Cases To Demonstrate Different Ways Of Selecting Similimum- Exploring Full Potentials Of Homeopathy

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A 75 year old man, with complaints of asthma, haemorrhoids, constipation, fistula and itching all over. Symptoms were collected in detail, and following rubrics selected using Similimum Ultra Software:

1. [Kent]Respiration : ASTHMATIC
2. [Kent]Expectoration : TASTE : Salty
3. [Kent]Expectoration : GRAYISH
4. [Kent]Expectoration : VISCID
5. [Kent]Respiration : ASTHMATIC
6. [Kent]Respiration : WHISTLING
7. [Kent]Respiration : ASTHMATIC : Eating : amel
8. [Kent]Rectum : URGING, desire : Eating, after
9. [Kent]Rectum : CONSTIPATION
10. [Kent]Rectum : MOISTURE
11. [Kent]Rectum : HAEMORRHOIDS : External
12. [Kent]Rectum : LUMP, sensation of
13. [Kent]Rectum : ITCHING
14. [Kent]Rectum : CONSTIPATION : Old people
15. [Kent]Rectum : FISTULA
16. [Kent]Rectum : FLATUS : Loud
17. [Kent]Rectum : HAEMORRHOIDS : Cold amel.
18. [Kent]Generalities : HOT REMEDIES (Gibson Miller’s)
19. [Kent]Generalities : LEAN people
21. [Kent]Mind : ANGER, irascibility
22. [Kent]Mind : CENSORIOUS, critical
23. [Kent]Mind : HURRY
24. [Kent]Mind : IMPATIENCE
25. [Kent]Mind : SUSPICIOUS
26. [Kent]Mind : QUARRELSOME
27. [Kent]Skin : ITCHING : Night
28. [Kent]Skin : ITCHING : Eruption, without
29. [Kent]Skin : ITCHING : Scratching : Agg
30. [Kent]Skin : ITCHING : Warm : In bed, on becoming

When repertorized by classical totality method, outcome was as follows:

Sulph.(61/26), Ars.(45/19), Lyc.(44/20), Lach.(41/22), Sep.(41/19), Caust.(39/18), Phos.(39/20), Nux-v.(38/19), Puls.(36/16),

Then I decided to go for ‘Group Repertorization’ method. Symptoms were grouped into CONSTITUTION, RESPIRATORY, RECTUM and SKIN, and repertorized separately using Similimum Ultra


1. [Kent]Generalities : HOT REMEDIES (Gibson Miller’s)
2. [Kent]Generalities : LEAN people
3. [Kent]Mind : ANGER, irascibility
4. [Kent]Mind : CENSORIOUS, critical
5. [Kent]Mind : HURRY
6. [Kent]Mind : IMPATIENCE
7. [Kent]Mind : SUSPICIOUS
8. [Kent]Mind : QUARRELSOME

Sulph.(24/9), Lyc.(20/9), Ars.(17/7), Nux-v.(17/7), Bry.(16/8), Nat-m.(16/7), Lach.(15/8), Acon.(14/7), Aur.(14/7),


1. [Kent]Respiration : ASTHMATIC
2. [Kent]Expectoration : TASTE : Salty
3. [Kent]Expectoration : GRAYISH
4. [Kent]Expectoration : VISCID
5. [Kent]Respiration : ASTHMATIC
6. [Kent]Respiration : WHISTLING
7. [Kent]Respiration : ASTHMATIC : Eating : Amel

Ambr.(15/7), Ars.(15/6), Lyc.(11/5), Phos.(11/5), Stann.(11/5), Carb-v.(10/5), Calc.(9/5), Chin.(9/5), Puls.(9/3),


1. [Kent]Rectum : URGING, desire : Eating, after
2. [Kent]Rectum : CONSTIPATION
3. [Kent]Rectum : MOISTURE
4. [Kent]Rectum : HAEMORRHOIDS : External
5. [Kent]Rectum : LUMP, sensation of
6. [Kent]Rectum : ITCHING
7. [Kent]Rectum : CONSTIPATION : Old people
8. [Kent]Rectum : FISTULA
9. [Kent]Rectum : FLATUS : Loud
10. [Kent]Rectum : HAEMORRHOIDS : Cold amel.

Aloe.(21/10), Caust.(19/7), Lach.(18/8), Sulph.(18/8), Phos.(16/8), Sep.(15/6), Sil.(15/6), Nit-ac.(14/5), Calc.(13/5),


1. [Kent]Skin : ITCHING : Night
2. [Kent]Skin : ITCHING : Eruption, without
3. [Kent]Skin : ITCHING : Scratching : Agg
4. [Kent]Skin : ITCHING : Warm : In bed, on becoming

Sulph.(11/4), Mez.(9/4), Alum.(7/3), Ars.(6/2), Dol.(6/3), Led.(6/3), Merc.(6/4), Puls.(6/3), Anac.(5/2),

SULPH, ALOES and AMBRA were prescribed. In 30 potency, one dose each daily for three months. Occasional doses of ARS 30 also was used during aggravated states of asthmatic attacks. Cure was total.


