagues from National Institute of Homoeopathy, C Nayak from the Department of AYUSH along with other private doctors carried out an exploratory scientific trial on 72 healthy volunteers, studied different potencies of Aconitum Napellus and Nux Vomica with the placebo control.

Homoeopathy is one of the leading alternative systems of medicine worldwide introduced by Dr Samuel Christian Hahnemann (1755-1843). Since its introduction to the mankind, its basic principles have not changed as homoeopathy is primarily a specialised system of rational therapy based on fixed and definite laws of nature.

Homoeopathy has been mired in controversy due to its concept of drug dynamisation leading to ultra diluted form of medicines. “Since these kinds of medicines do not come under any measurable pharmacological standards, the attention of scientific fraternity has been focused on this apparent lack of existence of material substance in homoeopathic medicine and to its potency concept in the light of Avogadro`s law, rather than on its effectiveness,” Mishra said.

Both Rao and Mishra pointed out that it was necessary that more medicines and potencies are to be investigated with this scientific tool for the welfare of the humanity.”

BARC develops new medical instruments:

Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) has developed a host of new generation medical instruments opening fresh dimensions to understand health care.

The approach of medical practitioners will now be more objective in terms of diagnosis and action of different drugs on human body, said BARC officials.

“Mobile ECG, Plethysmograph, Peripheral Pulse Analyser (3-channel), Tele Stress monitor, and Intent Detection System are few technologies BARC has developed. Many of these have been transferred to manufacturers,” said BARC director RK Sinha at a two-day meet on ‘Advanced Applications of Physiological Variability’ organised by the Electronics Division.

The Electronic Division began development work in the field of Physiological Variability in active collaboration with city’sGrantMedicalCollegeand the JJ Hospital, All India Institute of  Medical Sciences (New Delhi),FatherMullerMedicalCollege(Mangalore), among others.

“These instruments, which have been tried and tested, have proved that even the Science of Homeopathy, Ayurveda and their effectiveness can be understood objectively,” Sinha said.

What is BARC Medical Analyzer Software?

Variability is the sign of life; therefore higher variability in physiological parameters is generally an indicator of better health. The use of variability for the diagnosis of several diseases is age old. Because of great potential of this technique, heart rate variability monitoring is a routine feature in the patient monitoring systems available in the market for employment in intensive care units and intensive cardiac care units. Bhabha Atomic Research Centre has integrated cardiac output, stroke volume/peripheral blood flow variability; with heart rate variability for the study of these changes in variety of diseases in a PC based Software developed called Medical Analyser. It has unique feature that it yields heart rate variability, cardiac output variability, stroke volume variability / peripheral blood flow variability from a single data acquisition session from the patient when used with Impedance Cardiovasograph hardware. The data acquisition is controlled by the PC, serially connected to the acquisition unit. The variability analysis and transfer to database is performed by the PC with the help of user-friendly software.

Principle: Short term analysis of variations in a physiological
parameter in time and frequency domain

Parameters (Hardware dependent): Heart Rate, Stroke Volume, Cardiac Output, Peripheral Blood Flow with Impedance Cardiovasograph and Heart Rate, Peripheral Blood Flow with Oxygen Saturation Monitor

Method of Analysis: Fast Fourier Transform



Barc Medical analyzer enables homeopathic researchers to observe the changes in  physiological values such as Heart Rate Variability (HRV), Blood Flow Variability (BFV) and Morphology Index Variability (MIV) caused by administration of potentized homeopathic drugs. It is a great achievement, since it provides objective evidence that potentized drugs are capable of producing some sort of responses in the human organism. That proves ‘homeopathy works’!

As Dr. Rao has reported to have confessed,  ‘the reproducibility of these experiments largely depended upon the choice of indicated medicine, which was determined subjectively”. This inconsistency in ‘reproducibility of results’  attributed to the ‘subjectivity’ factor  is the greatest limitation of ‘medical analyzer study’ of homeopathic drugs. That means, if  our selection of similimum was not exact, or the potency of drug used was not genuine, we may fail in producing expected results. Such multiple variables make this study unreliable in reaching any clear conclusions. When we fail to produce results, we cannot say whether it was due to wrong selection of similimum, or due to the use of  wrongly potentized or wrongly labeled drugs, which are not so uncommon in homeopathic drug industry.

Even though this study is useful in proving that homeopathic potentized drugs really work by observing the changes happening in physiological values, it no way help us to prove what is actually happening during potentization, what is the exact active principles contained in potentized drugs or, what is the mechanism of molecular processes involved in homeopathic therapeutics. They only answer the question “does homeopathy works?” But they do not answer the basic question “how homeopathy works”.

Any fundamental research in homeopathy should provide answers to three vital questions.

1. What happens during potentization?

2. What is the exact active principles contained in potentized drugs?

3. What is the exact molecular mechanism by which these active principles act up on the organism therapeutically?

Unless a research could not help in addressing these three basic questions, it cannot be considered a ‘fundamental research in homeopathy’. Hence, studies conducted using Barc Medical Analyzer cannot be called ‘fundamental research in homeopathy’. Such baseless claims would give wrong messages to the community.

Did the researches really address these three vital questions? If  ‘yes’, what are their answers?