A 48 yr old obese woman with chronic headache, pain in joints, and warts on various parts. Symptoms were collected and following rubrics selected using Similimum Ultra Software:

1. [Kent]Head : PAIN, headache in general : Menses : During
2. [Kent]Head : PAIN, headache in general : Sleep : After : Amel.
3. [Kent]Stomach : NAUSEA : Headache, during:
4. [Kent]Head : PAIN, headache in general : Cold applications amel.
5. [Kent]Mind : IRRITABILITY : Headache, during
6. [Kent]Genitalia – Female : MENOPAUSE
7. [Kent]Generalities : HOT REMEDIES (Gibson Miller’s)
8. [Kent]Mind : ANXIETY
9. [Kent]Generalities : OBESITY
10. [Kent]Extremities-II(PAIN) : PAIN : Joints
11. [Kent]Extremities-II(PAIN) : PAIN : Cold : Applied amel.
12. [Kent]Extremities-II(PAIN) : PAIN : Joints : Walking : After
13. [Kent]Skin : WARTS
14. [Kent]Skin : WARTS : Smooth
15. [Kent]Skin : WARTS : Soft
16. [Kent]Head : PAIN, headache in general
17. [Kent]Extremities-II(PAIN) : PAIN

I decided to use multiple repertorization method in this case. Rubrics were divided into four groups: CONSTITUTION, HEADACHE, JOINT PAINS and WARTS, and repertorized separately:

A. Constitution:

1. [Kent]Genitalia – Female : MENOPAUSE
2. [Kent]Generalities : HOT REMEDIES (Gibson Miller’s)
3. [Kent]Mind : ANXIETY
4. [Kent]Generalities : OBESITY
5. Stomach : DESIRES : Salt things

Arg-n.(10/4), Sulph.(12/5), Puls.(9/4), Calc.(9/4), Verat.(9/4), Con.(8/4), Graph.(8/3), Lach.(8/4), Nat-m.(8/3),

B. Headache:

1. [Kent]Head : PAIN, headache in general : Menses : During
2. [Kent]Head : PAIN, headache in general : Sleep : After : Amel.
3. [Kent]Stomach : NAUSEA : Headache, during:
4. [Kent]Head : PAIN, headache in general : Cold applications amel.
5. [Kent]Mind : IRRITABILITY : Headache, during
6. [Kent]Head : PAIN, headache in general

Phos.(14/6), Glon.(12/5), Nat-m.(11/5), Ars.(10/5), Bell.(10/5), Bry.(10/5), Lach.(10/5), Puls.(10/5), Sep.(10/4)

C. Joint pains:

1. [Kent]Extremities : PAIN
2.. [Kent]Extremities : PAIN : Joints
3.. [Kent]Extremities : PAIN : Cold : Applied amel.
4.. [Kent]Extremities : PAIN : Joints : Walking : After

Led.(10/4), Bry.(9/3), Puls.(9/3), Colch.(8/3), Guai.(8/4), Arn.(7/3), Kalm.(7/3), Nux-v.(7/3), Phyt.(7/3),

D. Warts:

1. [Kent]Skin : WARTS
2. [Kent]Skin : WARTS : Smooth
3. [Kent]Skin : WARTS : Soft

Dulc.(9/3), Ant-c.(5/2), Calc.(5/2), Caust.(5/2), Thuj.(5/2), Sep.(4/2), Bar-c.(3/1), Bell.(3/1), Calc-s.(3/1),

SULPHUR, PHOS, LEDUM and DULCAMERA were given in 30c potencies. one dose each daily. Headache cured first, then joint pains relieved, and warts disappeared by three months. Cure was complete.


I am reporting a case of pre-menstrual headache in a 35 yr old lady, cured by a drug selected using only ‘particular modalities’. I worked out the case and reached similimum with in 5 minutes using Similimum Ultra Software.

The lady first told me she is having violent headache before ever menses. Using key-words ‘headache’, ‘menses’ and ‘before’, I instantly located following rubric:

[Kent]Head : PAIN, headache in general : Menses : Before:– Acon., Agn., Alum., Am-c., Arg-n., Ars., Asar., Bell., Bor., Bov., Brom., Bry., Bufo., Calc., Calc-p., Calc-s., Carb-an., Carb-v., Caust., Cimic., Cinnb., Cupr., Ferr., Ferr-ar., Ferr-i., Gels., Glon., Graph., Hep., Hyper., Iod., Kali-p., Kreos., Lac-c., Lac-d., Lach., Laur., Lil-t., Lyc., Manc., Meli., Merc., Nat-a., Nat-c., Nat-m., Nit-ac., Nux-m., Nux-v., Ol-an., Petr., Phos., Plat., Puls., Sep., Sil., Stann., Sulph., Thuj., Verat., Vib., Xan., Zinc.

Next, she said she had vomiting along with this menstrual headache. Using key words ‘headache’, and ‘vomit’, I located this rubric:

[Kent]Head : PAIN, headache in general : Vomiting:– Ars., Asar., Bar-m., Con., Eug., Ferr-p., Glon., Iris., Lach., Lyc., Mez., Nux-v., Phyt., Sec., Sep., Verat.

Then I asked her, are there any factors that gave any relief to this headache. She told, she would get some relief if she lie in a dark room and get some sleep. I used key words ‘headache’ ‘sleep’ and ‘amel’, and got this rubric:

[Kent]Head : PAIN, headache in general : Sleep : Amel.:– Acon., Bad., Glon., Hell., Ign., Pall., Sep., Sil.

Then I used ‘head ache’ and ‘dark’ and located this rubric:

[Kent]Head : PAIN, headache in general : Lying : In a dark room : Amel.:- Acon., Bell., Brom., Bry., Lac-d., Podo., Sang., Sep., Sil.

At this stage, I used QUICK PICK tool in my software to see which are the drugs that cover these FOUR particular symptoms. Only SEPIA was there!

Case taking, repertorization and prescribing were over by FIVE MINUTES!

Her facial expressions, body structure, way of talking, everything reminded me she is SEPIA. I decided to try SEPIA without further workout. SEPIA 30 was given TDS during headache, followed by BDS until next menstrual period. Headache never recurred. This case taught me how simple it is to make a homeopathic prescription and get a nice cure.


35 year old woman. Asthmatic since 10 years. Persistent dry cough. Expectorates large quantities of white, mucous during morning only. Persistent salty taste in mouth. Cough relieved temporarily by expectoration. > by warm drinks. Aggravation by exertions. Weakness, always desires to lie down. Cold dry weather agg. Lean body. Violent paroxysms of cough starts instantly whenever anything salty or pungent such as pickles touches the tongue. Chilly patient. Dandruff, with intolerable itching of scalp-scratches until bleeding. Her husband said her asthma started after the death of 1 year old daughter of her sister due to choking while she was feeding the child. She believes the death of child was caused by her negligence, and had to undergo psychiatric treatment for suicidal dispositions after that. Asthma started after that incident. Weeping, tearful disposition. Aversion to food, she says she does not feel appetite. Habit of eating raw rice. Bouts of hiccough after eating. Nausea after eating. Constipation during menses. Copious leucorrhoea after menses. Menses late and very scanty.

Since it was a well taken case with enough symptoms, I decided to repertorize using ‘totality method’

Repertorisation Result – Totality Method : Sep.(54/23), Sulph.(53/25), Alum.(51/28), Phos.(51/25), Ars.(46/22), Nat-m.(46/20), Sil.(46/22), Nux-v.(44/20), Graph.(42/19),

SEPIA came first with 54 marks and 23 out of 29 rubrics. But ALUMINA tops in rubrics, by covering all 28 rubrics with total 51 mas. SULPH has 53 marks and 25 rubrics. PHOS has 51 marks with 25 rubrics.

Then I decided to go for COMBINE METHOD of repertorization provided in SIMILIMUM ULTRA. Elimination was done using mentals and generals.
Repertorisation Result – Combined Method Eliminate Using – Selected Symptoms
Totality Using – All Symptoms: Alum.(51), Ars.(46), Nux-v.(44), Rhus-t.(31)

Now, I have to decide the similimum from SEPIA, SULPH, ALUMINA and PHOS.

I decided to use ‘CRAVING FOR RAW RICE’ and ‘PAROXYSMS OF COUGH WHILE SALT OR PUNGENT THINGS TOUCH ON TONGUE’ as final ‘pivotal symptoms’, since these two symptoms were very peculiar. Only ALUMINA covered these two symptoms.

ALUMINA was finally selected as the similimum. Alumina 30c was given TDS for one month, then BDS for one month, followed by daily one dose for 4 months. Whenever symptoms aggravated, ALUMINA was given 3 hly doses. It cleared the case by 6 months. To ensure complete cure, a few doses of SEPIA, SULPH and PHOS were also given at the later stages, as many of the constitutional symptoms were covered by those drugs also.


1. [Kent]Respiration : ASTHMATIC
2. [Kent]Cough : DRY
3. [Kent]Expectoration : MORNING
4. [Kent]Expectoration : WHITE
5. [Kent]Expectoration : COPIOUS : Morning
6. [Kent]Cough : EXPECTORATION amel.
7.[Kent]Generalities : FOOD : Warm drinks amel.
8. [Kent]Generalities : EXERTION, physical : Agg.
9. [Kent]Cough : IRRITATING things, such as salt, wine, pepper, vinegar, immediately start cough
10. [Kent]Generalities : COLD REMEDIES (Gibson Miller’s)
11. [Kent]Head : DANDRUFF
12. [Kent]Head : ITCHING of scalp : Bleeds, must scratch until
13. [Kent]Mind : ANXIETY : Conscience, of (as if guilty of a crime)
14. [Kent]Mind : SUICIDAL disposition
15. [Kent]Mind : WEEPING, tearful mood, etc
16. [Kent]Stomach : AVERSION to : Food
17. [Kent]Stomach : APPETITE : Diminished
18. [Kent]Stomach : DESIRES : Rice, dry
19. [Kent]Stomach : HICCOUGH : Eating : After
20. [Kent]Stomach : NAUSEA : Eating : Eating, after
21. [Kent]Rectum : CONSTIPATION : Menses during
22. [Kent]Genitalia – Female : LEUCORRHOEA
23. [Kent]Genitalia – Female : LEUCORRHOEA : Menses after
24. [Kent]Genitalia – Female : MENSES : Late
25. [Kent]Genitalia – Female : MENSES : Scanty
26. [Kent]Generalities : WEAKNESS, enervation
27. [Kent]Generalities : LIE down, inclination to
28. [Kent]Generalities : LEAN people
29. [Kent]Generalities : COLD : Dry weather agg.