My answer to these basic questions:

1. Potentization involves the process of ‘molecular imprinting’.

2. Active priniciples of potentized drugs are ‘molecular imprints’ of constituent molecules of drugs used for potentization.

3. These ‘molecular imprints’ act as artificial binding sites for pathogenic molecules, and relieves biological molecules from pathologic molecular inhibitions.

I would like to know the comments of  ‘fundamental researchers’ on these concepts I am putting forward.

We all know after 12c drugs does not contains any molecules. We all know our potentized drugs really intervene the biochemical process of living organism, and rectify pathological molecular errors.

HOW HOMEOPATHY WORKS?  Answering this question should be the agenda of any ‘fundamental’ research project in homeopathy. That is the FUNDAMENTAL QUESTION of homeopathy now.

Author: Chandran Nambiar K C

I started practicing homeopathy in 1970, when I was 20 years old and studying for final year of BSc (Zoology) course. My interest in homeopathy happened very accidentally, through a constant relationship with a local practitioner who happened to be father of my classmate. I was a regular visitor in his clinic, where from I started reading BOERICKE MATERIA MEDICA and other homeopathic books, which helped me to cure myself my troublesome asthma that have been haunting me since my childhood days. I became a voracious reader of homeopathy. I was also deeply involved in studying marxism and dialectical materialism during my college days, which attracted me to political activities. MARXISM and HOMEOPATHY became two essential parts of my intellectual and practical life, which still continues so. Even though I joined DHMS course in a karnataka homeopathic college, I could not continue it due to my intense involvement in revolutionary political activities that resulted in jail life and a lot of criminal cases. Once that phase was over, I took a diploma in veterinary science and became a livestock inspector in animal husbandry department under govt of kerala. I have been continuing my study and practice of homeopathy all through these years. Since CCH act came into force only in 1976, and it contained provisions allowing existing practitioners to continue, my homeopathic practice went smoothly in parallel with my government job. In 1987, co-operating with some local homeopaths and social activists, I started Kannur District Homeopathic Hospital Sociey, which established a chain of hospitals and homeopathic clinics in different parts of Kannur district. After a few years I had to leave the society for some political reasons, and I established a 100 bedded well equipped homeopathic hospital in Taliparamba, employing a number of prominent homeopaths. That was ended up as a financial disaster for me due to many reasons, including my lack of skills as a money manager, and I was compelled to close down my dream project with in a short period. I lost huge money I invested, lost my reputation, and it pulled me into a debt trap. I learned a lot of valuabl lessons from this failure- about life, human psychology, relationships, and above all, about myself. I realized failure is the greatest teacher, if you are prepared learn from it. I learned how will power and determination to win will help us come back into life as a phoenix from our own ashes. I learned, one does not fail unless he stops fighting and accepts failure. My failure and the hardships that followed has moulded my personality in such a way that I can now withstand any disaster and fight back. I tell you, you will not know what life really is, unless you miserably fail at least once in your life. By this time, I left my government job also, and settled as a full time homeopathic practitioner. By this practice, I could repair my earlier financial losses, and establish well in life. It was during this period that I felt the need of developing a simple and user-friendly homeopathic software, that resulted in the evolution of SIMILIMUM, which was later upgraded into SIMILIMUM ULTRA. Similimum Ultra was well accepted by the profession, and it collected good revenues which continues even today. I stopped my practice a few years back , and concentrated in the study and research activities to evolve scientifically viable explanations to the so-called riddles of homeopathy. This unrelenting study resulted in MIT or Molecular Imprints Therapeutics, which provides a scientific and rational explanation for homeopathy. I started a homeopathic discussion group on facebook called HOMEOPATHY FOR TOTAL CURE, which has more than 35000 homeopaths as members. By this work on facebook, I could establish close relationship with many homeopaths around the world. It goes on. I could successfully convert facebook as my office and work place, from where I propagate my MIT ideas, co-ordinate my works for homeopathic community, and sell my Similimum Ultra Software. My years of hardwork in search of HOW HOMEOPATHY WORKS ultimately resulted in the publication of a book titled REDEFINING HOMEOPATHY (3000 pages, 3 volumes, hard bound, Rs 6000), in which I have compiled my articles regarding my scientific explanations of basic principles of homeopathy. These ideas are called MIT or MOLECULAR IMPRINTS THERAPEUTICS. MIT is now included in the syllabus of MD (HOM) course of prestigious DY PATIL DEEMED UNIVERSITY, PUNE, INDIA. Research department of SARADA KRISHNA HOMEOPATHIC COLLEGE, Kulashekharam, Tamilnadu, India, the only NAC accredited homeopathy college in India, has recently taken up certain reserch projects for proving the scientific explanations proposed by MIT. Based on MIT perspective of homeopathy, I had developed an MIT PROTOCOL for scientific homeopathy, and initiated a project for establishing a chain of MIT NETWORK CLINICS all over India, where MIT PROTOCOL will be practiced. More over, I have developed a whole range of 351 MIT FORMULATIONS, which are disease-specific combinations of post-avogadro diluted homeopathy drugs. NOW I AM IN 71st YEAR OF MY LIFE, AND STILL LOOKING FOR NEW HORRIZONS!

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