ALOES contains large amounts of phytochemicals containing sulphur in their functional groups. This fact is amply corroborated by the wonderful similarities of aloes and sulphur symptoms. Based on this knowledge, I use aloes in many acute and chronic cases that have constitutional symptoms of sulphur.

Since aloes is very commonly used by me, I have hundreds of successful aloes cases in my archives. But here I am presenting a case that demonstrates how ‘rare sensations’ could be used for selecting a perfect similimum.

A man, 68 ys old. Complaints of bleeding piles and prostatitis. Hot patient, lean, unhygeinic, very loquacious, philosophical- Typical sulphur constitution. Much case taking is not needed to prescribe sulphur once we see him and talk to him.

But, he gave a very peculiar symptom. He says he has violent itching in umbilicus for many rears, with some moisture discharging from it. I suspected some fungal infections there.

But he says, there is a ‘hole’ into his abdomen through his umbilicus. He says he can feel hot air coming out of this ‘hole’. He pressed around umbilicus to ‘show’ me the ‘air coming out of his abdomen through that hole’.

I was fully convinced that he had a a strong delusion of ‘hole in umbilicus’. I hoped it could be used as a pivotol symptom that may lead to his similimum. So, I started hunting for an appropriate rubric in repertories. I could not find such a delusion any where in ‘mind’. Finally, I located the following rubric that seemed to be most near:

[Kent]Abdomen : PERFORATION, region of navel, sensation of:- Aloe.

Only ALOES!. That too in single mark. But, to my wonder, I noticed that all his other symptoms related with prostatitis, backache, bleeding piles etc were well fitting to aloes. More over, he was of typical sulphur constitution also.

I decided to try ALOES only, to see how it acts. Aloes 30 bds was given, with instant relief for his rectal bleeding and prostate pains. Same prescription was given for 3 months continuously, which cured all his complaints, as well as ‘delusions’. After 3 months, fully convinced of the action of ALOES, I gave few doses of sulphur also, hoping it would help in a ‘total cure’ as ‘constitutional similimum’. It was a happy, total cure! Now it is two years, and he always keep in touch with me, occasionally escorting his grandchildren to me.


A 76 yr old retired village officer. Was suffering from persistent barking cough since last 6 months. Tried all treatments, no relief. Cough caused by tickling in throat. Tough, viscid expectoration. Persistent hoarseness. Cough aggravated by lying down. Better open air. < warm room. < evening. Generally hot. Involuntary dribbling of urine day and night- not related with cough. Sleep was very restless, with a recurring dream of somebody pushing him into a well. Cough was so violent that it was difficult to take the case properly. He was coughing so violently in front of me. I felt him sympathy, and wanted to give some relief instantly. I noticed a peculiar behavior during his coughing. He will grasp the throat forcefully with both his hands once the cough starts, and will leave it only after the paroxysm ends. I felt it a very peculiar symptom.

Selected the following rubrics using Similimum Ultra software, and repertorized with QUICK PICK method.

ALLIUM CEPA was selected and given 30c tds, as well as advised to take frequently during paroxysms of cough. It relieved his persistent cough, hoarseness immediately,and involuntary dribbling of urine by 2 months . Later, sulphur was given a few doses as constitutional similimum, after repertorising using physical generals and mentals only.

1. [Kent]Larynx and Trachea : PAIN : Larynx : Coughing, on : Grasps the larynx

2. [Kent]Bladder : URINATION : Involuntary : Old people, in

3. [Kent]Sleep : DREAMS : Wells, of being let down into

4. [Kent]Sleep : RESTLESS

5. [Kent]Cough : TICKLING : Larynx, in, from

6. [Kent]Larynx and Trachea : VOICE : Hoarseness

7. [Kent]Cough : LYING : Agg

8. [Kent]Cough : AIR : Open : Amel.

9. [Kent]Cough : WARM : Room

10. [Kent]Cough : BARKING

11. [Kent]Expectoration : VISCID

12 . [Kent]Cough : EVENING

13 . [Kent]Generalities : HOT REMEDIES (Gibson Miller’s)


10 years back, I had a very interesting experience with aconite. A 35 year old lady, a school teacher, with chronic polyarthritis. All joints swollen and painful. Recurrent fever. After repertorization I prescribed PULS, and when it failed, tried many drugs, all of which were of no use. I was very disappointed. One day, her husband casually happened to talk about her fear of crossing the streets. On further inquiry, I got to know of her fear and aversion to go to parties and crowded places. She confessed me that she would start to weep if she hears any music even from a distance. Considering this ‘weeping on hearing music’, ‘fear to cross streets’ and ‘aversion to crowded places’, I thought about aconite. Since aconite is considered to be effective only for acute cases, and this being a very chronic case, I was a bit reluctant to use aconite. Finally, I decided to give a try, since I was on the verge of losing the case altogether. It was a wonderful experience. She showed rapid improvement for all her complaints from the very next day onwards. Cure was complete by 3 months, with intercurrent doses of sulphur and pulsatilla also.

This case was an eye opener for me. I understood from experience that it is wrong to say aconite is only an acute remedy. It will cure any chronic case, if it is indicated by symptoms. That was a great realization.


I had a 10 yr old boy brought to me for his ‘stunted growth’ behavioral problems. He had a habit of killing any pet birds, or pet animals he could get, by crushing them between doors, and enjoying their painful death. I gave him abrotanum for long time, which made him a different person- regarding health, growth, character and behavior.

CRUEL, INHUMAN child. It is the key-note mind symptom of a child needing abrotanum. No other remedy shows such a marked degree of cruelty in a child


I had a LEUCORRHOEA patient, 35 ys, housewife, married, mother of two children. Aversion to coition, sexual desire diminished, menses late, dimness of vision during menses, chilly patient, desires death, indifference to everything, always sad and depressed. All symptoms clearly indicated SEPIA. On repertorization also, sepia came on top. I was very confident to prescribe SEPIA, but it failed. I changed potencies, tried different samples of same potency- but it was a total disaster. I was confused what to do next.I decided to take case once again. All symptoms were same as first consultation. But during interrogation about her ‘dimness of vision during menses’, she said: “NO, it is not during menses. Dimness of vision starts 24 hours before menses appear, it is very troublesome for me. But once the flow starts, this dimness suddenly disappears”.That small difference in a particular symptom made a great turn for this case. I changed the rubric ‘dimness of vision during menses’ into ‘dimness of vision before menses’.Following rubrics were selected:1. [Kent]Genitalia – Female : COITION : Aversion to
2. [Kent]Genitalia – Female : LEUCORRHOEA
3. [Kent]Genitalia – Female : MENSES : Late
4. [Kent]Vision : DIM : Menses : Before
5. [Kent]Generalities : COLD REMEDIES (Gibson Miller’s)
6. [Kent]Genitalia – Female : DESIRE : Diminished
7. [Kent]Mind : SADNESS, mental depression
8. [Kent]Mind : SADNESS, mental depression
9. [Kent]Mind : INDIFFERENCE, apathy, etc
10.[Kent]Mind : DEATH : DesiresNow, AGNUS comes as the only drug covering all the selected rubrics. SEPIA, even though comes top in total marks, does not cover the rubric ‘Vision : DIM : Menses : Before’.[Kent]Vision : DIM : Menses : Before:- Agn., Bell., Cinnb.[Kent]Vision : DIM : Menses : During:- Cycl., Graph., Nat-m., Puls., Sep., Sil.’Dimness of vision before menses’ is the ‘pivotal symptom’ in this case, that shifted the balance from SEPIA to AGNUS.I decided to try AGNUS. And it worked magnificently. Of course, I used SEPIA also in inter-current doses. Cure was complete.


A 40 year old police constable, married, father of two children, came to me for getting treated for a peculiar sexual complaint. He said his penis was becoming smaller and smaller since a few months. Sexual passion is now diminished, difficulty in getting erections, organs are cold, and sexual enjoyment is lost. He was very anxious about this condition. I collected all his mentals, generals and particular symptoms, and lyco was selected as similimum after repertorization. But the case did not respond to lyco. During one of follow up consultations, he told me he was afraid of engaging in coition due to a peculiar problem: immediately after coition, he will start a very troublesome perspiring, which will last for hours. Whole dress and bed will become wet as if buckets of water has been poured over him. I considered this extraordinary perspiration as a peculiar uncommon symptom, and started searching for its appropriate rubric in repertory. I could locate this rubric in kent repertory::

1. [Kent]Perspiration : PROFUSE : Coition, after:- Agar.I could also notice that AGARICUS covered most of his sexual symptoms. AGARICUS was used, which completely cured his sexual complaints as well as the troublesome perspiration, within three months. Of course, lyco was used intercurrently, as it was his constitutional similimum.


Here I am reporting a chronic case of backache in a 45 year old woman. A characteristic modality of her backache was that she got relief by bending backwards. She also revealed a very peculiar mental symptom: when she was on her bed for sleep, suddenly a fear creeps into her mind that if she sleeps, she will never wake up from that sleep. She spent many whole nights without closing her eyes due to this fear of falling into sleep. This delusion has made her life miserable, even though she did not reveal this fear even to her husband. All of them considers it as ‘sleeplessness’.

I felt this is a very peculiar uncommon symptom that may lead me to her prescription. I started to scroll through repertories for this rubric, and finally located the following one matching to her symptom:

[Kent]Mind : FEAR : Sleep : To close the eyes lest he should never wake:- Aeth.

To my great surprise, I noticed that her peculiar modality ‘backache amel by bending backwards’ is also covered by AETHUSA. See this rubric:

[Kent]Back : PAIN : Bending : Backward : Amel.:- Acon., Aeth., Am-m., Bell., Cycl., Eupi., Fl-ac., Hura., Lach., Petr., Puls., Rhus-t., Sabad., Sabin., Sil.

Satisfied with this wonderful combination of two rubrics, I decided to ignore all other symptoms, and selected AETHUSA as her similimum. Her backache and mental agony was totally cured with AETHUSA. I used a few doses of PULS also later, considering her constitutional symptoms.

Making a perfect prescription using only two symptoms, one mental symptom and a particular modality may seem to be unbelievable- but here is the beauty of homeopathy.


Once a 40 year old lady came to me with persistent burning in throat since six months, had allopathic and homeopathic treatments without relief. No other symptoms or modalities to fix a reasonable prescription. During third or fourth consultation without any improvement, she casually told me. I cannot drink tea- it causes violent nausea and retching. At that time I had no computer or software. I searched through repertories for that symptom and finally located this two mark symptom in kent:

1. [Kent]Stomach: NAUSEA : Tea, after:- Aesc.

A few doses of AESCULUS cured her troublesome ‘burning throat’. It was a stunning experience for me

No other drug has this particular symptom. Now I consider it as a key-note of AESCULUS. Later I had many excellent cures even in backache and piles with aesculus, prescribed on the basis of this ‘key-note’ symptom.


A case of 8 yr old girl, diagnosed as ‘cyclical vomiting syndrome’ at Pariyaram Medical College, Kerala. Recurring attacks of vomiting and nausea since one year, under allopathic treatment without remarkable improvement. No abodominal pain or headache. Mother is a chronic migraine patient. Vomiting episodes starts in morning after breakfast, continues 1-2 hours till the girl gets exhausted. Had to be hospitalized and iv fluids given on many occasions. Episodes recurs every week, normally on mondays. Aversion to light and sounds during episodes. Drinks cold water frequently, and want to wash face with cold water. Sensitiveness to light and abnormal smells appears as a warning signal 2-3 hrs before the episode starts. During vomiting episodes, she complains about a sensation of splinter sticking in the throat.

Always very much hurry (hurried movements, hurried talking, hurried eating), anxious about going school and studies, fear that she has serious diseases(asked me many times, ‘uncle, do I have cancer?’), Craving for sweet things(ice creams, chocolates).

Once I completed case taking, I was sure the girl needs ARG NIT. On repertorizing with QUICK PICK tool of Similimum Ultra software also, ARG NIT came top as similimum. ARG NIT 30 was given thrice daily for one week, then twice daily for one month, followed by once daily for two months. No episodes after the first week itself. Now it is one year without any recurrence of that complaint.

Attacks comes on mondays and after breakfast indicates some anticipatory factors related with going to school. Anxiety about school lessons, hurry, photophobia during attacks, desire cold water, desire cold bathing of face, craving for sweets, apprehensions of serious diseases. Above all, the peculiar sensation of ‘splinters in throat’ appearing only during attacks.Attacks comes on mondays and after breakfast indicates some anticipatory factors related with going to school. Anxiety about school lessons, hurry, photophobia during attacks, desire cold water, desire cold bathing of face, craving for sweets, apprehensions of serious diseases. Above all, the peculiar sensation of ‘splinters in throat’ appearing only during attacks.

1. [Kent]Mind : ANXIETY
2. [Kent]Mind : HURRY
3. [Kent]Mind : ANTICIPATION, complaints from
4. [Kent]Stomach : DESIRES : Cold drinks
5. [Kent]Stomach : VOMITING
6. [Kent]Eyes : PHOTOPHOBIA
7. [Kent]Mind : SENSITIVE, oversensitive : Noise, to
8. [Kent]Throat : PAIN : Splinter : As from a
9. [Kent]Stomach : DESIRES : Sweets
10. [Kent]Mind : FEAR : Disease, of impending
11. [Kent]Face : WASH in cold water, desire to
12. [Kent]Generalities : BATHING : Cold : Amel


I am reporting a case cured with Total Cure Prescriptions:

Women- 52 years, Married, A primary school teacher. Recurrent attacks of unbearable headache for last 6 years.

Headache frontal. Relief by cold applications. Agg exposure to sun heat. Vomiting gives relief to headache. Amel by sleep. Headache agg during menses.Headache worse by reading.

Menses irregular and scanty. Habitually constipated. Hot flushes. Aversion to salt food. Very obese and over weight. Chilly. Violent bouts of anxiety at morning on waking. Very troublesome thoughts of death always. Always sits idle. Aversion to do any work.

Rubrics selected:

[Kent]Head : PAIN, headache in general : Vomiting : Amel
[Kent]Head : PAIN, headache in general : Sleep : Amel
[Kent]Head : PAIN, headache in general : Forehead, in
[Kent]Head : PAIN, headache in general : Menses : During
[Kent]Head : PAIN, headache in general : Cold applications amel
[Kent]Head : PAIN, headache in general : Reading : Agg
[Kent]Head : PAIN, headache in general : Sun, from exposure to
[Kent]Stomach : AVERSION to : Salt food
[Kent]Genitalia – Female : MENSES : Scanty
[Kent]Generalities : OBESITY
[Kent]Generalities : COLD REMEDIES (Gibson Miller’s
[Kent]Genitalia – Female : MENOPAUSE
[Kent]Generalities : HEAT, flushes of
[Kent]Mind : ANXIETY : Morning : Waking: On
[Kent]Mind : COMPANY : Aversion to
Kent]Mind : DEATH : Thoughts of
Kent: Mind : INDOLENCE, aversion to work

Repertorisation Result – Totality Method Using – All Symptoms:

Sep.(92/15), Graph.(90/13), Lach.(84/14), Calc.(80/14), Nat-m.(76/12), Sulph.(73/12), Carb-v.(72/12), Ign.(71/13), Puls.(71/12)


Then the case was again repertorised using MENTALS and GENERALS to determine CONSTITUTIONAL PRESCRIPTION

[Kent]Genitalia – Female : MENSES : Scanty
[Kent]Generalities : OBESITY
[Kent]Generalities : COLD REMEDIES (Gibson Miller’s
[Kent]Genitalia – Female : MENOPAUSE
[Kent]Generalities : HEAT, flushes of
[Kent]Mind : ANXIETY : Morning : Wakin: On
[Kent]Mind : COMPANY : Aversion to
Kent]Mind : DEATH : Thoughts of
Kent: Mind : INDOLENCE, aversion to work

Graph.(71/10), Sep.(60/9), Chin.(51/8), Lach.(47/7), Carb-v.(46/7), Calc.(45/7), Phos.(45/7), Psor.(45/7), Con.(43/7),


Then repertorization was done using HEADACHE symptoms only, to determine the PARTICULAR PRESCRIPTION for HEADACHE:

[Kent]Head : PAIN, headache in general : Vomiting : Amel
[Kent]Head : PAIN, headache in general : Sleep : Amel
[Kent]Head : PAIN, headache in general : Forehead, in
[Kent]Head : PAIN, headache in general : Menses : During
[Kent]Head : PAIN, headache in general : Cold applications amel
[Kent]Head : PAIN, headache in general : Reading : Agg
[Kent]Head : PAIN, headache in general : Sun, from exposure to

Glon.(34/7), Calc.(29/6), Lach.(29/6), Nat-m.(28/5), Bry.(26/5), Sulph.(25/5), Acon.(24/5), Sep.(24/5), Bell.(23/4)


GLONOINE 30 was given 3 hly during attacks of headache. GRAPHITES 30 was given twice daily. Headache was relieved instantly, and she was completely cured by three months. Her general health improved. Later she said: “Doctor, by your treatment I got cure for ‘many’ complaints I did not reveal to you, thinking that they may be treated after headache is cured”.


One of my grandsons was diagnosed to be 100 percent  congenitally hearing impaired when he was 6 months old. BERA test was done at MIMS hospital, Kozhikode, Kerala, and they advised immediate cochlear implant, and they warned that unless it is done immediately, the child will become totally deaf and dumb.

The infant was having a complaint of infantile myoclonus since birth, which was treated by myself homeopathically and completely relieved by the time he was three months old.

Then we went to Sree Chithra Institute in Trivandrum and the tests ensured that he was not epileptic.

Next we went to All India Institute of Speech and Hearing, Mysore India. They also confirmed the earlier diagnosis and strongly advised immediate cochlear implanting.

Then I decided to give homeopathy a chance. Under my treatment the hearing gradually improved, and now he is a normal baby, with almost normal speech and hearing. Treatment is still continuing. He is now 3 years old. Latest BERA test shows that hearing impairment is only 10% now.

Most prominent symptoms I noticed in the baby were:

Persistent bending of head backwards, especially when we bring him to open air.

Excessive perspiration

Very happy and playful while bathing, especially in cold water

Frequent urination, especially daytime

Very flabby skin and muscles.

Will not allow to cover him

Infantile myoclonus < while falling asleep and motion

Electric shock like jerking of limbs while falling asleep

Makes shrieking noises while asleep

Frequent weeping while asleep

While spots on various parts of body


Using SIMILIMUM ULTRA Software, I selected following 19 rubrics from KENT REPERTORY-
1. [Kent]Hearing : IMPAIRED
2. [Kent]Hearing : IMPAIRED : Bending head backward amel
3.[Kent]Generalities : BATHING : Cold : Desire for
4. [Kent]Mind : WEEPING, tearful mood, etc. : Sleep : In
5. [Kent]Mind : LAMENTING, bemoaning, wailing etc. (compare weeping): Asleep, while
6. [Kent]Mind : SHRIEKING : Sleep : During
7. [Kent]Skin : FLABBINESS
8. [Kent]Generalities : FLABBY feeling
9. [Kent]Generalities : SHOCKS : Electric-like
10. [Kent]Generalities : SHOCKS : Electric-like : Sleep : On going to
11. [Kent]Extremities-I : JERKING : Upper limbs : Falling asleep, on
12. [Kent]Generalities : MOTION
13. [Kent]Generalities : BATHING : Cold : Amel
14. [Kent]Generalities : HOT REMEDIES (Gibson Miller’s
15. [Kent]Perspiration : PROFUSE
16. [Kent]Skin : DISCOLORATION : White
17. [Kent]Skin : DISCOLORATION : White : Spots
18. [Kent]Bladder : URINATION : Frequent
19. [Kent]Bladder : URINATION : Frequent : Daytime

Then, similar rubrics were combined to make single rubrics, there by only following 10 rubrics remained for repertorization:

1. [Kent]Hearing : IMPAIRED+[Kent]Hearing : IMPAIRED : Bending head backward amel
2. Kent]Generalities : BATHING : Cold : Desire for+ [Kent]Generalities : BATHING : Cold : Amel
3. [Kent]Bladder : URINATION : Frequent+ [Kent]Bladder : URINATION : Frequent : Daytime
4. [Kent]Skin : DISCOLORATION : White+ [Kent]Skin : DISCOLORATION : White : Spots
5. [Kent]Perspiration : PROFUSE
6. [Kent]Generalities : HOT REMEDIES (Gibson Miller’s)
7. [Kent]Mind : WEEPING, tearful mood, etc. : Sleep : In+ [Kent]Mind : LAMENTING, bemoaning, wailing etc. (compare weeping) : Asleep, while+ [Kent]Mind : SHRIEKING : Sleep : During
8. [Kent]Generalities : SHOCKS : Electric-like+ [Kent]Generalities : SHOCKS : Electric-like : Sleep : On going to + [Kent]Extremities-I : JERKING : Upper limbs : Falling asleep, on
9. [Kent] Skin : FLABBINESS+ [Kent]Generalities : FLABBY feeling
10. [Kent] Generalities: MOTION

Rubrics were then graded using GRADE RUBRICS tool.

Repertorization was done using TOTALITY method and COMBINED METHOD. Both gave FFLUORIC ACID as the similimum beyond doubt.

Repertorisation Result – Totality Method: Totality Using – All Symptoms: Fl-ac.(61/10), Sulph.(57/9), Apis.(55/9), Nat-m.(52/8), Ars.(50/8), Puls.(50/8), Calc.(49/8), Lyc.(48/7), Phos.(48/8),

Repertorisation Result – Combined Method: Eliminate Using – Selected Symptoms: Totality Using – All Symptoms: Fl-ac.(61)

A very characteristic symptom I noticed was the “bending of head backwards”. Since there was no weakness of neck or any difficulty in holding neck straight, this bending backward seemed to be very peculiar. I think the baby got some faint sound signals when bending head backward. His eye movements indicated he is listening to some sounds.

Hence, “Hearing: IMPAIRED: Bending head backward amel” can be considered a peculiar characteristic symptom in this case, for which only ACID FLUOR is given in KENT REPERTORY

A few doses of SYPHILINUM were given intercurrently. A few doses of SILICEA were also given, since it is considered to be the complementary of ACID FLUOR.

I think this single case my greatest achievement in my whole life.  My long years of dedication to homeopathy is amply rewarded by the happy outcome of this case which saved my family from a grave state of misfortune.


Years back, I had a wonderful experience with prescribing for fever. My 5 year old son was suffering from fever for days. In spite of all my desperate attempts, temperature did not come down even after ten days. At night, the temperature will go up to 103 F. Whole family was very much worried. For me, it was very hard to accept failure and take him to allopath. One night at 12 pm, I was sitting sleepless at the bedside of son, who was much exhausted and asleep. Suddenly, I noticed he was SLEEPING WITH LEGS CROSSED. Without awakening him, I separated his legs. Instantly, he would cross the lower limbs again. I tried to keep is legs apart many times, but he crossed limbs again instantly. I sensed some peculiarity in his behavior, and took KENT repertory and searched for an appropriate rubric. I failed to get one. Then I searched in Boericke Repertory, and could locate following rubric:

[Boericke]Nervous system : SLEEP : Position : Must lie : Legs [with] : Crossed:- Rhod.

I decided to try RHODODENDRON. But there was no RHODO available in my medicine chest. Finally, could locate an old plastic vial labelled RHODO 30, and there was only some powdery remnants sticking in its bottom. I added some cold water into vial, and gave it to my son, without awakening him. After ten minutes, to my wonder, the boy was perspiring, temperature was gone! Next morning, he was very much normal and playing.



CASE OF CHRONIC HEADACHE. A 65 yrs old lady, retired school teacher. Husband was her colleague who died of sudden heart attack when she was 30ys. Two children. Now both grown up, married and employed but living with her.

A chronic headache since last 20 ys. Tried all medical systems without relief. Now on allopathic pain killers. Pressing headache. <traveling. <in crowd. <anger. <morning. < fasting. Pain appears slowly and disappear slowly. <Lying.

Prssure >. Walking <es. Headache ends up with violent bouts of yawning and then disappears.

General chilliness. Wants everything warm. Great weakness in morning. > after breakfast.

Great despair of her health. Violent anger . Irritable. Very suspicious, frequently asks whether homeopathy drugs are injurious. Very haughty, with an exaggerated sense of her own importance. Never like to participate in festivals or other pleasurable events. Mood always changing to both extremes. Quarrels with daughter-in-laws. Averse to consolation and love

In my observation, a peculiar characteristic modality in this case was “headache amelioration by yawning’. Staphysagria, which came top on repertorization, covers this also. Hence, I prescribed STAPH with confidence, which cured the case. Later, a few doses of LACH also were give, considering her constitution and mentals. She was completely cured.

Her cure was total. Her son said: “mom has completely changed. she is very loving and caring to wards her in-laws’. She frequently comes to me escorting her in-laws and grand children. VERY HAPPY AND THANKFUL TO HOMEOPATHY!

Author: Chandran Nambiar K C

I am Chandran Nambiar K C Author, REDEFINING HOMEOPATHY Managing Director, Fedarin Mialbs Private Limited Developer. SIMILIMUM ULTRA Homeopathic Software I am not a scientist, academician, scholar, professional homeopath or anybody with 'big credentials', but an old lay man, a retired government servant, who accidentally happened to fall into the deep waters of the great ocean of homeopathic knowledge during his fiery teenage years, and was destined to live a whole life exploring the mysteries of that wonderful world with unending enthusiasm. My interest in homeopathy happened very accidentally when I was only 20 years old UNDERGRADUATE ZOOLOGY student, through a constant relationship with a local practitioner who happened to be father of my classmate. I was a regular visitor in his clinic, where from I started reading BOERICKE MATERIA MEDICA and other homeopathic books, which helped me to cure myself my troublesome asthma that have been haunting me since my childhood days. I became a voracious reader of homeopathy.

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